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is it normal to get guilted into doing two or three family thanksgiving activities with different sets of family because one divorced parents refuses to attend said thanksgiving while the other is there - even if the divorce was 20 years ago???

should it matter if you are hosting a thanksgiving event at your house withyour apouses family, and want to welcome everyone?

how long should I keep trying to accomidate a divorced mother who wants seperate thankagivings or seperate christmases just for her or otherwise exclude my father - when they both want to see their grandchildren? I was fine with seperste thanksgivings in college and a few years after, but weve been married ten years and its getting hard to explain the multiple thanksgivings to kids...

does it matter that everyone else is civil and polite? nobody gets drunk or rowdy, only person who ever made a scene was my mom four years ago who stormed out ten mins after meeting my dads new girlfriend ... my mom has been remarried for over ten years now. ?

should I just accomidate her indefinitely just because shes my mom? Ive tried talking to her and she just shuts down! what do I do?

thanks for your help and advice!

Me and my co-worker bet on who could have sex with the Guatemalan cleaning woman at the office first. I went hard, promising her marriage and stuff so she wouldn’t have to worry about Trump’s ICE people. It worked, as I had sex with her within days.

I’m not a total dic*, I wouldn’t get her deported, but I was able to convince my manager to change cleaning companies so I wouldn’t have to see her anymore. When she calls my phone now I just answer in German which confuses her even further.

As a result, I won the toaster oven that my friend and I had bet. It now sits prominently in my kitchen, a reminder of sweet victory.

truth: I really want to have children with my younger cousin. shes 11 years younger than me, and just started work as a school teacher. problem is were both married.

There, I said it

why does my boss have to be such an ass***? he yells at everyone all the time everyday? he makes the girls cry and doesnt give a shit? he threatens people? he acts like the worst parts of donald trump without any of the billionaire showmanship. he is a literal scrouge and talks shit about everyone behind their back

why does he have to be this way? hes 65 and rich. he makes a million dollars a year and works all the time because he has no friends and does nothing fun anymore - he used to go on trips to ball games or hunting trips or ski trips but lately all he does is work work work work work and make life hell on everyone who reports to him or works for him then he threatens them and bitches about them and complains to everyone

why are white men bosses in the late 50s or 60s like this? is it generational? whats their fuc*** problem?

I’m into secret addictions... I secretly smoked cigarettes everyday from 1997 until 2015

I hid my smoking from my parents, my friends, my roommates, my girlfriends, my employers and even my wife

In fairness it was slightly easier from 1998 until 2007 because I was away for college and then grad school

In 1997 my smoking was usually just 3 to 5 cigarettes before school or slipping away on weekends

In 1998-1999 I could smoke cigarettes on campus or at my apartment on my balcony and no one would know - I smoked an average of 5 to 10 cigarettes a day back then through 2000 when I hid my smoking from my live in girlfriend - although I tried to convince her to smoke so she knew I liked it

But in 2001 is when I really started smoking 10 to 20 cigarettes everyday in secret -

Maybe random people on campus might have seen me - but it was a big school and I was just a face in the crowd

2002 is when I started smoking solidly 20 to 25 cigarettes a day everyday in secret

I also worked as a substitute teacher then in a school which was under construction and had trailers where classrooms were so it was easy to duck out an sneak cigarettes during planning period or lunch breaks -

2003 I had a new girlfriend and tried grad school the first time but the stress was killing me and I was sneaking away to smoke in secret all the time

I flunked out and had to move back home

In 2004 hiding my smokin from my mom and my girlfriend and my other friends was a full time job

But then when I enrolled in a new grad school in a town down south and lived alone in a one bedroom apartment - that’s when my secret smoking skyrocketed

From summer 2004 till 2006 I was “secretly” smoking 40 to 50 cigarettes a day

Alone at my apartment

No friends or roommates

My girlfriend lived out of town

So I just woke up everyday and chain smoked heavily before class

Would leave class then secretly chain smoke on campus throughout the day

I became adept at having a smoking jacket and brushing my teeth and washing my face and hands and using mouth wash and cologne to hide it

But I loved smoking two to three packs a day

In 2007 when I graduated and moved back home and got a real job I had to stop smoking so heavily

But I did continue to smoke in secret 10-15 cigarettes a day on average from 2007 till 2015

I met my future wife in 2008 when she was a student teacher

I hid my smoking from her for the past decade

She still does not know I smoked at least half a pack a day for nearly a decade while we dated and after we got married

My biggest regret is that I quit smoking

I truly love smoking and Inwish Inhad never quit

I think if I had not kept it a secret then I could have just enjoyed being a heavy smoker the rest of my life until I got fatal lung disease... that would be ok with me to die in my 40s from lung cancer

if I had gotten to smoke publicly as much as i have wanted to the last 20 years, and then got to smoke just another 5 to 10 years - Id be ok with dying from lung cancer in my 40s

I would have earned that fate and I would accept my fate

I dont fully understand this smoking fetish or secret addiction as well as Id like

but if there is ever any doubt

You should start smoking

One evening, I was watching TV in my room, she came in and I asked her to sit beside me, because I liked sitting beside her and putting my arm around her.

She did, we started watching TV together, it was now of those Worlds strongest man contests, there was a guy pulling a firetruck.

I just mentioned "I wonder if i'll ever be strong enough to do that.", we started joking, she mentioned that i probably wasn't even stronger then her, i told her "we'll see about that" and that's how it started. We locked hands trying to overpower the other. Long story short, i fell backwards with her on top of me. She stayed there, and held my arms down. I tried to fight out of it, but she wouldn't let me, "I'll get up when you say uncle and admit i'm stronger then you".

Now, if a woman is in that position on you, naturally, certain things are gonna "rise". I didn't say it, because i honestly really liked how it felt. She was laying right above a certain place. I kept pushing her so she'd keep hitting a place. And, it just happened. I came.

Dear God,

Please do not take me. I want to take care of my family, my parents. My father was taken, please do not take me yet. I want to support my mom. I want to fulfill my role as a the oldest child. Show me mercy. show me the way.

I told a bitch off at college. She is some office worker there and I gave her a strapping down. I hope someone really rips into her throat and straggles her. All she does is dish out abuse to students, we are the customers, their bread and butter, no students no pay to them!"

every morning around this time a recording of a woman’s voice plays in the office building where I work that says “may I have your attention, the mail has arrived, the mail has arrived”

Ive heard it for years and knew it was a recording. Someone new to the office yesterday said: “Wow she sure loves saying the lines over and over”

I smirked and said: “yeah, Im pretty sure its a recording. maybe its one from the internet or the elevator music company”... then an older lady who has worked at my company as a secretary for 35 years said

“No, she was the daughter of the building manager and she worked in the front office. she was a lovely young lady who’s husband was killed in Iraq, less than a year after they had a daughter; then later that same year she was diagnosed with lukeima... she died when she was only 26 years old... her father still manages the building and he plays the recording of he reading the mail announcement everyday because thats all he has left of his daughter”

that was the saddest story Ive heard in a longtime...

I just heard the recording of her voice come on again today and I started to cry

So I was at my friends place yesterday to drop something off that she needed for class next week. She made some food for us, we ate, talked, chilled, and so on. I bought a drink before I went over to her place and after I had finished eating, I wanted to take a sip. I went to go open it and I couldn't twist the cap off the bottle. I tried a few times and I just couldn't twist it off. After watching me struggle for a few seconds, she put her hand out and said, "let me." She opened it right away and just handed it back to me.
Jokingly I said, "damn, look at you." She did a quick flex and said, "yeah, I'm strong." Again jokingly I said, "well I obviously loosened it for you." She replied by saying, "oh really, really now?" She put down her arm to arm wrestle and said "let's go."
I said okay and put my arm down, but then she backed out and said she was joking. At this point I urged her on and pushed her to arm wrestle me. She quickly gave in and grabbed my hand. At first when I started pushing she wasn't putting up any resistance at all and her arm would just drop down, so I urged her on again to really try her hardest and she finally started pushing. When she started pushing I stared to increase the pressure, and pretty soon after we started, I was pushing with almost everything I had, but her arm barely moved!
I tried harder and harder, up until the point where I looked like I was struggling. I think she saw this and started pushing my arm down, but unlike me, she looked like she was barely trying. As she started laughing, somewhat uncomfortably I guess, she was very easily moving my arm down. She pushed me half way down and said, "ahh come on," and I immediately put my other hand on the edge of the table for extra support. She said, "you can't do that, that's cheating," and just pushed my arm the rest of the way down.
That was with the right arm, and as I was past the point of saving face right now because she had very clearly, and very easily, beaten me, I put up my left arm and said, "let's go left." She was still kind of laughing, looking a little embarressed, and she said "no, no wait, let me rest up my muscles hurt after that match." Which now that I think about it, the way she said it sounded like it was meant to be comforting in some way, like she felt a little bad for beating me so she tried to make it seem like she had to try; although both of us knew she didn't.
So I urged her on again, and once more, she gave in pretty quickly and said, "fine, but I'm sure you'll win with your left; you're left handed." I asked her if she was ready and she nodded. I said, "ready, set, go!" Then I immdiately started pushing with everything I had, but her arm just stayed up in the starting position. This time she didn't wait, she started pushing my arm down a few seconds after we had started. She pushed me down about half way again when I put up my other arm on the edge of the table to try and get more support (because it worked so well the last time, lol). She gasp and said once again, "you can't do that, that's cheating," and she just pushed my arm the rest of the way down.
As hard as I tried, and believe me, I tried hard, she just felt like she was so much stronger than me that it didn't matter how hard I tried, she would have just slammed my arm down to the table anyways like she just finished doing.
Not gonna lie, losing an armwrestling match with both hands, so badly, to a girl that's about 10cm shorter than you (about 4 inches) and 3 years younger than you, is kind of embarressing. However, we're good friends, and even if it was a little awkward afterwards, it wasn't weird, we both dealt with it in a good way, and for all the douchebag "do you even lift bro?" comments, I still woke up with a dic* between my legs the next day; so nothing changed.
As long as I'm being honest here though, in a weird way, I kind of enjoyed arm wrestling her. I don't know if she felt the same way or if it was just awkwar

Sometimes family is worst that strangers

i am not going to go there anymore. my family is suffering from me helping. yes i learn stuff. it is beyond anything anyone can image here. but i can't just ignore my duties.

do you ever feel like we are somehow leftover from an alien expirament ? like they were colonizing space and we were aomeones science project ans now theyve moved on left us here and have nothing else to do with us now?

this is an extremely good theory for how we got here and who human “gods” are...

deep in my soul I know something is wrong and that we were left behind by someone ..I honestly find myself lately with a feeling of emptiness. I tried drinking excessively and having unprotected sex to fill the void, and it did work. I just ended up ruining alot of underwear ... but Im no closer to the truth out in the darkness

my entire friday night is drinking and masturbation

as usual

My favorite “authors” (in order):

-the guy who writes long-winded stories about his life that invariably involve gun ownership, his divorce, and his quest for higher meaning.
-the freak who repeatedly posts stuff about Kenneth Pinyan, horse sex, and beastiality.
-Mr. No Socks, whose bizarre sexual fetish can override his other predilections such as racism.

Guy I know from the sports bar I go to committed suicide due to depression, meds, and tons of other things. When I heard about it, all I could think of was "Why couldn't it have been (name change) Mark?". Guy who rubbed my gf's shoulders one night and pissed me off. I told him to stop and he did, but, only after was already in process.

Same guy tried cozying up to her this past Summer, when she was with me, on her pain meds, and mixing drinks, so was a bit screwed up. I corrected him that time, too.. This is a true confession/thought..When I heard about the other guy dying, my mind went right to..I wish it was Mark... And I meant it, still do.

I am tremendously jealous of my best friend. He has no idea. There is nothing extravagant about him but whenever we are out at bars, he makes no real attempt to pick up women, he has zero game, but somehow the hot chicks all gravitate towards him. They almost literally fall in his lap. The most obvious difference between him and I? Height. He's 6'4, I'm 5'6. The worst part about it is that I know for a fact he's well hung so most of these women cling on him for sex well after the dance floor encounter. He never intends to date any of these women and it makes me so angry sometimes bc I'd give anything to be with any one of them. We are drastically opposite. I have a good paying job/career, my own place, In shape, well educated, a decent human being. He, on the other hand has worked at the same Finish line store since early college, he never graduated, smokes weed all the time, lives at home at 25, no aspirations whatsoever yet, bc of his genetics of being tall and carrying an anaconda in his pants, attractive women flock to him. I'd trade anything to be him or have what he has. Anything.

he's such a dic*. little bitch. ugghh. i literally want to tell him so badly but he's so sensitive and he's been friends with my new friends longer. stupid bitch ass boy.

Yesterday, I was feeling burned out at work, and towards the end of the day, I overheard a coworker say that she wanted to shoot herself. When the timing was right, I got the nerve and confessed to her that I'd actually called a suicide hotline before. Her reaction was pretty much what I expected: she was shocked, but then she gave me a hug. Granted, I wasn't doing this for shock value, but because I trusted her and because I wanted to let her know that she wasn't alone. So, to my coworker: If you're reading this, then thank you very much.

I don't like leaving my house. I know this is commonly defined as agoraphobia but I'm not *afraid* of leaving my house, it just seems like a waste of time. I'm not really sure. I work from home, and have worked from home for 10 years now and I'm sure this is a big part of it. I recently started playing magic the gathering card game and I'm really interested in buying cards and other related products. There's a store literally right down the street from me but rather than going there and looking at what they have I look around at various online stores. I just feel sort of pathetic that I can't even be bothered to leave the house to pursue something that interests me.