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bleeding from my anu* again
so dizzy

sometimes when I have sex with my wife I fantasize it is her sister.
I have had a crush on her for a while now..

Have a great turkey day/break! i know some of y'all dont really like me, and honestly, cool for you. i know some of y'all really like me, and thank you i like you too! honestly, i hope ALL of you enjoy the break.
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endless love

i still think about my first girlfriend and stalk her on social media.. we have not been together for almost 18 years and we are both now married but I always think about her.

i know where she works (in a supermarket) and have thought about going there shopping hoping to run into her.

Being superficial and clinging to every superficial aspects in life, has no real meaning and significance.

Time to be realistic and love who you're inside, instead of seeking - Self-love, self-worth and acceptance from others.

I love my pets a lot. But as I am getting older I just can't stand the hassals of cleaning up after them and cost of food and care, and everything they wreck like furniture, carpet and throwing up fur balls or dog chuck and dog shitting while walking. I really dislike carrying a shit bag with me and I am sick of picking up shit around the yard or house from them. I am just generally old and tired and sick of stressful things. I love my pets but there comes a time of where its like "I can't do this anymore", I am sick of cleaning up shit and chuck! does anyone understand?

I sometimes pray for my old life back where I had a nice clean house. Fewer problems as well.

I just don't want to do this anymore.

confession, i know that a bunch of y'all get off to my posts, well, i get off to some of the bdsm type posts. reading that stuff makes me really wet.
lustfully yours

i am so tired of the boys at my school. they are so stupid. plus they have no clue how to please a female. literally, no guy of any age has ever made me cum. stupid little boys.

One evening, I was watching TV in my room, she came in and I asked her to sit beside me, because I liked sitting beside her and putting my arm around her.

She did, we started watching TV together, it was now of those Worlds strongest man contests, there was a guy pulling a firetruck.

I just mentioned "I wonder if i'll ever be strong enough to do that.", we started joking, she mentioned that i probably wasn't even stronger then her, i told her "we'll see about that" and that's how it started. We locked hands trying to overpower the other. Long story short, i fell backwards with her on top of me. She stayed there, and held my arms down. I tried to fight out of it, but she wouldn't let me, "I'll get up when you say uncle and admit i'm stronger then you".

Now, if a woman is in that position on you, naturally, certain things are gonna "rise". I didn't say it, because i honestly really liked how it felt. She was laying right above a certain place. I kept pushing her so she'd keep hitting a place. And, it just happened. I came.

I’ve been verbally abused at work for a decade now. I keep the job because I fear lack of job security and because I’m not brave enough to go get another job - even when I’ve had other job options

I’m scared of not having a job

We have a daughter too and that is an even bigger motivator for me to keep my job and make as much money -
And job security

Thats just me

But im a coward

I want to quit my job making $150,000 a year and take a teacher job making $38,000

My wife is also a teacher

I think we could live just fine on two teacher salaries - but she wants me to make more money so shes encorages me to keep the higher paying job

We lived just fine when I was 27 and in grad school and my future wife /then girlfriend was just 18 and a freshman in college

We lived well on student loans of about $1500 a month total - so like $18,000 a year ? two years like that and we loved it!

We lived great! We didn’t feel poor at all! We had Christmas tree and a happy little one bedroom apartment down on the gulf coast !

Maybe that’s why I feel like I messed up

Because I met my future wife when I was her teacher

I was 25 and she was just barely 16

We dated in secret and then she moved in with me right after high school

I just wish I could go back to that time

It was so much simpler

You’re a brave man for making a stand

I admire anyone brave enough to do a job they love even if the money isnt great


what would you say if i told you i was a witch?

I remember my Job Interview from 10 years back... I was fresh out of College, and had signed up for a position in an Office that my Dad used to work in. This place paid very well, and I figured since my Dad used to work their that I might be able to get a Job here based on that, combined with the prestige of my Degree.

Come time for that Interview, I had decided to go with a Casual Dress that looked nice, but I figured wouldn't send any wrong impressions... Unfortunately the Dress I chose was one I had not worn ever, and it turned out to be a bit tight... I figured it was the best one I had tho, and foolishly wore it.

Come time for the Interview nothing out of the ordinary happened, besides the tightness of my dress coupled with me trying to not let it bug me to much. It went on for quite awhile, chatting about this, or that... while the tightness of said dress started feeling a bit worse after awhile. Somewhere along the way, it happened.

Now, I don't know what exactly happened, but I recall getting approved for the Job starting the next day, and while standing up, ready to head to the Door... *SNAP* something loosened on my dress, and soon it was on the floor, Leaving me exposed.
I was completely mortified since I was half-naked, and I had a long pause before I snapped out of shock and got my dress back on while I apologized profusely... the guy had the decency to look away at least, and thank god that the blinds to that room's window were closed at the time. This didn't cost me the job, but it made getting out to my Car a hassle since I had to clutch my dress in the back to keep it from slipping down...
it also made my start a bit awkward to work for awhile, since I had to deal with the same guy a lot more then I had hoped.

To think, we think some things can only happen on TV, but it is more then possible to have it happen in real life!

i had sex in a bathroom again. i feel like such a slut. i feel dead inside, and i don't know why.

You got this! <3
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i am feeling my crop top and studded pants today. i think i look pretty decent for once. lol

I'm really, really proud of myself. No one else I know is proud of me because they don't understand how my social anxiety works. But I have done so many things recently that are completely out of my comfort zone that I never could have done or seen myself ever doing a year ago. They're all very small things that no one probably cares about but to me they are huge accomplishments. I'm better than I used to be and that means that one day I'll be better than I am now.

Congrats America!

I watch porn , can't leave my nipples alone,and i dream of sucking the coc* of a heavy set man.

Sometimes family is worst that strangers