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I decided to show my crush my butt and at the time I thought that I made a complete mockery of myself farting in his face by complete accident. I was totally embarrassed and I didn't realize I was going to pass gas from the Taco Bell burrito I ate. But he didn't seem to mind it. And it turns out he secretly had a fetish for farts. So now we are dating and we have been dating for more than 5 months. And he tells me to continue to fart in his general direction. Sometimes he'll even encouraged me to fart in his face. I'm surprised the guys even like women that fart? I thought that he would think I wasn't lady like enough for him and I thought he'd be completely grossed out by me if I farted in his general direction. One day I totally want to turn this into a chickflick where the backstory is Girl meets Boy and farts in his face accidentally while she's attempting to show off her butt well flirting with her crush. Because so far it seems like I have a successful love story? I wonder if things would have played out the same if I didn't fart in his face to begin with? I'm in my early twenties and I'm in college and I'm madly in love with a man who has a fart fetish. I know all my girlfriends don't believe me. I tell all my homegirls that they should fart in a man's face or general direction to win a man over. Because some men you just never know what they're into right? Well for all you know a man might even have a golden shower fetish? And I had an ex-boyfriend from high school when I was in my sophomore year and he insisted he wanted me to pee on him.

Abortion > Extortion

i hate my life. i am going to kill myself

i always have extremely violent and sexual thoughts towards women. whenever i think about a woman i am consumed with thoughts of beating her, stabbing her, and have sex with her while she bleeds out. a typical fantasy that plays out in my head is one of me having sex with a woman doggy style. seconds before i orgasm i slit her throat from behind with a sharp knife. blood spurts from her neck as i cum inside her. it doesnt end there. my sick fantasy continues long after she dies. i do things to her corpse. i dismember it and have sex with her skull. i remove her eyeballs and have sex with the holes. i know i am sick and need help. i feel like my dreams may become reality very soon.

Would a guy date a girl who self harms or has scars? And what do guys think of girls who self harm?

i want to be taken by force and have my guts shaken by a big hard coc*. i don’t care if my pus** is being ripped. fuc* me hard daddy and make me cum all over that big hard coc* of yours. make me loose my voice, mi grip, my mind and then finally my conscious. fuc* me however you want, show me how much of your bitch i am~:heart:

i want someone to fuc* me so bad that i even imagine an intruder ramming me on my bed or the kitchen floor

Alabama is on the wrong side of history again!

Abortion should be not only legal but mandatory!

Everybody needs to have one at least once, paid for by the government with tax dollars!



I just watched the movie on Netflix about Ted Bundy. I really get off on that stuff. It's fascinating, but also sexually arousing. Just thinking about what he did to those beautiful girls makes me hard as a rock.

where can a 16 year old girl get a free abortion quickly!!! Please help! She’s pregnant and I’m her English teacher. We have to get rid of this baby quickly but they just banned all abortions! She’s almost 20 weeks pregnant and about to finish the semester soon! We have to act before she gets sent to jail, or before I get sent to jail for helping her access her feminist rights! I’m afraid They have shut down internet access to abortions here too and we can’t find out a safe way. Please help us! Please pray for us! To Allah. She’s a Muslim girl. If her father finds out she’s pregnant he wil Stone her!

I know some good Christians here can help me help this poor Muslim teenage girl who’s pregnant! It’s Ramadan and she’s so hungry. She didn’t mean to get pregnant. she just never asked for a condom and forgot to take het birth control. it happens to everyone!

I told her we can use a coat hanger after school if she wants to but she’d really rather have a safe legal abortion for free if we can find it!

Please help
Me help this poor girl!!!

When I read about all the stuff Ted Bundy did I get totally excited and FAP! FAP! FAP! FAP!

if i had to doit over again Id tell sar** she was not allowed to have the abortion.. I dont care that she was just a teenager, she should have kept the baby.

our child would almost 14 years old now

All of the phallic-shaped and pointed objects in my home are smeared with dried fecal matter.

Because I shoved them all up my ass.

hello, im in middle school and on my finger nails, there are white spots and i am super ashamed and insecure about them. i feel like people are going to point at them and makw fun of them if they see it, so i usually hide my hands all together. all my friends have reallt nice fingernails and hands and i just dont know what to do about it. i really wish that i didnt have to hide my hands. i always feel like people are staring at them. i also feel like if people see them, that will scare them off and they wont be friends with me anymore. idk if people can reply on here but i just needed to get this off my chest, if you have any advice or anything please help me out

I'm a girl, 24.
There's this girl that i'd met a while ago, worked on the same project for a few months, we fitted well together and everything was going smoothly, soon we became friends. We started hanging out after work, on weekends, eventually we end up spending most of our time with each other. We both felt an attraction between us early on, it was gradual and effortless so it wasn't surprising for either of us that we're now best friends.

About three months ago she had to move back to the city for work. Well I missed her...everything about her...very much. Now thinking about it, perhaps a little too much even for a best friend. Anyway, after she'd settled down she invited me to visit and hangout, she sounded weird over the phone but i didn't think too much of it at the time. I went as soon as I can.

I arrived at noon she seemed happy, so I am too. She showed me around, introduced me some of her friends and spent some time together, it was good fun. But while all of that was happening, I realized something didn't make sense, despite thinking it would go away naturally but actually being with her is making the feeling of missing her even more intense. So naturally I started to have a panic attack, she'd realized and we end up leaving the group early, apparently she thought that the shots we were having had hit me so we went home.

Back at her place, curling up in a small couch hugging a pillow somehow helps with the panicking, she asked me if i was okay, i weren't talking much but i think i said "yeah", she said "okay" then went away to who knows where. While she was doing that i manage to regain my composure by being a rational adult.

Two cups of tea. She went and made those.
"I missed you" she said with the smile that could let her get away with anything,
"I missed you" I replied chills down my back, heart out of my chest, feeling stupid for being dramatic.
We cuddled and watched tv and that was the first time in a while that i'd felt, lacking of a better term "safe"? i don't know, it was like one of those moments that you'd want to last forever.

The show ends, we were so sleepy, she took the empty mugs walked to the kitchen and started washing them. As she left the room those intense feeling took over me once again thinking i was going to leave tomorrow, I went and hug her from behind, she feel so warm, her hair smells like cinnamon, I can hear her heart beating. She puts the mugs on the drying rack, it was so quite without the running water, she turns around and said "I wish you could stay for longer." with that frickin smile.

I hesitated. I kissed her, stopped and lingered. She pulled me in and kisses me back slowly.
I hadn't imagine this moment before, how her lips would feel, her reaction, the meaning of it, it was all too overwhelming for both of us but we continued as if nothing else mattered.

The morning after whatever happened, we sat in bed and talked for hours, we came to a unpleasant yet simple conclusion that being together now wouldn't be any good for either of us. So that's that. Oh did I mentioned somewhere along the line, my boyfriend of 4 years.

So for the past few weeks, whenever my boyfriend and i have sex, my brain would automatically think of her as i'm getting close and i would orgasm while picturing her orgasming. And that's why i'm here. Well shit. I will now go rewatch all the past seasons of GOT and feel dead inside.

i live on a farm with my grandparents. sometimes my grandfather brings street women from the city back to the farm. sometimes they just disappear and grandfather has a big bonfire next day. im scared to tell anyone because he is crazy and frightens me all the time.

I [F/17] will be spending summer break in juvie.

Two months after I got my license, I was responsible for a car accident that severely injured both the driver of the car that I struck as well as his passenger. The accident was a result of me texting while driving. While I walked away with a few bruises, they had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Earlier this week, I pled guilty to two counts of vehicular assault in juvenile court and was sentenced to almost three months in juvenile detention. The only reason I'm not there now is because the judge was lenient enough to allow me to finish out the school year (finals are next week) But on the evening of the 17th of this month, I have to report to the county juvenile detention center to begin serving my sentence. I won't be released until the evening of August 11th, the night before school starts. So, I'll be spending the summer break in between my junior and senior year in jail.

I own the fact that what I did was stupid, reckless, and criminal. I know I deserve my punishment 100%. I know I deserve worse even. I also know it was just dumb luck that no one was killed. It so easily could have ended much worse.

I feel so guilty for what I've done. I was able to apologize to my victims (they showed up to court to see me sentenced), but it doesn't make me feel any better. I feel like I need to do something to atone besides simply serving my sentence. If anyone has any advice, I'm definitely open to it.

I'm trying not to worry about juvie, but I admit I'm nervous. I've never been in trouble with the law before, so I have no idea what to expect. My parents say they'll come visit me once a week while I'm away. That makes me feel just a little better.

Finally, to anyone reading this, please don't text and drive. The amount of guilt I'm feeling right now isn't something you ever want to experience, believe me.

My pubes are my pubes. Come and let's lick my yeast infection?

I'm non-binary. My friends know, my parents don't. I use they/them pronouns.

I think unattractive men should be arrested forvthe sexual assault upon my eyeballs.