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My son got traded from his hockey team, to a different hockey team. I am abjectly crushed and so, so disappointed. Not for my son, he'll have a great season regardless. It's because I desparately wanted to have extramarital sex with his former coach. :hockey::worried:

summer of 2001, when i was a Senior in college, I had sex with my ex girlfriend’s college roommate who was a freshman. I didnt feel like it was date rape at the time,

even though she asked to stay over at my apartment after a concert, and she even laid down on my bed. she seemed ok once we started making out, but got nervous when I took her panties off. She told me she was a virgin and not on birth control, but before she could say much else I got on top of her and slipped inside of her

immediately she started to cry and frankly that just made me harder and turned me on more. I think she was saying “please no” but I pretended not to hear, then before I knew what happened I came inside her

she cried for an hour or more, but she still went to sleep in my bed that night. she slept naked because I told her that would be better. it was clear she was uncomfortable and felt off

in the morning, I took her to get breakfast. she still seemed like she was in shock

she never called it rape

she never called the police or anything like that

in fact she even called a few weeks later wanting to go on a date

its just that I ghosted her in fall of 2001... even though I heard she had mysteriously gained weight (she had always been skinny), then she dropped out.. I heard later she maybe had gotten pregnant but I pretended like it wasnt me, or couldnt be me.

of course nobody ever knew I had slept with her summer of 2001.

It just haunts me to this day

She was a skinny, nerdy girl who was a virgin and never had a boyfriend. its clear to me now looking back on it who really would have been most likely to have gotten her pregnant

it almost certianly had to be me who got her pregnant

Ive tried looking her up on facebook

but I cannot remember her last name and dont know anyone who still knows her last name

I cant shake the haunting feeling like I got her pregnant

from what was essentially a date rape

ans that somewhere out there I have a 16 year old child that ive never met

My wife and I got an email invitation to participate in the Spencer Tunick photoshoot on Sunday in NYC.
I want to go, but the wife says we cant afford the time to waste this weedend.
(We're having friends arrive on mon, and it would be madness to make it back late, and get the house in order)
I cant wait to see what we missed. We love STs work, and have been before.

I have Tourette's Syndrome, a facial paaralysis on one side of my face, and a deformed ear (the latter two I was born with). However, nobody has taken a picture or video of me, to my knowledge, and made it go viral on the Internet. Part of me is comforted by this, but part of me is kind of disappointed.

The TV show “Shameless” is full of moral bankruptcy and absolute filth! I can’t stop watching though because I root for these toilet people to fail!

people are praising me for being pretty and smart but i dont understand why am i still single

I’m typing this as I sit in a roomful of people at a banquet, and all I want to do is stand up and scratch my ass and pick my nose. My ass is incredibly itchy and my nasal wall is encrusted with dried snot. I yearn to relieve myself! I don’t even want to go to the bathroom, I jusf want to service myself here and now.

Fuc* manners, here I go

This is the second time that I've waited until the night before the damn thing is due to start writing a college history essay. Last time, I started at 12 noon and ended at 3:30 in the morning. This time, I started around 6 in the evening. It's past midnight. I don't know how much sleep I'll be getting tonight, if I get any at all. I wake up at 5.

i have a crush on a guy in my art class, but we don't even know each other. we've locked eyes a lot, like i stare at him and he stares at me, but never actually talked. yeah, hes attractive (pretty sure other people would find him ugly, idk) but i think what i love most about him is his personality, he seems so fun to be around. and his i love it. he gives me so many butterflies in my stomach and makes my heart flutter, and that hasn't happened to me in about a year. i hope he doesn't think im weird, i mean after all im trying ti force my feelings for him to stop :-:

jOke tImE!

What’s the difference between grapes and rape?

One tastes delicious and other is totally fine with Republicans!


So my relationship with my ex ended kinda badly.. I was on my way home from work and he called and asked me to go to the store to grab a couple things for him because he decided he wanted to make ribs. So I went to the store called him to have him tell me what to get and he starts getting mad at me and giving me attitude because I couldn’t find it. (He was really mad because some other shit that I won’t say pissed him off so he decided to take it out on me.) so I start to giggle and say “babe I’m just trying to ask what it looks like and what it’s called idk why you’re mad” well, he got more of an attitude and started flipping out and hung up. So I texted him obviously I was mad because I didn’t understand or deserve his attitude. (This isn’t the first time he’s taken something out on me.) So I ended up finding what I needed and left I came home and he still had an attitude and for no reason started freaking out at me because I sat down on the couch and didn’t roll a blunt. So after going back and fourth for a little bit I decided to go outside and smoke.

Only to hear him speaking Spanish loud enough for me to hear him. He was talking to him mom. (I loved her she was a beautiful person inside and out as were the rest of his family.) Anyways.. I came back inside and sat on the couch and I knew he was talking shit about me saying that I don’t do anything for him or anything in general. (Now I took this very offensive as everyone in my life knows that I do absolutely everything for him and his son.)

Something happened with my dad getting mad at him for not going to work one day. (Because my dads a workaholic and he thinks everyone should be that way.) So he looked at that as me talking shit when I never would ever bring my relationship into my family to ever discuss.

Being in a relationship is a very personal thing, your family should NOT be involved in you’re arguments or anything that happens behind the scenes. (Unless you’re in an abusive relationship then they should know.)

So I never once ever said anything to my family. He told me Not to involve them, that a relationship is a personal thing. Pretty much exactly how I already felt. So the fact that he told me that then goes and calls his mom and talks shit not even stating facts straight talking shit about me. But you know his family only knows what he wants them to know.

He makes me seem like the bad one, like the crazy one, the one who never does anything, the one who is always in the wrong. He makes me seem like the pathetic one.

He’s cheated on me in the past.. and I forgave him multiple time. Even the time o saw him texting a hooker telling her he had 40$ for a bj and weed. He made her send him pictures of herself. Someone he went strawberry picking with last year he stated was his friend but a month after they went strawberry picking and she messaged me and told me they had sex because he said he didn’t have a girlfriend. That’s just a couple of examples. It’s been less than a year since the last time he cheated on me. (At least from what I know.) I’ve been suspecting something recently though. (Which would explain the attitude I’ve been getting lately) He’s said very hurtful things to me that I don’t even know how I ever forgave him for. I’m mad at myself for it taking me almost 2 years to let go of someone who’s been treating me like I’m a piece of shit for a good amount of our relationship.

He yelled - I was supposed to shut up and listen. He spoke - I was supposed to obey. (Like a parent telling a child what to do.) Oh and if I accidentally forgot to do something even as small as taking a meat out before I left for work - I was the biggest ass*** and I fuc*** up his entire day. (Even though you can defrost it multiple ways.)

I honestly don’t understand how I’ve put up with this for so long it really does make me feel pathetic.

end all teenage abortions now

if you arent old enough to buy a beer - 21 - then you arent old enough to buy an abortion

Yesterday I saw a dream. I was on my bike. i don't remember how i reached the bottom of the cliff. there was a rope. i used that rope to climb up the cliff.there were trees and branches everywhere. below every trees there were pieces of broken glasses. as i reached to the top, there were other peoples hanging on the edge waiting for being pulled up. i called for help as there were some military guys on the top of clips. the guy hanging next to me tap my arm and said "no its my turn" i complained them about the broken glasses. Strange and weird dream.

worried I am a stranded time traveler.. It feels like I have lived many past lives. My young daughter is the same way. My young wife is kind but does not understand. I know I was left here at age “5” nearly and exchanged with a life model decoy in California some 33 years ago

I know the mountains, the jungles, the plains, the Forests and the deserts around the globe. I know the cities that have crumbled and fallen, and those which have yet to become. I have seen far reaches of many worlds, loved many women, fought wars along side many men I regarded as brothers, and lived lives of tranquil peace high in the mountains.

These past lives flash before me on occasion and I glimpse their wonder

I only wish I knew the way Home

if you have ever gotten someone to start smoking cigarettes, please share your story and tell me how you did it

Go see what you can do for $900. I knew a girl who needed cash money money very very badly one time.

She was willing to do anything

I mean anything. She made $2000 that night.

She was still ok by the time it was over

And nobody every had to find out

there is so much love and light waiting out there for you... for everyone if you just love yourself and accept yourself... everyone stays in darkness out of fear... be brave!!! find the limitless power inside yourselves. its there if youd stop letting these dark energies feed on you!!! we didnt come to this planet to make ourselves and eachother sick with anger and hatred and darkness, we came to be happy and have fun and laugh and love eachother.

If you're over 25, male, and still live with your mom, CUT THE APRON STRINGS.

You do not deserve sex or a partner while acting like a child.
You aren't a real man.
Do your own fuc*** laundry, cooking, get off porn sites, stop gaming, look in the mirror, and tell yourself "I am a complete waste of life".
Move OUT! Get a roomie, anything, but you are scum for being a useless freeloader. Baby.

Sometimes I act NORMAL in public just to shake things up.