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promoting teenage smoking is what I do for a living now..I feel terrible about this job. I’m paid through a shady third party shell company to find ways to encourage teenage smokers to smoke cigarettes - and get addicted - both to start smoking outright and instead of vaping .. it’s so fuc*** up

I’ve gotten 57 girls to start smoking cigarettes everyday this fall. They are all teenagers. Now they are all addicted. I manage an app that tracks their consumption and we give them rewards for them shooting selfies of themselves smoking cigarettes in different places - it’s so fuc*** terrible

My life is trash. I commit sinful fraud for a living. I feel like the lowest scum of the earth. why the fuc* am I doing this?!?

Nobody ever tells you how goddamn satisfying it is to outlive somebody you hate. Especially if their death was unexpected. It is, legitimately, satisfying in the way that good sex or cold beer is. It gives you that warm feeling like stretching out on a sunny day.

Screw you, Wes. You were a massive prick in life - and you died young for it. I’ll never tell anyone I know just how big a smile your death puts on my face.

May the world forget you just that little bit faster.

I have had enough of this talk. I can't control someone else's behavior but they can isolate me and block me out from having any love around me for no reason , ha? how come they should be allowed to control what I get out of life? ha? do I have to go to TIMBUKTU? wake up to the lies you are being fed. don't tolerate cun** and ass***s and trolling rapists and convert bullies.

Me and my co-worker bet on who could have sex with the Guatemalan cleaning woman at the office first. I went hard, promising her marriage and stuff so she wouldn’t have to worry about Trump’s ICE people. It worked, as I had sex with her within days.

I’m not a total dic*, I wouldn’t get her deported, but I was able to convince my manager to change cleaning companies so I wouldn’t have to see her anymore. When she calls my phone now I just answer in German which confuses her even further.

As a result, I won the toaster oven that my friend and I had bet. It now sits prominently in my kitchen, a reminder of sweet victory.

I Sent nudes at 10 and regreted it

Working class whites are more likely to marry outside their race than upper class. In working class white families, having a mixed child is far less shameful than in the upper class families. Why is this? I'm just speaking from my own experience and observations.

my mother in law is very conservative, she always makes sure she is well dressed and covered around me. in 6 years she has only given half hugs so we never really touch each other (as she has said it is not right)
We have visited her this week and I got a full hug when we got there. We have been sightseeing and taking photos and she has been hugging very close with her breasts touching me.. something she has always been careful to avoid.. she is always making sure we are touching as close as possible when we are taking photos together.
Am I thinking too much about this or does she have a crush on me?

I have two former friends of mine in jail for serious sexual misconduct with underage minors

One guy was a really great guy and he is in jail for soliciting 14 and 15 year old girls to have sex with him. He was 48 years old ... they are never going to let him out. He will rot in prison forever

He was a really great guy though and helped me out a lot when I was a teenager

I just had no idea he had been sexually assualting and molesting very young underaged girls for years and years

Theythink it was maybe hundreds of girls he molested

All of them around 14 or 15 years old. Not many 16 year olds at all

He mostly preferred the 14 year old girls above all but would take a 15 year old girl if she was readyand available

I haven’t even begun to wonder if any got pregnant or what diseases he may have given the girls

He was a respected teacher

He had been my teacher 21 years ago

The other was a guy I went to high school with who was sent to jail for raping 11 and 12 year old boys and for attempting to rape a 9 year old boy.

The facts of the case are terrifying

There are far more children being sold as sex toys than anyone ever imagined

It’s fuc*** terrifying

Still I feel bad for my friends

Dear God,

Please do not take me. I want to take care of my family, my parents. My father was taken, please do not take me yet. I want to support my mom. I want to fulfill my role as a the oldest child. Show me mercy. show me the way.

I told a bitch off at college. She is some office worker there and I gave her a strapping down. I hope someone really rips into her throat and straggles her. All she does is dish out abuse to students, we are the customers, their bread and butter, no students no pay to them!"

I can’t tell any of my friends this for fear of it getting back to him so I found this place to vent. Maybe by letting it out into the universe beyond my own head I won’t ruin my life with this.

Long story short, I am going to cheat on my boyfriend. I can’t stop thinking about women (a particular woman actually) and I feel like maybe this desire can be purged, so I can move on with my life. I love him, he’s my best friend and the only person who has ever loved me so much, but I feel like I’m going to burst. The only way I can get off by myself anymore is by fantasizing about her, and our last time together.

For a year I’ve felt ashamed and disgusted with myself for even the thoughts, but I can’t take it anymore. It’s nothing on his end, he’s basically perfect. I’m going crazy. When we’re together it’s amazing and I’m happy and in love but when we’re not, I’m as gay as can be.

A girl I hooked up with a couple of years ago is back in town and wanted to meet up. I need to be sure if I miss women in general or if I’m just sick and missing a person who never wanted me (for more than sex anyhow). I’m so ashamed.

So I was at my friends place yesterday to drop something off that she needed for class next week. She made some food for us, we ate, talked, chilled, and so on. I bought a drink before I went over to her place and after I had finished eating, I wanted to take a sip. I went to go open it and I couldn't twist the cap off the bottle. I tried a few times and I just couldn't twist it off. After watching me struggle for a few seconds, she put her hand out and said, "let me." She opened it right away and just handed it back to me.
Jokingly I said, "damn, look at you." She did a quick flex and said, "yeah, I'm strong." Again jokingly I said, "well I obviously loosened it for you." She replied by saying, "oh really, really now?" She put down her arm to arm wrestle and said "let's go."
I said okay and put my arm down, but then she backed out and said she was joking. At this point I urged her on and pushed her to arm wrestle me. She quickly gave in and grabbed my hand. At first when I started pushing she wasn't putting up any resistance at all and her arm would just drop down, so I urged her on again to really try her hardest and she finally started pushing. When she started pushing I stared to increase the pressure, and pretty soon after we started, I was pushing with almost everything I had, but her arm barely moved!
I tried harder and harder, up until the point where I looked like I was struggling. I think she saw this and started pushing my arm down, but unlike me, she looked like she was barely trying. As she started laughing, somewhat uncomfortably I guess, she was very easily moving my arm down. She pushed me half way down and said, "ahh come on," and I immediately put my other hand on the edge of the table for extra support. She said, "you can't do that, that's cheating," and just pushed my arm the rest of the way down.
That was with the right arm, and as I was past the point of saving face right now because she had very clearly, and very easily, beaten me, I put up my left arm and said, "let's go left." She was still kind of laughing, looking a little embarressed, and she said "no, no wait, let me rest up my muscles hurt after that match." Which now that I think about it, the way she said it sounded like it was meant to be comforting in some way, like she felt a little bad for beating me so she tried to make it seem like she had to try; although both of us knew she didn't.
So I urged her on again, and once more, she gave in pretty quickly and said, "fine, but I'm sure you'll win with your left; you're left handed." I asked her if she was ready and she nodded. I said, "ready, set, go!" Then I immdiately started pushing with everything I had, but her arm just stayed up in the starting position. This time she didn't wait, she started pushing my arm down a few seconds after we had started. She pushed me down about half way again when I put up my other arm on the edge of the table to try and get more support (because it worked so well the last time, lol). She gasp and said once again, "you can't do that, that's cheating," and she just pushed my arm the rest of the way down.
As hard as I tried, and believe me, I tried hard, she just felt like she was so much stronger than me that it didn't matter how hard I tried, she would have just slammed my arm down to the table anyways like she just finished doing.
Not gonna lie, losing an armwrestling match with both hands, so badly, to a girl that's about 10cm shorter than you (about 4 inches) and 3 years younger than you, is kind of embarressing. However, we're good friends, and even if it was a little awkward afterwards, it wasn't weird, we both dealt with it in a good way, and for all the douchebag "do you even lift bro?" comments, I still woke up with a dic* between my legs the next day; so nothing changed.
As long as I'm being honest here though, in a weird way, I kind of enjoyed arm wrestling her. I don't know if she felt the same way or if it was just awkwar

i had a terrible memory resurface recently about my grandmother. specifically, something she told me when i was younger

to explain a little first; my mother and i were living with my father in another state, and then they got in a fight and my mom took me and moved in with my grandmother. i started going to school there along with some kids that lived on our street. i was in the 4th grade

one day when i was outside in the front yard some kids from my school rode by on their bikes and asked if i wanted to play. i was excited because at that point because i had talked to them but hadnt really made friends and was desperate for companions

when i went inside to ask if i could play, my grandma got mad, told me no and i had lost my mind. i vividly remember her telling me to 'tell those n***er children to get out of my yard'

i told them my grandma didnt want me to play with them. at the time i was very sad and wondered why my grandma hated them so much when we hadnt really met or talked. i thought maybe she knew they were bad people or something. she never would explain why she hated them, only saying 'theyre n***ers and we dont talk to them' and i didnt understand the weight of the word.

that summer i used the sentence 'i dont hate black people, i hate n***ers' because my mom had said it before. i almost got the shit beat out of me. i should have honestly.

im glad that ive grown as a person and have become much more open minded. i know i was racist now because my family taught me to be that way. im still ignorant about things but i try to be kind and learn as much as i can before making a decision about a person; and then that decision is literally based on how they act and not their skin color.

ive met way more 30-40 year old white men that i despise more than any other group. i find them often times to be bullheaded, nasty, offensive and harmful to people mentally and physically. my sister in law's husband hated me and my bf for no other reason than we were poor and 'didnt have any sense' when it came to business and as such were failures in his eyes. hes getting divorced now ( lol) and im now a student making a decent amount of money on my own, happily engaged to the most open minded, loving person

why the fu*k are people still racist. it takes next to no brain power to realise that not every minority you meet is a bad person, and its a persons actions and words that define them, not their color

im grateful that i escaped the vicious cycle of racism and blind hatred

I have catcalled, creepily hit on, and followed woman for fun because I was depressed and bored. I also realized that I have an humiliation fetish.Ks I don't do that anymore, but I feel horribly guilty about it.

i lost my virginity at school to a senior in a bathroom stall during lunch. then with that same guy again 2 more times in a school bathroom and once also during school at lunch we snuck of campus and did it in a park bathroom.

i still get off thinking about it.

im terrified of myself

I was sexually molested when I was younger - and honestly, I enjoyed it. I know thats messed up but Ive always felt that way I just couldnt say that anywhere... I really hope the person who molested me is doing ok now!

its been 30 years now... she was a female babysitter from daycare who sexually molested me for a year or so starting when I was about 6

Truth is, I loved because it made me feel special

she would take me to her place, play with my little coc*, make me try on clothes for her,

she would cuddle me and caress me

she would also gentle fondle my pen** and my balls, sometimes put her mouth on them

she seems so terribly lonely and sad

she smoked cigarettes constantly, like a never ending chain, it was the 80s so that was normal back then. it really must have been three packs a day because there were empty cigarette packs and ashtrays everywhere in her car and place

she used to make me rub her feet and put sun tan lotion on her - she was always sunbathing nude and wanted me to as well on the tinypatio of the little garden home she got when her grandmother died

she never let me wear socks or underwear and would make me take it off so I could be like her since she never wore any

I think she was maybe 22 or 23 ? I know she had been to college aome but dropped out - but she might have been older - when I remember her she looked more like maybe 27 or 28

but she had very teenage girl like sense ablut her

always watching MTV

she used to make me watch scary movies withher like poltergeist which gave me nightmares

truth is: I miss her and I hope shes doing ok

when they found out about her the daycare fired her and later closed

I have all kinds of messed up sexual fetishes and sexual disorders now - Im sure part of it is from her

but I hope she never ever went to jail!

and I hope shes doing ok out there wherever she is!

I miss you!!

I had only been with miniature studs and jacks until I covered myself in equine pheronomes and aroused the stallion. And he all the right parts to make me a mare. Raising aloft onto his hind legs he entered me partially but his brute force was driving me through the fence. It helped though because the steed could only enter so far. And as quickly as it began it was over. The horse withdrew, his engorged member wilting in the hot sun. Likely forgotten by the stud but always remembered by the mare.

my mother n law in her 60s and have a nice set of tits i would love to see and suck!!!

hi, I'm the bonsai guy. Know what? In a few days I'm going to court for the first time in my life over a loan I spent on hookers and I didn't pay back.