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I wish everyone I knew had my same taste in music and movies.
and had my same opinions about society.

I am so goddamn sick and tired of grown-ass men going on and on and on in my office about comic books and video games I could scream.

So my sister decided to take in a child (a 9-year-old boy) from foster care late last year, the child had been living at a children's home for quite some time. I'm not dogging my sister for taking the child but I have a complaint about how the facility is run.

The facility in questions constantly doing things with the children at the home. We're talking multiple outings a week to movies, the theme parks, to eating out to theme parks. This is all done on the dime of people and business who donate free passes and gift cards. The home has all modern game systems donated by the local sports teams. This already raised some flags for me because from what I understand a lot of these kids come in with nothing and are suddenly given EVERYTHING.

My sister and her family get by just fine, but they do it by being thrifty so they can spend the money on things they need. They can't afford to go to a baseball game every week or even a movie every week for two adults and now three children. They don't buy their kids every toy that crosses their path, they've taught my niece and nephew to value experiences over things.

This boy they've taken in constantly bugs them to eat out (he actually refused to eat my brother in law's burgers because he wanted to go to McDonald's instead), to go places, to go shopping (he has a state required allowance that comes out of their per diam rate and he always wants to go buy more crap)and it's driving my sister to a breaking point. The first day he was in the home he said he wanted to play Xbox which they don't have and he didn't seem to grasp that not everyone has a video game system. He actually came in with almost as many toys as my neice and nephew combined.

Two weeks ago my brother in laws mother died and they asked me to watch the boy during the funeral. The family was going to be gone for most of the day. This kid immediatly demanded to go to Chuck E Cheese and I explained to him we needed to stay for whenver the family came back. He wanted to play my PS2 ("this is old"), I have no child friendly games. I tried to get him to take my dog for a walk with me, to go to the park, I had some art supplies. When he didn't like any of my suggestions he begged to watch Let's Plays on Youtube ( I was specifically told no Youtube). When I said my sister told me not to let him, he sat on the couch and stared at the black TV screen for almost two hours.

It was infuriating because I constantly got "at "the children's home" we did this and that and why can't everyone do it this way?" And I constantly got asked why I was so poor I couldn't afford to eat out or have Netflix or cable. I didn't like having to justify to a 9-year-old my spending habits.

It was a long day for me to say the least. WHen he got home he told my sister that I refused to play with him and sat on my computer the whole time. (I was working for maybe 90 minutes on a final school paper since he didn't want to play with me) He also said I all I would give him is a peanut butter sandwich to eat for lunch and dinner. He refused to eat my banquet chicken nugget meal, he wanted Chik-Fil-A and didn't want my homemade pizza and said I should order Papa John's just for him. The PB&J sandwich what I was told to make him should he refuse any food given to him.

When my sister finally picked him up, she told me that he had stopped this behavior with them because he knew it didn't work on them anymore. They had finally laid the law down when their 11 and 8 year old started to exibit similiar behaviors.

My sister and her husband are now wanting to go on a date night and have asked me to babysit again, this time all three kids. I'm not exactly sure I want to do that. I love my neice and nephew but that foster kid is stressful and I'm worried how the other two will react while he's around.

Sorry if I sound like a bitch but I needed to get that off my chest.

I find my brother-in-law is so annoying. He literally takes everything to heart even when we’re only joking? And when i say joking we really are joking but he always seem to think that we (my mom&dad&me) underestimate him like tf? And my sister (his wife) also very stupid most of the time, she’s very bad at quoting message from others and always seem to make her husband and my family (mom&dad) have miscommunication. It’s okay if her husband is the chill type but this?

I know I should be happy for him, but I guess just bummed.

A couple yrs ago brought stepson's ex gf children/baby mama to have a trip to Orlando.

I say her children, because she had 2 children prior to being with step son. Anyway, paid for everything.

She had a bad back and the one child didn't want to fly, so they drove. We (husband and I) paid for rental car, hotel, tickets, etc.

The one child who didn't want to fly kept wanting to wander off and causing stress, the youngest wanted her mom to hold her, and the oldest at times would talk back to her.

Anyway, she mentioned a couple times about going home early, but then would change her mind. Then when husband simply tried to tell her better directions than gps, she blew up saying she didn't want to be talked to like a child. No, we just lived down here for a while and knew better routes because of traffic and construction that the gps didn't take into account for.

Anyway, they stayed one more day and left early still. Anyway, the oldest is down here in Orlando with his other grandparent.

She is posting all of the pictures of him having a good time and it feels like what we tried to do was unappreciated.

I want him to have a good time, but it's almost like she is rubbing it in as though we didn't do enough or aren't good enough.

I am sorry there were lines, and fast passes weren't always available. I did my hardest and gave recomendations of times to go, so it would be less crowds, but it was ignored.

I don't want to feel like this and wish I didn't.

This is something I prefer not to tell anybody at all (including my family) since everyone including my parents and their illogical thinking will say along the lines: "You MIGHT have children one day!", "You'll be the father one day!", "I want grandkids!", "You're gonna get married one day and have children!", etc. Especially bringing up religion ("god talk") and I'm not gonna get into that.

EWWW! NO NO NO NO NO! :rage::rage::thumbsdown::thumbsdown:

I prefer to stay single for the rest of my life than to deal with one another's feelings, stories about their past and stress. No thanks. Relationships are a waste of time. energy and money.

I prefer not to tell anyone what my dating history is like and end up breaking someone's heart after telling them my dating history. Nope. Not gonna happen!

I especially don't want children and prefer not to bring one into this f**ked up world. I don't want the responsibility that comes along with it and having to throw all my money down the drain to pay for child support.

I don't like children at all and having to hear their obnoxious screaming/crying everywhere I go, it hurts my ears and leaves me with anger every single time.

I don't want to constantly be reminded of how I was when I was child and all the s**t that happened to me when I was a child.

I hate the idea of "following the crowd" and being told "One day, you'll marry someone and have kids!" To hell with that nonsense! I'm going my own way!

I feel as if I'm the only person in the world who prefers a childfree life than a life with children. Why won't people bug off and worry about their own lives?! I refuse to live my life only to please my parents and the people around me!

It seems as if most people can't get it through their heads on why NOT EVERYONE wants children. No point in telling them since they'll never listen and turn their heads and remain ignorant as they please.

SINGLE LIFE FOR ME! F**k love, I don't need it anymore.

I am so sick of people promoting MLM's spamming my Facebook feed with their shitty Younique, Shakeology, Advocare, etc...
One woman in particular is driving me nuts with the constant "live" posts. If she messages me one more time asking me if I am instereted in her shitty makeup, not only will I block her, but I may punch her as well.

Obviously nobody is getting sent out of the kingdom here, but it’s a metaphor. Recently two of my closest friends and I discovered that one of our friends and ya were drifting apart and had very little in common, so we told her she could feel free to sit with and hang out with a friend she’s closer with more often. Now I feel like I’ve suddenly become awkward and started overthinking things, leading my friends to maybe believe that I’ve been drifting away, yet I think my friends are amazing and I don’t ever want them to get the wrong idea. I feel like they’ll catch something that isn’t there and send me out because of my uncomfortableness following a difficult time in my life. I also have noticed that they’re much more popular than I am and the only reason I’m likely not at the bottom of the food chain at our school is because they’re keeping me afloat. I’m just scared that I’ll lose two of my favorite people and become an unpopular weirdo in the process. -SE

I hate my dad. He's narcisistic, manipulative, controlling, and emotionally/mentally abusive to me, my brother, and my poor mom. I wish he would pay for all the horrible things he's said and done. He's 58 and I wish he would die already.

What looks better on girls,

Dark hair (dark brunettes, blacks) Or light hair (blonde/light brown)?

It cracks me up when my fake ass sister tries to act all christian.

This woman blasted another person because they liked a photo of a meme with Happy Birthday and it had Hennesy with it.

Really, yet she stole money from a man and she doesn't want people to know her dirt.

She acts like she is better than me, because she goes to church, but when she needs help I am the first person she comes to.

I don't like babies. Nor do I think they are cute. Not a single one. In fact, the idea of giving birth and/or having a baby terrifies me. To me it's like a bloody parasite that, months after infection, gruesomely forces itself out of its host, to then the host care for a screaming goblin creature until it has at least a bit of independency, which at that point the host still treats as if they are 100% dependent. Sorry, but I don't find infants cute at all.

I hate lazy obese people leaving their shopping carts whatever they want and expect other people to pick up their slack. Fat asses riding around in the grocery store in those motorized seats because they're too fuc*** fat to even walk!9

I grew up with this guy. I've known him since the day he moved to my school from another state when he was 8. We dated for a few years in middle and high school. He seemed like an alright socially awkward but fun kind of guy. Nerdy. Then between freshman year and Sophmore year he cheated on me. I didn't find out until after we broke up and I found out he was dating the girl that lived down the street from her (the one he cheated with). Now that's a whole other story.

But long story short I'm 18 now. He's 19 this November. It's been two years since I've spoken to him since I realized he was a sociopath and in general a bad person. Today I found out he raped the girl he cheated on me with, who he has been fixated on for the last few years. He was arrested this morning and more than likely will go to Federal prison. He doesn't even get to graduate high school this year. We graduate on May 23rd. He had 3 weeks left of high school.

I kind of saw this coming with his weird demanor these last two years, and weird stories I've heard from his brother. I know his mom and dad are taking this rough. Our families used to be close until things were awkward with him cheating on me. It's just odd to process it. The guy that lived within walking distance of me, knew where I lived, and used to be one of my closest friends became someone I never wanted to talk to again and a rapist.

my cat sprayed my window glass and I threw the cat into the swimmingpool. Now he is licking all the water lol

Nothing is what I thought it was. All the things I believed, the memories, the relationships -none of it was real. Wow, my family really messed me up. Stupid me, I let them do it, I let them make me believe that I'm the one who's the a-hole. They hurt me and lied to me and then turned their backs on me, but I'm the one who apologized! I begged to be let back in! So stupid! I didn't deserve any of it, (for cryin out loud, it was only an appt and it wasn't my idea!) and even though the ones who started it are dead the living keep it going. I don't know if I believe in an afterlife, but if there is one and you can hear me C, Mom, Dad - f.u.! But, also, ty, now I know family is what you create, not what you're born with. I will not let you and the bad memories or your rotten kids hurt me anymore. I will try to only remember the good things. It hurt so much when the girls cut me out, but I survived and I'm not as stressed anymore and I'm learning to put me first. C, you were so right, I'm not like you guys and you're not like me - praise God! I would never be as manipulative, sneaky, mendacious, vindictive, selfish, and unforgiving as you and yours. I forgive you, but I won't forget. Girls, I put all the mementos of you in a box, I cut you out of my will, I'm not sending b-day cards to your kids anymore (sorry Maria), and I'm thinking of you less and less each day. Eventually, I will move, and not say where to. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I will always love you and wish you well. But even if you wanted me back, forget it. I won't be abused anymore. Goodbye.

Gosh, sometimes i just wish I never even approached you. You were once so nice and now you're so negative, such an ass*** that i can't even be around you.

The people here have been arguing over how the airlines work in regards to cancelation fees and such for 4 days. 5 people talking for 4 days about a problem with flights and it's still not fixed. They just talk over one another louder and louder until it's just unbearable. Not once did anyone call the airline or look online. it's like they're all stupid.
This happens when the watch the news too. They talk over the report and then argue about what was reported making up the story as they go. It's ridiculous. Is this where fake news starts???

Funny how almost all secrets are relationship or sex related!

I took what I thought was my dream job, allured by the promise of lots of travel. As a 25yr old single guy that's the dream right? And it was great at first, have seen some pretty cool places for free. But 3 months in and I feel the loneliest I've ever felt. I just want to be home. I don't think I'm gonna be able to hack it. Too many relationships have suffered already. Just keep that in mind my guys if you ever find yourself with a similar opportunity.