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My best friend called me last night at 2 am. I didn't answer and waited for her to leave a voicemail. She tried calling again, this time through Facebook Messenger. I didn't pick up, and sent a message asking why she was calling. She typed back "Im at yhe lake can yiu get ne".

Because of her poor typing, I assumed she was drunk. I also assumed she was with her roommates. I asked if she could call an Uber and fell asleep before she answered. I looked in the morning, she had written back "Nvm" at 3 am.

There was no other word from her so I messaged the group chat I have with her and another friend this afternoon to ask what happened and if she was ok. Our other friend saw first, and he messaged me privately.

"I figure you should know? But she took a bunch of meds and then went out to the lake in the rain i think while I was sleeping? I'm not sure how she got back? Or if I should call someone? But she's sleeping right now and said she wants to go to work at 3 so I'm not sure what to do?"

It was a suicide attempt. She called me to pick her up after attempting suicide and either having it fail or deciding to back out. I told her to call an Uber. Guilt does not begin to describe what I feel.

I have apologized to her, offered to help however I can, and she's told me it's ok because I didn't know, but I can never forgive myself. I didn't know, but I should have known.

I'm struggling more and more with focus, memory and attention. Its not disabling but its bothersome. I'm 55 years old and my father had Alzheimer's at the end of his life. I have these symptoms and when combined with the fact that I played football and suffered a handful of concussions years ago, I fear the possibilities that I will have troubles with my brain as I get older. It could just be ADHD or depression or anxiety but whatever it is I don't want to keep it secret and over think it. Just getting this out in the open is helpful THANKS

fewer and fewer people are posting here

Greg Mottishaw raped a 13 year old native girl in Sechelt, BC. This was years ago, but I witnesssed the entire horrendous thing and was too scared to tell anyone.

i have a craving to go to a massage parlor. this is a habit. originally i felt it was better than a fake manipulation of dating women looking for sex. manual only. safer and no drama. no hurt feelings or expectations. now the news suggests that some of these workers may not have free will. not sure but my ego doesnt want to believe that. i wish it was just legal and above board.

I feel so lonely.

Because you invest your time in her and not me. I'm convinced you don't give a damn about me. I've been convinced you moved on even if you told me that you loved me. I'm convinced you'd rather be with that toxic snake of a gold digging whore. It's nice to know that you took a nice girl and played with her heart and break it and you abandoned her in the middle of a small town feeling all alone. It's like I have no meaning to you like I am worth nothing to you. Is this how you show a woman you really love her? Because if so this is not the most healthy mature way to show a woman that you love her. You won't let me reconnect with you and apologize to you and also forgive you. Because I want to make amends with you and stop being upset with you. I pushed you away in the past because of my defense mechanism and my emotional issues and emotional wounds and I want to overcome my inner demons just to work out of meaningful relationship with you and you abandoned me and you refuse to emotionally support me and be here for me. I'm convinced if you ever came back I'd forgive you. I'm convinced that I'd see a counselor or even a relationship counselor with you just to make this relationship work out. Because I want to be your wife but I want to be the mother of your future children and I want to build a future with you and you don't really care. You lied to me when you said you loved me. I hate that you forgot all about me and I hate how you hurt my feelings. Can't I can count on what you say is the truth anymore? Because I want to be loyal to you but you can't be loyal to me it not even an inch. And maybe I assumed that I was the one that screwed up with this relationship? maybe I'm completely wrong maybe you're the one that screwed up? Maybe I refuse to acknowledge that you're the one that screwed up? But one thing I know for certain is the fact that you failed to show me the love I deserve.

I was sexually assaulted in High school by a group of boys. I turned to food to cope with the pain. Im overweight, suffer from severe ptsd and cannot even fathom the idea of having safe healthy sex anymore.
Sometimes I look in the mirror and I wish i didnt exist. I hate what ive become. I feel like ive lost control and i cant get that control back.
When men message me on dating sites more often than not its because they see me as an object to furfil their overweight/fat fetish which makes me feel like i have no value other than being someones fetish.
Society tends to view fat people as desperate and so ill get alot of men telling me that they can satisfy my craving for sex when all i really want is to talk and get to know the person.
I wonder if people truly knew my story would they see me as anything more than an object. Am I not human? Do i not deserve to be treated with dignity and repespect just like everyone else.
A combination of genetics and Ptsd do not allow me to loose weight easily but beleive me ive tried. I used to go to the gym everyday until recently when i was touched by one of the coaches without consent.
Ive started to starve myself to loose weight as its the only viable option. I no longer have a will to live. Honeslty no one would care if i just dissapeared.

I’m an alcoholic fueld by my parents alcoholism I miss drugs, I obsess over people and stalk them I fall in love with people all the time but am incapable of having a real human emotional connection or get out of bed most days I’m so sad and alone and invisible, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me I think I’m better off dead. I’ve definiteley lived on this earth before glimpses of my past lives flash through my bones I need help, I love you

People treat me as if i'm mentally disabled and slow. I scored very high on placement testing and I understand basic material like everyone else. The problem is the facat that I was mentally ill for years and had emotional problems I couldn't control. Because of that, everyone, including my parents treat me as if I have brain damage or something. I hate being spoken to like a little kid. It makes me feel completely worthless.

I wish that my Ex would put an X on his current girlfriend and X her out permanently from the picture. I miss my Ex and I wish I didn't have to catch feelings for him.

Right now I'm feeling so much hurt and frustration. The worst part of it all if that I feel alone because I have no one to talk to about what I'm going thru. I let someone be in my life and once again I was played for a fool. Yesterday every suspicion I ever had was ultimately confirmed. As I sit and think about all the things I questioned more things seem to solve itself. It is so clear to me that everything this person does and has done was all calculated. My feelings towards a person were used against me in so many ways and situations. I was lied to, had my privacy violated, had my feelings exploited, trust broken and only God knows what else. No matter what this person always leaves me feeling crappy about myself. Now I feel like I have nothing left in me to even care. I'm am determined to move on.

My mother just told me something today that made me feel really sad. she told me that when she was a child her perverted Uncle molested her. When I was at the age of six I was molested too, by a neighbor boy who was an age 8 years old boy at the time. It's made me realize something. How sad I feel about holding resentment against my mother. When I just realized that when she perpetuated all her insecurities onto me that maybe she was just along on an insecure person too? All the times that she pushed my father away and threatened to divorce my dad it was because of her insecurities. She told me she wouldn't fully accept my father's love. And she told me that if a man loves me and if I love him too I have to accept his love. Maybe my mom is more relatable to me than I ever gave her credit? Because I have a bad habit of pushing men away. But maybe it was because of the sexual abuse that happened to me as a child? I understand from all the research that I've done on the effects of sexual abuse that it effects people certain ways. And not everybody handles sexual abuse the same way. Like for example I'm well-guarded and don't like to let men in very easily. And I actually understand dude is my research that that's one way that sexual abuse can effect a person or at least one of the symptoms a someone who has had the history of sexual abuse. And I also understand that I am avoidant attachment type of person when it comes to relationships. But I also understand that I don't deal well with abandonment. And I also understand that I don't ever feel good enough. I understand that self-love is a struggle for me. and I understand that I pressure myself to be a perfect and independent woman. But I do get lonely too. But even I need emotional support but I really don't like to talk to counselors about how I feel. I realize there's times that I'm sick being the Survivor girl and that maybe I want emotional support from a man for once in my life? And sometimes I get sick of having to be independent and wanting a shoulder to cry on. But I have a bad habit of beating myself up wanting emotional support and comfort from a man. I keep telling myself I have to be independent and that I don't need a man. because I find it hard to completely be reliant on men emotionally because I'm afraid that they won't care. And I know that I'm afraid of being vulnerable and I'm afraid of giving my power to man. Like I can't stand the thought of a man having control over me. I have an intimacy phobia but not the fun side of an intimacy phobia. I don't play the field and I'm not a cheating type. I just have a really hard time opening up to men. I have a bad habit of getting on the defensive with men and wanting to fight them. And I understand that I am a hot head but sometimes I wish I didn't have to be so defensive. And go out of my way to avoid situations where men will hit on me. I go out of my way to avoid bars often. And I'm not the type of woman who enjoys romantic movies and chick flicks.

I havent gotten a raise since 2006... im a teacher

my mum has cancer. im 18 and i dont know what to do

I'm a sheepshagger.

I am trying to develop an eating disorderto get skinny. I quit drinking alcohol a few weekenago because I was an alcoholic and it was too many calories. I have atarted skipping both breakfast and lunch. I try to eat as little as possible at dinner. the only thing that matters in life anymore ia getting as thin as possible

my girlfriend left me high and dry. be Continued

I wish that I could find an older woman (I'm talking late 70's to early 80's) who would allow me to eat her out regularly