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I don't give a tinker's damn about Stan Fuc*** Lee. He was a low-talent glory hound who wrote crap stories and is adored by idiots because they can't let go of their childhoods. Fuc* every last one of them. The only--the ONLY--bad part about him dying is that I have to put up with endless "tributes" and adulation and general wailing and gnashing of teeth. It's enough to make any sane person sick, frankly. His comic books were clumsy, badly written shit. His cameos exceedingly tiresome, and the endless adulation the final clinching proof that there is no hope for the human race. Fuc*'m.

I hadn’t showered or changed my clothes in three days, in part due to a 14-hour trans-Pacific flight. Arriving home I disrobed, taking my pants off. Lowering my briefs revealed a disgusting brown dirtline, a burnt ochre hue in its center. I raised the shorts to my face, and slowly bringing them to my nose, I inhaled deeply.

Me and my co-worker bet on who could have sex with the Guatemalan cleaning woman at the office first. I went hard, promising her marriage and stuff so she wouldn’t have to worry about Trump’s ICE people. It worked, as I had sex with her within days.

I’m not a total dic*, I wouldn’t get her deported, but I was able to convince my manager to change cleaning companies so I wouldn’t have to see her anymore. When she calls my phone now I just answer in German which confuses her even further.

As a result, I won the toaster oven that my friend and I had bet. It now sits prominently in my kitchen, a reminder of sweet victory.

i still think about my first girlfriend and stalk her on social media.. we have not been together for almost 18 years and we are both now married but I always think about her.

i know where she works (in a supermarket) and have thought about going there shopping hoping to run into her.

i am so tired of the boys at my school. they are so stupid. plus they have no clue how to please a female. literally, no guy of any age has ever made me cum. stupid little boys.

I have 3 kids by 3 different women... is thst ok?

Hey beautiful people

Sometimes i fantasize the people i hate getting brutally fuc***.

As a man I feel obselete. Undesirable. Hopeless. I haven't had sex in 5 years. Not because I dont want to, quite opposite in fact, but in recent years my efforts have been near pointless. I see so many guys with attractive girlfriends and casual flings. My dating efforts online and in real life have been pitiful. Based on my experience, ive deduced that if I'm not at least 6ft tall and/or have a big pen**, I don't really have a chance with any woman remotely attractive. It's caused years of self loathing, dog sh*t self ssteem, and unbearable mental stress. I'm a relatively attractive guy, i have a nice physique, I'm successful, i have my sh*t together, but alas no matter how much confidence i muster, im met with the same result. Women claim they don't care..but they do. I've bared witness to girl talk. And it's usually the hot ones that care the most. Some of the men in their anecdotes makes me wonder, how can i ever live up to their prowess, their sizeable manhood? How can i ever compete? I'm an obsolete creature and it plagues me every. Damn. Day.

i wish guys would tell me im hot. not just cute.

This place is a haven for sick f*cks!

i wanna have sex with my step daughter...she is so hot!!!

I work with a bunch of fat old middle aged bitches. All they do is gossip and talk shit. One of em in particular does this and is nice to their face. She got mad at me cause I playfully joked with her to not kick her crap in my area just cause she's too lazy. So your fatass gets mad at everyone else for every little thing and complains to me about it but the moment I have a tiny issue with you, I'm the bad guy?

She straight up hates her own friend there too and talks shit about her. But she takes her crap cause she is her ride to work. Her pathetic ass is nearly 40 and lives her parents and other grown siblings. The fattest bitch there, hair loss, and just looks so goddamn awful for her age I legit thought she was in her 60s. She has no license and doesn't pay any bills. No idea why. I remember these little details and realize I am doing ok with my life while she's a fuc*** failure.

Soon rape and sexual assault will be legalized! Our Republican overlords will make it so!

24 years ago today I raped my next door neighbour, a 67-year-old widow. Before you judge me, let me just say that I was convicted and did my time. Hard time. My little secret that I want to share with you is that I still think about what I did to her when I jerk off.

I wonder what my wife would do if she ever found out that I've had oral sex with lots of guys.

ah hot sludge sliding out of my ass!

I became racist towards Black people after being assaulted by a tall Black male in broad daylight in a public facility for being on the autism spectrum. It triggered my PTSD from a violent assault and increased my OCD. I cant tell if its my OCD or me doing the thinking as racial stereotypes and racial slurs are swirling around in my head. Or maybe it’s schizophrenia.

Either way, I don’t give a fuc* about Black people anymore. I’m staying away from them. Sorry but I can see why White people are racist to them (I’m not White myself).

you guys have such low dopamine levels...

go the fuc* outside, your suffering is self inflicted.

be in nature and be healed

Meghan Markle’s new cookbook is in partnership with Al Manaar kitchen (in Al Manaar Mosque). The mosque is famous for producing 9 ISIS terrorists, including Jihadi John. Meghan celebrates the cooking group’s diversity, with “12 countries represented”. Any Brits in there?***://twitter***/DVATW BAM mag can talk about this and she can go drag on, wow, just wow! she gone! drag on! its so staged hey.

isis equals diana's perfume so what does that tell you about them. I still think her own kids killed diana. they feel so guilty still and you see it on their faces. sharpen up to them world.

she is not mordernising them. she is modernising herself they are just another fashion accessory to her right now. right now. but won't last unless they go to usa and have their world domination games. right. wow. so obvious and you were sleeping on it.