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Really Miss cigarettes terribly right now. I smoked everyday for over 19 years and I absolutely loved it. My Gf made me quit 3 years ago when I got her pregnant

I miss cigarettes so fuc*** much sometimes it makes me want to cry.

Maybe I overreacted when I removed my Instagram account? Maybe I thought that everything was hopeless trying to get your attention? I honestly just don't feel confident and I no longer feel hope when it comes to romance. But maybe I honestly really wanted you I thought you are the only man for me? But I guess I look like a fool. Because I'm just a foolish little girl even if I'm an adult woman seeking Your Love and approval. Maybe I just wanted you to contact me? I attempted to try to get you to respond to me and contact me. I gave you out my phone number in my address. But still no contact from you. Why can't I just regain faith in Romance? Because my hope is no longer here my heart will surely turn cold and the rot will surely set in my heart and grow. I can't take it anymore knowing I'm not loved. Because I'm a failure. Because I'm not good enough. I'm not good enough for you to love me. And honestly that is why I removed my Instagram. Because I felt like my obsession with you got too overwhelming for me because I felt like my obsession with you got too overwhelming for me to handle. So if I ghost you it's because I know you don't care and you're not here for me. Plus you actually have a life and you are non-stop busy and I'm rather irrelevant and plus I don't fit Society standards for what makes a woman beautiful. Plus you are with woman who is Beautiful by Society standards. And I hate her for having you. Because are purely want you for myself. So it's not a liar when I say I feel genuine jealousy. And it's not a lie when I say I can't stand her guts. And I wish you would just disappear Or I wish that you two would just break up. And I wish that you would leave her for me and I wish that you would leave her for me. But life is never fair like that. I'm not used to getting things my way. I'm used to living in a reality I'm not happy with. I'm used to feeling alone. And I've used to depression and severe anxiety.

When holidays are near, bad stuff always happen to me as if God wants me to suffer. Life is full of traps.

Today i woke up feeling a way that i haven't felt in a while. I'm so frustrated with the underlying problem that ive been trying to cope with after learning what I've know for almost 2 years now. This person has left me feeling so defeated no matter how hard i try. Its so hard to function as a normal person knowing that every move i make is being watched. Ive alwayss been a private person so to deal with the fact that one or more than 1 individuals are now invading my privacy has now taken me to a new level of pain and feeling defeated. I feel stuck. I want nothing more than to know why this is happening and for it to stop. I don't deserve this.

I love all of you and hate all of me.

I am in love with my cousin. I have been hiding these feelings for years, but the guilt of keeping this secret is slowly consuming me. We are close, and I love her as my cousin and a friend, but if she ever found out about this she would hate me. Everyone would. I’m a fuc*** coward.

I am poor so i am used to going to sleep hungry.

only in the good old..

oh my god you are an amazing person i love your personality and sense of humor but im in a relationship, but i would still be fine being friends. i dont necessarily find you attractive physically or romantically but i do enjoy talking to you, but i am getting the hint that you're ghosting me. so i guess ill just have to leave you alone.

When I was a 13 year old boy, I was raped by a burglar in my own bedroom. I've never been able to deal with the shame that my first sexual experience was having another man ejaculate inside me.

I told a bitch off at college. She is some office worker there and I gave her a strapping down. I hope someone really rips into her throat and straggles her. All she does is dish out abuse to students, we are the customers, their bread and butter, no students no pay to them!"

My husband of 10 years barely pays attention to me. We have 4 kids. At one point he made me feel like the only woman in the world. Now, he doesn't even notice the hurt. I feel like at 29 I sould be happy and enjoying life. Not sitting around waiting for my husband to look up from his phone, come home from hunting, or stop watching sports.

every morning around this time a recording of a woman’s voice plays in the office building where I work that says “may I have your attention, the mail has arrived, the mail has arrived”

Ive heard it for years and knew it was a recording. Someone new to the office yesterday said: “Wow she sure loves saying the lines over and over”

I smirked and said: “yeah, Im pretty sure its a recording. maybe its one from the internet or the elevator music company”... then an older lady who has worked at my company as a secretary for 35 years said

“No, she was the daughter of the building manager and she worked in the front office. she was a lovely young lady who’s husband was killed in Iraq, less than a year after they had a daughter; then later that same year she was diagnosed with lukeima... she died when she was only 26 years old... her father still manages the building and he plays the recording of he reading the mail announcement everyday because thats all he has left of his daughter”

that was the saddest story Ive heard in a longtime...

I just heard the recording of her voice come on again today and I started to cry

I'm light skinned but I am still a dark figure

I am tremendously jealous of my best friend. He has no idea. There is nothing extravagant about him but whenever we are out at bars, he makes no real attempt to pick up women, he has zero game, but somehow the hot chicks all gravitate towards him. They almost literally fall in his lap. The most obvious difference between him and I? Height. He's 6'4, I'm 5'6. The worst part about it is that I know for a fact he's well hung so most of these women cling on him for sex well after the dance floor encounter. He never intends to date any of these women and it makes me so angry sometimes bc I'd give anything to be with any one of them. We are drastically opposite. I have a good paying job/career, my own place, In shape, well educated, a decent human being. He, on the other hand has worked at the same Finish line store since early college, he never graduated, smokes weed all the time, lives at home at 25, no aspirations whatsoever yet, bc of his genetics of being tall and carrying an anaconda in his pants, attractive women flock to him. I'd trade anything to be him or have what he has. Anything.

he's such a dic*. little bitch. ugghh. i literally want to tell him so badly but he's so sensitive and he's been friends with my new friends longer. stupid bitch ass boy.

I miss you and I think about you. We "dated" back in the summer and I know you will never ever ever ever like me or think of me in a romantic way. Even though, it was brief, I weirdly can't forget and I still remember our first date very clearly almost like it was yesterday. I h0pe you come back and I will never tell you how I feel, and I hope that you never find out. I liked you more than you will ever know, I hope we meet again or cross paths in the future. Life is filled with surprises.

My wife is a hot red head with huge tits.. however she doesnt give me head or likes to turn me down for sex... recently I was able to take advanage of two of her friends who were more than happy to be bad with me and best of all suck me off!

I find it so damn hot thinking about them being bad with me..

One of the girls is a chubby girl (massive tits) with low self esteem she said that anytime my wife wont service me she would.. Ive been calling her almost nightly to pick me up when my wife is sleeping... She picks me up blows me or rides me than leaves! Have a video of her blowing me

Her other friend is married and says that he husband wont let her give him head and that she knows me and trust me... Shes a think 45 year old with fake tits... She has limited time to play but god damn her body is amazing

Im on cloud nine and in sexual bliss

I'm not gay or transgender, but I have a strong desire to have my pen** removed.

I take mad medications every day that cause side effects.

I feel like Kanye without the money, wife, kids, and job.

Everyone in my family hates me soooooooo fuc*** much.