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LOL, just prove them wrong!

Everyone has left. I finished school ten years ago and have been at the same job for a decade... now I’m changing jobs and leave at the end of the week ... I don’t start my new job in a new city until August 1st. I’ve got nothing left to do but go to the planet fitness gym near my apartment and work out and maybe gym stalk cute girls more or less non stop for the next two months

my longtime ex-girlfriend dumped me last month on Easter, and has already moved to New York. I’ve been drifting since then. She was my world for years. We were going to start a family. Now nothing.

Never found the answers at the bottom of a bottle. I looked a lot. I drank until I got drunk every day after that, and most of this month so far. Drinking this much has made me sick and fat. I need to stop. Going to the gym seems like a healthy way out. Even though, honestly half the time I’m just staring at girls on the treadmill while I secretly rubbing myself and trying to not let them see me following them around.

I’m so lonely right now.
4 of my of my best friends all left for better work earlier this month. Two moved to Texas and two moved to Chicago

My roommate left too about 3 weeks ago, on May 1st. I still have the lease on the apartment here until end of July.

I have never lived alone in my life. Now, I will be alone every day for 3 months.

The gym is almost all I have left.

I have an HP laptop, and an used iPhone 5, with one old charger and one beat up set of ear buds. I have 1 addidas gym bag, and 1 good sized Swiss Army backpack that has a laptop pouch, and one shaving kit with some toiletries, deodorant, razor, toothpaste, polo cologne etc. All the clothes I have I can fit into my gym bag and backpack easily.

It feels like I’m living out of a suitcase now. My girlfriend took so many of my things. I don’t even want to ask for them back anymore. This is all i have left and that’s fine: I have 1 Columbia Light jacket, 1 pair of decent Levi’s jeans, 1 pair of old beat up jeans, 1 nice polo shirt, and about 5 T-shirt’s, and two pair of gym shorts. Somehow I only 3 pairs of boxers. 5 pairs of socks. 1 pair of running shoes, one pair of boots. That’s really it. maybe 3 work shirts and 2 work pants, and one pair of work boots. I’m supposed to turn the work clothes back in when I’m done at the end of the week. I’ll see if they want me to.

The only thing left in my apartment is an old single bed mattress on the floor, and an old Coleman lightweight sleeping bag.

My fridge is empty. I got mad last night and threw out all the leftover food and poured all my alcohol down the drain. Then I smashed all the bottles against the dumpster in the apartment complex.

I have a large bottle of smart water on the counter and that’s about it. I have a small bag of peanuts I took from work in my backpack. I may pick up a few more bags of peanuts before I leave.

I fee broke and broken. I technically have some money in the bank after paying rent and utilities. $724 to be exact. I’m supposed to get one final check on Friday. $1034 after taxes.

My half the rent and utilities is supposed to run $450 for June and another $450 for July so that just about means I’ll only get about $100 to blow out of my last paycheck. my Ex-roommate swears he’s gonna pay his share of the rent so ai don’t get evicted. All the furniture was his. The futon, all the dressers and tables, coffee tables, all the glasses and dishes and silverware.

I realized when I helped him pack up his shit a few weeks ago that almost nothing in the apartment was mine. He left me a few cups of top ramen noodles that can be made in the microwave. That’s good because I don’t currently own a pot.

I cancelled internet last month to save money, but I actually can steal my neighbors WiFi if Insit in one corner of the apartment. Good enough to watch YouTube videos

Drinking and smoking all my money away on alcohol and cigarettes was stupid all those years. When I was with my ex girlfriend aid

after I put my daughter to bed, I go downstairs and drink myself to sleep alone on the couch everynight

i just turned 30 and have had 3 long term relationships, one of them ended with a failed marriage. almost two years ago i started dating this great guy that i thought was going to be that once in a lifetime kind of love. we had our issues. i fuc*** up and ended up cheating and it came out. since that time i realized how stupid i had been and become extremely dedicated to him. we broke up a couple of times but ended up getting back together. he got drunk at a wedding and i plugged his phone in for him and his phone vibrated at midnight which ended up being an email of a photo of his ex boyfriend. i then found that he had other pictures in his email. i also found videos and emails that i never thought i would find. there were craigslist ads he had created and other exs he had slept with since we got together. we’ve now been broken up for almost three months and i keep trying to let him go but i cant and i am continually unsure of what i should do. he is terrible with communication and i keep crawling back. i want to be strong and tell myself im worth more but my heart keeps on pushing me back to him. i feel constantly like im not worth very much and broken because of him. even after everything i still love him and want to be with him. am i just being a complete fool?

I age 13 i was molested by my stepdad. I didnt told my mom because she was already pregnant and my stepdad was my best friend’s dad...
ever since that day i havent been myself. My family always ask me why i hate him and its sickening when they see me as the bad guy. but i guess its my fault for not telling them, this is the price i have to pay so my mom and my best friend to not get hurt by his actions. its getting really hard to put up a happy face now adays for everyone.

I wish it would all end. I can't face another sunrise.

its ok if my best friends have betrayed me...

its honestly fine. it would be silly not to accept it. they made their own decisions.

its not gonna make me bitter, cos i know true friendship exists!!! i know because i know how much i care about my friends so i know someone else must be like me. everything happens for a reason, sometimes you have to do things alone. my future will be awesome and i like who i am.

i love someone who continues to make poor choices in their life. Mostly small things, but one or two chices that affected me. i know they will continue to do so no matter what help/advice/concerns i give them. They just do what the want to do. Ive was given an opportunity to walk out of the relationship and I took it. I dont regret leaving...but i miss this person too much.

The first time I went fishing and loved it, I was 9 years old. Then, nearly over a decade later, I wanted to do it again. Did it again, saw my step dad catch a fish, and now I don't want to go fishing ever again after seeing how those fish struggled to live. Firstly, my stp dad caught a baby (about half a foot long) beautiful little albino fish with a yellow stripe in the middle, and when me and my mom and the other girls begged him to let the poor fish live because it was just so small, he gave us the nastiest look and dumped the poor thing in the cooler. The poor creature shook that cooler for nearly 10 minutes before it stopped moving. Then the next fish he caught broke my heart. It was only a few inches bigger than the baby fish, and what traumatized me was how you could literally hear the creature GASPING for BREATH. Have you ever heard a choking tod*ler? THAT'S how that innocent fish sounded like while my step dad removed the sharp hook from its poor punctured mouth. I've never heard a fish gasp for breath before. I can still hear it in my sleep. How can people enjoy this torture? Abducting these living, breathing beautiful creatures, injuring them, causing them unmeasurable stress, and leaving them to suffocate and die in a freezing box of ice? These animals have beating hearts that race when they're gasping for air. I don't know how no one else feels the amount of pain that I feel for these creatures. What a horrible way to die, and for what reason? All they do is coexist in the ocean, and we mercilessly kill them. I remember when a fisherman once said that fish are nothing but "swimming machines made to eat" Really now? That just makes my blood boil. Seeing fish suffocate and die as they gasp for air, as they fight to live, and you're gonna preach me with that BS. The last fish my step dad caught was flopping and struggling to breathe for TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES. Even when he stopped moving, the poor thing was STILL trying to breathe! When it finally died, it's gill was spread wide open like a gaping hole. That creature literally tried so hard to take its last breath. It suffered and suffocated for so long, while everyone else is laughing and making fish food jokes. I don't get it. I wanted to cry. Recent studies have even shown that fish feel pain. I just can't fathom this cruelty

I need to quit drinking. It’s out of control. I’ve had DWIs, totaled three cars, been arrested, been hospitalized, and blacked out more times I can count. Woken up in strange places, strange hotel rooms. It’s going to kill me

I need to quit smoking. Cigarettes are killing me. I love them so much, but it’s been over 20 years and I can’t imagine life without them

I need to quit masturbating. I do it way too many times every day and it’s ruining my marriage

I need to stop eating dog shit. I eat fried everything. Fatty everything. Sugar everything. Soda and just pure shit basically. It’s toxic. It’s killing me. Making me fat and I’m disgusting

I need to stop fuc*** around at my career. I spend half of every day doing bullshit, wasting time online, looking at porn or YouTube videos or Facebook or just bullshit. I’ve been doing this for 10 years - wasting away in the same dead end job. It was the same way back in college. And high school before that. I need to stop absolutely wasting every single fuc*** day of my life.

my girlfriend cant quit smoking and its driving me crazy!

She is so addicted she cant even go half an hour without needing another cigarette. she coughs constantly, wheezing, cant make it up a flight of stairs without gasping for air.

yeah she smoked when we first started dating years ago, and yeah shes basically smoked 3 packs a day this whole time. apparently she has for 20 years since high school. since college, she always worked at a bar that allows smoking

but its really started making her health decline rapidly in the past year. she claims smoking helps her stay thin, but shes started coughing up blood and brown mucus.

she refuses to go to the doctor because she doesnt have health insurance - last time she went to the doctor for a routine visit she got stuck with a $7,300 bill ... so she just refuses to go at all now

its getting bad. she has started losing her teeth from smoking. her teeth are rotting out. she absolutely reeks of old alcohol and stale cigarettes constantly. her cough is continious and sounds like a deep rattle. very scary when shes gasping for air

I dont know what to do! shes tried vapes, hates them. tried gum and patches, didnt work. shes basically given up on ever quitting

look: I want to have a real life with this woman. she wants that too. For years Weve talked about wanting to move to the Rocky Mountians in Colorado and work in a ski resort town get married and have children.

but how can she have children and be a good mother if shes working till midnight or 2am every night at a bar, taking shots customers buy for her, and chain smoking at least 3 packs a day?

what can I do here now? her health is getting really bad and shes only 38.

she completely refuses to even try to quit smoking anymore - please help me - I love this woman

My man doesnt please me in bed, he ever wants to try anything new, it's just the same stuff every time. I watch porn without him knowning and i feel horrible about keeping it a secret. I desperately want to be with a woman just once...

I found out the girl I had sex with a yr ago was murdered.

I am so sorry for the family, but also relieved because she was underage and I could have gone to jail had she told anyone.

I used to be addicted to cutting myself for years and I think I've recovered but whenever I see the scars on my legs I want to cut again. My family is strongly against tattoos but I want to get my scars covered up. I'm worried that if I get the tattoos they will stop speaking to me, but I can't recover like this.

I once cried for Anders Breivik. I was high on a very strong drug.

the Toronto Raptors are LeBron James’ bitch!

Nothing is what I thought it was. All the things I believed, the memories, the relationships -none of it was real. Wow, my family really messed me up. Stupid me, I let them do it, I let them make me believe that I'm the one who's the a-hole. They hurt me and lied to me and then turned their backs on me, but I'm the one who apologized! I begged to be let back in! So stupid! I didn't deserve any of it, (for cryin out loud, it was only an appt and it wasn't my idea!) and even though the ones who started it are dead the living keep it going. I don't know if I believe in an afterlife, but if there is one and you can hear me C, Mom, Dad - f.u.! But, also, ty, now I know family is what you create, not what you're born with. I will not let you and the bad memories or your rotten kids hurt me anymore. I will try to only remember the good things. It hurt so much when the girls cut me out, but I survived and I'm not as stressed anymore and I'm learning to put me first. C, you were so right, I'm not like you guys and you're not like me - praise God! I would never be as manipulative, sneaky, mendacious, vindictive, selfish, and unforgiving as you and yours. I forgive you, but I won't forget. Girls, I put all the mementos of you in a box, I cut you out of my will, I'm not sending b-day cards to your kids anymore (sorry Maria), and I'm thinking of you less and less each day. Eventually, I will move, and not say where to. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I will always love you and wish you well. But even if you wanted me back, forget it. I won't be abused anymore. Goodbye.

All the parts of me that needed you have died.

my pen** smells rotten and it burns when I pee

Oh god this hurts so bad. I’m afraid I’ve gotten some terrible disease? What the hell is this? The smell has gotten awful this week. It makes me want to throw up

The skin on my pen** is turning grey and flaking off. Oh god, it hurts

I didn’t wear a condom and I’ve never had problems like this before. Honesty, I just never had enough sex to worry about it. I’ve literally only had sex twice all year. Last time was maybe two weeks ago.

Jesus Christ this hurts so bad. I can’t take it. I can’t get hard anymore either. The pain is too intense

What the hell do I do? I don’t have health insurance because I only work part time right now

I don’t have the money for a doctor. I can barely pay my bills as is, and I’ve got maybe $20 cash to my name

What the fuc* do I do now?
Please help

She is so butterface. and i love her body but not her. what should i do?