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My boyfriend has been abusing me mentally and verbally for the past year and a half. Sometimes I start to forget my name isn’t just “bitch” or “cun*.” He’s even hit me a few times. I just suck it up and try to forgive and forget, hoping it’ll get better, but it never does. I’ve been so angry and guilty and mad. I finally decided to stand up for myself though.

Yesterday when he tried to hit me again, I grabbed his balls and squeezed them so hard he threw up. Then I twisted them and pulled them like they tell you to do in all those self defense videos/classes. He screamed so loud, but I didn’t feel any remorse. He caused me so much pain before, and I was just defending myself now. He deserved this. And as far as I was concerned he has no business having any kids if he treats his girlfriend this way, so I didn’t care if I sterilized him.

I kept squeezing and twisting them until he passed out. I stormed out of his house and I never looked back. I didn’t call the police but I probably should have. He hasn’t tried to contact me since. If he tries to I’m going to block all of his numbers and email, and maybe try to get a restraining order. I don’t ever want to see his face again.

Thanks for reading this. I had to share my story with someone. I’m too afraid to tell my family. This has been causing me so much pain for so long, and it’s such a relief to finally free myself from this prison and vent about it on here, even if it’s anonymous.

2 weeks sober. Feels like Im coming through the woods into a clearing. Dont know if this is a moment of clairity or not, Im not sure but I dont think so. I m trying to get clean and gave up drinking for lent. For my family.. my daughter and wife. they deserve better than Ive been giving them. my wife has deserved better for a decade now. Dont know what happens after Easter.

I don't need a religion or some sort of "faith" to be a happy person with morals. I don't feel a thing whenever people talk about how "God is good all the time" and "God loves everyone unconditionally" and stuff like that. Instead, I roll my eyes, cringe and wanting to vomit.

It's all ludicrous to me because why should I believe in something without proof? Faith by definition means you believe in a God/doctrine based on "spiritual apprehension" rather than proof. I'm not gullible like the rest of my family.

Therefore, there's no proof of evidence for any deities. It's all man-made fairy tales just like the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, the easter bunny, leprechauns, bigfoot, ufos and the rest of the mythical creatures to name. Even people who believe in astrology and horoscopes are idiots too.

It baffles me to know how many people out there don't dare to think for themselves and are unaware of how gullible they are to believe in what a thousand year old man-made book says. Don't get me started on the proselytizers (and my parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle happens to be one of them too).

The books such as the bible, q'uran, torah and the book of mormon are all filled with contradictions, immoral, unspeakable things and evil, barbaric stories.

Any sane person with a brain would never ever get their morals from ludicrous books I mentioned above.

I don't respect anybody who doesn't know how to think for themselves. You can't believe in a deity and call yourself a "free thinker" at the same time. It doesn't work that way.

Ugh, I deep down wish religion and spirituality and all that nonsense would go away forever. Gone. Eliminated. Eradicated forever worldwide. All religion/faith/spirituality has done a lot more harm than good. The world is better off without it. Don't give me that "it's important because of culture and you should respect it blah blah blah" talk because it's a load of balderdash. I don't respect any of it. Religion/faith/spirituality stops society from making advancement progress.

Science is where its at. I trust science a lot more than outdated fairy tales/old wives' tales. Technology is growing faster like never before. We have easy access to education and research. The future is now!!

I have very large breasts and would like to show them to the man who gives me the best reason why I should show them to you, pictures may either help or hurt your chances to see them.

Look, I understand that people get upset about anything involving the abuse of animals, and I abhor that sort of thing. But Ken Pinyan and Jim Tait didn’t penetrate the horses themselves. Instead they covered themselves in equine breeding pheronomes and invited the steed to penetrate them. The horse was not raped, but rather himself found a tighter-than-usual orifice to fuc*, and was therefore able to achieve pleasure.

Again, I’m not saying this is normal, but the great beast came away unscathed. Tait was even recorded on video, crying out “did he come, did he come” after the horse’s member left Pinyan’s ass. Just saying. In the end, full responsibility for this lays with Pinyan himself, who submitted to receptive anal sexual intercourse with an Arabian Stallion that he and Tait nicknamed “Big Dic*”, for which he subsequently paid the ultimate price.

I secretly live in your attic and you don't know who I am and I call you by the nickname Goldie because you are the sexy blonde Woman who I have eyes on. Late at night I like to sneak out attic well I know you're asleep and I have sex with you while you're asleep. You're not even aware that I'm having sex with you while you're asleep because I'm aware that you take a medication that knocks you out cold. While your sleep I have sex with you and I cum inside your vagina so if you get pregnant just know I am the father. So now you understand why you're so aroused in your sleep and why you wake up in a wet bed because you're not having wet dreams and it's just me making you orgasm while I have sex with you. I also want you to understand I don't want you to go to an abortion clinic I want you to keep our babies and all over them. You won't find me if you try looking for me because I have powers I can make myself invisible I can make so you can't see me. And I've been squatting in your attic for over 4 years. I know you have some weird phobia of that attic because I read your Journal I know the attic creeps you out. You don't realize I have a mattress up there and at late at night I steal some of your food out of the fridge and one of the nights I stoled your Journal too. Things often turn up missing because of me. for example I'd like to steal your urine soiled underwear just so that I can take in your smell and savor every minute of it and I mostly like the ones that are soiled in your menstrual blood. I want you to understand of your secret lover who makes love to you late at night. I'm a real man I'm not an incubus. I'm a homeless man making you orgasm. sometimes I even watch you masturbating. I want you I love your big beautiful breasts. I also like your big beautiful bubble butt and I realize for a white woman you have a nicely around butt. I know you've been paranoid for sometime taking somebody lives in your house well it's the truth I do live in your house. And no it's not in your head. I hope you miss your next menstrual cycle I hope I succeed in getting you pregnant with my really thick cloudy sperm. I want you to have our love children. ~~~Sincerely your stalker who lives in the attic. ~~~

I hope those who severly wronged me suffer in the worst way possible. The saying 'I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy" doesn't apply to me in the slightest. I don't get revenge as I'm not that type of person. I just hope and wish the worst for incredibly awful people. Some people really do deserve the worst. Fuc* them. I wish hell existed so they could burn up in it for all of eternity.

Cheers to new beginnings, to trying new things and meeting new ppl. #movingforward

god did not give us the innate ability to control the future of those we hate for good reason. because there’s a lot of people i’d drive to suicide. :grinning:

I enjoy punching myself in my own vagina. And I don't understand why it makes me orgasm so much. I mostly like to punch myself in the vagina while I'm taking a shower. I don't like to finger myself in the butthole when I'm in the shower.

My advice to you men that if you want to get a girlfriend don't act too desperate... as in don't act like a mosquito hovering around a woman and learn to respect the word no. Because if a woman tells you no she means no. You're not going to get a girlfriend if you act like a desperate loser. And most definitely if you still live with your mother you're not going to get a girlfriend. If you are way too common and easy to have then you're not interesting and eventually women will lose interest in you really fast even if they do date you. learn to be on more original and unique and read a book and educate yourself. And study What Women Want. Oh and another thing with dating sites fill out your profile and put actual photos up and put effort on your dating site don't just go on the dating site to find a woman to have sex with her. Because women will see right through that and see that is a red flag the very fact that you just want to have sex and you're not serious about commitment. Most women will avoid you if they realize this. And if they realize that you are not serious about commitment and you just want sex they will avoid you like the Black Plague. I'm a woman giving you guys advice right now. And if you want to be really smart you will take my advice.

I am a horny 23 year old no female that gets off to random sexual confessions and wants as many men/women to comment what they would sexually do to me. I wanna read them and masturbate.

I have a fetish that I like to call Wet and Wild. Basically my fetish is to have sex in water and I also like to get super wet when I have sex in general even if I'm not in a body of water. I also like taking sensual sexual showers with someone I have sex with. I also want to sponge bath my sex partner. I'm biologically a female and my zodiac sign is Aries. And I also think of myself as intensely sensual and erotic. And I love being a sex therapist who preaches sex makes everything better. I believe that sex is very therapeutical and very healthy for every adult.

I wish I could start over.

had my ass eaten for the first time yesterday, and my pus** is still quivering. i have only been with one other man sexually and i am 19. this guy was a hot, older man (~38) whom i’d been admiring from a distance for a while. we finally got the chance to be alone and he took charge (im painfully shy so that’s what i needed). he started off by licking my pus** so slowly, sensually until i was on the edge; he pushed my legs up and buried his face in my ass while rubbing my cli*. i was moaning, crying and dripping wet as he madr me cum...he flipped me over, pulled up my waist so my back was arched and he pounded me until i was close to passing out.

I have no clue why but I think im turned on with size difference. apparently its called a size kink? something about tall guys standing beside me and the idea they loom over me both intimidates me and excites me. I just feel they can take control whenever and to me, respectfully its really fuc*** hot.

Dear Blue... you gave me a hope whenever my situation seemed to be hopless to me... when there seemed to be no way out, you helped to show me that there was a way.. and til this day, I still THANK you for it. You were my best friend whenever I had no one. And so for THAT, I THANK you for it.. MUCH LOVE


I purposefully made myself start smoking cigarettes everyday in 1997 when I was in high school because I really wanted to get addicted. What a fool. it worked. I thought it was sexy, so I deliberately made myself chain smoke more and more cigarettes everyday even when I didnt feel like it: Id make myself smoke more. Ive smoked every single day since then and I cant even go a half hour without needing another cigarette. they are making me very sick now but I know am unable to ever quit

since trying my new years reaolution to quit drinking and eat fewer meals everyday my daily cigarette consumption has jumped from between 40-44 to between 70-72, smoking 77 cigarettes yesterday. Im really scared I can’t stop now

Instead of watching Trump's State of the Union speech tonight, I have more exciting plans. I'll be cleansing myself before giving myself a colonoscopy. Then I'll be cleaning my toilet.