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hookers have officially pulled ahead by one ladder rung over news reporters and liberal social justice activists, when it comes to integrity, moral standing and usefullness to society.

abortions should be mandatory!

I'll call myself HeadHunter cause all I think of is sucking dic*. I'm married for 9 years now have 3 beautiful kids and an amazing husband but sucking him isn't enough. I met strangers at bars, work and even online we meet up and if I'm feeling him I blow him. I've sucked off 10 dudes in one day at the most. Several of my husband friends I've gave oral to over the years they kept quiet cause they wanted to keep getting it. That was when we were back home though. I sneak out of bed some nights when I get the urge. I know it's getting worse cause I'm willing to pay to suck a nice,clean dic*. I just need and want it all the time. I need help but I don't know what to do.

When the brown eye winks, the whole room stinks.

There is a girl that lives in my apartment building. She is absolutely smoking hot. 5'6" brunette with long flowing hair. She's 25 years old with a great sense in clothes.

I asked her out a couple of times and she shot me down, the second time quite rudely. She doesn't think i look good enough for her from what she told me the second time.

I've left her alone ever since the second rejection even though she has tried to talk to me when we meet in the hallway, stairs or something like that.

This morning when I came home from work working the graveyard shift i pulled into the parking lot and parked my car. I got out and sitting on the ground of the parking lot was this black leather women's purse. No car next to it so it was laying all by itself. I went over to investigate and determined that it belonged to "Lori" the girl I'm talking about. The purse was full of all her stuff so nobody else had gotten into it to rob her yet. Her Jeep Liberty wasn't in the parking lot so she was there. So I picked up her purse and took it to my apartment without anyone seeing me.

i got inside and after a few minutes curiosity and noisyness got the best of me so i started to dig through her purse to see what was inside. As i started going through her stuff i started to get a hard on, for some reason going through this girl's shit, invading her privacy and looking at it and learning about her turned me on. I was going through her wallet looking at her drivers license picture which was a hot one by the way. Seeing her credit cards, debit card, cash and everything else got me worked up that I laid down the wallet on the side of her purse with the wallet still open so i could see her drivers license photo. I then proceeded to whip it out and started jacking off on it. In no time at all i cummed all over the inside of her wallet and on the side of her purse. Damn that was a lot of fun. Especially seeing everything inside her wallet with gobs of cum on it, especially her license pic.

I cleaned up the mess i made and put stuff back in her purse but after a little bit i get the urge to do it again. I grab the purse off the table, take it to the bathroom and jack off on it. The last time i didn't even wipe her purse off after i was done. I don't know if it's the invasion of her privacy, knowing im cumming on some bitch's expensive Marc Jacobs purse and everything of value inside. Knowing she would freak out if she knew what someone was doing to her purse, or the fact that she lost her purse and was probably panicking because of that that every time I think about it i end up jacking off on Lori's stuff. I have done it 3 times today to her purse.

A little bit into the afternoon Lori came home. I saw her jeep pull in. The way she was dressed she must have participated in the nearby Marathon today. A little while later i hear her in the hallway knocking on doors. I listened and she was asking if anyone had seen her purse. From what i could tell no one saw me with it. Eventually she knocked on my door to ask me if I had seen anyone with a black leather purse or had seen one as she had laid it down while loading her car this morning and forgot to pick it up when she left. I have her purse sitting in the bathroom with cum all over it, so what do I do. I proceed to tell her i haven't seen it. She asks if I do come across it to please let her know and then leaves. She doesn't seem to suspect a thing. Time will tell i guess.

Later on tonight im going to jack off on her purse and stuff again. Its weird im getting such a thrill doing this to her stuff.

I found out the girl I had sex with a yr ago was murdered.

I am so sorry for the family, but also relieved because she was underage and I could have gone to jail had she told anyone.

you are honestly so beautiful. omgosh it just makes me so happy talking to you. you're such a beautiful little special person. how crazy how like im older in years than you but i feel like im so out of my depth when i talk to you like i need to be careful of my words around you!! you must have an old soul or something. you seem so mature!! i'm literally floored by you honestly and that doesn't really happen to someone like me. i'm not bothered by much, but honestly everytime i talk to you i just melt. you're so adorable! i like talking to you!!! even if i must look like a dic* it's still fun

I fell for him over the internet. He understood me and my hate for being at home and needing to get away from my parents. I ran away to meet him. He kept me in this run down garage apartment. The owner of the apartment found me one day and took me away and had my parents come and get me. Of course by then I was ruined, he had sex with me and ruined me for any other self respecting man. And I embarrassed my family. When I turned 18 I was asked to leave and never come back. I went to the man who rescued me and I live with him today. He doesn't understand why he is responsible for me and I don't understand why I will never leave him.

I have reached my final option . Tomorrow morning at 9 am I have no choice but to suck my bosses dic* to keep my job.

Some of the posts on here are so unsexy and truely repugnant...

Some men are such grubs. Always the men tho

Seek help

side note:

i've never met someone who was diagnosed with depression who wasn't a shit person.

lesson: if you're a piece of shit you will hate yourself and your life and be depressed. so don't be a piece of shit.

i just cured depression!!!

hahahahaha you faggots are so fuc*** up. who are you trying to trigger with all the racist/pedophilic/horrendously unsexual posts??? is this just a posting site for you losers to try and be the biggest piece of shit? im so confused... i mean all of you are already so relentlessly pathetic and emasculated that there really is nothing to prove... you really can't get any worse. you really all are morons... pathetic... imbeciles... repulsive

why havent any of you killed yourselves yet? you're actually such tumours, you really are damaging society even by expelling carbon dioxide...

please consider ending your lives.

seriously though. i wish just one of you had the balls so say something to my face one day in private so i could smash your nose into the back of your skull. honestly. but alas, pus*** gon hide.

i just cant believe sometimes how fuc*** lit i am and also i have a really nice upper body. hope you dont get triggered by that. if you do you probably have self esteem issues and maybe get it checked out???

How do I get a married guy back that left me because I was acting jealous and possessive and I said some mean things to him. He didn't tell me that. I just know that is why he stopped texting me. Its been about 5 months. Do I text at some point? What do I say? or do I just continue doing nothing? I miss him bad. We had the most amazing sex and I know he misses it!

My penis burn when I pee. Maybe I shouldn't have fucked all those hookers without a condom.

Well, it's official... I've now had more men inside me than my wife ever has..

I want to confess i had my first sexual experiences with our family dog years ago. i was curious and really really horny at a weekend we were alone. I’ve never had sex before (I was around 15 -.-) so i got her into my bed, fingered her and since she didn’t seem to dislike it, i did her. I really felt guilty afterwards but next time she went in heat i continued to have sex with her a few times. It was over 10 years ago and she died last week of old age, after she turned 15 :slight_frown: i’ve never told anyone about it (obviously) but i still feel guilty for what i did.

You suck at giving advice ¡!!! I posted something 3weeks ago and nothing!

All abortions should be completely banned, along with all forms of birth control. No girl should ever be allowed abortion at any point!

Birth control is bad for girls and they should not be encouraged to take hormones that forever alter their body chemistry and natural fertility !

“Sex Ed” should absolutely not be taught to children under 18 in high school or
Middle school. It should not be taught by the government at all!

Young girls who get pregnant should be required to raise their children and not allowed to live consequence free

I’m fine with programs that give free food and shelter to young mothers with children - charity for children is Wonderful

But not for anybody who has ever had an abortion or used birth control - it must be banned and anyone Who has ever used it must be excluded

I also think condoms should be banned or heavily regulated - at least as hard to buy as a pistol so much be 21, must have a background check, except add that it must be prescribed by a doctor, must be currently married, must have written consent from the wife for the condom, with two witnesses and a notary, and only then allow a single condom to be sold at a time to a man who fully passes all reasonable background checks

People marching think we need more gun control on assault weapons - but that’s exactly what we need for condoms too! More regulation and control! Limit access to only the most responsible!

Sexual promiscuity is openly destroying western civilization - this website is just one of many dozens that prove it

We are all of us guilty in doing it. Destroying our society from the inside out due to our advancing sexual depravity

Deep down in your heart you know I’m right about this

Society has disentigrated shortly after the advent of birth control and wide spread abortion

It’s time we strike back !!!

Ban all abortion and all birth control!!

I have a young daughter now, and I’ll be absolutely damned if Inever allow her to be issued any prescription for birth control - not ever going to happen on my watch!
And she’s never going to a public school that teaches sex Ed! Never!
I’ve got her enrolled in a Protestant Church school now - it’s not nearly as strict as I would like it to be. I’m looking into all girls schools but the only ones around here are catholic

I suppose as long as Catholics are firmly against all birth control and against all abortion then I’d be ok with her going to a very strict catholic school

I am going to not let her have an iphone or iPad or internet access either - not now and not when she is a teenager - that shit is rotting all of our brains and we all know it

Maybe when she gets older like when she starts middle school in a few years I might get her a simple cell phone that can make calls to me, her emergency contact my former sister in law, the main school office, and that’s it

All this internet’s everywhere is destroying our country and our morality

We must stop this nonsense

We must start with banning all abortions

Ban all birth control

Take back our society

You know I’m right!

Keep your kids close!