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Todays lesson: If you find yourself continuously questioning someone's actions then its time to fall back. If not, the you are then allowing that person to make a fool out if you! Enough is enough!

So there's this gorgeous handsome older man that I'm curious about his big wanker and nice round butt and handsome smile and beautiful hazel eyes. And I wonder what dirty sex acts He's into? And I wonder what dirty kinky things He wants to do to me? Does He seriously want to roleplay with me? Will He roleplay with me as my abductor and let me pretend to be abduction victim and rape victim? I also want to roleplay that I'm a 15 year old teenage girl. And I am 31 years old and I don't normally have submissive fantasies, because He is the olny guy Who brings them out.

When I was young, I would look through my mom's JC Penny catalogue to see women in bras and bikinis.

I masturbated today, on 9/11, so that the Terrorists can't win.

I wonder how the man who I deeply desire feels about Me? Does He like me? Am I attractive to Him? Theres alot I am deeply curious about revolving Him. And I would love to get to know more about Him. And I wonder how I can win him over completely?

I am on my period &I am deeply horny and I wonder if the man I completely desire is ever going to earn his Red Wings with me?Because I want him to eat me out while I am on my period& I want see my menstrual blood on his face. I want him to fuc* me nice & hard&rough non-stop. I am really deeply attracted to this handsome alpha male&his nice fine ass& big pen**. I also love his deeply sexy voice& beautiful hazel eyes are that deep& reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe's eyes& he altogher reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe & Hades& Severus Snape from Harry Potter. I love dark mysterious man who wear all black. I also love how he is a notorious bad boy with a shy side& a Charming personality& he is deeply intelligent& humorous. I'm so hardcore wanting to have his beautiful babies.

I may be in trouble, I’m crushing hard on this guy who plays on my husband’s rec league soccer team. I’ve gone to a few of their games and I’m supposed to be watching our kid but instead I just stare at Juan. We’ve flirted in passing, and I know the way he looks at me means one thing. He’s a player with women and that just turns me on even more. Juan is in his mid 20s and is like 6-foot-4, slim and athletic, and in my experience that kind of lean body means he probably has a big coc*. I fantasize about scenarios with him but I’m afraid about what could really happen if we get alone.

I desire to find myself a black woman who will call me crazy cracker Whitey bitch and sass me. Because I love sassy black women with an attitude. I also want to find me a black women whos into the gothic culture and loves to dress gothic. I love Gothic black sisters. And I am a bisexual Caucasian women looking for a exotic black beauties.

is squirting real?
tell me your experiences. I am a woman and so badly want to. I have tried to no end. myself. I feel the urge to pee and try to relax and keep going but it doesn't seem to happen.

Pence wrote the op-ed! Trump can’t fire a sitting vp either! Tremendous! Pence has a lot of skeletons in his closet though, especially his secret homosexual activity and his wife’s fondness for black men.

I have sexual fantasies about Marilyn Manson and I want him to fulfill all my sexual fantasies. I also want him to roleplay that He is Severus Snape the potions Professor from Hogwarts from Harry Potter and I want to roleplay that I'm a Ravenclaw student in Hogwarts who keeps stuggling in potions and he offers to give me extra house points for Ravenclaw if I have sex with him in his secretly hidden Sex Dungeon.

I fantasize about being a Man and Male whore who has sex with all the sexy ladies. And I am a 31 year old woman and my zodiac sign is Aries. But I have an inner man who often wants to come out to fooling around with all the sexy big boobby women. I am also bisexual but my lesbian tendencies are intense and I want to get very freaky with all the sexy women that I like. Show me you titts I want to see your boobs.

I have a PhD in microbiology, yet saying "turdsday" instead of Thursday makes me laugh uncontrollably.

This reason--among many others--proves education doesn't mean shit concerning a facade of "superiority."

I most be masochistic because I like punching myself in the vagina and I really enjoy rough sex and I love it when men bite me. I also have a fetish for drinking blood. I also have serious lesbian tendencies for a Bisexual woman. And I also have sexual fantasies about feminine hermaphrodites with big boobs. I would have sex with a shemale if given the opportunity. And I am also a Dominatrix and I have fantasies about becoming a stripper.

I cant stand most couples I think they are nothing but stupid overly dramatic drama queens and I refuse to relate to them. And I can't stand relationship drama and I absolutely refuse to be in a relationship because of all the stupid people and their complete stupid nonsense. And I swear I have a really hard time relating to other women because I feel other women are completely stupid choosing to stay with a man who's abusive who could potentially kill them. I am the one who is wise for being a total Loner refusing to deal with dysfunctional relationships and abuse and abandonment and complete dishonesty. And somehow people look at me funny because I refuse to be defined by another person and I am completely indifferent about society's norms and I am highly unmotivated about dating people. And I'm highly comfortable with being single as in stubbornly independent single.

so a bunch of guys met at a farm to fuc* and get fuc*** by a male horse.

that sounds like a lot of fun.

RIP Mr. Hands.

Digitally penetrating the nostril I encountered substantial blockage. Excited, I began probing with my finger. Digging up against the septum, a tremendous rhinolith broke free of the nasal wall; it was solid, yet trailed by a long stream of wet snot. That was a great Tuesday.

dear tod*,

i still love you.

~ Jen

just want to put it out there for anyone... this website is literally less than 1% of the population. normal people arent like this. normal people are happy and chilled and stoked to be alive. theyre grateful for their lives and the people in it. normal people feel good. so dont ever get bummed about what you might see pn a website like this, its such the minority of the human population it doesnt even count. theyre truely damaged human beings!!! dont let something thats wrong make you wrong!!! just pray the universe heals them and move along :slight_smile: yieww

im a 19 year old girl, still a virgin but im so attracted to the thought of being ‘dominated’ by an older man.