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My supervisor at work is kinda badass and has an attitude. I have some much agression in me I would love to get into an argument with her and wrestle.
I want to mess things up on purpose so she'll yell at me and physically attack me.

I have a confession to make about my neighbors they horribly embarrass me with they stupidity I can't even compete with their stupidity and they have horrible hygiene and their horrible body odor smells worse than a slaughterhouse were they kill pigs. I'm altogether embarrassed by my own apartment complex. And there's so many reasons that I hate this apartment complex. Because people are so obviously unsanitary that they brought coc*roaches and bed bugs into the place.

Know a guy who can't not spend money, everytime he has $1.00 he'll spend it. He keeps talking about saving up for some big nice thing that would actually be good for him (like a car) but then he goes out and spends $20 on McDonald's or buys 3 new videos games.

He got paid today and somehow had a little bit left over from previous check and started declaring how he had 5% of a downpayment for his first car. And of course I just rolled my eyes because I know come tomorrow he'll be coming in with sacks of junk food or like 5 more Funko Pops.

I was kind of friends with this guy in High School. He joined the army and I didnt see him for a while. Now he comes back to our hometown once a year and I used to meet up with him. After a while he became like a stalker. He would ring me up at all hours of the day and night wanting to hang out with me. I dont think he had that many friends. He started calling me again but I havent answered. Every year he kinda freaks me out.

I do weird things in public during festivals like sit down and write.

This guy Sam stole my parking spot at work, so it was time to take matters into my own hands. First, I issued a fatwa in the form of flyers around the garage, declaring jihad on him. They were taken down by security pretty quick but fortunately it was time to move on to phase two: the mindfuc*. In order to sow discord and make him think his wife was cheating on him, I would call his house and disguising my voice in the Ebonics vernacular, ask for his wife.

I've always been a loner and had a hard time being accepted while growing up. I have connections, but I mostly hang out by myself when I go out. Beause of this, I have grown to be more comfortable with rejection than acceptance. Acceptance feels foriegn, I'm just not very good at it with the lack of experience--sometimes I even reject acceptance itself. Rejection feels natural.

My wife absolutely hates my family, and has said she wants to leave. The last two days have been terrible...

Proud parenting moment. My kid made a friend!

what do you do when your bestfriend(girl), confesses that she likes you(girl) and you dont have the same feelings??? How do i let her down without hurting her?

me and my family basically raised my twin baby cousins, they lived in our house until they were a few months old. my aunt and my uncle had some serious shit going on and she decided she would cut off all communication with us. no twins, no uncle. she beats them and theyre only one years old. i fuc*** hate her. the twins will never know that they have a whole family that loves them and would never let that fuc*** bitch lay a hand on them again. everytime i think about how abandoned they must feel, i cry uncontrollably for hours. its been almost a year since i last held them and i cant fuc*** breathe without them but no one else knows how i feel. i dont trust anyone with my vulnerabilities, i should but who? fuc* if i could go back in time and break that bitch's leg i would, she took away the only guys i love, and who will ever love me no matter how ugly i am. fuc*, just drown me

This isn't that interesting, I just wanted to rant x

I've been talking to this boy a lot, and I know him pretty well. Although I see him in class a lot, we mostly chat online. He's been sick for a few days, staying at home. I continued to chat to him. But suddenly, he just changed. Instead of being the goofy, awkward, fun person he was, he turned into a depressed, lonely, isolated person. I don't know if he's actually depressed, or if he's keeping up this act to pressure me into telling him the secret he wants to find out about. I'm lost. I don't know what to do. I just wish I knew what was going on.

I got yelled at on the phone today by a colleague and I completely crumbled. Even though I was right and it was a complete overreaction by this guy, I let him walk all over me. I feel like I've failed as a man. It's really rattled me how much of a pushover I can be. This has never happened to me before as I generally get along with everyone, this guy is a dic* and everyone knows it, but where the fuc* were my balls today :disappointed:

i need a life coach

I currently work for Wal-Mart. I am a truck driver. I miss my job very much. I got into an accident with a smaller car, so they let me go. Truth is I was tired of smaller cars pushing themselves in front of me then literally stopping. The time I didn't try as hard stopping. It was awful. I regretted every moment of it.

Truck Driver

why do White Men Baby Boomer Bosses at work Lie and Cheat and Steal?

Do they not fear something bad will ever happen to them when they lie about their employees ?

When they claim that something was not done when it clearly was done - and the proof is obvious to everyone ?

Why do we let white men from the baby boomer era continue to corrupt government and corporations as lying bosses so obviously incompetent in their job ?

Did the white men baby boomers actually do anything to save this country? No they plundered it. They took advantage of the great strides made by generations before them - they did not cause the changes of the 1960s or 1970s, they partied and then the sinister ones raped it, pretended to call it advancement and the. Stole from it while lying about it

Even the achievements of the 80s or 90s cannot be credited to the baby boomers - except maybe a few of them like the tech gods such as Steve jobs, the Woz, Bill Gates, etc - but ultimately they relied on the power and wealth and connections of older generations - and apparently Steve jobs was a sonofabitch to work for and routinely abused his employees

Now we have Trump following this same mold and everyone tolerates it why?

Why do we let white male baby boomers run and then fuc* everything up?

They are terrible bosses

Their time will come soon

why the fuc* is my secretary always and I mean ALWAYS out on cigarette breaks every single time I need her!? jesus christ this is like the 900th time in the last three years and I swear every single time I call her she is always out on a smoke break

how is it possible for her to smoke this much? this has to be three packs a day or more, I just cannot believe how much her chain smoking is making it hard for her to get any work done

my ass is ruined

Somebody did something to me. It’s all wrong
I can’t wear underwear properly, so I had to ditch it and go without. I’m all sweaty and gross. I keep smelling like cigarettes

I don’t remember anyone using a condom.

If there is another accidental pregnancy I’m going to be fuc***

here is some advice I just gave a middle aged single mom nurse friend of mine suffering crom depression, after being abandoned. I wanted to share it with my good friends here! maybe go see a doctor or therapist will help?

Or also try these things:

1) start smoking cigarettes everyday. Seriously it goes great with depression or mental illness. I had several ex girlfriends who were depressed and chain smokers. Get up to at least two packs a day. You will not regret it. You’ll love smoking! Also no vaping - real cigarettes only!

2) stop wearing underwear. You ll feel 10 times sexier every single day

3) stop wearing socks. Period. Always shoes without socks. High heels are best but as a nurse you probably wear tennis shoes at work. That means tennis shoes withoutnsocks for you! Will make you feel sexier and more frisky! Wear high heels barefoot every time your not at work at hospital or at the gym! High heels will make you feel sexier every day! Trust me, ditch your socks and life will follow!

4) stop taking birth control! Those hormones will make you crazy! All my ex girlfriends were crazy on BC. Have to throw it out! Go natura

5) eat a clean diet and get some exercise! Try walking more every day! Try a Zumba class or bar yoga or whatever works! Get exercise three to four days a week! Eat healthier and cleaner diet! More vegetables! Shoot for maybe 1200-1400 calories a day max. Drink more water and less soda will make you feel way better I promise!

6) stop drinking alcohol! Tough I know. Trust me I’m an alcoholic! I lovebooze and hate to be without! But if you ditchthe booze completely your life will be so much better!

Hope that helps!

i have always thought about commiting suicide but cant get myself to fully go through with it . my parents make me feel worthless and like a waste of space/time/money and all that . my mother told me she hated me when i was about 12/13 and it scarred me forever , my parents have always made me feel like i will amount to nothing . i used to beg my friends to stay after school with me so i could stay away from home for as long as i can . when i did attempt (i have maybe 3 times) i have never been able to fully do it . ive tried with stabbing my self—couldnt get the knife to go through my stomache , i tried bringing a knife to my neck—the small slit burned as soon as it made contact , and i have tried slitting my wrists—couldnt even do the full one slit . my mom has thrown beer at my face and my dad has held me up by my neck , when i threatened to ever call social services they talked down on me saying no one would listen so i gave up on that option . my dad just grabbed my forearms and kept a strong grip on them while i tried to push him away with my feet , once he let go he said no one would push him and lightly shoved me . my mother said i wouldnt be having contact with my sister anymore because of a disput i had with my mother on what her and my sister had been saying about me . my mother also said i couldnt talk to her or bother life is going down hill again and i dont know what to do anymore—i dont know if this is categorized as abuse or not but i have no options left and i think i might be goimg through with the plan i had since i was 11/12 now 17...