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I still havent had a relationship. Everyone around me has. I feel so stupid and that its my fault why i dont. I feel not good enough for anyone and that nobody wants me.

I had a highschool teacher who ruined my life when he began to sexually harass me, and gave me an STD. After I graduated, I have since given up looking for a partner. I feel dirty.

My girlfriend doesn't like getting eaten out. Since day one, she was hesitant about letting me go down on her. I tried, and she just hates it. I tried talking to her about it but she just says it's not her thing. I, on the other hand LOVE to eat pus**. I miss it so much. I miss the taste, the licky licky, finger bang combo hitter, the wetness, the way most chicks would have my head in a thigh vice, the leg spasms when I make her orgasm. I miss all that. Lately, I've been fiending it so much I've contemplated seeking a woman outside the relationship who would appreciate it. I don't want to cheat but goddamn the desire is real.

Married with kids... Not really sure my relationship with my husband is what I want anymore. starting to think that maybe he isnt my soul mate.

I'm seriously hoping to make peace with an old flame of mine. I want to apologize to him for breaking his heart and for breaking up with him. I want to finally show him gratitude for loving me. I feel like I live in regret and I am sick of my commitment issues. And I'm sick of living in fear of catching feelings and falling in love. And I just understand I'm afraid of getting hurt emotionally and physically hurt by a man. I most definitely suffer from a phobia known as philophobia. I am 31 year woman with a commitment phobia. And I'm sick of being self-defensive when it comes to men wanting to get too close to me. I'm sick of making the man that I love think that I don't care and I'm sick of my inner Ice Queen getting in the way of love.

I'm sick of shooting myself in the foot when it comes to letting him fully in. I can't live with the fact that I keep shooting myself in the foot when it comes to the opportunity of being with the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with then I shoot myself in the f*cking foot. I shot myself in the foot when he wanted a serious commitment from me because I pushed him away and I kept running from from his love. I can't live with me shooting myself in the foot. When it comes to other men pushing them away I can live with that. But I can't live with me pushing the olny man I ever loved away. I just can't move on with another man. My heart is only loyal to one man. I'm just sick of my commitment issues. Yes I'm a female with commitment issues, but I don't cheat I just have commitment issues.

I'm a beta.

When I was a schoolboy in my early teens, an older boy kept hitting on me. He was a bit of a delinquent, and I was scared of him. Eventually he threatened my sister and told me it was to be her or me. So, one school lunchtime, I let him lead me into the woods. If I close my eyes, I can still vividly remember that first rape - being bent over, leaning on the fallen tree trunk, tears rolling down my face and just desperately concentrating on not crying out as he stood behind me, hands on my hips, frantically thrusting into me. Over the next couple of years (until he was expelled), we had sex so many times that I genuinely lost count. I haven't had many relationships in my adult life, so my entire sex life has most likely involved more instances of homosexual rape than consensual heterosexual intercourse.

I can’t fuc*** believe our company cancelled end of the year bonuses right before the Office Christmas party without telling anybody! They have given them out every year for the ten years I’ve been here and our business is doing great. Why would the boss do this?

Does anybody else ever get the feeling like their smartphone is bugged and is always listening, always spying on you, where you go, what you say, what you read, pictures you take, looking through camera both front and back all the time?

Is it paranoid to think my iphone is watching me masturbate? maybe I should wear underwear so it wont see me? how can we get away from its constant spying?

Fail. Spent 2 days editing my resume and cover letter to perfection. Then left out a word in my email to the VP of the company. ??

It wasn't until I married my "christian" husband, that I stopped going to church when I wanted, started cussing again, drinking again, watching porn again, picking up smoking and becoming addicted to it for the first time in my life, eating junk food again, started becoming bicurious and wanted to have sex with a female for the first time, started becoming broke, lost my kid because of him and is no longer residing with us, and he was the main targeted reason why, and even smoked weed a few times again because he bought it even though he's against it, then started throwing house parties, (started partying again) etc...and he steal preaches about God through it all. And yes, You guessed it... I blame HIM

i need sleep but can't sleep. fuc*.

I have a lot of hate and anger aimed at, and built by my mother.

Every time I hear from her I wind up drawing horror-based flash art. I've been in a decapitated head drawing phase for the past few days now.

I have no other way to release my anger other than drawing these hatred fueled portraits. And I never feel GOOD about drawing them, regardless of whether they look pretty decent or not.
I need to talk to somebody about all these negative, unfufilling feelings I have toward her but there is nobody around who will listen.

I love being angry, because that's the only time I feel strong emotion.

I am college professor, and a few of my students made me have a nervous breakdown by sending me harassing emails. I hate them:

I am so down and depressed and short tempered. I need everything like more then yesterday. I wish people could see they pushed me too far 2 decades ago. I get so angry alone and demands put me to be perfect. Yeh shit I ned a job but I don't need shit. I just need the easiest boss to please and time out to have a life and meet people. I got to go on a date. Its been literally 17 years since I went out on a friends date with a male even. You wonder why I am sad. I was told by shitbag Melanie to go down. I should hurt her. I will.

I’ve been having sex with my friends fiancé/girl friend. He has no idea she and I have been having unprotected sex for the last month and a half. She’s amazing… we both have feelings for eachother now and I hope she leaves him for me. Oddly I dont feel any guilt when she and I are together doing what we are doing.

I ?? wish she would come. h. I really don't want her around me anymore. rdof.

so glad I started smoking cigarettes everyday in 2004. So right