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Once Kavanugh is confirmed for the Supreme Court, the court will move to legalize groping and date rape within 60 days!

I don't understand why I have a phobia of Nicki Minaj? Because I am afraid of looking at her face and I don't understand why her face scares me so horribly? Can somebody explain to me why she scares me?

I am Hindu
hit me with your best comments
make em funny btw

coffee makes me shit

This guy Sam stole my parking spot at work, so it was time to take matters into my own hands. First, I issued a fatwa in the form of flyers around the garage, declaring jihad on him. They were taken down by security pretty quick but fortunately it was time to move on to phase two: the mindfuc*. In order to sow discord and make him think his wife was cheating on him, I would call his house and disguising my voice in the Ebonics vernacular, ask for his wife.

Ol’ Trump wakes up on 9/11, tweets “17 years since September 11th!” with an exclamation point, then pumps his fists on the way to meet military folks, then gives finger guns to the camera while touring the Pennsylvania crash site. What a class act!

I masturbated today, on 9/11, so that the Terrorists can't win.

Do you ever figure you're ear canal and make orgasm noises? Because I do sometimes because I am a lady pervert.

Pence wrote the op-ed! Trump can’t fire a sitting vp either! Tremendous! Pence has a lot of skeletons in his closet though, especially his secret homosexual activity and his wife’s fondness for black men.

Man and horse! Manhorse.

I am Japanese Asian man and I want to fuc* racist snow white monkey faggit boys up their ass. Come to my country of Japan and I will fuc* you racist dogs"! I will cook and eat your dogs with teriyaki sauce and fried rice"! And I will fuc* you with a strap-on with big black dong.

I use to live in house during the early 2000s that was haunted by a retarded ghost Who for several nights in a row he would shout at the top of his lungs potato potahto non-stop in a retarded down syndrome voice. Waking me up several nights in row. And I nothing I seemed to do would get him to stop shouting potato potahto even louder and louder. I swear some down syndrome person died in my house during the early 90s according to my research in the local town according to want I fond out.

i fantasy about dominating a asian man.

I have a PhD in microbiology, yet saying "turdsday" instead of Thursday makes me laugh uncontrollably.

This reason--among many others--proves education doesn't mean shit concerning a facade of "superiority."

I once told a nurse who was pregnant with twins that let's hope it's not Siamese twins. I was visting my mother in the hospital at the time and the nurse cheaking on her was pregnant with twin boys. I wasn't really thinking about it when I said it. Because I have a really messed up Dark Twisted sense of humor and I also enjoy deeply offensive humor. And most women don't understand my sense of humor and I am a female with a sense of humor that relates to guys better.

I f*cked your mother.

I am a 31 year old woman and I think chick flicks and romantic movies are cringey and stupid. And I prefer horror movies.

I love skinny dipping in backyard pools owned by rich people who live in gated communities. I can't stand rich people but I love to piss in there clean backyard pools and poop in then front lawns and backyards. I also love to steal there things and graffiti big fat coc** ,swastikas,and satanic symbols their homes. I also love to egg their homes. Yeah I know I am pretty immature for my age of 50 and I enjoy every minute of it. And I enjoy being an Ass***.

I work in a mortuary I'm a 52 year old man and I have sex with dead people and I am experiencing a midlife crisis where I want to cope cat my Emo teenage daughter and become more like her and become a teenage Emo boy and get in immature fights with squirrels and Metal heads. I now am officially embarrassing my Emo teenage daughter worse then ever.

Me and my friends(1 guy, 2 girls) have decided to play Truth or Dare at some house party.
Since I'm a software developer I created my own app so me and my friend could cheat at the game and get the dares we want.