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what are best weapons against the undead in real life? fuc*** 200% serious

i love Tod*ddd. i cant get him out of my head

In Palm Springs, California, there is a fat white guy in a blue shirt with glasses and he is being extremely rude and prejudice towards people for no reason. Fuc* that fat ass***.

I have complicated views on abortion because I dont know how many ive been responsible for..all I know is that I’ve had unprotected sex with about 75 women in the last 20 years. No condome Ever.

There are at least 34 children I know about that those women had. Often they were with/married to other men. Most of those kids think they are fathered by other men. Some look an awful lot like me in their moms Facebook pictures; but I never say anything or pay child support... Those are just the kids I know about.

There are 9 pregnancies I know I am 100% responsible for. I don’t even have much game, I just sleep around with whoever I can when I get the chance honestly.

I only ever paid for 3 of The abortions. I know there were many many more; I just don’t know how many.

Only 1 of The children lives with me and has my last name.

How many abortions am I responsible for? How many miscarriages? I cannot even fathom how many times I actually got girls pregnant and they didn’t want the baby

I really cannot even guess at the true number of abortions. Maybe it’s only 20 or 30? I can’t imagine it being lower than that. It seems quite likely to be over 100 abortions

100 abortions? Jesus that’s horrifying

I mean: I don’t want 100 kids either. Of the 34 kids where there moms got pregnant while I was having unprotected sex with them; over half were also seeing other guys. They told the other guys they were the father.. I’m sure some of them probably could be

Some of these guys are clearly not the father of these kids though. It’s plainly obvious... but society is what it is: they stay with the mom they have to pay for all her kids if she says so

Maybe if I add the 9 pregnancies I for sure know I caused, maybe I’ve somehow only ever gotten 20 girls pregnant...

Oh and I’m not a player or anything. Hell I’m not even good looking, I just have low standards and will hook up with drunk girls or rebounds or desperate girls, or desperate lonely drunk girls, or really whoever

But I still only have the one daughter who lives with me and has my last name

None went up for adoption that I know about

Zero adoptions out of this whole bunch.

At least 4 abortions for sure. 3 I paid for; 1 I refused to pay for. She was 19 and her sister took her and paid for it I think.

Still: how many abortions?

Do you guys see how fuc*** crazy all of this is?

I don’t care where you are on the pro-choice or pro-life side: this entire situation is fuc***

If you are anti abortion: the number of abortions involved is staggering

If you are pro-choice: how does this not look like a terrible use of the system? I guess it protected the women’s/girl’s interests? I’m really not sure if it did.

It’s pretty fuc*** nuts when you look at it

I am as pro abortion as it gets. I don't care about any clusters of cells in a woman's belly, but I would gladly give team pro-life their way and would fully support a complete ban on abortion(except rape and incest) if I never had to hear that f**king subject mentioned in the political arena again in my life. I hate hearing about it so much and it keeps lawmkers from dealing with issues that affect real walking and talking people.

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Let's play a word association game:


when my daughter was a baby i used her as a sort of fleshlight. smothered my thing in baby lotion and rubbed it on the outside of her baby slit until i creamed. so much cream. filled her crack with it. dripping wet with daddy cream.

Alabama is on the wrong side of history again!

Abortion should be not only legal but mandatory!

Everybody needs to have one at least once, paid for by the government with tax dollars!



I got really turned on at work today and found something we sell to use as a you know what and you know whated in a parking lot on my lunch break :hushed:

I cant stop smoking cigarettes. i know they will give me lung cancer. They already make me sick all the time. I just cant get by without them. every single hour, or half hour, I think about how bad i need them. the only thing that helps is smoking a real cigarette

Ive been addicted like this since I was a teenager in the 1990s, when it was cool to smoke - and now I cant quit. now its killing me.

All of the phallic-shaped and pointed objects in my home are smeared with dried fecal matter.

Because I shoved them all up my ass.

Banjo-Kazooie is getting in Super Smash Bros Ultimate as DLC. Mark my words.

I'm non-binary. My friends know, my parents don't. I use they/them pronouns.


does anyone here watch somegirls megxit comedy on youtube ? I mean it was funny, then it was bitchy and now its plain hookersville for young men. sorry but it is not attractive.

Things got out of hand the other night. My parents were away for the weekend and I started drinking around 2 in the afternoon. By 8 I was cooking meth. The last thing I remember was dancing to ICP. I woke up the next morning face down naked on the floor. My ass burned. Next to me was a bowling pin and the tip was covered in blood and excrement. The playlist was now playing “Smooth Operator” by Sade.

More like sexual random feeling. I know it’s cliched but we are humans(female one here) we can’t help it. Reader’s disclaimer: you will be grossed out. I am still a virgin. Don’t judge. It’s not about masturbation. Whenever I see a couple I imagine them having sex. I know that it’s wrong. Don’t worry, my morals are intact. Or not. Well either way it all happens just when I see two or three people extremely close to one another. Gender is not an issue. But the point of imagining at the moment I see them is a glitch. But there is this one guy whom I don’t imagine anyone else but myself having sex. Things become so awkward that I decided to avoid. But whenever I see him the picture pops up. It’s really not good for my heart. I know I was crushing on him but never masturbated to him before the imagination got random of him and I doing…. Stuffs.. in wrong places. If at all anything happens, I’ll be happy. It’s the crush. Once a crush, always a crush. I even imagined us happy babies and a pet dog and a cat. This is wrong, don’t you think? Maybe it’s just a phase. It’ll pass. Probably. Btw, game of thrones season 8 is awesome. Wakanda forever. I love you readers! And cheers for NBA!

where can i get aome asbestos fibers for inhalation in america? Ive been smoking cigarettes everyday since 1997/1998 but I want to get serious about my lung damage now... I should have started destroying my lungs with asbestos when I first learned of it ten years ago - please - Im desperate!!!

I like to walk around flashing women through my pants. Ladies, it may look like I have pants on, but I am totally naked and exposing myself underneath my pants.