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I was in a drivers ed class where I saw a guy that seemed really cute. We shared a couple glances, but didn't talk once. I want to get to know him better but I don't want to seem like a stalker/freak. Any suggestions?

While I was changing in the locker room at the gym I met a girl named Tera. She wasn't wearing socks and said she had a bf named Tod*. I asked if she wanted to go out for coffee, but she said she needed to buy a bonsai tree from someone close by. I saw her smoking cigarettes too out in the parking lot after we left. It made me think of this site.

One of my greatest fantasies ever is...somebody owes me a large sum of money or a huge favor and they dont have the means to pay it back so they bring me a hot young teenage girl with big titties, long hair, and a tiny waist. They make her undress in front of me And order to her bounce on my hard coc* as pay back. They leave me alone with her and she refuses to do it. So the men come back in very angry and threaten her with extreme violence if she does not do it. They stand over her and make her bounce on my dic*, they tell her to make her titties bounce. Then they tell her to moan and breathe heavy and that they dont give a shit that she does not want to do it. And that she is just here for that young sweet warm wet hole between her legs.

I deep down wish racism is acceptable again like it used to be in the 1930’s-1950’s. All you easily sensitive libtard snowflakes (especially whities) can fuc* off. I love how libtards say they have no problems using profanity by saying “They’re just words” but end up in shock like someone just killed an innocent puppy everytime someone including me uses words such as “nig***”, “jigaboo”, “wetback”, you name it. Lmao what a bunch of fuc*** pus*** and faggots.

i don't like to talk when there is nothing left to say.

I want my female OBGYN to stick her tongue inside of me when she goes down there.

Patriarchy will never die. It is genetically predetermined. Women are genetically predetermined to be mothers, and that's where the feminist world ends. It's between your legs. And you don't get to pick. Men are dominant and women are not, not before their man. So patriarchy will never die.

Sometimes I post things on here just to get people riled up at me, thus helping my verbal humilation fetish. Thank you for giving me exactly what I want.

We should have a new solution for all the worthless men that live with their mommies past 25. Every time they visit a gaming site it says "YOU HAVE NO VALUE, GET A JOB, STOP QUESTING!". Every time they visit a porn site: "YOU DON'T DESERVE TO FAP, MOVE OUT LOSER!". Endless bombard them over and over with how utterly useless and a drain on society they are. Don't give them space for their shitty ATVs or fishing boats. Cut off everything except unappetizing food, water, toliet, heat/AC, shower, and access to job search engines, basic e-mail. Make it as miserable as possible so they know every minute, every second of life they have FAILED. They are human scum.


Im a 50 year old married mother of three, and ive had a crush on my nephew for years and years, my brothers son who is 30 years old. I cant stop thinking about him.

i constantly think of what it might be like to havesex with my wifes sexy attractive hispanic friend. Her name is Iris and shes petite with a hot curvy figure, curly long hair.
Her ass is about as perfect as one can get. Everytime we go out as couples she gets hit on. Guys are constantly making comments about her. Even when we have friends or neighbors over guys drool over her.
My wife even says co workers ,guys at her work are always her special. I’ll be honest and I know its not right but i masterbate to het constantly. Ive seen her in bikinis and and she is flawless

any evangelical who voted for Trump is going to hell! To sell out God’s word for a morality-free sexual deviant corrupt businessman? The burn of a thousand hellfires awaits you! For those who doubt me, prepare to lose control of your bowels when you discover yourselves at the gates of hell!

i need a hug. so badly. like a proper hug. i know im not gonna get one though. everything in me hurts

im a married woman who believes men deserve sex.! and i watch alot of porn videos of middle aged men masturbating...i get so turned on and fantasize about having a horny older man inside me.ive never cheated. but i think about it.

I am a 18 yrs old, I have dated this guy for a year now. In the beginning it was all fun and games, until he started to obsess with me. He is a year older, very handsome, charming and respectful towards me. But his love is extreme. In his way of trying to protect me from everyone and everything he got arrested 4 times.
The last thing was when my cousin was an idiot an forced me to drink alcohol, I almost choked and my bf understood about it, he beated him up and threatened to kill him if it happens again.
I tried to break up with him but he follows me, shows up in school, sits in front of my house staring at my window. It is creepy as hell, he is unstable psychopath. I love him so much, but this relationship is toxic. The thing is that I live in Sweden, no matter if I call the social workers, psychologist or the police he gets off quickly. He spend two months in jail and still was sending me hundreds of letters. I don’t know what to do???!

Abortions should be free!

Actually, people should be paid to have abortions!

At least $3,500 per fetus, by the government!

Call your congressman today

survival of the fattest

All you candy assed survivalist our their need to hit the fuc*** gym. I see guys around
Memorial Day and July 4th talking big game about all their guns and their bug out bags - I call bullshit.

Most of these guys couldn’t walk 10 miles in the hot sun without a heat stroke. Much less try to do that with even a lightweight “camping” backpack and carrying a 10 pound weapon.

SHTF guys are mostly a fuc*** joke. Survive a nuclear disaster? These fat bastards couldn’t survive a cookie cake disaster

I spent years in a relationship being told I was stupid. That every decision I made was wrong. Being interrupted in the middle of a sentence because my opinion didn’t matter. Financial and vocational issues made it hard to get away for a long time. And the worst part is, after enough of that, I started to believe it.
Getting out was a start, but some scars take longer to heal than others. I doubt constantly. I over-analyze everything. I create nightmare situations and can’t stop thinking about them. I eat when I’m upset and hate myself for eating too much. I avoid sleep because laying in bed in silence is when my mind wonders to its darkest thoughts.
My humor is my armor. If I can make you laugh, maybe I’m worth something. If I can make you smile, then maybe I’m worth knowing. I love to help others with their issues, because It’s a great way to avoid dealing with my own.
I’m blessed with a great support network. I have friends that love me. Friends that cut through my bullshit and make me admit what I’m really feeling. Friends who encourage me to heal, listen without prejudice and love me without reservation. Friends that don’t give me answers, they show me that I already knew them all along.
I’m better now than I have been in a long, long time. Some days are better than others, and self-improvement is a journey with no end. Some days I can stand tall and hold my head up high. Some days I stumble and fall and need a hand getting back up. But. I. Get. Back. UP.
To all the people that say I’m too sensitive or used my insecurity to hurt me: Thank you. You’ve made it easy for me to know who to cut out of my life.
To all my friends who have been there for me: Thank you. I need you. I love you.
And to anyone reading this that doubts their own worth: You’re worth everything. Reach out to your family, friends, co-workers or professional help. There’s no shame in asking for help and you are absolutely worth it. Your self-worth is yours to decide.

I spilled baked beans all over myself while watching cars 2 in theatres and a black teenage shouted "this nigga eatin beans and everyone" laughed.