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I wish I could've told you the truth. I love the fact that you have kids.

How can you not know where you child is at all times?
How was the car door's child-proof feature not used?

Just awful!

I don't go on Facebook or Instagram much anymore but I checked both recently and was surprised by this woman I used to work with 7 years ago. She's pretty hot, but back then she was married with a kid. It seems in the last couple of years however, she got divorced and now appears to be hooked up with a younger guy.

I got so turned on going back through her history and realizing through her pics that she must've dumped her flabby husband for this tight, chiseled, tattooed stud. She dresses more provocatively now and looks even hotter. All of the pics of her (I would assume) ex are gone and there's a bunch of beach shots with this new guy.

I started regularly beating off thinking about it, and now it consumes my alone time. I don't even necessarily want to fuc* her myself, I just find it so arousing that she's probably getting fuc*** hardcore by this badass stud.

My last new years resolution was to not do anymore cocaine.

A year has passed and I haven't touched it since!

I'm fuc*** the wife of a guy on my soccer team. He don't know shit. She's a hot blonde and he's a fat loser. I could tell she was into me so I started checking her instagram and began liking her beach shots and DMing her. Was only a matter of time before I got between her legs. The sex is pretty hot and she gets turned on watching me play.

I’m so bored lately. Nothing much is going on.

Might be time to get pregnant again so I can have another abortion.

What was that one super sexy girls name that used to post stuff here? I camt remember it.

All sex is consequence-free! Enjoy it, have anonymous, unprotected sex all you want! If you get pregnant, there are always cheap, plentiful, abortions!


Best birth control methods, ranked:

1. Abortion in a clinic paid for 100% by the government
2. Coathanger abortion in a van by river
3. RU-486
4. Birth control pills handed out for free next to elementary schools
968: Abstinence

When a married man has no idea he is chatting online with his ex... and is begging to meet her...

I spend 3 to 4 hours a day in the bathroom

In 1993 I urinated in a mason jar and hid it under the stairs at my parents’ house.

Yesterday I found it. Much of the urine has evaporated but what’s left is a cloudy dark amber. Mold and other white-looking organisms cling to the side of the glass.

But nothing prepared me for opening the jar. The smell hit me like a punch to the nose, so bad I almost dropped the jar. The vile odor of decades-old pee was reminiscent of a medley of sweat, vinegar, and cat feces.

I’m not sure what to do next.

I would just love for my aunty to not even bother coming on this holiday. I am already sick of her teenager sleazy behavior that she things is cute and its embarrasing and disgusting sexist dirty behavior and her physical violence has hit new levels. I just don't want to go on this holiday now with her and I would like to stay away from her as much as can be. I never should have asked my cousin to the holiday and I will never trust her ever again and I don't want to go to her or her brothers weddings. My mother has said that before I even did. I just wish someone would bring her a little bit down to earth. She has become a complete slut slob snob bitch as the maori guy said. I didn't notice because she had always shown her bitchy upper snot smerk at everyone in our family since ever. Her expensive tastes her parents always had to bail her out. If she goes around drunkard and violent hitting into people and sexually groping men who don't like an old hag doing that on holiday or anywhere she might find herself unbailable and in a jail cell. There will no drunk mother to bail her out like all the times before.
Her children have already been child abusers and I think police need to know more. If she doesn't get out of this holiday I might speak to someone to force the issue. I don't care what money she loses. She spending millions by the day now for sexual tossing already. So her millions will go quick. She has a mean streak in her. Her friend is not all to blame like her husband and I am sick of her flighty-skytes and "gues what " and then complain whine and moan. World on her shoulders. I don't want to spend christmas or new year with her either. I just don't want her on the holiday now. I have had enough. We can always get away from her and let her do her own thing anyway and make excuse. I am just sick of her. Like those clubs are sick of her and how they were of her husband as well. That family outdo their welcome anywhere. They never learn. And I am not going over to her kids places for holidays ever! I don't care how much they invite me the answer is no.

is it normal to need to mastrbate every two hours? Ive soiled my underwear again and this is getting out of hand

Pastor Tod* was my youth minister when I was in sixth grade.

He touched my pen**.

The condom keeps slipping off, 3rd time this month. I never told her. She never notices because she’s always too drunk. But I accidentally jizzed inside of her again. I know she’s not on birth control - But it’s embarrassing because my pen** is too small for any condoms to fit, they all just slide right off. I just don’t want to talk about it with her right now.

She doesnt need to worry about this right now, she’s got sophomore year exams coming up in a few weeks.

Go into running a drive through discount tobacco store if you’re area doesn’t have one
My ex girlfriend had worked at one back in college and when she moved she noticed they didn’t have one
She got it set up and runs the place. She makes a fuc* ton of money now – like $10,000 to $12,000+ every month in profit sales after all expenses are paid
You can’t amazon or mail order tobacco the way you can vape shit. Vapes cut into the market some but just sell the vape shit too.
She gets to smoke on the job. She’s a crazy fuc*** cigarette smoker, like I think she legit smokes four packs a day now just because she can. In college she smoked like two packs a day but now she just smokes all the time just for fun. She’s been running the business since 2005 and making a killing
Fuc*** brilliant way to make money bro

promoting teenage smoking is what I do for a living now..I feel terrible about this job. I’m paid through a shady third party shell company to find ways to encourage teenage smokers to smoke cigarettes - and get addicted - both to start smoking outright and instead of vaping .. it’s so fuc*** up

I’ve gotten 57 girls to start smoking cigarettes everyday this fall. They are all teenagers. Now they are all addicted. I manage an app that tracks their consumption and we give them rewards for them shooting selfies of themselves smoking cigarettes in different places - it’s so fuc*** terrible

My life is trash. I commit sinful fraud for a living. I feel like the lowest scum of the earth. why the fuc* am I doing this?!?

Nobody ever tells you how goddamn satisfying it is to outlive somebody you hate. Especially if their death was unexpected. It is, legitimately, satisfying in the way that good sex or cold beer is. It gives you that warm feeling like stretching out on a sunny day.

Screw you, Wes. You were a massive prick in life - and you died young for it. I’ll never tell anyone I know just how big a smile your death puts on my face.

May the world forget you just that little bit faster.

I hadn’t showered or changed my clothes in three days, in part due to a 14-hour trans-Pacific flight. Arriving home I disrobed, taking my pants off. Lowering my briefs revealed a disgusting brown dirtline, a burnt ochre hue in its center. I raised the shorts to my face, and slowly bringing them to my nose, I inhaled deeply.