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i have a fart fetish i love when girl girl girl girl lol fart on my face

my gf hasn’t been responding to my text for the past couple of days,i talked to her in person and she said everything was fine,I think shes lying for my sake,should I try to talk about it or just let it blow over?

If he only knew how often he enters my mind, how badly I want to be with him as more than just a hookup. There's something about him that excites me in every way possible and that draws me to him like a magnet. He clearly has his flaws like everyone else but they don't bother me in a horrible way, just makes me want to slap him sometimes. Most nights I wish I could fall asleep in his arms. He is my secret lover. I feel perplexed because even though to me he's my #1, I am aware of the fact that he doesn't want me how I want him. so, I've opened myself up to dating and meeting ppl, because I know we will never be a couple. His attraction to me is only sexually and I'm ready to be in a relationship but with the right person even if it's not him. I want to be happy and feel loved rather than used.

i'm a muslim, and my girlfriend is a wild kinda girl. The thing is she always edge me for sex and eventhough i don't want to, I keep on playing words that i would do her later. Now am gonna meet her this coming Wednesday and we will be staying in a hotel together. I'm worried that i might be having sex before marriage which is apparently a great sin in Islam. How am i going to go through this? I am worried i will crumble under my sense of guilt.

is it ok if I hired a male private swimming tutor for my 13 year old daughter? the guy is a 26 year old grad student in kinesiology and was a competetive swimmer in college, and went to college on a swimming scholarship. Hes Very cute...should I be worried about anything?

Been watching documentaries about North Korea over Christmas. I had the opportunity to visit there in 2013 for three days on a sponsored tour when I was stuyding in China. Man, I miss that place. I was rock hard most of the time.

I really hope president Trump and other Western leaders can become total besties with the Supreme Leader and bolster trade with the DPRK. Let them have their bombs, who cares? What is most important is to recognize how many hot women live in the DPRK. They are a whole country of hot women who are waiting for the western world to come in and realease their "inner slut." Improving relations would be a win/win for everyone.

I'm a beta.

This week has been eye-opening! Just when I think I have figured things out I realize that I only made it to another level in this game called "life". For years I put my trust in someone who I never should have had as much faith in and because of this, I'm realizing the magnitude of shit I've gotten myself into! Lesson here: never believe everything someone may say to you, especially someone who doesn't know much about certain things and that is a "yes" person. That advice or words of hope and encouragement may come at a cost! question everything and make your decisions. Now, here I am with no one to blame but myself! The other sobering moment of the week came soon after the first moment which is, I'm wasting my life and now I'm seeing how lazy I have been it's time to seek help if I want to make something of myself because I can't live like i am now. Unfortunately I'm a slow learner and it took this long to realize that I currently have nothing to offer and now the mission is to change that. This may contradict my previous statement but sometimes the people that owe you nothing may offer the best honest advice about yourself. We may not like to hear the hard reality and truth about ourselves but sometimes those that are honest and not just saying what we want to hear are the ones to cherish.

I lost my virginity when I was 15. Blackout drunk... I feel very ashamed and regretful and I feel like I can't confide in most my friends and have them fully support how I feel about the whole mess. My boyfriend -who was actually there, and I'll explain more later- only gets mad at me when I'm up late in tears and even attempt to vent to him.

The story starts a few months back when I finally started talking to my crush on the bus, a guy I had admired since the fourth grade. We will call him Brown. I was a freshman, he a senior. He always so kind to me, especially then. We talked for hours on end every day after school on SnapChat. I told him several, very secret, secrets. On the bus he had always been so nice to me, and for a small minute I had thought that maybe he had finally seen me, that he was finally going to realize that we were meant to be.

Two months rolled by quickly, so quickly. Prom days were coming close and I was so hopeful my bus crush was going to ask me. I endlessly babbled to my friends about it, soaking the confirmation in that he 'most-definitely had to surely like me.' And then the day came, scrolling through Facebook, a very cute promposal made out to an age appropriate, very cute girl. Sincerely, Brown.

My heart was broken, the small amount of self-esteem I had pieced together fell apart and scattered across the cafeteria floors. My friends were 'so so sorry,' and my mind was filled with 'you really didn't even need him' and 'hes not even that cute.' This felt like the worst thing to have ever happened to me, even after the countless hurdles my young self had already endured.

Fast forward to the end of the summer. I hadn't talked to Bus Crush since that day, cutting him mostly out of my life, refusing his smiles and kind gestures on the bus. Trying to ignore the way my heart beat quickened when he walked down the aisle or said my name. Repressing the thoughts and fantasies of us being a happy, stereotypical high school couple. I had talked to few other people over the summer, but nothing compared and no one truly wanted me. Not like I had thought Brown had.

My friend had gotten kicked out of his house, for some undeniably wrong reasons that I will keep out of my own confessions. A story that is not mine to tell. That being said, he had been staying with me for the majority of the summer. It was usually just him and myself in the house, mother away at work and my siblings with our father. But, as the summer came to an end he had decided to move in with his own father, states away. As much as this broke my heart, I knew I couldn't make him stay. And in all reality he was probably better off there. We decided to properly bid him farewell, we absolutely MUST throw a genuine high school party.

Now, we were definitely not the most popular kids in our very small, quirky school. So you could see why we didn't expect more than 10-15 people to show up. But, to our amazement a good 50 people showed. Some who didn't like us, some who were out closest friends, and one very handsome bus crush.

He seemed to have come out of nowhere, hugging me in a warm, inviting greeting. Sending shocks through my body and making my stomach do actual flips.

That was all we talked that night. He was caught kissing another girl, the same one he slept next to in my bed that night. One who wasn't his girlfriend -Ms. Prom Queen- and one who wasn't me. I was hurt, but nothing like what I had felt before.

I should also mention that my current boyfriend, who we will call Trenton, was there this night. Staying with us until the wee hours, talking to me as Brown lay next to his newest catch by the bonfire where no one was looking. Trenton didn't stay, but he did come back.

We now come to approximately 11:30 in the morning. My friend and I just waking up, everyone who had stayed from the party gone from under their beer cans and bags of chips, only a mess left for us


Late-term abortion at that!

**chef kisses fingers**


I'm a pro choice catholic.

my mother confuses me at times, one minute she is crabby and cranky and the next its all la-de-da. ??? she says I should be patient with my aunty, yeh, I suppose I should be. Please don't get me wrong, I don't hate her. But I have good reason to over the years but I try forgiveness, for what that is worth. I am just fed up. I need something back too. I need to feel rewarded and valued too. I need to feel a sense of contribution to society too! I need a husband more then she dam well does, or her children. I am trying to be perfect and patient. But I have feelings and needs too. I often talk to my aunt and she doesn't listen when we meet or what ever, all I get is her talking over me about her children. I know she doesn't listen to half of what I say. I will try to be patient over the season and new year. But it isn't easy!

In 2016 I moved to a different country to pursue a master's degree . I moved to a student city in the north of the Netherlands. It was hard at first because I have never been away from home for a longer period of time but I finally met some good people there, my classmates were amazing and I slowly started to enjoy student life more and more. One time we went to a party and I met a guy there who was a good friend of my classmate's boyfriend. He started talking to me, he was the one being interested not me. So we started talking, we went on a few dates, hooked up a few times. Soon we hung out every day and I felt like we got along very well. One night, after 6 or so months have passed he asked me what did I think about us and I smiled because I thought he was going to ask me whether I wanted to be his girlfriend. What a fool I was. He immediately made it clear and told me that he didn't want to date me ever because he wasn't into me like that. It really hurt me. I'm that type of girl who is very careful with boys and I had only been in a relationship once before. I have always been the 'smart one'. Anyways, after one week he then told me that we should not see each other again and never contacted me after. I have been heartbroken for months. Since then I have moved on completely but there is still this feeling inside that is weighing me down. Probably because I have never told about this to anyone. I was afraid this would ruin my facade of tough and carefree confident woman. But I needed to say it 'out loud'I guess, to finally feel 'free'inside.

Thank you for reading stranger.

my abortion haunts me

okay, so im a teen girl and I currently have a boyfried. Weve been through so much its unbelievable. Firstly, about 2 years ago when we first started dating i really rushed things and well he ended up catching feelings for his ex girlfriend and tried meeting up with her etc.. i found out and left him. Also, let me not forget to mention that he used to be so mean to me and scream at me horribly in front of people.. anyways after he did what he did with his ex, he told me it was a huge mistake etc.. so i gave him another chance and then he ended up getting accused of sexual harrasment !! (the girl reported him for supposedly grabbing her phone flirtily and placing it on his privates and telling her to get it) i was like wtf! so i left him again.. while we were broken up he started talking to other girls VERY fast however we got back together after he begged for me back and even talked to my parents!! We were good and he wasnt even getting mad ever. Anytime i told him i didnt like something he changed and he stopped talking to every girl. i was impressed but still scared.. He seemed so in love with me finally but sadly i felt like i couldnt do it anymore so i left.. HE CRIED HIS EYES OUT BEGGING FOR ME. HE SAID HE LOVED ME AND WAS TRYING HIS BEST THIS TIME (we had been talking again for like 5 months) he said he was really for me and he was so extremely sorry for everything hes ever done.. i wanted to believe him but i couldnt so i left... and i had sex with another guy HOWEVER he also had sex with another girl. The way i found out was that i misses him and told him i wanted him back. He said "I WOULD LOVE THAT BUT I WANT TO START COMPLETELY HONEST AND HAVE YOUR TRUST FOREVER. I WANT THIS TO WORK AND I WANT TO LOVE YOU BUT I HAD SEX WITH ANOTHER GIRL" .. i asked who and he said it was the girl who was his "sister" and bff.. i was kinda mad but at least he told me right... i end3d up telling him but honestly i wasnt. Now we r together and he treats me so great. Im happy yet i overreact ALOT. i got so mad because he called a girl so smart. I think hes cheating on me a lot and sometimes i feel like i cant even do this but then sometimes i really want this to work. I wanna leave and i dont but i dont wanna lose something good because i feel like now hes changed so much and why go thru all this just to leave? but thennn i feel like i deserve someone whos gonna love me and want me AND BE LOYAL since the beggining . I NEED ADVICE BAD

My son got traded from his hockey team, to a different hockey team. I am abjectly crushed and so, so disappointed. Not for my son, he'll have a great season regardless. It's because I desparately wanted to have extramarital sex with his former coach. :hockey::worried:

summer of 2001, when i was a Senior in college, I had sex with my ex girlfriend’s college roommate who was a freshman. I didnt feel like it was date rape at the time,

even though she asked to stay over at my apartment after a concert, and she even laid down on my bed. she seemed ok once we started making out, but got nervous when I took her panties off. She told me she was a virgin and not on birth control, but before she could say much else I got on top of her and slipped inside of her

immediately she started to cry and frankly that just made me harder and turned me on more. I think she was saying “please no” but I pretended not to hear, then before I knew what happened I came inside her

she cried for an hour or more, but she still went to sleep in my bed that night. she slept naked because I told her that would be better. it was clear she was uncomfortable and felt off

in the morning, I took her to get breakfast. she still seemed like she was in shock

she never called it rape

she never called the police or anything like that

in fact she even called a few weeks later wanting to go on a date

its just that I ghosted her in fall of 2001... even though I heard she had mysteriously gained weight (she had always been skinny), then she dropped out.. I heard later she maybe had gotten pregnant but I pretended like it wasnt me, or couldnt be me.

of course nobody ever knew I had slept with her summer of 2001.

It just haunts me to this day

She was a skinny, nerdy girl who was a virgin and never had a boyfriend. its clear to me now looking back on it who really would have been most likely to have gotten her pregnant

it almost certianly had to be me who got her pregnant

Ive tried looking her up on facebook

but I cannot remember her last name and dont know anyone who still knows her last name

I cant shake the haunting feeling like I got her pregnant

from what was essentially a date rape

ans that somewhere out there I have a 16 year old child that ive never met

My wife and I got an email invitation to participate in the Spencer Tunick photoshoot on Sunday in NYC.
I want to go, but the wife says we cant afford the time to waste this weedend.
(We're having friends arrive on mon, and it would be madness to make it back late, and get the house in order)
I cant wait to see what we missed. We love STs work, and have been before.

I have Tourette's Syndrome, a facial paaralysis on one side of my face, and a deformed ear (the latter two I was born with). However, nobody has taken a picture or video of me, to my knowledge, and made it go viral on the Internet. Part of me is comforted by this, but part of me is kind of disappointed.

The TV show “Shameless” is full of moral bankruptcy and absolute filth! I can’t stop watching though because I root for these toilet people to fail!