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I don't go on Facebook or Instagram much anymore but I checked both recently and was surprised by this woman I used to work with 7 years ago. She's pretty hot, but back then she was married with a kid. It seems in the last couple of years however, she got divorced and now appears to be hooked up with a younger guy.

I got so turned on going back through her history and realizing through her pics that she must've dumped her flabby husband for this tight, chiseled, tattooed stud. She dresses more provocatively now and looks even hotter. All of the pics of her (I would assume) ex are gone and there's a bunch of beach shots with this new guy.

I started regularly beating off thinking about it, and now it consumes my alone time. I don't even necessarily want to fuc* her myself, I just find it so arousing that she's probably getting fuc*** hardcore by this badass stud.

is it weird that I just imagine situations that could never happen even though I'm an adult?

i know my female physical therapist is bi, and she flirts with me. i want to scissor fuc* her badly. she short with big ass and D cups. so do i make a move?

I'm not watching Trump's speech tonight because I have more fun plans: giving myself a colonoscopy.

The best shits are the full, large ones. The ones that stretch your sphincter well but at the same time aren’t uncomfortable. The ones that tail off without leaving lefotver shit in the bowel. The ones that stink. Those are the best shits.

I'm sexually attached to the robot from the Netflix Lost in Space and I want him to wreck me! :heart_eyes:

I'm fuc*** the wife of a guy on my soccer team. He don't know shit. She's a hot blonde and he's a fat loser. I could tell she was into me so I started checking her instagram and began liking her beach shots and DMing her. Was only a matter of time before I got between her legs. The sex is pretty hot and she gets turned on watching me play.

I'm off for abortion. brb

So sick of blacks wanting special rights. Not equal rights

Civil Rights Investigation Opened After Black Wrestler Had to Cut His Dreadlocks.

Sorry, it’s part of the rules. Clearly some of you have never wrestled before. White wrestlers go through the same thing. It’s happened to me, people in my family, my coach, my teammates, and just about every other wrestler that has had “long” hair. If they think it’s too long for a cap, oh well. That happens as well. Stop trying to make everything seem racist when it’s not

abort your baby now

Remember when Marilyn Manson was actually controversial? Ah, what a naive time in history.

Heck, I know none of you give a damn about a total stranger, but I still consider each and every one of you family (yes, even the trolls)

Trump is going down! The law is closing in!

if you hate your life so bad go do something about it, quit blaming others for your shitty life. shit happens the way its happening because a wrong turn of events in your life.

Mr. No Socks is keeping this site alive.

I realize George HW Bush and his family had their flaws but he was a good man and a classy president. So much more than this clown who is sullying the white house now. Consider this: Trump is the first president in recent memory not to have a pet dog or cat. Think about that: Hes a soulless, cold psychopath.

If you voted for him you are complicit in evil.

It will take you years to realize that hating/distrusting other women will not make your mother love you. You may even be there already. If you aren't, don't make your inner turmoil someone else's problem. Seek therapy.

this site is fuc*** dead now. where the fuc* is every body?

all thats left is that cigarettes smoking ass*** and that mr no socks faggot and I hate both those fuc*** guys

I’ve been having sex with my friends fiancé/girl friend. He has no idea she and I have been having unprotected sex for the last month and a half. She’s amazing… we both have feelings for eachother now and I hope she leaves him for me. Oddly I dont feel any guilt when she and I are together doing what we are doing.

NO means YES!