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I wish everyone I knew had my same taste in music and movies.
and had my same opinions about society.

I secretly feels like throwing up whenever my friends who are known to be playboys come up to me and say they want to be married to clean innocent virgins once they're done with playing around.

hookers have officially pulled ahead by one ladder rung over news reporters and liberal social justice activists, when it comes to integrity, moral standing and usefullness to society.

I am 35 male and, based on different styles and other memories, I think the following took place somewhere between 1989 and 1992. So, I would have been between 7 and 10.

I was in my Simpsons sleeping bag. It had a blue lining, so when inside, everything was bathed in blue. It was like this magical private space. In this blue glow, I have a memory of hairy male teen legs of an athletic build. I remember from the ankles to the thighs but not the shape of the feet or toes or anything above the thighs. I do not remember briefs or any inner thigh, so perhaps he was wearing boxers or soccer shorts. I do not believe anything was erect.

I identify as mildly genderqueer and lust over the type of legs I remember, so I can't help but think this experience screwed me up sexually. I also wonder if there may have been other parts to this encounter I do not allow myself to remember.

I'm into casts and broken bones. It's hard. I basically do not have any normal sexuality outside of this fetish. I am a younger guy and, to make matters even more deviant, I am not into women in casts. I am into hot athletic guys in casts. Lately, I have been trying to aim for health and not apply casts or pretend I have a broken arm or leg. But, especially when summer comes around, my mind turns to fancy in the same way a straight guy thinks of girls. The smell of the fiberglass, the feel of the padding, the cool story, the signatures. But I am trying to avoid falling prey to this desire. I work out and run and try to stay on the straight side of things. I wish I was normal.

abortions should be mandatory!

I know there are many exhibitionists around but wonder how many are female like me. I quess strippers have to have a certain desire to expose themselves but I don't completely understand why I delibertley expose myself to men I sometimes know and many men I don't know. I have been dating and livng with my boyfriend for over three years and truly love him. If he ever found out how many men I have exosed myself to or how many guys have seen me naked he could never forgive me. I travel with my job mostly to east coast cities and have plenty of opurtunities. When I'm in Florida I visit mosly small stores where I try on bathing suits leaving either curtains or doors open enough for men to see me. I even do it in malls all over the east coast. I look around for men waiting for their wives or girlfriends in the stores near the dressing rooms. I prefer staying in motels rather than a hotel so I can easily leave curtains open and after years of travelling I know which are the best to bare myself. All I know is how much it excites me when I know a man is seeing me exposed especially if I am completely naked. It always arouses me to the point of masturbation and there have been numerous times over the years that guys have seen me satisfying myself. I'm 28 now and have been doing this since I was about 15. |At that time neighborhood boys and some male family friends saw me naked a few many times. Its like an obsession and I keep telling myself I'm going to stop doing it but never do stop. Why does it not embarrass me like it would most women. Its just the opposite when I know a guy is seeing me naked I get wet and so aroused it drives me crazy sometimes.

U guys are proper cooked. Like actually charcoal aye. Cracked.

It’s time to join Scientology. My life is fuc*** up beyond recognition. I’m addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. My career rules my life but I find no meaningful progression.

Normal Secular Western solutions and traditional Christianity has failed me.

Scientology has the answers.

I'll call myself HeadHunter cause all I think of is sucking dic*. I'm married for 9 years now have 3 beautiful kids and an amazing husband but sucking him isn't enough. I met strangers at bars, work and even online we meet up and if I'm feeling him I blow him. I've sucked off 10 dudes in one day at the most. Several of my husband friends I've gave oral to over the years they kept quiet cause they wanted to keep getting it. That was when we were back home though. I sneak out of bed some nights when I get the urge. I know it's getting worse cause I'm willing to pay to suck a nice,clean dic*. I just need and want it all the time. I need help but I don't know what to do.

there is a young pregnant girl where I work and i find her uncontrolably irresistably attractive

Many years ago I lived in the dorms. Over the course of one year, when I would go to the laundry room (and was alone), I would steal bras out of dryers. I would take them up to my room and put them on myself for crossdressing fun and act like a woman. Or I would stuff them and put them on a pillow as part of my make-shift sex doll. At the end of the semester, I put them in my laundry bag and took it down to the laundry room. I dumped them all on a table. Here's the craziest part: The next day I saw the bras hanging around the dorm (ie. door handles, stair railings). I overhead people talking about them. I was a legend in my own mind.

so if you are a married man having a hot affair with a woman you are crazy about and she starts acting jealous and possessive, so to let her down easy you make up a story about your wife finding something out. you don't officially end it, you just say your wife is watching you. then 6 months later the woman calls you, do you hook up again or no? and what would the woman have to do to get you to hook up again? say something? send a nude? and what would make you run away??

I read a book ... a trilogy to be exact but I read the fuc*** series backward from 3 to 1...the hell

I'm so hard right now I just want a tight ass*** to spill my load into


got shot in my dic*

It was like 7 years ago. I was carrying a pistol in my pocket when it just went off.
My pen** got mangled. It hurts so bad now, whenever I pee, or whenever it rains. It hurts tremendously if I ever start to get hard

It won’t ejaculate right. I basically can’t cum anymore. It makes me cry every single day

My girlfriend dumped me a year later after all the corrective surgeries failed to fix it. She wants a man with a Real Dic*

I have not been wth a woman in well over 5 years now

The cost of medical procedures bankrupted me.
I got fired from my job because of time missed for work.
Then I started taking pills and drinking a lot.
when they sent debt collectors after me I took what little I had and left town

I can only find part time work
I can’t talk to women because I’m ashamed of my dic*
It’s sonfuc*** lonely here

still carry guns everyday.
I carry guns because I don’t want to get shot

It's okay to post this now right?

I do corporate esponiage and make ALOT of money at it

its shockingly easy

I want to be sheathed in leather and stored in a trunk like the gimp in Pulp Fiction. Just bring me out periodically for your perverse sexual activities.

I havent had a good in months i need to be filled up ...i want some c...m.