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Have any of you ever had good quality unprotected sex with a random girl while camping? Like a random girl you meet at the campgrounds like at a common area?

I never have but badly want to - despite the fact that most of the girls I’m running into at these public camp grounds are redneck trailer trash in RVs owned by grandpa or uncle Steve and all they do is steal beers and ride around drunk on ATVs to go mud riding with little ass*** redneck boys who could all beat the shit out of me and who are all likely only 2 or 3 years away from a meth conviction

Cute girls though. Out sunbathing by the lake near the camp grounds. Gives me a lot of mental pictures to jerk off to furiously while alone in my tent. Again. Fuc*.

God damn it, I hate being out here alone being fuc*** eaten alive by mosquitoes. My underwear is soaking wet. My shorts and socks are filthy after even a one mile hike last night on a hilly forest trails and the red bugs have covered my legs and crotch with bites. My dic* is swollen and itchy, I counted 26 bites by chiggers just on my ballsack. And I used the off deep woods spray. I have a car load of camping shit I dug out of a garage, and more other swag I bought at Dic** sporting goods, and was planning on a great 2 week camping trip to go out sight seeing. Camping when done right saves a buttload of cash. Then after hitting the road yesterday the First campground I hit is full of redneck trailer trash girls tempting me, and boys and the girls fathers or uncles or whatever who would beat the shit out of me and skin me alive if I even touched the girls

Even hiding in the bushes by the girls common shower and bathroom area at night was a bad idea. It was no time at all before someone fat assed redneck grandma came out And asked me what I was doing in the bushes. I just pretended to be lost and then wandered away quickly. Fuc* man

I’d give anything just to get one of those little sunburned redneck ignorant teenage sluts all alone so I could slip my dic* in them. But then their redneck hillbilly boys would come chop my dic* off with delight. They all seems carry around the biggest fuc*** Bowie knives I have ever seen all on their belts. I swear every ass*** out here is carrying a knife

I just need to slip my dic* inside of a girl out here in the woods, please for the love of god, I’m all alone right now, in the men’s bathroom at the rest stop, using the WiFi and air conditioning and I’m tired of jerking off in this bathroom stall in the public bathroom. I need a real woman.

It’s been too many years since anyone has had sex with me. It’s been over 5 years since a woman has even touched my dic*. I’m so desperate. This camping trip was supposed to help get my mind off things.. but it’s making me hornier and sadder than ever. I’ve already drank half the alcohol I brought with me, so I’m going to need a lot more if I’m going to make it through this week.

I hate this. I hate it so bad. I hate my life. How do I fix this?

One of my best friends got sent to prison in Michigan for trolling online to get 14 and 15 year old girls

They put him away for 5 years...

and he never actually got to have sex with any of them

He said it was really bad. He was a big white guy, like 6 ft 2, 250 pounds ... and very smart like master degreee and had been in a PhD program

But he said he was raped by Black people constantly

He said the guards didn’t care about prison rape

And that he was forcibly raped by Black men on a weekly and sometimes daily basis

He said they were a lot of inner city Detroit black men

He said he might have gotten protection if he had lined up with the aryan nation and other white supremacy groups in prison

But that because he didn’t he was raped a lot

He came out and is not the same man. He’s shattered.

He cannot get any work.

He’s a registered sex offender

He had to move back into his step mothers old house in Detroit

He’s living off her social security check for now

He’s banned from online social media

He’s banned from being a teacher - which is what his job was

He’s basically got nothing left to live for

And he’s only 48

And his life is ruined

Anyone else recall that troll fest tht was 60+ comments long? All I remember was that it pertained to sex and was an all-out flame war

So all the trolls got bored and left, or got banned. Hardly any of the posts get bumped anymore.

Batman Raped me

Brutally. It was night. I had been out partying with friend,we got fuc*** up and went to steal some electronic. Fuc*** Batman showed up, all dressed like a bat and shit. Like a ninja. He ruined my shit. Bustedeveryone up. Knocked out.
Next thing I know dude is raping me

Like theres Batman raping the fuc* out of me. I’m all crying. He finished off in me and just left me there. Naked and raped

I haven’t been ok since then. 4 years ago. I can’t have sex anymore. Damaged gooods. I’m fuc***

A few weeks ago I went to Universal resort (one of the hotels they own) in Orlando and heard about polecon, so went over there.

Anyway, there were some cute girls, some not so cute, and a few that could work the pole real well.

I told my wife that I was just going back to the hotel. I didn't tell her I was going to go watch some chicks dance on the pole though.

I just let my best friends do whatever with my wife. Hang out alone and get drunk whatever

She slept with most of my friends before we dated

I figured I knew who I was marrying

She had slept with an admitted 52 guys ... Im positive the number is much much higher...

I was so novice: I had only slept with 2 other girls, in my life! both much younger than me - teenage Virgin nerdy girls when I was in graduate school in my mid Twenties - I had been an RA and did some work as a substitute teacher which Is where I met
my first one was Sophomore that I tutored who was infatuated/ obsessed/in love with me and wanted to marry me even as a teenager..she straight up told me she wanted my babies and was going to not take birth control - it was too intense!!
- the other was a junior at a different school who later dumped me for an even older guy going to Harvard law school

needless to say: I was very very Inexperienced

My wife got over my tremendous lack of sexual experience because I make good money as an engineer and she never has to work

It’s not the worst arrangement you know: nerdy white guy who’s nearly a virgin pays all the bills and gets an attractive former hostess and bar tender girl who’s slept around as a live in girlfriend and now wife

It still weirds me out that she somehow seems to know every other bar tender and waiter in town - years and years later... they’re all extremely friendly and flirtatious withher - even though she’s a budding soccer mommy now

But that’s like hundreds - seriously hundreds and hundreds - of guys

So yes, I just assume she’s sleeping with all of them

Patriarchy will never die. It is genetically predetermined. Women are genetically predetermined to be mothers, and that's where the feminist world ends. It's between your legs. And you don't get to pick. Men are dominant and women are not, not before their man. So patriarchy will never die.

Hahahahahahahahha! Trump’s steel tariffs backfiring with Harley Davidson laying off people and shifting some production to Europe. And best part is, the losers who are losing their jobs probably voted for him! Lololololololol! That’s called karma, bitch!

I'm jerking off while watching videos about bonsai on youtube.

Sometimes I post things on here just to get people riled up at me, thus helping my verbal humilation fetish. Thank you for giving me exactly what I want.

enough masturbation for now

I hate hate hate all the weak, pathethic men. Messaging about how they want to lick p*ssy. Well, I want to kick your face in and tell you how pathetic you are. You're too stupid to know how to use your dic*, the only point of sleeping with a man over a woman. Picture endlessly needy soul sucking eyes that stare at you while rubbing your sensistve bits with slimy sandpaper; that's what men performing oral on a woman is. I don't feel bad at all looking at the male suicide rates, many want to live with their moms in their 30s and 40s because they can't take care of themselves. Pathetic and utterly worthless. Move out of your mother's place, get a roommate if you have to, learn to use your dic* not your tongue, and toughen up!

lol im popping the pill...

can confirm you have the prettiest eyes ever in the world

Hi Mr. No Socks!

you are my idol.

signed: bonsai guy

white ppl have no chill whatsoever

spiders ate myexgirlfriend

Whatthe fuc* is going on guys? Jesus Christ that’s messed up

They fuc*** ate her. Fuc*** spiders p

bonsai trees are addictive af

... white people

only white people would post the shit on here...

its seriously jerry springer shit

just white people honestly... and one brown person pretending to be a white person and changing his accent... whats wrong with your real accent anyway?

legit though, how fuc*** up are white people... look at this website...

i love that science proves that white guys have smaller dic** tho... it kinda explains a lot about their behaviour aye