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both of my younger sisters have lived more than me and im 21(female) i really feel useless at this point. every of my friends are either graduating or getting married. im stuck at a crappy part time job cause that was the only available thing for me. still a virgin cause im to shy to talk to boys even girls! have 0 friends at the moment (because all of them already started their own life) i always feel so akward around my coworkers... its sad and depressing but i really am trying to not stress. thats all i wanted to say, bye.

i am 17(very close to 18) and i really like this family member who is 47. whenever she walks around or bends over i stare and stare. in private i wear her panties and bras. i also sniff her panties and bras. she helps me a lot with my problems so i actually feel incredibly bad. there is nothing i can do. i want to see her naked body so bad.

My imaginary friend is Chris Farley. I love him so much.

I can't stand my husband's family. They are all about themselves.

Now that he can't work and he can't help them, they basically are ghosting him.

No calls, no emails, nothing. He's been really depressed about it and fear he might hurt himself. I try to help, I work and always worry he might hurt himself while I am at work.

I am wondering how much a caregiver would cost, to make sure he doesn't hurt himself while I am gone. And where to get one that I can trust.

I'm non-binary. My friends know, my parents don't. I use they/them pronouns.

I decided to cut out some of the "baggage friends" I have. The friends that are in your life..but the friendship really only goes one way. They love you when your around...but its you that always has to call them...they never call you..unless they need something. I just stopped chasing people I knew and was surprised how many just never contacted me. If I see them I'm cool..they always ask where I've been..but they just dont seem to sense the distance. Some friends I really didnt want to loose..but I had to face facts. One way friendship is NOT friendship. Wanna find out who your REAL friends are? You would be surprised.

i secretly kind of hate all of my female friends because they are just so hostile, catty, passive agressive, overly sensative, and competative for no reason. ive never felt a "sisterhood" with my girl friends i just feel like everyone is telepathically attacking eachother and im in the corner playing "why cant we be friends". we cant even have a night out er something without one of them become jealous of the other or just any kind of drama happening, someone always has to be the hottest or getting the most compliments or having the most guys hit on them and blah blah bullshit and they will do catty things to eachother like tell the other person to wear a not as nice outfit then show up in a super nice extra one themselves. and im the only one that dosent care about all that bullshit i just want to be feinds and have fun and hang out. also all they talk about is guys, breakups, makeup, girly pop music and stuff which i dont mind talking about but i dont want to talk about those things 24/7 like they do theres way more intersting things to talk about. i know not all girls are like this but so many girls ive been friends with are like this and it makes me sad because i love my guy friends but i dont want to only be friends with guys i want to have that sisterhood feeling but soooo many girls (at least around my area) are just giant bitches for no reason.

i wonder if cliff sevakis’ family knows about the daughter he abandoned. if they even care.

Last weekend two of my friends had a falling out that will probably end their friendship forever. One of them was so angry that she called me up and told me a secret that all my other friends had been hiding from me for years...that my ex boyfriend hooked up with one of my friends while I was out of town years ago. Seems like everybody knew this...except me. I'm kinda still friends with the girl who my ex slept with...and I'm still in love with my ex although we dont communicate anymore. I know I shouldnt care because its my ex...but I cant believe everyone knew and NO ONE told me.

i love my mom, but i can't talk to her. not really. the older i get the harder it is to communicate. I thought it works the other way around, but the older i get the less patience i have for her bullshit, ignorance and cowardice. I went abroad 2 times without telling her, cause when I do, she loses her shit.
i can't share any life plans with her, cause i know that any input she may offer is demotiovational ("you will never succeed") or silly at best ("you can't fly into space! you'll crash into the fermanent!")
she is weak willed and is afraid of everything: she eats candy although she's prediabetic, and didn't use the computer for years cause it might explode. If i wasn't indoctrinated with her submissive old-school woman bullshit, i would have left my miserable marriage years ago. I might've not married in the first place.
she knew i was miserable for years. but she still went: "oh you're just being capricious, a woman needs a man, and you're too old to find a new one [iwas 29 at the time, and am currently in a happy relationship] your husband is not abusive, and he's not an alcoholic, so you should just get over it"
that came from the mouth of the one woman who's support i really needed.
she never appologized for saying that. she still doesn't understand why i got mad at her for that.

now their house is falling apart and i've invited several specialists to have a look and give me a price quote. mind you, i clarified that i will pay for everything. she lived in that ruin for years, she can't sleep in her own bedroom because of how run down it is, yet she does absolutely nothing to fix it, and when I start taking action she makes me feel like a pathetic pos for even trying cause: "who do you think you are? you're just a silly weak little girl"

excpet i'm not. she is. and i'm so happy that i got rid of that archaic mind-set regarding women.

i find it hard to talk to older women in general. so many of them are like that. weak willed and small minded, usinf phrases like "women's duty" "a woman's cross" and for a girl, there is nothing more dangerous than a mature woman you love and trust dripping this poison into your ear since youth. about what is "proper for a lady", what's attricative and what is possible for you to achieve. it is mothers who crippled the feet of their daughters in china for over 1,000 years. it is mothers who allow their daughters to be circumsized in somalia. it is women who stick to abusive men and allow their daughters to be abused, which leads to some un-ending circle of stockholm syndrome.

Breaking that cycle was the best thing I ever did for myself.

I don't think i want kids at all, tbh. if i do have any, i hope i am not like that. i'll probably mess them up in my own way... but at least it will be different.

I have long been a government worker. several of the women that work in the office now have below average intelligence. they are not mentally retarded but they barely graduated high school. most cannot complete the simplest of tasks.

the number of errors theymake in a single day is staggering. records are routinelylost or misplaced. names misspelled. addresses entered incorrectly. notices failed to go out as required. so many basic simple functions that are simple never done properly, or must be redone over and over and overuntil they comply.

these mistakes are costly. Id estimate that the errors of a single one of these girls is well north of $1,000 to $1,500 a day. sometimes she makes $2,000 a day or $2,500 a day errors. she is never fired despite her gross incompetence. totally unrelated to her poor work performance she smokes cigarettes constantly. she refuses to try vaping. several of the other girls here are the same way. that wouldnt be a big deal but she is a 38 year old mother of two, with a 19 year old and a 10 year old by different fathers. she is in bankruptcy for the second time and lives in a ratty trailer in the woods outside of town.

she makes $11 an hour. she has not had a raise in 4 years. when I ask if she cares that she doesnt have a raise she said no: beeuse her bankruptcy court order only allows her to keep $270 out of her paycheck every two weeks. I literally cannot fathom how she affords to smoke two packs of marlboros a day, much less how she affords to live

she must be on foodstamps or other government assistance

when people send her baby pictures she says she has baby fever and badly wants another child if she could just find another man

her last boyfriend abused her

for years she never left him

she only left him
when he got sent back to jail for meth

these are the government employees serving you

I have been selfharming for 2 years and none of my familt knows about it. I've been depressed and cryng every day. Please , someone help. End me.

We were good friends, but we ended up fighting and we did not talk for almost three years. However I still love him and I visited him at his college. He said he was not upset anymore and spoke to me as if nothing had happened, we spent a very good afternoon always cheerful. The next day I sent a message, but he did not respond. I do not know what to do, it seemed everything was fine as it was before, what should I do?

I'm really freaked out RN Bc I seriously can't tell if this person is joking with me RN but someone in my family won the lottery and I can't believe it, there's no way. But I can't tell anyone

I hate my boss. So I purchased a large pink dildo and smeared the tip in dried chocolate. Then I broke into his car and placed said item in his glove box. Hopefully his wife or kids have to open that glove box at some point!

Sick of my bipolar sister. She gets off her meds and starts getting paranoid and hallucinates at times.

She wonders why nobody in the family wants anything to do with her.

Well, stay on your meds and maybe people wouldn't have a problem with you.

To that one girl i knew in high school: I'm sorry I didn't get to know you better. I heard your father died recently, and you have my condolences. Maybe someday, we can pick up from where we left off. I mean, I'm not the kind of person you think I am. I'm not the Anti-Christ or the Iron Man.

My mother just told me something today that made me feel really sad. she told me that when she was a child her perverted Uncle molested her. When I was at the age of six I was molested too, by a neighbor boy who was an age 8 years old boy at the time. It's made me realize something. How sad I feel about holding resentment against my mother. When I just realized that when she perpetuated all her insecurities onto me that maybe she was just along on an insecure person too? All the times that she pushed my father away and threatened to divorce my dad it was because of her insecurities. She told me she wouldn't fully accept my father's love. And she told me that if a man loves me and if I love him too I have to accept his love. Maybe my mom is more relatable to me than I ever gave her credit? Because I have a bad habit of pushing men away. But maybe it was because of the sexual abuse that happened to me as a child? I understand from all the research that I've done on the effects of sexual abuse that it effects people certain ways. And not everybody handles sexual abuse the same way. Like for example I'm well-guarded and don't like to let men in very easily. And I actually understand dude is my research that that's one way that sexual abuse can effect a person or at least one of the symptoms a someone who has had the history of sexual abuse. And I also understand that I am avoidant attachment type of person when it comes to relationships. But I also understand that I don't deal well with abandonment. And I also understand that I don't ever feel good enough. I understand that self-love is a struggle for me. and I understand that I pressure myself to be a perfect and independent woman. But I do get lonely too. But even I need emotional support but I really don't like to talk to counselors about how I feel. I realize there's times that I'm sick being the Survivor girl and that maybe I want emotional support from a man for once in my life? And sometimes I get sick of having to be independent and wanting a shoulder to cry on. But I have a bad habit of beating myself up wanting emotional support and comfort from a man. I keep telling myself I have to be independent and that I don't need a man. because I find it hard to completely be reliant on men emotionally because I'm afraid that they won't care. And I know that I'm afraid of being vulnerable and I'm afraid of giving my power to man. Like I can't stand the thought of a man having control over me. I have an intimacy phobia but not the fun side of an intimacy phobia. I don't play the field and I'm not a cheating type. I just have a really hard time opening up to men. I have a bad habit of getting on the defensive with men and wanting to fight them. And I understand that I am a hot head but sometimes I wish I didn't have to be so defensive. And go out of my way to avoid situations where men will hit on me. I go out of my way to avoid bars often. And I'm not the type of woman who enjoys romantic movies and chick flicks.

i kind of have an ED i was never diagnosed but thats besides the point for those of you that know about ana and shit you might know what an ana buddy is but anyway i relaly need one and dont know how to get one. for anyone who wants to be my ana but DM me on insta my user is x underscore xlr dont bother reporting me i will just make another account sorry about lack of punctuation but it doesnt really work on this website so i just wrote underscore

the first time i babysat my friends kid it was an emergency and i happened to be super high! so i was the best babysitter! we cooked like 8 things she did my makeup we made crafts! so now she always wants me to watch her and i dont wanna disappoint the kid so i get super stoned every time shes here!