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When I was a schoolboy (many years ago), there was a guy in our class who was never out of trouble, and most of us were scared to get in his way. At the risk of being judgemental, I think he had definite psychiatric issues. One day on the way home, I heard some muffled crying down a quiet back alley, so went to investigate. There was a really quiet girl in the class below ours - a real misfit with no friends - and this ne'er-do-well had her pinned against a wall. It took me a few seconds to realise what was happening - she was wide-eyed, he had his hand over her mouth to muffle her cries, her skirt was rucked up, his pants were round his ankles, her legs were splayed apart and, to my shock, I was treated to the sight of his bare backside clenching and unclenching as he thrust between her legs. He sensed someone was there and muttered at me to "f***off or else". I can still see the look of horror on her face as she realised I was leaving her to suffer her ongoing rape. I watched from the shadows, unseen by either of them, as the sex seemed to go on forever before he finally climaxed. He obviously had her terrified, as she never reported him. On many later occasions, I sneaked down that same backstreet when I saw him dragging her by the arm and, to my undying shame, I often masturbated as I watched the looks of fear, pain and disgust that passed across her face as she succumbed to intercourse. Over time, these were replaced by a dead-eyed thousand-yard-stare throughout the entire sex act, with not even a flicker of a reaction to let you know when she was being penetrated or when he had started ejaculating. It no longer turned me on to watch them, so I stopped following them. A few weeks afterwards, she was taken out of school - the rumour was that she was pregnant.

To this day, I still feel guilty about my reactions. I was a horny adolescent and a physical coward, and I dread to think how many times in total she had to have sex with him over those few months.

i need a life coach

I currently work for Wal-Mart. I am a truck driver. I miss my job very much. I got into an accident with a smaller car, so they let me go. Truth is I was tired of smaller cars pushing themselves in front of me then literally stopping. The time I didn't try as hard stopping. It was awful. I regretted every moment of it.

Truck Driver

i fantasy about dominating a asian man.

my pen** is too big. what can I do?

just want to put it out there for anyone... this website is literally less than 1% of the population. normal people arent like this. normal people are happy and chilled and stoked to be alive. theyre grateful for their lives and the people in it. normal people feel good. so dont ever get bummed about what you might see pn a website like this, its such the minority of the human population it doesnt even count. theyre truely damaged human beings!!! dont let something thats wrong make you wrong!!! just pray the universe heals them and move along :slight_smile: yieww

A few months ago I posted about my sister’s horrible foster son. To recap, he only wants to eat fast food, refuses home cooked food almost entirely, throws fits over not getting to go out and do expensive things every weekend (at the children’s home he was staying out expensive outings was a regular thing because of donations from local businesses), and he values things over people.

His behavior had started to improve according to my sister but...

Well, he’s finally out of my sister’s life thanks to his spoiled nature. This kids eats PB&J sandwiches almost daily for multiple meals because he refuses to eat anything else unless it’s fast food. Last Sunday the family had a fried chicken meal which he had eaten with them before. He said he didn’t want my sister’s “shitty cooking” and wanted to get KFC since they were professionals and they made it better. When my sister told him no and that he had eaten it before he through an epic fit which coincided with him running to his room and trying to barricaded himself in. They just let him stay in the room that night. He wrote my sister a letter and slid it under the door saying they lie about not having the money to eat out all the time because his mom worked part time at Burger King and they ate out almost every night.

So this little brat ended up telling his entire class on the first day of school last Monday that he was in foster care and everyone treats him poorly. He told them that my sister’s two kids refused to play with them (which is true because he steals their toys and sometimes breaks them when he’s told to give them back.) The boy told the class and an exact quote according to the teacher, “they eat good and stuff, they get good food and they eat it in front of me. Then they give me a peanut butter sandwich and eat the good food. Last night they had chicken and I had to stay in my room.”

His teacher called CPS on my sister and brother-in-law and the boy was taken out of the home on Wednesday and their two children were questioned while they were in school. This was calculated and this was planned by the boy, because when he got home on Monday after telling the class that he told my niece that he would be leaving soon and maybe her and her brother would come too. Luckily everything was regularly documented and the social workers decided that he needed to go to a special facility for kids with his level of behavior problems.

My sister and her husband found out he had already packed and had four garbage bags full of stuff, probably a quarter of it was stolen from my niece and nephew, clothes, books and toys. I wish this story ended here but I was informed this morning that due to what had happened with this boy that my sister was under a special investigation because the agency they went through was worried about how they would be perceived if stories like this got around.

This pisses me off because my sister has wanted to be a foster parent for YEARS. And this kid, who I later found out was on his 6TH placement, tore all this to shit in about 7 months. This has to potential for her to be blacklisted, this would follow her everywhere she went.

Seriously though, FUC*. THIS. KID. FUC*. THAT. CHILDREN’S. HOME.

So I just turned 18, and on the night of my birthday I fuc*** my moms boyfriend while she was out running errands.

I love taking pictures of girls when they are not suspecting that their pictures is being taken. It is seriously one of the biggest adrenaline rushes ever! I've literally had my heart pounding trying to get the quality shot.

i love my BF. Been with him for 10 years. He is the most amazing person i have ever met in my life. He is perfect. BUT, i like to cheat. i will cheat whenever i can. I just want other men inside me. i don’t feel guilty and i will never stop cheating. Also, my best guy friend is amazing. He is witty and clever. we connect in other levels. I think i love him too. I get a little jealous when he dates but he is never with someone for too long so i don’t worry about it. i want him so bad. but i will never cheat with him because i don’t want him to know that I’m a bad girl. But i love the thought of him inside me. i have so much fun with him. it sucks. I want him bad. Physically and emotionally. maybe it’s just lust.

why do indians fart a lot? What do they eat? My fellow worker is indian. His fart smells like hell. and when he farts he acts like nothing has happened.

i did something to my daughter when she was just a baby and it haunts me terribly. i had been drinking that day and was very drunk. i did not hurt her physically, but what i did was inexcusable and evil beyond words and was sexual in nature.

some dude told me i need to get married and have kids already that was a customer where i was working.

A few weeks ago I went to Universal resort (one of the hotels they own) in Orlando and heard about polecon, so went over there.

Anyway, there were some cute girls, some not so cute, and a few that could work the pole real well.

I told my wife that I was just going back to the hotel. I didn't tell her I was going to go watch some chicks dance on the pole though.

Patriarchy will never die. It is genetically predetermined. Women are genetically predetermined to be mothers, and that's where the feminist world ends. It's between your legs. And you don't get to pick. Men are dominant and women are not, not before their man. So patriarchy will never die.


ok, preventing girls from wearing socks is one thing, but this is a bit too much

Fifteen years ago, I found out that I could not have children. I told my husband and we looked for fertility treatments. They were too expensive, so we came up with an idea. My boyfriend would meet another woman, get her pregnant and sue her for custody when the baby came. He is a police officer, so he knew exactly what to do. Long story short, he knows the courts well, so he started reporting her for various crimes and having her investigated by the police. Then he reported her to childrens services multiple times. Then took her to court and pretended she was keeping the kid from him. Finally, she flew out to California for her mother's funeral, and he told the judge she was kidnapping the baby. We finally got custody after a long, difficult year! And it didn't cost us much. The problem is that the mother had visitation rights, so my husband arranged to have some "not so nice" guys go to her house to talk to her. Then we just decided not to bring the baby to see her at all. She was too scared to go to court and report him. She attempted suicide, and we told the court and they suspended her visitation. It's been five years since we've heard from her, which is great. I've been able to raise my beautiful daughter since she was a baby and I love her more than I can ever say. Some people say it's wrong what we did, but it was cheaper than fertility treatments and I didn't have to go through pregnancy.

Oops I’ve gone and impregnated myself again. Welp, off to the abortion clinic tomorrow!

hookers have officially pulled ahead by one ladder rung over news reporters and liberal social justice activists, when it comes to integrity, moral standing and usefullness to society.