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Me and my co-worker bet on who could have sex with the Guatemalan cleaning woman at the office first. I went hard, promising her marriage and stuff so she wouldn’t have to worry about Trump’s ICE people. It worked, as I had sex with her within days.

I’m not a total dic*, I wouldn’t get her deported, but I was able to convince my manager to change cleaning companies so I wouldn’t have to see her anymore. When she calls my phone now I just answer in German which confuses her even further.

As a result, I won the toaster oven that my friend and I had bet. It now sits prominently in my kitchen, a reminder of sweet victory.

ok just to try.. can I say... tits? cun*? pus**? ass? shit? ass***? er.. hooker? whore? pen**? vagina? fuc*? motherfuc*er? uh... breast maybe? ok tod* no... bitch yes uh... what about witch? prostitute? sex? condom? suck? balls? ok I think that's it.

I am a dingleberry

at least that is what the prank mail i been getting at my home is addressed to.

TWB, What shoes are you wearing without socks today? I really hope they are sexy!
Sockless steve

I love my boyfriend, but I also love the thought of bashing his fuc*** head in when he grinds and slaps his jaw in his sleep. Most of the time, I just stay awake till he goes to work in the morning.

TWB please wear socks always. Even in bed.

Sockless Steve
day 1 of no socks
i'm wearing a pair of flats/canvas shoes that are white with light gray stripes. and of course, as per the challenge, no socks.
i wouldn't normally wear socks with these shoes anyways, so i figured they'd be a good start to the challenge.
day is going good, no different than usual. like, my feet are normal feeling.
with lots of love

TWB will you try wearing your shoes without socks this week!? its sexy and cute I promise you’ll love it!

what would you say if i told you i was a witch?

the russians are coming for me

if i go missing you know what happened

tells TWB I love her

sobreity is terrifying

how do any of you make it through every day stone cold sober?

Shelton terminate the call from A-6

I watch porn , can't leave my nipples alone,and i dream of sucking the coc* of a heavy set man.

aliens are fuc*** real! they are here! NBC Reports! Harvard confirms!

Holy fuc*. I’m losing my shit. Aliens holy fuc*. This is eh end. Martial lawZ men sleeping with whoeverZ Neil fuc* Jesus My coc* is dripping and my underwear Issoiled. Is fuc*** assimilated ruined pains Dan airport metal detectors without socks or teeths and I need to get guns and. It be stuck here in this fuc*** hel hols so far from Mgr ex I can’t help her out from this in time field the get her and the baby girl anfick me this burns and it’s bad

I was going to be a Democrat on Holloween but couldn't get my head up my ass.

key questions for thatwitchbtch from the noteful loyalists:

1) do you like cats?

2) do you wear socks?

3) do you bonsai?

4) do you smoke cigarettes ?

5) do you take birth control?

6) do you like Pastor Tod*?

important questions, wed love to know!

So apperantly T his W itch B itch is something bad to say so i'll simply say TWB lol. xoxo

Sometimes i fantasize the people i hate getting brutally fuc***.

My favorite “authors” (in order):

-the guy who writes long-winded stories about his life that invariably involve gun ownership, his divorce, and his quest for higher meaning.
-the freak who repeatedly posts stuff about Kenneth Pinyan, horse sex, and beastiality.
-Mr. No Socks, whose bizarre sexual fetish can override his other predilections such as racism.

i am a paranoid schizophrenic with bipolar depression or so i think i's halloween