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Met my ex after a few years and she told me a story where she got drunk and taken advantaged of at a party, blew a bunch of guys in the shower. I showed compassion but I jerk off to the thought a lot now

I've had sex with 8 different men in the last month and none of them were my husband.

People who are toxic to themselves will end up bringing you down with them..or make you involved in their messed up little worlds. The ones who are really toxic to themselves are pretty obvious and easy to spot. Its the people who seem on the surface to be ok and stable...but behind them is a train wreck of cars . They always have a story about why none of its their fault...or they just laugh it off like it doesnt mean much. If it takes a break up, therapy, a move, a job change, whatever...move slowly and carefully but in a straight line to the exit. It may take you a year to clean out the cob webs of emotion to make you see clearly..but trust me..its better. Livable not living.

I got super drunk and had sex with someone other than the guy I’m seeing. I can’t decide if I should tell him or not because I’m afraid of what his reaction would be

Here's another cool quote I saw somewhere else that's so true:

Beautiful things don't ask for attention!

Good reason for not going to church:

Im watching Evil dead and all the bad stuff happening to people is making me so turned on

Its ok because they did it so the boy would learn the teachings of the bible, right? Fuc*** ridiculous.

Habits of unhappy people:
1. Always complaining
2. Live beyond means
3. Bad habits
4. Critical of self and others
5. Worries about future
6. Regrets his past
7. Fearful
8. Indulges in negative talks
9. Holds grudges
10. Eats wrong food

I hired a woman to smoke cigarettes
thats what I pay her to do
its fabulous part time work

In late July 2001 I kinda I had sex with a freshman teenage girl who was so drunk and blacked out she had no idea... she had drunkenly told me she was a virgin and had a crush on me at this concert we were at in San Antonio

I heard she found out she was pregnant on 9-11. someone told me she had a daughter that spring before my college graduation

I honestly cant remember her last name!

but her first name was rose and I really want to find my teenage daughter

She is actually kind of cute... WTF...

I can barely keep myself from getting in the car and going to see you tonight. Why do you have this effect on me? When it's clear you're horrible for me. The good times were great and the bad times were the absolute worst. You couldn't even respect my art or my career. "It's not real" your answer to everything. Every time we'd have a talk and sort things out and you seemed agreeable and sensible. But that last time when I kicked you out thank god you showed me your true self. The injuries haven't fully faded and the scars on my heart and mind will take even more time to heal. I AM good and honest and faithful. You told me lies about myself and I'm so grateful I learned those lessons years ago so I could stand up to you and not even defend myself - I did nothing wrong - I just told my truth. Your problem you couldn't accept me or my life or my work or my anything. Then why do I miss you so much??? I gave you 3 chances. You made your choices. But I can't sleep alone, can't sleep without being entwined skin against skin, can't sleep without your calm night presence and your soothing me if I had a bad dream. You were so KIND! Until you weren't.

When I see one of those graphic anti-abortion ads, I get hungry.

my wife was drunk again last night. she reeks of booze. its been like this since we got married 10 years ago. I have to lie to our daughter about what mommys doing.

she said she’ll try to get better but she never does. I think she might be an alcoholic

can't take the gerbil out. please help

When I visit to post nonsense I never know what category to tag it under. There is a gamut of choices: Taboo (unforgettable/gross/weird), DayMakers (Jokes/Funnies/Boats/the page cuts whatever else it is off), Desires (Dreams/Fantasies/Goals), and beyond.

Does it even matter? Is there an optimal category? I would like to know, because I plan on posting bullshit here as long as I live.

I feel so alone and worthless because of my mom. In 2019, it was my goal to become more productive and focus on schoolwork more. So after a week or so of studying and working on assignments for up to 5 hours a day (outside of school), I lost one of my water bottles and spent my whole lunch looking for it with no success. When I came home, my mom was livid, so I gave her 10 dollars without her asking for it because I assumed it was gone. She started yelling at me how I'm such a ditz, and I'm so antisocial lately, and I have no common sense. I'm on the verge of tears because she has no goddamn idea how hard I work to maintain my grades in a gifted classroom.

I hope they find the desperate bastard that raped her!