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hookers have officially pulled ahead by one ladder rung over news reporters and liberal social justice activists, when it comes to integrity, moral standing and usefullness to society.

I’m turning my country farm house property I inherited out by the bayou into a real life Dungeons and Dragons set up.

For the dungeon, I have a large basement I have turned into a well, I put some chains and shut in there.

For the dragon, I have some gators

I don’t have any armor, but I do have an old rusty machete that can be used like a sword.

I’m running an online casting call for 4-6 D&D Live Action role Players who are interested in a cross combo with a “Escape Room”

Basically my plan is get everyone dressed in period authentic clothing - I’ve got some from when i did Ren Faire and also have some old prom dresses from my sister? Which kinda work - was thinking I want them all to wear onlythe authentic period clothing so no underwear or anything like that, but not sure how to get that done smoothly

Also not sure how to
Get girls to signup for this shit but I figure there needs to be at least 1 girl for every guy so I was thinking of hiring a girl as a “baby sitter” and then just kinda convincing her it’s worth going along with this “fun escape room” thing for fun!? Willthis work?

Then take everyone’s phones and wallets and all that fake ass technology shit - and give everyone their allotment of Wine, so like, a pouch of wine from store I can make part of the price - about equal to 6-7 glasses of wine

Then lock them all up in the “dungeon “ that they have to escape from with only the old machete and also a few home made torches soaked in gasoline, and a bit of flint and tinder - so that they have to light the torches themselves

Will also put the baby gators in the basement ahead of time, alone with a few snakes I’ve caught down by the Bayou

Basement is already full of rats and rat shit - I tried cleaning it out last year, but frankly it’s hot as hell down in there and the wasps nests and spiders were getting to me

I’m figuring lock them up on a Friday night and leave

Then come back sunday afternoon to see if they’ve gotten out?

I’m betting this gig will make stupid money. Loads of dumb D&D kids will sign up !

Plus it’s end of the school year so I’m thinking now that Schools getting out the Nerdy Game of thrones type kids will dig the hell out of it!

I’m thinking let the first group go down for the weekend “for free” as a promotional deal

Then charge everyone else $200 a head for the game

Tell me you guys agree this is not the awesomest shit you’ve ever heard of all day !!

I would have absolutely for sure 100% done this if I’d had the chance as a teenager

Look you guys can laugh at me if you want - but this is a legitimate serious business idea

I’ve got all
The shit I need to
Be able to make this work - all I need is a little bit of positive response to convince me this is a gold mine of an idea!

my girlfriend cant quit smoking and its driving me crazy!

She is so addicted she cant even go half an hour without needing another cigarette. she coughs constantly, wheezing, cant make it up a flight of stairs without gasping for air.

yeah she smoked when we first started dating years ago, and yeah shes basically smoked 3 packs a day this whole time. apparently she has for 20 years since high school. since college, she always worked at a bar that allows smoking

but its really started making her health decline rapidly in the past year. she claims smoking helps her stay thin, but shes started coughing up blood and brown mucus.

she refuses to go to the doctor because she doesnt have health insurance - last time she went to the doctor for a routine visit she got stuck with a $7,300 bill ... so she just refuses to go at all now

its getting bad. she has started losing her teeth from smoking. her teeth are rotting out. she absolutely reeks of old alcohol and stale cigarettes constantly. her cough is continious and sounds like a deep rattle. very scary when shes gasping for air

I dont know what to do! shes tried vapes, hates them. tried gum and patches, didnt work. shes basically given up on ever quitting

look: I want to have a real life with this woman. she wants that too. For years Weve talked about wanting to move to the Rocky Mountians in Colorado and work in a ski resort town get married and have children.

but how can she have children and be a good mother if shes working till midnight or 2am every night at a bar, taking shots customers buy for her, and chain smoking at least 3 packs a day?

what can I do here now? her health is getting really bad and shes only 38.

she completely refuses to even try to quit smoking anymore - please help me - I love this woman

where can I find a girl willing to wear her shoes without socks for me? like every day for the rest of her life?

I have a job and can pay the bills. she can live with me rent free, I have cable and internet. Ill buy her groceries, and clothes, and of course shoes.

where can I find a girl would be imterested in a free place to stay in exchange for just not being allowed to own socks or ever wear them and always wearing her shoes barefoot without socks!?

My cat is so funny. I hope she's really happy even though I don't see her that much anymore. She's literally the thing I love the most in the world I hope she knows that. She's my kid. My first born baby. She smells like bubblegum even without being bathed ever. Little silken babe. Babe in the city.

my feet have blisters on them because I wore my shoes without socks

i kinda like it

badly craving cigarettes. been addicted badly since high school. I need a smoke break at least every hour. I cant stand to go without it - had a long layover on a flight - had to leave airport security and go outside to chain smoke several cigarettes back to back to back

trying to go back through airport tsa security when cravings for cigarettes hit again and had to rush outside to quickly smoke several more cigarettes

there is just no way I can make a 3 to 4 hour flight without a cigarette

my shit is not right. its been ruinous all week

im afraid Im really sick. but I cannot go to the doctor because I am broke, only can find work part time and have no health insurance

I need to tell my parents I've been seeing hookers for 20 years, and that quite a lot of the money they gave me to help me ended up in the hookers' purses, but every time I'm with my mother and see how little understanding and how judging she is I doubt it is a good idea to tell her.

The filth on this website is palpable. Not often do I see such prime evidence of the descent of mankind into beasts.

Stormy Dan***s is suing for defamation is crazy.

How do sully a porn star name?

Not saying I wouldn't bang her, need a double condom for that cum dumpster.

I got to see her over in Sauget, IL. Anyone knows about the East side of St Louis in IL, knows what goes on in there.

It's like anything goes on in there for the right price.

i hate my body so much. i can't stop binging. i feel like i piece of garbage i wish it would just fuc*** stop

20’years later and im still addicted to cigarettes

I should be empathetic towards people with Bell’s Palsy since I was born with a facial paralysis on one side (sort of a congential Bell’s Palsy). And I am to an extent. I can’t imagine how it would feel to have a symmetirical face and then lose it. But, a part of me is a little jealous because they had a “normal” face for a while and will likely have their “normal” face return.

The year was 1969, the year I graduated from high school. I was 17, she was 21. My mother caught is in the act. My cousin, who was 30 then, took me in, he agreed to marry me and give me a respectful life. If I did the things required of being his wife, then I could do what I needed to do. Don't embarrass him, keep my thing to myself. He hired my lover girlfriend and her job was looking after his personal affairs. She was his private secretary. I did my part, which I did with all the desire in the world. My love was with me everyday, and being his wife was easy, I had maids to look after the house, when I had kids I had nannies to help. He gave me a seperate bedroom on the excuse that he didn't want to be woken at night when I dealt with the children. My love had a private room in the house, and there was a door between her room and mine. I could kiss her all I wanted in front of him, we could display all the affection we wanted in front of him. We lived together. From time to time I had to be his wife, which never bothered me, not even the first time. He told me I had to do it, so I did it. Times have changed and my love and I are still one and one, and we live with my husband. Today many people know about our love story. It is not that kind of secret any more. And no, she was never his lover. I was his lover. He is the other love of my life. I went willingly to his bed and I tried to be the best wife he could have. He should never want another wife in his bed. He asked that of me on the day I got married. If I was to be a wife, I was going to be his wife. And that was fair.

cant stop smoking. been 23 years now.

im ruining my lungs. so many cigarettes. one after the other

I cant stop

who would even create a website telling people to talk about revenge in a positive light... its so toxic and negative. do you actually think this way of being will get you a happy and fulfilled life??? it wont come even close. why do you think youre so miserable now? happy people just dont have a desire to be negative or toxic. this website is actual trash... and you know what else? i really do pity all of you. i really do from the bottom of my heart. i was toxic and vengeful for a stint when i was younger and then again through a bad breakup but you know what i was able to learn and grow from that. but you guys are stuck like this. i really hope some day you can achieve some growth and change your lives. for your own sake.

no socks girls, no socks!

It is me and my younger sister. Neither one of us was a saint growing up. We had a boyfriend, and this boyfriend had sex with both of us. Lots of sex. Together and one on one. Now that we are older, we both went to college already, my younger sister wants to become a nun. My sister is not a virgin, she is not innocent, and I don't think she is even religious. IMO she is just going through a guilt phase. My sister and I have committed adultery, together, with the same man in the same bed at the same time.
My sister, and me for that matter, have no business even going to church, we are sinners of the worst caliber, we live with and have sex with the same man. The only virtue we have is that we have never wandered from him. We are both gainfully employed in very secular jobs. We just both live very unvirtuous lives in the privacy of our home.
And on a selfish note, if my sister left me I would die.

I think hot girls with a mouth full of dic* is one of the hottest visuals this world has ever produced!! And this is no joke!