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FECKLEESS ROYALS- hrh his/her royal highness should be hrfh, his/her royal feckless highness when I think of chuck or cam or harry and nutmeg and kate and will.completely FECKLESS! what a feckless contribution megs gave at feminist debate and dress was nice until I seen the bottom so short. Then her hat today looks like a 1950s nun or nurse? something I doubt she would like to think she can but could ever be either because you have to think of others more then yourself. However, these days most nuns and nurses are a hell of a lot like her narcissistic nature so maybe she could do it. She is just copying Kate’s head-dress now. She shows her competition to be head woman above Kate. And I do support P.Mor*** for a change on what he said about harry’s pretend halo, but they all have that halo problem. Just look how ineffectual they are and FECKLESS.

I want to be the first person to start the perverted Bagel challenge. The challenge goes as simple as this what you need to do is get a bagel of your choice of any flavor that you want get and get some cream cheese spread it on your bagel like you normally do then proceeded to do perverted things with that bagel and you can use your fingers and your mouth. What I want you to do is to film yourself doing really perverted sexual acts to that bagel then upload that video onto YouTube and put #pervertedbagelchallenge. You can even pretend that the bagel is somebody's butthole and you're tossing their salad.

Do you know where I can get an abortion cheap? My ex needs one really badly. She saids it’s probably not mine from when she got Blackout drunk at a Christmas party and AI kinda nailed her at my friends house when she passed out. She was so fuc*** mad at me but then I bought her some more alcohol and a few cartons of cigarettes as anpresent to make it up and she forgave me . she said she really she doesn’t know who the dad is because she was with a lot of guys over the Christmas holidays because she was always shit faced at parties and passing out after barfing everywhere everynight but she has midterms coming up before spring break but they just closed the abortion clinic near campus because it didn’t have admitting priidges or some shit like that. Closest clinic we found online is 600 miles away, which seems insane. What the hell do we do?

i just hope this site dies a peaceful death. what a shit show. even the trolls are too bored to come back!

Wish to be granted by 4 face Buddha.
Kim minhyuk wants to continue and be boyfriend girlfriend relationship with his girlfriend.

Wish to be granted by 4 face Buddha.
Kim Minhyuk and his girlfriend want to continue and be in boyfriend girlfriend relationship with each other.

My thoughts on diana and her two boys. So, this is just my opinion based on what people in counselling say to me, but I believe that those two boys married too young in life and seeing they are still always still talking about their mother and their wives copying her clothing tells me, they are not over their issues yet and have not dealt with issues before going into a marriage and tilting their hats to a dead woman all the time wearing copy clothing styles is really very childish and shows a lack of self trust and self development on the behalf of the wives that they chose. At least Charles did marry much later in life each time. I was 40 when I married and I have 2 kids and I don't want to dress like my husbands decessed mother. I don't want to dress like any dead person at that, come to think of it.

i'm not suicidal or anything (and that isn't something I'd ever do) but I genuinely don't want to exist anymore. Life is just...such a drag and I'm not excited about my future anymore. If there was another way out, I'd take it.

I've been having sex with my hot older sister for years..We enjoy it, are good at it, and have no plans on stopping. Since she took an early buyout from her job, we've been going at it more than ever, including my college years, when I'd spend some weekends at her apartment, nobody knew, and we'd just go at it like animals from Friday night until I left late Sunday.

This past weekend, we got together again during a gathering, as we often do. Steal away for some us time, have sex, then return. She fell in her basement a few weeks ago, and broke her forearm, and is in a cast from wrist to elbow. Limited mobility. My confession, strange is it is (to me, anyway), is that...For some reason, having her in that cast, a bit immobile, seemed to turn me on more and make her that much sexier. Something about, I don't know...Knowing she couldn't do as much, needed my help, or maybe, in a worst-case scenario (not with me), wouldn't be able to defend herself..Just got me going. I've never had this before, with anyone. Having her in that arm cast just revved me up, and I really plowed and plunged inside of her this past weekend.

the dumb news, the actor who played hilter died. attacks in the sea, politicians battle and weather , news, there is no such thing as news. oh forgot to add in stupid royal segments about meggamouth and why prince william is so childish and immature to have his knickers pulled off by some pubilicent kid a dozen decades ago. serious news that. and my god have all those new married royals aged, great to see that come down for them. silly old issi sill piss and woffle bummering- all bum chuggers ganades up their asses and bum-chum bs, british air problems, elections in some monkey country in asia somewhere. woopty doo-da what a load of gar'bage. say it like mirage ! it makes more sense then, an illusion of the world via the dumb news that makes no sense and makes the world sick. sorry I am having a senior cynical moment right now. it will be over in approximately 11 seconds.

I don't care if you hate me. I can live with that. I have lived a long time being hated before.

I have a right to hate people if I want to. people hated me, still hate me. so what. I still live and adult past it. and there is no law that says I have to like people or certain persons of ill repute like nutmeg or wil***. horny whores on millions and steroids wanting to rule the world. see how insane they are. I don't want that. they don't like everyone. I don't have to like them. so what. go shove your horn somewhere else please! leave us alone. we are good common folk who want to be left alone and we don't want to know you. we don't like you. and if I ever have the misfortune of having to meet you I might be nice if you are but basically speaking I don't like what you stand for. I don't like what you represent. I don't like wil*** bully girl tantrum black social anarchy black superiority crap and baby diaper superiority crap. I don't like people, so what. I don't like what nutmeg and hairybear stand for. what they represent makes no sense to me and is separate to the rest of any other royals even in black nations. I just don't like them and their drug pasts and their whoring and thilth. people don't forget the devils they really are. and what they did to get to the top. they will come down. life will kick up the gutz really quickly.
Royals and wil*** etc all criminals who should be locked away in a padded cell. You are the crazy ones. You should be fed to the lions and culled. No one likes celebrities anymore.

NO ONE LIKES HER, NO ONE LIKES HIM. NO ONE LIKES SERENA BIGMOUTH BULLY KING KONG WIL***. did you see that BRATS performance on the tennis court like a spoilt tantrum child after her baby was born, clearly you copy your child all the time now. This is how spoilt bratty selfish women go after a kid. They truly do believe the world centers around their holes after a baby.

Motherhood makes you no more special then the next person! get the f out of the worlds lives no one wants to see you anymore! we face bigger issues and responsibilities to survive then you could ever possibly imagine your so spoilt!
go get horny on someone else's time and leave us alone! we don't like you!

Prince harry is so old and ugly now. that is why all the women ran from him and he caught the dumbo prize.
they gone for their potty more after the baaaabbbeeeee is born and their brains and behavior will milk down to that kids level if there are any brains at all.

I think its so stupid the amount of people who say "you are just jealous" "you are stupid", "you are crazy" - do I sound crazy speaking reason, just because I dont like someone. heaps of people don't like trump and don't like a lot of people in politics but does that make anyone who doesn't like someone and don't vote for them crazy? then we are all crazy because we can only cast 1 vote, 1 like. so we all crazy to not like their opponent? come on now? get showreel checked nutmeg and kinkong wil*** smarmy baby momma nigga shade drama banana wacko tennis court side bully tantrums at umpires who are superior to you! you can't hack it that they are above you. you think your better then everyone else on this planet and you got to sit and shit like every human unless you have your diapa on, you ugly mean bully girl. well I am not jealous. I don't want to be wil*** or markle or harry and I don't like red hair men at all. I don't think royalty is fit anymore to rule as it used to and the times are and changing with such commoners getting in the royal ranks that common folk now want to vote a head of state in themselves. You change 1 think , you might as well change 100 things is general consensus. Your money and sparkle of pomp ceremony actually disgusts me.

I want to be a millionaire ...

Last week I watched "I, Tonya" and I'm having recurring dreams about making love in the back of a dump truck near the local trailer park.

can't take the gerbil out. please help

i have a fart fetish i love when girl girl girl girl lol fart on my face

my gf hasn’t been responding to my text for the past couple of days,i talked to her in person and she said everything was fine,I think shes lying for my sake,should I try to talk about it or just let it blow over?

If he only knew how often he enters my mind, how badly I want to be with him as more than just a hookup. There's something about him that excites me in every way possible and that draws me to him like a magnet. He clearly has his flaws like everyone else but they don't bother me in a horrible way, just makes me want to slap him sometimes. Most nights I wish I could fall asleep in his arms. He is my secret lover. I feel perplexed because even though to me he's my #1, I am aware of the fact that he doesn't want me how I want him. so, I've opened myself up to dating and meeting ppl, because I know we will never be a couple. His attraction to me is only sexually and I'm ready to be in a relationship but with the right person even if it's not him. I want to be happy and feel loved rather than used.

i'm a muslim, and my girlfriend is a wild kinda girl. The thing is she always edge me for sex and eventhough i don't want to, I keep on playing words that i would do her later. Now am gonna meet her this coming Wednesday and we will be staying in a hotel together. I'm worried that i might be having sex before marriage which is apparently a great sin in Islam. How am i going to go through this? I am worried i will crumble under my sense of guilt.

is it ok if I hired a male private swimming tutor for my 13 year old daughter? the guy is a 26 year old grad student in kinesiology and was a competetive swimmer in college, and went to college on a swimming scholarship. Hes Very cute...should I be worried about anything?

Been watching documentaries about North Korea over Christmas. I had the opportunity to visit there in 2013 for three days on a sponsored tour when I was stuyding in China. Man, I miss that place. I was rock hard most of the time.

I really hope president Trump and other Western leaders can become total besties with the Supreme Leader and bolster trade with the DPRK. Let them have their bombs, who cares? What is most important is to recognize how many hot women live in the DPRK. They are a whole country of hot women who are waiting for the western world to come in and realease their "inner slut." Improving relations would be a win/win for everyone.