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I was a night clerk. She was a cashier. We were 21 and 22. Sex came on like a wildfire, nothing could put it out. I have this clear recollection, laying in her bed, she came out of the shower in her very tight panties, still wet from her shower and her bush sopping wet against her panties. She stood over me, drying her hair asking me what i wanted for breakfast. I sat up on the bed and held her hips and kissed her wet panties, she fell on the bed and we had sex that morning. After I was done, she turned to me and asked me what I wanted for breakfast. How could you possibly not be in love with her.

dating a woman who works at a fertility clinic

She’s a nurse at a fertility clinic. Recently divorced. She has 3 kids, sole custody. She’s only 42 but looks good like early 30s and very fit. always wears scrubs and tennis shoes without socks, and nothing else but man, even in scrubs all the time, she looks really good.

We met on cinco de mayo. She was lonely so I bought her margaritas and she got wasted. We hooked up without protection.

She called me this morning to say she’s missed her period, but that it’s nothing I need to worry about.

I told her if she’s pregnant I’m 100% with her, and I will support her, and her children, and that’s have always wanted to be a supportive father and have a family.

She started crying and said that I was the man of her dreams and that she doesn’t deserve me. I told her I’d like to see her again tonight. She said yes.

This is really happening.

About 30 years ago I stalked an nfl cheerleader. At the time I was at a really bad point in my life. I was just starting to get clean from drinking heavily and using cocaine, my way of dealing with an abusive father. I found out where she worked and I took her flowers, but because I was a pathetic piece of shit I wore a disguise and pretended to be the flower delivery guy. Then I started sending her cryptic messages that at the time I thought were funny. I should have been arrested and had my ass kicked. That’s what I deserved. But after a few weeks of sending her messages I realized that what I was doing was fuc*** up and I stopped. It’s bothered me for 30 years because I have no idea what affect it had on her life, but it couldn’t have been good. And I have no way to make it right. I never did anything like that again and I have long since straightened myself out through counseling and my own efforts to improve myself. But it was a hard lesson about being careful in what I do because there are some things you can never undo. I have always feared that my actions made her look over her shoulder for a long time, and it makes me angry that I did that to someone.

Be smart ladies/girls. Human trafficking is real!

If only to make it ones lifes work to delete all these stupid sites...there would be at the least less contribution to the mental illness of many.
Please someone do it!!!

I like a woman of any body-type as long as she has big boobs

everyone here knows its past time to BAN GUNS IN AMERICA right?


I’m turning my country farm house property I inherited out by the bayou into a real life Dungeons and Dragons set up.

For the dungeon, I have a large basement I have turned into a well, I put some chains and shut in there.

For the dragon, I have some gators

I don’t have any armor, but I do have an old rusty machete that can be used like a sword.

I’m running an online casting call for 4-6 D&D Live Action role Players who are interested in a cross combo with a “Escape Room”

Basically my plan is get everyone dressed in period authentic clothing - I’ve got some from when i did Ren Faire and also have some old prom dresses from my sister? Which kinda work - was thinking I want them all to wear onlythe authentic period clothing so no underwear or anything like that, but not sure how to get that done smoothly

Also not sure how to
Get girls to signup for this shit but I figure there needs to be at least 1 girl for every guy so I was thinking of hiring a girl as a “baby sitter” and then just kinda convincing her it’s worth going along with this “fun escape room” thing for fun!? Willthis work?

Then take everyone’s phones and wallets and all that fake ass technology shit - and give everyone their allotment of Wine, so like, a pouch of wine from store I can make part of the price - about equal to 6-7 glasses of wine

Then lock them all up in the “dungeon “ that they have to escape from with only the old machete and also a few home made torches soaked in gasoline, and a bit of flint and tinder - so that they have to light the torches themselves

Will also put the baby gators in the basement ahead of time, alone with a few snakes I’ve caught down by the Bayou

Basement is already full of rats and rat shit - I tried cleaning it out last year, but frankly it’s hot as hell down in there and the wasps nests and spiders were getting to me

I’m figuring lock them up on a Friday night and leave

Then come back sunday afternoon to see if they’ve gotten out?

I’m betting this gig will make stupid money. Loads of dumb D&D kids will sign up !

Plus it’s end of the school year so I’m thinking now that Schools getting out the Nerdy Game of thrones type kids will dig the hell out of it!

I’m thinking let the first group go down for the weekend “for free” as a promotional deal

Then charge everyone else $200 a head for the game

Tell me you guys agree this is not the awesomest shit you’ve ever heard of all day !!

I would have absolutely for sure 100% done this if I’d had the chance as a teenager

Look you guys can laugh at me if you want - but this is a legitimate serious business idea

I’ve got all
The shit I need to
Be able to make this work - all I need is a little bit of positive response to convince me this is a gold mine of an idea!

Oh man... where do I begin?
I've been addicted to online porn for years now.
I'm only 17 and still can never get my school done.
I harm myself on a frequent basic with my teeth and fingernails.
There's a cliff beach down the road and every day brings the temptation to jump off of it.
I hate everything about myself. I've started a suicide note more times than I can count, and yet I still can't bring myself to finish one, because I know what I'll do if I ever complete one. Is that cowardice?
I may not be wise beyond my years, but hear my advice.
If you ever consider starting to get into porn or self harm, take my advice. Don't even start. Get help from a friend then, because once you start digging that hole? You're not getting out easy.
I'm posting this as a mark, however. This marks where I decided to draw a line in the sand. I don't want to hurt myself anymore. I want to recover. I want to pursue my dreams. I don't want to die.

Today, I've decided not to die.

I love little sissy boys that wear feminine clothes and moan like girls when they're fuc***. I want to put on a strap-on and fuc* their little pink holes until their milky cum shoots everywhere.

I am married with two beautiful children and a seemingly perfect life. My husband makes a very good salary and we have a big house and two vacations every year. The thing is I hate my life to the point I am having anonymous sex. I just have nothing to do during the day. My kids are at school and my husbands at work and he works late.

The sex isn't very satisfying. With technology today its not very hard to meet. Its just the thrill of meeting someone and then doing something so taboo.

Everyone thinks I have this perfect family and life, but I am just as screwed up as everyone else.

I wipe my ass as many times as necessary so the paper appears clean. Then I smell the paper to double check. Often the first piece of paper appears clean and odorless which gills me with great pride.

when i was young j masturbated with a friends panties and i fully regret it.

i am a female who is really attracted to transvestite women and gay porn

got shot in my dic*

It was like 7 years ago. I was carrying a pistol in my pocket when it just went off.
My pen** got mangled. It hurts so bad now, whenever I pee, or whenever it rains. It hurts tremendously if I ever start to get hard

It won’t ejaculate right. I basically can’t cum anymore. It makes me cry every single day

My girlfriend dumped me a year later after all the corrective surgeries failed to fix it. She wants a man with a Real Dic*

I have not been wth a woman in well over 5 years now

The cost of medical procedures bankrupted me.
I got fired from my job because of time missed for work.
Then I started taking pills and drinking a lot.
when they sent debt collectors after me I took what little I had and left town

I can only find part time work
I can’t talk to women because I’m ashamed of my dic*
It’s sonfuc*** lonely here

still carry guns everyday.
I carry guns because I don’t want to get shot

18 (f) and only like older, controlling, dominating guys.

One day, I want to go out somewhere in nature like a forest or grassy meadow during a downpour and just stand there naked in the rain. I want to just raise my arms up and feel the cool water flow down my body.

I once cried for Anders Breivik. I was high on a very strong drug.

My dic* was having trouble getting hard after 20 years of me smoking 3 packs a day!

I had gotten 50 pounds overweight from heavy drinking every night plus awful diet lots of ice cream and fried chicken - I drank 8-12 dark beers or at least 1-2 bottles of wine a day for 15+ years- I was a severe alcoholic

My first wife divorced me after ten years of putting up with my excessive drinking, multiple DWIs, and errectile dysfunction - I couldn’t get hard

I never deserved her

So I drank more and more alone - whisky too every day - drinking in morning and lunch and driving drunk everywhere

I had a heart attack at age 39

Dr told me I had to quit smoking and quit drinking if I wanted to live even 5 years - because my liver was already going bad

My company fired me

I sold my house and most of my crap and packed up my car and a few suitcase of what I had left and moved out west

Enrolled in a 6 month in patient addiction center in the mountains

Quitting cigarettes was the hardest. I loved smoking so much. I used to cry and beg for cigarettes

But I did the program - and started waking, hiking, getting healthy and eventually losing weight and getting fit

I lost 79 pounds and haven’t been this fit since I was in high school

My dic* finally got hard again!

I had sex for the first time in 9 years with a girl I met at the addiction program

She is a recovering heroin addict

We are both trying to help each other stay clean

We are starting over

It’s so hard!