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Sex is so fuc*** boring with you. Why arent I interested? Because its the same every fuc*** time. No variety, No change just the same fuc*** thing over and over. to be honest I am not attracted to you. not your body, or personality, or any of that other bullshit. I still love you, but i dont think I like you. And as the years pile up and the days go by as our life if filled with kids schedules, hockey, church crap and school it gets harder and harder to stay married to a stranger.

Im fed up with my marriage. Im tired of occupying the same space with a stranger. We have four kids so thats nice. But it is so dreary. My spouse asks why i am not more interested in sex, all they do is lie there on the bed. Spouse has body image issues so when we can change positions its with the lights off and the fans on to make background noise. That happens once every six months. We've been married 13years now. I am not sure how much more of this I can take. Its to the point now where I am not even attracted to them. They are great in their role as a parent, but as a best friend/life partner I can see myself getting a divorce once the kids move out (if I make it that far) because the stranger I sleep next to at night is starting to get on my nerves

How do people who are confused deal with the reality of a very confusing world? And how do you find you're self in a world you feel like you don't belong in? Because I would like to understand why? Because everything mostly seems pointless to me. And I feel confused and I feel like I don't belong here and it feels like agony but more of social Norm type of agony where you can't seem to find a place you truly belong in and you don't feel accepted. Well thats how I feel about myself and my social anxiety and anxiety as a total Misfit who is not cut of from a normal life. I feel awkward and out-of-place.

Man and horse! Manhorse.

This isn't that interesting, I just wanted to rant x

I've been talking to this boy a lot, and I know him pretty well. Although I see him in class a lot, we mostly chat online. He's been sick for a few days, staying at home. I continued to chat to him. But suddenly, he just changed. Instead of being the goofy, awkward, fun person he was, he turned into a depressed, lonely, isolated person. I don't know if he's actually depressed, or if he's keeping up this act to pressure me into telling him the secret he wants to find out about. I'm lost. I don't know what to do. I just wish I knew what was going on.

Why does it seem like the slutty chicks always seem to get a man? Must I become a slut too to achieve partial happiness even if its for an hour?

my pen** is too big. what can I do?

What do I do if my former roommates ex girlfriend is blackout drunk on my couch again?

She still has a key and comes over to crash. My place is near a bunch of college bars so it’s an easy walk... especially when already drunk... She drinks my liquor alone, passes out on the couch. shes an alcoholic, like really badly. This has happened three times now this semester. and the semester just started. She usually texts me before she comes, but not always - I’ve always been very nice to her because she’s cute and well, I’m fat and nerdy and have never had a real girlfriend and I’m in my 5th year of college so I’m pretty desperate

Should I do something about it?

I need advice with how to deal with extreme feelings of inadequacy and the potential borderline personality disorder and extreme anxiety? I understand I have avoidant tendencies and I have an extreme fear of abandonment and I am well guarded and have a really hard time opening up to people emotionally when it comes to dating and romantic relationships and I have a I have the extreme phobias of Philophobia and Koinophobia and I can't people taking control of me and opposing their will on me. I'm also happy to deal with the fallout of emotional neglect from both by parents and how I want to love them both but they hurt me bad with their emotional neglect mostly mother who I believe has Munchausen by proxy and I believe she brainwash me into believing I was mentally retarded and she premeditated she wanted me on disability since I was age of seven and I have been disability for attention deficit disorder since 2011/2012 and I am now still on disability now that I am 31 year old female and I got on disability because I didnt want to be homeless and I struggle really bad with interviews and how they make me really bad anxiety. I also feel like I'm not cut out to live a normal life. I feel like a totally Misfit who feels like she does not belong. And I feel horribl about myself and I feel highly unmotivate and deeply depressed.

I was behing a young girl and her mother in the grocery store, on the way out when I was getting into my vechicle I saw the young girl(about 10 years old) skipping as she was putting the cart back. When I saw that it kind of hit me that I never had that joyful skip in my step and that made me super depressed. If I ever have a kid I hope I can give them a good life, so they can have that skip in their step, the skips I never took.
Fuc* my parents.

just want to put it out there for anyone... this website is literally less than 1% of the population. normal people arent like this. normal people are happy and chilled and stoked to be alive. theyre grateful for their lives and the people in it. normal people feel good. so dont ever get bummed about what you might see pn a website like this, its such the minority of the human population it doesnt even count. theyre truely damaged human beings!!! dont let something thats wrong make you wrong!!! just pray the universe heals them and move along :slight_smile: yieww

i was sexually molested by my uncle when i was a little boy. i was very young, maybe 4 or 5, and it happened at least twice. i dont remember all the details, but he definitely touched me and i remember it hurting a little bit. perhaps he tried to jerk me off? i just remember it not feeling good. i remember his grin as he told me it was ok. that grin. and i remember him being nude, his thing looked huge to me. like a monster. a big hairy monster. he had me touch it and kiss it. it was salty and smelled funny. he moaned and groaned and smiled at me. he told me what to do and i did it because i didnt know any better. i also remember him taking it into his own hand and beating it violently. i thought he was hurting himself. he groaned so loud and even screamed. surely he was in pain i thought. he told me the stuff that came out was milk. he put some on my finger and told me to taste it. i did and it tasted like salt. horrible and salty. the second or third time he molested me he performed oral on me. it did not feel good and i wanted him to stop but couldn't say no. it seemed to last forever. i felt a lot of discomfort and even some pain. he sucked too hard because my thing was sore for days afterwards. i remember him with this big thing and it vibrated. i had no clue what it was and he tild me it was to make you feel better. he touched my thing with it but i cried so he stopped. then he told me to watch as he put it on his thing and rubbed it up and down. he was groaning loud again and the milk came out. i never told anyone about this. never.

There are 3 types of people Do-ers, Don't-ers and Strugglers. Do-ers simply do things. make things happen and become successful. Don't-ers don't have any interest in doing things.and don't care any more. and there come strugglers who want to do things but are unable, they suffer from depression, anxiety, frustation. they watch motivational videos in youtube, they feel lazy again. and they regret. they keep rotating in this cycle.

I miss you so much that it hurts

fuc* my feelings!!! Seriously fuc* 'em. they don't shut up until I either snap, hurt somebody, or lose everything I've worked for and love...and even then they might persist. They have no regard for right or wrong and rarely leave me alone. I can't even kill myself because I have the consideration that I'd hurt the people that care about me by doing so. I've tried praying for myself and others, confessing, excercising, diet, laughing it off, giving to the homeless anonymously, meditation, being more productive, seeing a therapist, and listening to other people's problems...pain is still there. for years and years. I'm still hoping for a turnaround but all I can do is plan on feeling like shit (because I'm not going to act out shitty feelings), but honestly I don't care if I live or die at this point. Fuc* this shit!

I have no clue what to feel anymore, im constantly torn on finding the strenght to kill myself and finding the will to keep living. i feel like someone and no one. I love myself but i hate myself. Life has never been easy and ive kept so many secrets so no one in my family will get hurt. ive lived a fuc*** up life and for once in my life im in a stable home but ive never been more depressed or felt more sucidal in my entire life. i know i wont kill myself right now but i feel like i will one day, like im just not going to able to stop it. I want to live but each and everday in this horrible suffering i dont know if i can do this everyday. its such a battle to even get out of bed. i work and ill be starting college soon but im scared because i never even thought id get this far. ive never told anyone before. i just cant keep going on feeling this way. i just want to see the world in color. everyrhing is so bleak.

God me to overcome this heartbreak. I'm supposed to be happy and strong for this daughter of mine while I'm here and around her...but idk if i can hold it together. I'm too hurt. I know that she can sense my hurt and sadness. I don't want her to.

don't youveven realize that it's gonna be even more painful wity you out of my life for good?!

I make people smile and laugh with my happiness on the outside in an attempt to hide how truly broken and sad I am on the inside.

I still miss him terribly. I get better and then I fall back again. I hate myself when I do this. I almost told his wife anonymously this week. I will never have him again. This is awful. I love him and don't want to hurt him, but then I do want him to hurt like I do. What should I do?