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I feel so alone and worthless because of my mom. In 2019, it was my goal to become more productive and focus on schoolwork more. So after a week or so of studying and working on assignments for up to 5 hours a day (outside of school), I lost one of my water bottles and spent my whole lunch looking for it with no success. When I came home, my mom was livid, so I gave her 10 dollars without her asking for it because I assumed it was gone. She started yelling at me how I'm such a ditz, and I'm so antisocial lately, and I have no common sense. I'm on the verge of tears because she has no goddamn idea how hard I work to maintain my grades in a gifted classroom.

The horse ejaculated on my face!


My first job was to sell watches in the mall. There was an older lady that sold watches and everytime a customer got close she swooped in and took over and so I never actually sold a watch. After two weeks I was fired. I told my Dad the whole story and he told me that was the sales business, you had to be aggressive to succeed.
My next job was a used car salesman at this small lot. A black guy was looking for a car and it was obvious he didn't have any money so the sales manager told me not to waste my time. I went with him on a test drive anyway. I sucked his coc* and he bought the car. I learned something that day. I have been sucking coc* for all these years, I work in new care sales at a Mercedez dealership and I am usually numbr one or two in sales for the month, men love to lean back and have their coc* sucked in a new Mercedez and I love sucking coc* so we both win. And if a little bit of their cum drips off on to the seat I just rub it in, like leather conditioner. That's my inside joke.

no more drinking alone
its killing me. im an alcoholic

Ihave to start somewhere. my drinking problems didnt begin in college, I drank much less than most average college students, from 1998-2002.

They didnt even start the two or three years after college when i worked as a teacher, I rarely ever drank on weekdays, rarely got drunk, and almost never drank alone. Id have a few beers with friends ata bar on a friday night or a few beers while watching a game but that was it.

then sometime around summer 2006, when my new girlfriend who did not drink or smoke cigarettes moved in wkth me right after she graduated high school. she had been a student in my class. we got along great but I tried to hide my cigarette smoking from her and claim I had only ever been an occassional social smoker - not at all true - instead I drank. I drank everything and I drank everynight

that summer of 2006 is when we remodeled a house Id inherited and wed do it after I got off work from a summer job Id gotten downtown. iddrink a six pack of beer bymyself. she rarely drank even one since she didnt like beer. so i bought ginand would drink gin and sprite, she didnt like hard alcohol either. so id drink four or five glasses of gin alone, either while we watched Jon stewart on comedy central or while I played video games or just while I was alone.

summer of 2006 is when i started drinking alone everyday

ive drank everyday, often alone, nearly everyday since then

Im thinking the drinking alone part is the key to my downfall

Uhhmmm, I have a lil problem and I need some advice.

There's a guy. I had a crush on him last year, but I didn't know him as a person. I just liked him when I saw him. Like you have a crush on people you first saw because you think they are cute ya know?

Anyway, I started talking to this guy a few weeks ago. And he's honestly super sweet but I don't think I could ever date him. Like I don't vibe with him. And my friends tell me to date him because one of my ex-friends that screwed me over many times likes him and i should date him to infuriate her. As much as that sounds like fun, i don't want to do that to anyone. he doesn't deserve that ya know? like there is no reason I need to hurt someone that actually cares about me.

I have chosen to put off dating. I think its pretty unnecessary for me at this point just because i have no time at the moment. But there are rumours that are spreading like wildfire at the college that i attend where i am currently dating this guy. So many people have come up to me out of nowhere within the last two weeks asking me about my relationship with this guy.

I don't think he personally knows about the rumours. But that's to be determined later. He's nice, but i don't know what to do. I tell myself I don't like him, but then i get happy when he talks to me. He always stops to talk to me, and I don't think he does it with anyone else. I never deliberately go out of my way to talk to him, but then i end up hanging out with him.

I'm honestly confused.

I have never had someone like me before and i have never dated anyone before. I have literally zero experinence so i need someones advice.

He acts differently when i am around him, and then like he use to be real racist and everything. but when he says a racist joke, he looks at me and then apologizes right away like it offends me when it doesn't.


A few months ago i was at the mall and i saw one of my close friends dad kissing a random woman who was not her mother and he saw me. Now everytime i go to my friends house he stares at me as though hes telling me not to tell. I want to tell my friend as its not fair on her mother but i cant bring myself to do it. Espically because ive known for so long.

My family hate me so much in this fuc*** year. Fuc* them.

I convinced my old girlfriend to start smoking cigarettes with me back when we dated in 2003 her freshman year. She got hooked and she still can’t quit no matter how hard she tries. I quit back in 2014, we keep up on Facebook and are still friends but she blames me for making her addicted to cigarettes

i really want to come out as trans male to my family on new years but am afraid :disappointed: i think i should wait

I put 3 of my friends on the payroll of my employer and they dont work here. They cash the paychecks and we split the money. I thought i was going to get caught earlier this year but i didnt. Now upper management is giving me a raise. Feels like ill never get caught

So sick of blacks wanting special rights. Not equal rights

Civil Rights Investigation Opened After Black Wrestler Had to Cut His Dreadlocks.

Sorry, it’s part of the rules. Clearly some of you have never wrestled before. White wrestlers go through the same thing. It’s happened to me, people in my family, my coach, my teammates, and just about every other wrestler that has had “long” hair. If they think it’s too long for a cap, oh well. That happens as well. Stop trying to make everything seem racist when it’s not

I hate life. Nothing but problems and fuc*** grind it never ends worry after worry
Plus i need some pus**. I m sorry i aint lyin i need to get laid i mnso fuc*** overdue. Actually i need a helpmate. But i ll take what i can get

I only write on this site because I have no one to talk to about my deepest feelings or worries or anything. I just don't have friends and I don't trust much. My family do talk but I need to vent a lot of hurt and anger and pain. I am in lots of pain physically and mentally from things others say to me. I admit I have said some nasty things over the last 6 years I never thought I would say. I showed a lot of anger at home and out after being raped. I don't like the way I have been treated by the world. I never asked for this. But I think more women should go through it to know how it feels to be me, if you are gonna hate and block me from living life and then you better live the pain too! I still envy the idol rich but not for their sex lives or drugs. just their money.

I love slumming with this disgusting website! Every morning at work I need to take a crap around 9 am so I bring my phone into the bathroom and read these hideous posts while I shit. It’s very fitting, and gives me my fill of filth for the day!

Rot in hell, freaks!

So sick and tired. Constantly taking care of my husband has given me care giver burnout.

I try to help him, but it's constantly putting some pain ointment, checking his blood sugar, blood pressure, making sure he eats proper.

It's just so much, I feel isolated and nobody is close to help (not that any of his family would)

Between work and caregivng, I just want to sometimes go do something fun and I can't. I love him and if it wasn't that I was able to work remote I wouldn't be able to care for him like I do.

But it's very mentally taxing. Trying to work and take care of husband.

Heck, I know none of you give a damn about a total stranger, but I still consider each and every one of you family (yes, even the trolls)

Men need to man up! Stop whining, move out of your mother's baseemnt, accept sometimes work sucks! It's a lot more respectable (and sexy) to be a cahsier or construction worker who splits a house with other adults than some loser who has unrealistic dreams, refuses to work, and leeches off his parents. And unless somebody has died or you got fired, stop whining so much. Accept sometimes YOU cause your own problems, sometimes bosses are mean, not everything is worth burdening people with whining about. You wonder why women don't want you? Because you're submsisive, lazy, and beta! If I wanted a woman, I'd date a woman! And "toxic masculinity" is bullsh*t.

After the holidays, I plan on cutting way back on going to my usual sports bar. Need to save the money, but mostly..Get away from the same, usual people and predictable conversations. Other than a few of the server girls, who I have private numbers for anyway and continue contact and plans with, I'm basically ditching the entire thing and those people.

Bottom line is..Keep the girls, exit the bar and people for the most part. I'd rather save money week to week, and use it to go to the city every so often for some real fun. Am taking one of the girls next week as it is..

I think my roommate is inlove with me. We have known eachother for childhood and have been living together for 5 years because of finacial difficulty. My family often made jokes about my roommate for years about how weirdly close we are. Now I'm starting to wonder if what they're saying has merit to it.

When I was younger, my cousin would come over alot. We're 4 years apart and both of us are girls. Whenever my cousin came over, we performed sexual acts on each other. The first time it happened, she showed me and for years we had done it. I never told anyone about it because I didn't want to get her in trouble and i didn't want to be the bad guy. I've held that secret for a long time and we don't do that anymore because I stopped it when I got older. I don't think she wanted it to stop but I did because I realized that it wasn't right.