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When I was a schoolboy (many years ago), there was a guy in our class who was never out of trouble, and most of us were scared to get in his way. At the risk of being judgemental, I think he had definite psychiatric issues. One day on the way home, I heard some muffled crying down a quiet back alley, so went to investigate. There was a really quiet girl in the class below ours - a real misfit with no friends - and this ne'er-do-well had her pinned against a wall. It took me a few seconds to realise what was happening - she was wide-eyed, he had his hand over her mouth to muffle her cries, her skirt was rucked up, his pants were round his ankles, her legs were splayed apart and, to my shock, I was treated to the sight of his bare backside clenching and unclenching as he thrust between her legs. He sensed someone was there and muttered at me to "f***off or else". I can still see the look of horror on her face as she realised I was leaving her to suffer her ongoing rape. I watched from the shadows, unseen by either of them, as the sex seemed to go on forever before he finally climaxed. He obviously had her terrified, as she never reported him. On many later occasions, I sneaked down that same backstreet when I saw him dragging her by the arm and, to my undying shame, I often masturbated as I watched the looks of fear, pain and disgust that passed across her face as she succumbed to intercourse. Over time, these were replaced by a dead-eyed thousand-yard-stare throughout the entire sex act, with not even a flicker of a reaction to let you know when she was being penetrated or when he had started ejaculating. It no longer turned me on to watch them, so I stopped following them. A few weeks afterwards, she was taken out of school - the rumour was that she was pregnant.

To this day, I still feel guilty about my reactions. I was a horny adolescent and a physical coward, and I dread to think how many times in total she had to have sex with him over those few months.

This guy Sam stole my parking spot at work, so it was time to take matters into my own hands. First, I issued a fatwa in the form of flyers around the garage, declaring jihad on him. They were taken down by security pretty quick but fortunately it was time to move on to phase two: the mindfuc*. In order to sow discord and make him think his wife was cheating on him, I would call his house and disguising my voice in the Ebonics vernacular, ask for his wife.

i started playing pubg two weeks ago. and now i play it everyday. Yesterday to break my addiction, i uninstalled the emulator from my laptop. few hours later i again installed it. Though my download speed was slow, i waited hours until it got installed completely.
im from asia. I saw different types of players in pubg. one day i got matched with two other indians. we landed and i got the supplies around. they planned to kill me with grenade. One of them was trying to kill me with a machete. what was he even thinking.
This has happened to me several times. Indians killing teammates (from other nations) with grenade to get supplies.

Man and horse! Manhorse.

when i was 9 i saw my mother having sex with my uncle in her bedroom in the middle of the day. i never told a soul.

meghan family don't make sense. seen a photo of her father giving his child bride a yellow flower that looks hammed up photo and not even like a wedding at all. all the reports make no sense. that guy was right when he said "all you will get out of this one is drama all the time. drama news to be seen in the news, crisis actors". so true. so true. I just don't like her. I don't like harry either. sorry guys. but so over rated for druggies that they are. i don't care what they wear. a crown and a frown or what still druggies and awful people. I can see a stunted up photo when I see em!

I had always feel like there's something wrong with me. I hate myself and always imagine myself being someone else. I have so much hate inside me even though I tried to hide it.

pewdiepie put his hand in my ass

My younger brother tried to blackmail me into giving him a blowjob. I had a feeling that he would try something like this, he’s been looking at incest porn and when I told my parents they just said he was experimenting. He had been staring me down when I was trying a swimsuit a week or two ago, but Mom said he “wouldn’t think of me like that”. Guess that’s out the window now. I’m grossed out and can’t stand to be anywhere near him.

please don't eat cows and dogs.

I am going to AA, not because I have drinking problem.but because I meet troubled vulnerable women who are an easy lay. Your listen to their sad stories and sympathize with them as you are slipping their panties off.

why do indians fart a lot? What do they eat? My fellow worker is indian. His fart smells like hell. and when he farts he acts like nothing has happened.

Pissed off at my husband right now. I dropped a jar of pickles (it was in a plastic container) and pickle juice went everywhere.

Instead of helping me clean it up, he sits on his lazy fat ass playing games.

Yet, when he spills anything, I clean it up. But does he even offer to help, no. He is worthless piece of shit.

I am really shitting at elizza for fuc*** me around over money. it seems to be the new thing companies don't feel the need to send a invoice with payment dates and amounts notices in advance. It adds up to me as $450 plus $650 is $1100 so I owe the slime old slag slut weirdo just another $900 but she sends a bill of $1700 so that just don't add up from 650 and 450 or are we having a fight or will we have a fight over this? she is an entitled bitch and overprices her courses and she better get the act together to help me. cuz I keep thinking she is the bitch who knows how to poached her eggs and I will see her cut down if she back stabs me.

I just went to my 10 year high school reuinion, where I saw my first bf for the first time basically since we graduated. He now has a pretty wife, 2 kids, and seems to be content. But omg, although I'm married now too, I'd love to get between the sheets with him again. He was my first, I was his first, and he was by far the hottest thing I've ever let inside me.

We still have chemistry. The toe-curling type of chemistry. I knew it tonight and I know we'll have it for eternity. I miss him.

I was driving down the country road when out of the side window I saw the horse and his glistening pen** dangling from his center like a fifth leg.

It’s not like me to be impulsive, but I stopped. Taking a deep breath I got out of my car and hopped the fence, heading toward the steed. When I arrived at the great beast, it let out a majestic bellow. “Eeerrrooowahahahahaha”. Lowering my pants, I took position beneath the equine and bent my bare ass upward.

Several hours later I awoke in a hospital room. My intestines burned and my anu* was heavily gauzed. My colon had been ruptured but I was alive. A doctor entered and recommended a psychiatric exam. I declined.

Hahahahahahahahha! Trump’s steel tariffs backfiring with Harley Davidson laying off people and shifting some production to Europe. And best part is, the losers who are losing their jobs probably voted for him! Lololololololol! That’s called karma, bitch!

Let me tell you one thing: You have never known pain in your life until you suffer a papercut on your glans pen**.

I have a habit of taking advantage of my hot older sister for sex when she's under stress. We've been going at it for years, consensually, so it's not like we're strangers to each other's bodies, but, I do seem to enjoy jumping on the situation (and her) when she's stressed out.

Last week, her daughter moved in with a guy. On the outside, we're all supportive, but privately..We all have our reservations, including my hot sister. As the moving date drew near, I stopped by her house to talk, saw how not good with this she really was, and started massaging her bare shoulders and lifting her tank top up and off, to her closed-eyed relaxation. Caressing her marvelous 36C's was next, and met with equal relaxation and sighs.

Having her in that position and relaxed from stress state, her shorts were next to go, then thong undies, and taking her upstairs to finish the deal. A few times, actually. When I left, she thanked me for stopping over and making her feel better. As this moving in thing with her daughter proceeds, I'm certain of more stressed hot sister stop-ins and wide-open sex.

Part of me hopes it goes well for the new couple roomates, but part of me doesn't...The more stressed my hot sister gets, the more I'll easily have at her.

I accidentally called someone's kid ugly. My husband's family.. his first cousin's son. Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit pissy to help relieve myself I "type" comments under people's posts on Facebook but before I enter them I backspace them instead. This time I accidentally pressed enter after telling his cousin that I always thought her kid was kind of ugly. I KNOW I'M A MONSTER LOL. I was mortified and I instantly deleted the comment and then deleted the few family members off my Facebook. I will never type fake comments again.