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I've been dealing with this guy for years now. I found out he slept with my younger sister a few years back. One day I ran into his brother who we just attractive as him and I slept with him on several occasions out of revenge mostly.Skip a few years forward the exact and I rekindled I confessed and we put it past us. Then I in a relationship and broke his heart so come to find out he slept with my sister again. This time was much worse as at first he didn't know her but this time he knew. Now I'm wanting to look his brother up and sleep with him again.

At 18 and being a boy back in the early 60's ment watching who you dated. Some of my friends slipped around and dated black girls, some white girls slipped around and dated black boys. I slipped around and got dic*ed by another 18 year old black boy, we did it lots of times but had to be very carfull, although there were a few times it was close.

I’m turning my country farm house property I inherited out by the bayou into a real life Dungeons and Dragons set up.

For the dungeon, I have a large basement I have turned into a well, I put some chains and shut in there.

For the dragon, I have some gators

I don’t have any armor, but I do have an old rusty machete that can be used like a sword.

I’m running an online casting call for 4-6 D&D Live Action role Players who are interested in a cross combo with a “Escape Room”

Basically my plan is get everyone dressed in period authentic clothing - I’ve got some from when i did Ren Faire and also have some old prom dresses from my sister? Which kinda work - was thinking I want them all to wear onlythe authentic period clothing so no underwear or anything like that, but not sure how to get that done smoothly

Also not sure how to
Get girls to signup for this shit but I figure there needs to be at least 1 girl for every guy so I was thinking of hiring a girl as a “baby sitter” and then just kinda convincing her it’s worth going along with this “fun escape room” thing for fun!? Willthis work?

Then take everyone’s phones and wallets and all that fake ass technology shit - and give everyone their allotment of Wine, so like, a pouch of wine from store I can make part of the price - about equal to 6-7 glasses of wine

Then lock them all up in the “dungeon “ that they have to escape from with only the old machete and also a few home made torches soaked in gasoline, and a bit of flint and tinder - so that they have to light the torches themselves

Will also put the baby gators in the basement ahead of time, alone with a few snakes I’ve caught down by the Bayou

Basement is already full of rats and rat shit - I tried cleaning it out last year, but frankly it’s hot as hell down in there and the wasps nests and spiders were getting to me

I’m figuring lock them up on a Friday night and leave

Then come back sunday afternoon to see if they’ve gotten out?

I’m betting this gig will make stupid money. Loads of dumb D&D kids will sign up !

Plus it’s end of the school year so I’m thinking now that Schools getting out the Nerdy Game of thrones type kids will dig the hell out of it!

I’m thinking let the first group go down for the weekend “for free” as a promotional deal

Then charge everyone else $200 a head for the game

Tell me you guys agree this is not the awesomest shit you’ve ever heard of all day !!

I would have absolutely for sure 100% done this if I’d had the chance as a teenager

Look you guys can laugh at me if you want - but this is a legitimate serious business idea

I’ve got all
The shit I need to
Be able to make this work - all I need is a little bit of positive response to convince me this is a gold mine of an idea!

I worked on the floor at a furniture store. This man came in, said his wife had died and he wanted a new look. I sold him furniture he doesn't need, we referred him to an interior design firm that remodeled his house.
He didn't need anything, he had a lovely home, much better furniture than the stuff I sold him, he maybe just needed someone to help him rearrange his home.
What I did, pushed by my sales managers, what we did by sending him to the design firm was horrible. He was ripped off. I regret not telling him to walk out, leave, all I saw was my commissions. It is the worst money I ever made, I spent it I can't even give it to charity.

It cracks me up when my fake ass sister tries to act all christian.

This woman blasted another person because they liked a photo of a meme with Happy Birthday and it had Hennesy with it.

Really, yet she stole money from a man and she doesn't want people to know her dirt.

She acts like she is better than me, because she goes to church, but when she needs help I am the first person she comes to.

I'm a 27 year old male virgin who's hopelessly in love with mature women. I'm constantly looking for "granny" porn and I don't get turned on unless they're at least 50+. I fantasize about a sexy mature woman taking my virginity and letting me blow my 12+ years worth of desire deep inside of her.

I found out the girl I had sex with a yr ago was murdered.

I am so sorry for the family, but also relieved because she was underage and I could have gone to jail had she told anyone.

My first thought on this is law agencies need to be able to see faces at first glance. What if the person behind the hijab wasn't really her... prison break strategy? What if she was hiding a razor under the hijab? Any number of weapons can be hidden under a hijab. If she is allowed any number of other inmates can "switch" religions to gain an added layer of confusion. There are gang related worries to think about as well.

18 (f) and only like older, controlling, dominating guys.

Move or stay?
Today i sat in my easy chair , reading a book . I live on 12 acres on the back 3 surrounded by wood and a lake . While i read my back wall exploded tor a picture off my wall and then my wife china cabinet suddenly broke into a million pieces. Damn deer hunters ...guess i best move the decoys off the lawn huh?

Come her sweety. Let's get this done today, sweety. Here, let me fix your makeup, sweety. Here, stand up straight sweety. Come over here sweety, we need to get your hair combed right. Come sit beside me sweety. Sweety, why don't you come over on Saturday and we can watch a movie. Oh God, it is so good to hug you, you're so beautiful, here sweety let me hug you real tight. Now don't get upset sweety, hold still so I can kiss you. You have such a nice little round bottom, doesn't it feel good to have your bottom rubbed. Ooh, look, such a cute little kitty line, don't push my hand away, that's it sweety, lay your head on mommy's pillows and mommy will make your litte little kitty feel good. Does sweety love her mommy? Show mommy how much you love her. Show mommy why you're mommy's little sweety pie. Do you like mommy kissing your kitty? Mommy loves to kiss her sweety's little kitty. Here sweety, let mommy kiss those little titties, cute litte titties, ooh look sweety's titties like mommy's kisses.
My first job, with my first supervisor.

So today, I think I might've just had my first mental break down. Maybe it wasn't even a mental break down and more like a mild panic attack that I was able to suppress. I don't know. I was driving home from my first day at work, and I started to have difficulty remembering simple things (like setting my gps to home, it took me like 5 minutes to remember why I opened the app) and I kept biting my fingers in distress. I had a relatively nice first day of work, but my frustrations about my car's warning light showing up (the tire pressure signal), my having to repurchase new uniform shirts (late at night) for tomorrow's early morning shift because the ones I bought yesterday were not "the right type" for work, and having other chores to do suddenly felt like an overwhelming amount of loud thoughts in my head and I felt erratic, like I couldn't sit still and I needed to breathe or kick my legs to shake off this horrible feeling. And then the awful 8 o' clock traffic on my 20 minute commute to home was just too much. I don't think I ever have felt like this before, and it lasted for about 2 hours as I ran from store to store, unable to find the "right uniform" type when all I wanted was to fly straight home and enjoy the small remnant of my free time left before tomorrow. I don't know how I made it back home without crashing into other vehicles. I knew I needed to breathe and control myself because my car kept swerving from side to side without me realizing it, and I think maybe that's the reason why I didn't progress into a full-blown panic attack. Or maybe panic attacks are different for everyone? All I know is, I felt so unfocused and tortured, like I was being choked by invisible hands and pinched by unseen needles. I had to turn the radio volume loud, bob my head around, bite my fingers, pray to God, shake my right foot repeatedly, and just breathe in order to suppress my desire to ram my car into a tree. I've never felt this way before in my entire life, at least from what I know. Has anyone ever felt or seen someone else describe this before? Could this ever happen again? I hope to God that it never does. It was like an impending, forbodding feeling that prompted my actions, like all of my simple worries/burdens were magnified and that I was running out of time.
Don't know how else to describe it..

I have reached my final option . Tomorrow morning at 9 am I have no choice but to suck my bosses dic* to keep my job.

I took what I thought was my dream job, allured by the promise of lots of travel. As a 25yr old single guy that's the dream right? And it was great at first, have seen some pretty cool places for free. But 3 months in and I feel the loneliest I've ever felt. I just want to be home. I don't think I'm gonna be able to hack it. Too many relationships have suffered already. Just keep that in mind my guys if you ever find yourself with a similar opportunity.

I need a hooker.

Ok what happens when a black man eats skittles??

He meets zimmerman

Okay. So I’ve been knowing this guy for a while. He’s my brothers bestfriend and friends since Elementary so you could already imagine they been knowing each other for a really good time. Time to time him and my brother would be out and about and talking about “bitches” and pulling 3 sums and all lmao. Wild mf’s .
My brothers friend , let’s call him “Carlos “ .
Carlos was THAT guy who was a fuc* boy but the guy who would get every girl he wanted cause he was really cute and a flirt. Time to time when he would come over, he knew I was gay. My family knows Too and he would always flirt with me. I would give in at times and when we would all be out and about. He would grab my thigh and squeeze it and then when I would go inside the car he would ALWAYS slap my ass everytime he had the chance and told me “hurry up or I’ll clap them cheeks :smirk:” with a grin on his face.
OMG!! I would instantly get all red and shy cause it turned me tf on and I would tell him to calm down but he knew I liked it. Lol
Till THIS DAY!!! 2018 , he’s still around and still flirts with me and he has a Gf !!! Lol
Umnnn... he’s given me hints to the point where I think he wants me to give him head or he wants to fuc* around with me on the down low!
But I don’t wanna ask and then make it awkward . What should I do?! Should I make he move and get it out he way or should I keep waiting on him ?

There was this time when we went clubbing too and we all got super wasted and when we got home all of them threw up and knocked the fuc* out. I was able to get everyone in bed and when Carlos was laying down he started throwing up. I was the only one up and had to help him out or he was going to choke on himself!! So I helped him out and had to change his cloths cause he was full of throw up :nauseated_face:.
When I took off his cloths I didn’t have any Intention to do ANYTHING to him cause he’s obviously intoxicated and can’t function. But when I was changing his shirt, he like hugged me and gripped my ass and he got a god grip and smacked it and said damn and licked his lips. I just laughed and told him to stop and I just layed him down . When I went to bed after cleaning everything up, (we slept in the same bed ) he starting getting closer and closer to me and I was like “ wtf is this fool doing?! Then he whispered , damn baby and started massaging my ass. At this point I didn’t know what the fuc* to do!! My brother was also In the same room and he was knocked out cold.I was getting turns on by it but I was acting like I was asleep. Then he grabbed my hand and started massaging his crotch with it and I felt his dic* get hard. I Instantly got rock hard :drooling_face::drooling_face: and I moved a bit and he pushed me closer to him and he grabbed my head and said “suck me babe “ and he moved the seats and I saw his dic* hard asf and he pushed my head to suck his dic*! I didn’t go for it cause I knew he was wasted and it didn’t feel right ! I just stopped and my heart kept beating super fast and I turned the other way. But then , there he goes again and does the same thing and I couldn’t help it and I sucked the hip of his dic* and he moaned so hard I told him to stfu or my brother is going to wake up!! He just laughed and said keep sucking me babe! Then I go for it, it was my only chance , my long lasting STR8 crush . I’m finally going to se his dic* and ACTUALLY suck his dic*!! I started sucking his dic* and 10 minutes later , he was knocked out cold!! I didn’t feel right and I stopped. Then moved over and I ended up going to sleep and I was scared that he was going to be like “ wtf did you do to me or be questioning when he saw me sucking his dic* (knocking he was the one who told me ) .
Next morning, he wakes up super hung over and was like “ yo. Wtf happen?! (Laughs) why is my button and zipper open? Tf did I do? (Starts laughing) “
I told him what had happened that he wanted to piss on my room and he threw up and etc;
He felt bad and said he w

I cannot believe that Hank Azaria is going to step down from the character of Apu just because some fuc*** Indian comedian finds his accent offensive. Bitch, please! His depiction of an Indian accent is spot on and if you've ever been to a convience store, it's not wrong. He needs to calm his tits.

my exGF who was raped just OD’d - and its all my fault

7 years ago my ex girlfriend was brutally raped in her apartment off campus

For years I told her I thought it was another one of her ex boyfriends who was seeking revenge - the police thought so too but couldn’t prove it

She insisted it was a lone nut who broke in and raped her

It traumatized her

She became paranoid.

Worse she started popping pills. She took adderall because of her need to study and got addicted

But the adderall made her do more of everything else. More alcohol. More cigarettes. More other pills.

She became a wreck. Constantly on pills. Constantly chain smoking.

It ruined her. She tried to get treatment

But treatment failed her and she flunked out

She had Odd jobs - Starbucks barista until she got fired for being high at work - waitresss at applebys until she was fired for drinking on the job every day before lunch

Last Christmas shecame to my door and wanted to stay with me - she offered me whatever I wanted

She told me that Trumps men were after her. His fixers

Clearly she was high as a kite. She reeked like an ashtray and had a nasty cough. Her skin was pale like death. It was freezing cold outside and she looked like she’d just left a slutty Halloween party- except it was Christmas

I turned her away

On Christmas I shut my door to her

She didn’t even have a coat

I didn’t even give her food of anything

I just turned her away and told her she needed to go somewhere else

I didn’t want my new girlfriend to find out I was in touch with her at all -

My new girlfriend is very judgmental about things like this - she’s a sophomore at a very evangelical Christian college and is a very devout Christian girl but she is deeply suspicious of everyone from my past when I used to Do a lot of drugs And drink all the time 7-12 years ago - like wrecklessly alcoholic back then

My new GF and I met last ear at a Cross-Fit class that I didn’t realize was a Christian cross fit class - and she made it her mission to “save” me from drinking

And she really has helped me turn my life around and get clean and fit - which I give her credit for

But my new girlfriend is very much against giving handouts to drug addicts - she said it’s only hurting them by letting them perpetuate the cycle of self abuse

I cut my ex girlfriend out of my
Life completely after that

Afterwards I blocked my from my Facebook

Wouldn’t answer her calls

Cut off

I can’t believe I turned her away on Christmas Day

I tried to pretend it didn’t bother me

I tried to stay quiet

But when I had friends message me that myold ex GF had ODd

I broke down crying at work

And I had to shut my door

I left work early to go to a bar to drunk alone

I fuc*** hate myself

I’m such a skumbag

I turned away my first true love when she needed me most

And now she’s Gone

I fuc*** deserve to die

I have been working on a book for years. I killed one of the main characters off and am really grieving his death. I had a dream about him the other night. Maybe I am getting a tiny bit too involved in my book and need to take a step back.