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I can have any woman I want. I’m 6-foot-5, lithe, and have model looks. Also I am rich. Yet no woman can compare to my own hand.

Family hates me. Fuc* them.

We recently took in my two cousins whose mother is a crackhead and whose father recently died of cancer. They were raised without supervision and responsibility. They've been here for a year now and even though I understand that the way they are isn't their fault I still hate the fact that I hate them. I hate them with a passion for making our lives so complicated and full of chaos. I hate the fact that I hate them knowing that I should be more mature and accepting. I feel insecure and angry at myself and at them. I'm so angry at everyone. I feel like dying.

Two tall boys in black shirts are being extremely rude and prejudice towards people at a Macy's at the jewelry section. These obnoxious boys have no manners. Fuc* those ass***s.

i hate myself and past issues. they haunt me.

I had a highschool teacher who ruined my life when he began to sexually harass me, and gave me an STD. After I graduated, I have since given up looking for a partner. I feel dirty.

maybe I can still save my poor soul

~bonsai guy

how can anyone find Rihanna hot? she's fuc*** scary!

When i was younger around 7 we used to go to a korean church and one time we invited the people over to our house, it was a terrible mistake.

The kids of the church members were all in my room and they were a bunch of undisciplined jerks. I had bookshelves in my room and when the church members kids left they STOLE some of my books.

The thing that pissed me off the most was when the teenage Korean boys STOLE MY SIGNED CHEERLEADER AUTOGRAPHS. They had the AUDACITY!!!to ask if they could have the AUTOGRAPHS.

Obviously I told them no, but when they left they took the autographs anyway. FIRST YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO ASK FOR THEM AND EVEN WHEN YOUR TOLD NO YOU STEAL THEM ANYWAY!!?!?!

The worst part is that when my mom confronted their moms their MOMS COULDN'T CARE LESS, THEY DENIED IT

We immediately stopped going to that church and now my mom never lets people into our house because what happened before.

It makes my blood boil thinking about it, if only i was older then, if only the kids were respectful, if only their parents weren't selfish and had raised them that this behavior is not acceptable.

I think I have Social anxiety but everytime I bring it up with my parents they write it off as me just being shy. A normal shy person dosen’t have a panic attack when needing to give a presentation in class. They don’t scatch their faces or arms to distract themselves when they are in a crowded room. I have all the effects it brings but they never listen. They push it aside and tell me I have to get over this phase. Well this phase of my life has been going on for years and is only getting worse. I just want help so I can start to enjoy life and not hide in my own sad world.

you guys, I hate my parents. i hate my parents so fuc*** much. i hate my sister. i hate my family i just hate everyone. they are so annoying and they don't know anything. I wanna die honestly.

I fear intimacy have severe trust issues because I've been sexually assaulted 3 times in the past... i crave to be close to somebody, but I'm so scared. i feel so lost with this issue. i dont know if theres anything to be done about it. i hope so.

i don't think I'll ever be happy again and i don't know what to do.

my father's believing in homeopathy and pseudo-shit like that has totally ruined my life. I really think my father suffers from some kind of mental illness for believing in such nonsense, but I have paid the price.

my grandmother gave me some money for xmas and I spent some of it on a hooker. I wanted to go to an ATM so I didn't have to spend that very money she gave me but it was a little far, so I gave that very note to the hooker. I feel a little guilty.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but it’s the truth... I really hate my son. I hate being his mother. I hate having to deal with him. I hate hearing the alarm go off in tne morning and having to deal with him. I hate having to pick him up from school because it means he’s here. I hate having to wipe his ass because he can’t seem to get it done. I hate having to deal with special education because he’s borderline mentally handicapped and autistic. I want to run away with my three year old normal child and just have a mormal life. And of course when i try to express how tired, worried and fuc*** angry I am my husband thinks I’m a bitch. Maybe so but I’m tired of trying to be everything to everyone all the time.

I hate myself. I hate myself for wanting him to talk to me when we don't even know each other, not really. I hate myself for wanting something that can never be. I hate myself. I hate feeling like a drowning woman whose every breath depends on a single word from him. I hate myself. More than that - I hate him. I hate him for making me feel wanted, admired, and cherished, even if it was only for a day or two. I hate mself for getting so attached to something I can never have.

I hate depression, I know I have bipolar, but refuse to go to the doctor to get diagnosed.

I don't want to end up like my sister who had electric shock therapy and on various meds that make her into like a zombie.

I would rather at times be dead than to go through what she has with her bipolar.

Everyday i wake up and think I’d rather have no life than this life. I do not, however, have the strength to act upon this.

I was born a woman, but I am a man. My friends and family in real life refuse to accept this claiming that I wanted to be special as they've seen it grow in popularity on the news and internet. They've seen how crazy some people can get, especially on a site called tumbler. I tried to come out, and was ultimately rejected. This is my 40+yr old secret. I am a grandparent of 12, 67 years old. Thank you for listening, maybe someday in this life or the next, I can be who I truely am.