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In Palm Springs, California, there is a fat white guy in a blue shirt with glasses and he is being extremely rude and prejudice towards people for no reason. Fuc* that fat ass***.

My best friend called me last night at 2 am. I didn't answer and waited for her to leave a voicemail. She tried calling again, this time through Facebook Messenger. I didn't pick up, and sent a message asking why she was calling. She typed back "Im at yhe lake can yiu get ne".

Because of her poor typing, I assumed she was drunk. I also assumed she was with her roommates. I asked if she could call an Uber and fell asleep before she answered. I looked in the morning, she had written back "Nvm" at 3 am.

There was no other word from her so I messaged the group chat I have with her and another friend this afternoon to ask what happened and if she was ok. Our other friend saw first, and he messaged me privately.

"I figure you should know? But she took a bunch of meds and then went out to the lake in the rain i think while I was sleeping? I'm not sure how she got back? Or if I should call someone? But she's sleeping right now and said she wants to go to work at 3 so I'm not sure what to do?"

It was a suicide attempt. She called me to pick her up after attempting suicide and either having it fail or deciding to back out. I told her to call an Uber. Guilt does not begin to describe what I feel.

I have apologized to her, offered to help however I can, and she's told me it's ok because I didn't know, but I can never forgive myself. I didn't know, but I should have known.

lm so fuc*** lonely i feel like im slowly turning into stone. My first year in college is over in one more week and i havent made a single genuine friend because im awkward and unable to connect with people past the surface level and I havent talked to anyone romantically because Im too disgusted by myself and my sexuality (lesbian) to ever pursue anything. I hate myself so much just want to fuc*** die and stop thinking, or become a plant or something that has no feelings. I cannot stand my human emotions and desires it hurts too bad i just want to have no feelings forever. And im going to have to go back home to my family when summer starts too i dont think i can handle them and their voices and their fuc*** questions. I dont wanna be around them i dont think i can continue living like this man its all too much. Im just too much of a pus** to actually do something about it :confused:

I used to think that they were wrong in that you have to go through a phase of anger after a trauma has happened to you. I wasn't angry for so long that I thought I was ok. I went through depression and fear...but now all I am is angry. My father pulled me aside tonight to ensure me that "I'm not a stone hearted deamon but it often feels like it". He has absolutely no idea what happened to me and why I shall never forgive my sister or group pf friends from high school. I was molested publically for 4 years, I fought against it, and I was victim blamed by everybody

I'm struggling more and more with focus, memory and attention. Its not disabling but its bothersome. I'm 55 years old and my father had Alzheimer's at the end of his life. I have these symptoms and when combined with the fact that I played football and suffered a handful of concussions years ago, I fear the possibilities that I will have troubles with my brain as I get older. It could just be ADHD or depression or anxiety but whatever it is I don't want to keep it secret and over think it. Just getting this out in the open is helpful THANKS

I have my boyfriends card details and he has mine, and he has said to me in the past i can use his card for things i just need to ask first. He recently got a new card and the details changed, and I accidentally tried to use the old card details without asking first. His bank asked him if it was him, because it flagged up as a denied purchase, and he asked me and I didnt want him to get mad at me so I said it wasnt and now his card company is investigating the ‘fraud’. i know im a shitty person but its gone too far and i can’t sleep from guilt.

Sometimes, I just wanna kill people because I don't have anybody to love.

hello, im in middle school and on my finger nails, there are white spots and i am super ashamed and insecure about them. i feel like people are going to point at them and makw fun of them if they see it, so i usually hide my hands all together. all my friends have reallt nice fingernails and hands and i just dont know what to do about it. i really wish that i didnt have to hide my hands. i always feel like people are staring at them. i also feel like if people see them, that will scare them off and they wont be friends with me anymore. idk if people can reply on here but i just needed to get this off my chest, if you have any advice or anything please help me out

I absolutely hate my father beyond anything in the world. I hope he dies alone and unloved. I hope he understands the depths of how wretched he is. I hope to break free and never have to see that piece of trash ever again. I hate Sundays when he comes home. He has ruined so many of MY Sundays that I will never get back. I hope my parents divorce. I hope he fuc*s off somewhere we will never see him again. I need money to move away. I hope God punishes him, and we're not affected in any way. That stupid, controlling, emotionally abusive, narcissistic piece of raw sewage. Never want to see him again in the life or any other version of life after this. I want the precious seconds of my life back to me, without him in the picture. What a waste of my life having him as a father. Absolutely hate his guts. To him I have to say: FUC* YOU, I HAVE ALWAYS HATED YOU.

I [F/17] will be spending summer break in juvie.

Two months after I got my license, I was responsible for a car accident that severely injured both the driver of the car that I struck as well as his passenger. The accident was a result of me texting while driving. While I walked away with a few bruises, they had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Earlier this week, I pled guilty to two counts of vehicular assault in juvenile court and was sentenced to almost three months in juvenile detention. The only reason I'm not there now is because the judge was lenient enough to allow me to finish out the school year (finals are next week) But on the evening of the 17th of this month, I have to report to the county juvenile detention center to begin serving my sentence. I won't be released until the evening of August 11th, the night before school starts. So, I'll be spending the summer break in between my junior and senior year in jail.

I own the fact that what I did was stupid, reckless, and criminal. I know I deserve my punishment 100%. I know I deserve worse even. I also know it was just dumb luck that no one was killed. It so easily could have ended much worse.

I feel so guilty for what I've done. I was able to apologize to my victims (they showed up to court to see me sentenced), but it doesn't make me feel any better. I feel like I need to do something to atone besides simply serving my sentence. If anyone has any advice, I'm definitely open to it.

I'm trying not to worry about juvie, but I admit I'm nervous. I've never been in trouble with the law before, so I have no idea what to expect. My parents say they'll come visit me once a week while I'm away. That makes me feel just a little better.

Finally, to anyone reading this, please don't text and drive. The amount of guilt I'm feeling right now isn't something you ever want to experience, believe me.

I want to get out of my fascist low income housing apartment. Because I'm sick of this coc*roach Haven and bed bug Haven of an apartment. I'm sick of the slumlord that runs this place. I'm sick of the retarded drunk Neighbors who get in fights every night. I hate having to share a floor with people who are way too loud and disrespectful and rude. I hate how unhygienic and gross Neighbors are. My neighbor smell like Pigs straight out of a slaughterhouse and it's no excuse just because they're fat that they can't just simply bathe and take a shower. They're just lazy and refusing to take a shower on the daily regular. My neighbor's smell like they go for years without bathing. I'm also fed up with how this place makes me feel like I'm trapped and like there's way too many rules here. The rules become more ridiculous by the minute and I'm sick of it. People don't like to keep to themselves and they make up stupid rumors. I believe this place should be completely condemned or demolished because what the heinous coc*roach infestation. if you live in Fremont Nebraska or have plans to move to Fremont Nebraska don't move into the Gifford Towers I'm just warning you it's not worth it.

I want a cigarette so bad right now. I miss cigarettes every single day. I hate being forced yo be a non smoker

I am seriously so tired and fed up
with everything. My best friend is hardly that, his dumb fiancee is a bit see h. She won’t let him talk to me. He didn’t text me back the entire day yesterday I told him to just f you ck off. I am so fed up with him only talking to me when convienent. He was never really my friend, only used me for my body I am 99% sure. Dont even get me started on my “boyfriend” he beats me, treats me like crap, won’t touch me, won’t kiss me, won’t even talk to me. He hates me. So yesterday I decided I was going to kill myself on the 13th of May. So I could take my family photos so they could have something recent of me, but my older sister ruined that. My mom cancelled the photos. so mow I al going to kill myself on the 5th after my personal family photos.

When I was 16, I spent time in an inpatient treatment center for anorexia. One night, i began sobbing uncontrollably. It’s the only time in life when I couldn’t physically stop crying. I was embarrassed at the time.

It has been over a decade now and I haven’t cried much since. I’d give just about anything to feel that kind of release again.

fear controls my life.commitment, intamacy, scarcity, conflict, social acceptance, romantic relationships, addictions, failure, success, being found out, being trapped without options.

I hate my job so much and I see so little hope for it that I'm thinking of quitting and going back to school to study computers. Of course, I'd get a part-time job to fill in the blank while studying so I have some form of income. Honestly, I think this might be my best option because otherwise I might end my life or those of others if I can't take it anymore.

does anyone here watch somegirls megxit comedy on youtube ? I mean it was funny, then it was bitchy and now its plain hookersville for young men. sorry but it is not attractive.

i want love i want loyalty passion faith understanding... but i fear i don't deserve it because I'm an addict... and im not an attention seeking person i just get an impulse to have someone that intimate and it takes over. i don't want to betray hurt or deceive anyone... i just don't think therapy will solve anything... I'm stuck with this weight i an depressed... my life is falling apart and it makes me need someone that much more...

I hate myself. I have no idea what my problem is. I feel like im self destructing all of the fuc*** time. Whenever anythjng good happens to me i figure out how to fuc* it up beyone repair. Now I lost this amazing woman, who all she wanted to do was love me for the rest of our lives. I dont know how to make the right choices. I just keep fuc*** failing at everything. Really, it would probably be better if I was never fuc*** born. Then i wouldnt go around hurting the people who love me. Save everyone the misfortune of having wreck their lives. I wish i was dead.

I’m tired of the soft beta male milennials I work with. They are humorless and tissue-sensitive, publishing their stupid emo Instagram posts. I despise right-wing fearmongering tactics, but there is something to the concern that these millenial pus*** are pushovers. They will kneel before ISIS, nazis, Russia, or whoever the enemy is!