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I've had sex with 8 different men in the last month and none of them were my husband.

I can't stop thinking about this older lady at work. She always rejects me and makes faces at me. She's elegant and probably married. I'm obsessed with how much she dislikes me.

I just swallowed 9 cocaine-filled condoms and am about to board a plane from Bogota to Miami. Wish me luck!

I lied to people for money.

cumming in mcdonalds food. I work at McDonalds and often will cum in the food. At first on break I was cumming in napkins, then socks when I forgot napkins, then I came in my female coworkers non work shoes and stole her socks, then I started coming in the food. I’m a manager at a very high volume McDonalds in an major American airport.

Been doing this for years. Really.

I'm married. Why am I so drawn to you? Why do I feel like you are my soulmate?

I am tired if seeing how well off my Facebook friends are doing.

Morality check:

Say you've been like brothers with your best friend for over 30 years. You served together, were best man at each other's weddings, and godfather to each other's kids. You were there for him when he went through a really ugly divorce, and then he was there for you when your wife ripped out your heart and walked out on you
Then, about a year after your divorce, you find out that he's fuc*** your ex-wife. They both swear that nothing ever happened while you were together, but you don't know if you believe them. Either way, it's a dic* move on his part, right? So you stop speaking to him, wish him dead, and try to move on with your life.

Jump to 5 years later. They're still together and you find out he's dying of kidney failure. You also know that you might be a compatible donor because you have the same blood type.

Part of me still loves the man that was my brother for so long, and through so much, while another part of me feels like I could stare into his eyes, grinning, as he takes his last breath.

I don't know how to get past the hate.

When we were fourteen we tried it. It was in her room and her parents weren't home, she had the idea and after taking all of our clothes off we stood on her bed and looked at ourselves in the mirror on the wall, I got behind her and examined her from behind, and she examined me from behind. Her first kiss was to kiss my butthole, she was very gentle and hot, she let me kiss her butthole, it tasted funny but after a minute it tasted good. We lay back on the bed and kissed our mouths and then put our fingers as deep inside our vaginas as deep as we could go without breaking the kiss. We kiss everyday, sometimes we just lay beside each other and kiss and kiss, her face is so soft, her eyes are blue, her boobs press against mine and we kiss and kiss. We are 29 and we have never kissed a guy. The butthole thing was just that one time, it was a necessary thing, for me to be hers and for her to be mine.

Damn! Makes you think twice. And oh, you know she pooped and peed. :sob:

Would turn your girl in?

Cover up? She knew something?

This thing happened on a beach not too long ago in Galway where I was on this beach cursing at my dead relatives. All the rocks looked like people staring at me. I felt like throwing myself into the sea. But then I started cursing the McMahon's for everything that happened to me, for my dad and my grandmother. Well I went home. Had my retainer for a while. Put it on the shelf by the sink. There has been a lot of flurry lights in the cameras looking like faeries. There was some that day too. I looked around and around with mom for 3-4 days and never found it. I got a new one recently too. I put it down on the windowsill of my grandmas room. It's gone. And a book and many socks. It turns out I have a great great grandmother from Australia and her name was Laura like me. She was married three times. She was originally from Galway. So the faeries are mad at me. This happened before at statesboro when my ID card fell from the ceiling and I was thinking of Spencer and our past life. There are two options 1. Is that I'm psychologically insane and need to film myself in the action to see if I have a split schizophrenic multipersonality disorder or 2. I go to Ireland to perform a cleansing ritual with a catholic priest and a wiccan to tru tk appease to my dead relatives and never lose shit again

after reading these posts i be thinking i am the only crazy one here

i may be nuttier than i think i am

i slept with this guy everytime he wanted it and then he chose some other woman over me anyway. so now im just a aging vag hag. pwahaha

When I see one of those graphic anti-abortion ads, I get hungry.

wheres that fuc*** guy that used to rant about stealing girls socks? mr no socks? or bonsai guy? or the cats guy? or pastor tod*? or abortion guy? or the cigarettes chain smoker guy? or TWB?


what are the chances of this happening?

I had sex with a married man once at a hotel. It was hot. we were supposed to meet again but it never happened. A year or two later I was at a local hospital having routine blood work (I had just had my yearly gyno appointment) and was having blood tests for STD"s. While I was sitting in the waiting area , waiting to have my blood taken I see a woman walking towards me...attractive...she looked she turned the corner to go past me I realized who it was the wife of the man that I had had unprotected sex with a year or so earlier...I knew who she was because I had found her on facebook and looked at her pictures... WTF

can't take the gerbil out. please help

I wish I could've told you the truth. I love the fact that you have kids.