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I feel so alone and worthless because of my mom. In 2019, it was my goal to become more productive and focus on schoolwork more. So after a week or so of studying and working on assignments for up to 5 hours a day (outside of school), I lost one of my water bottles and spent my whole lunch looking for it with no success. When I came home, my mom was livid, so I gave her 10 dollars without her asking for it because I assumed it was gone. She started yelling at me how I'm such a ditz, and I'm so antisocial lately, and I have no common sense. I'm on the verge of tears because she has no goddamn idea how hard I work to maintain my grades in a gifted classroom.

I hope they find the desperate bastard that raped her!

Comment motherfuc*ers!

I got a woman in permanent vegetative state pregnant.

I can hear my secretaries smokers cough from a meeting room down the hall. shes been smoking cigarettes for 25 years, since she was a 14 year old freshman in high school. She has to take smoke breaks every half hour.

I fuc*** love hearing her cough.

Sex abuse investigation is launched after a woman who has been in a permanent vegetative state since nearly drowning 10 years ago GIVES BIRTH in Phoenix health care facility

A woman permanently passed out! yay!

I'm fuc*** the wife of a guy on my soccer team. He don't know shit. She's a hot blonde and he's a fat loser. I could tell she was into me so I started checking her instagram and began liking her beach shots and DMing her. Was only a matter of time before I got between her legs. The sex is pretty hot and she gets turned on watching me play.

I got Sar** pregnant when she was only 19

Best birth control methods, ranked:

1. Abortion in a clinic paid for 100% by the government
2. Coathanger abortion in a van by river
3. RU-486
4. Birth control pills handed out for free next to elementary schools
968: Abstinence

I can’t fuc*** believe our company cancelled end of the year bonuses right before the Office Christmas party without telling anybody! They have given them out every year for the ten years I’ve been here and our business is doing great. Why would the boss do this?


Late-term abortion at that!

**chef kisses fingers**


How can I find a hot girl that is willing to seduce my MILF of a wife?

I’ve been having sex with my friends fiancé/girl friend. He has no idea she and I have been having unprotected sex for the last month and a half. She’s amazing… we both have feelings for eachother now and I hope she leaves him for me. Oddly I dont feel any guilt when she and I are together doing what we are doing.

NO means YES!

TWB please answer. super important.
1. Can you deepthroat?
2. what is the max age of a guy you are willing to date/marry?
3. what is your biggest turn-on
4. ring size?
5. silver or gold?
6, 3 some???
7. condoms? birth contrl? anal?titfuc*?
please answer all asap! i love you so much! -thatguy

when i was 6 years old my mother left me under the care of my older brother. that evening i was taking a shower and as soon as my mother left he came into the shower got me, covered me with a towel and took me to his room where he proceed to touch me in a hurtful way. he continued until i was around 9, he would constantly do it and make me masturbate myself or made me watch adult videos with him, videos that were not normal. he moved out and never heard of him again and it all stopped but i kept masturbating myself for the longest time until i was around 13 when i realized i shouldnt be doing that. it was not normal. the trauma turned into anger problems, to depression to anxiety. at age of 15 i decided to talk but my mom just cried and said to not say a word. when i told my dad he accussed me of being a liar and crazy. i have never said anything every since but now im 18 and hes trying to come back into ours lives and i dont know how to express myself, or to feel. i get bad memories and breakdowns. ive tried taking my life away 2 times and ive also tried seeking help but i cant i dont know how to start. so here i am writing this while crying in my room with no one to talk to.

It must have been between 2005-2006. An SD high school computer "class" where she intorduced me to this shit. Still think its pretty rad and still think she was pretty hot. Damn do you remember?

okay, so im a teen girl and I currently have a boyfried. Weve been through so much its unbelievable. Firstly, about 2 years ago when we first started dating i really rushed things and well he ended up catching feelings for his ex girlfriend and tried meeting up with her etc.. i found out and left him. Also, let me not forget to mention that he used to be so mean to me and scream at me horribly in front of people.. anyways after he did what he did with his ex, he told me it was a huge mistake etc.. so i gave him another chance and then he ended up getting accused of sexual harrasment !! (the girl reported him for supposedly grabbing her phone flirtily and placing it on his privates and telling her to get it) i was like wtf! so i left him again.. while we were broken up he started talking to other girls VERY fast however we got back together after he begged for me back and even talked to my parents!! We were good and he wasnt even getting mad ever. Anytime i told him i didnt like something he changed and he stopped talking to every girl. i was impressed but still scared.. He seemed so in love with me finally but sadly i felt like i couldnt do it anymore so i left.. HE CRIED HIS EYES OUT BEGGING FOR ME. HE SAID HE LOVED ME AND WAS TRYING HIS BEST THIS TIME (we had been talking again for like 5 months) he said he was really for me and he was so extremely sorry for everything hes ever done.. i wanted to believe him but i couldnt so i left... and i had sex with another guy HOWEVER he also had sex with another girl. The way i found out was that i misses him and told him i wanted him back. He said "I WOULD LOVE THAT BUT I WANT TO START COMPLETELY HONEST AND HAVE YOUR TRUST FOREVER. I WANT THIS TO WORK AND I WANT TO LOVE YOU BUT I HAD SEX WITH ANOTHER GIRL" .. i asked who and he said it was the girl who was his "sister" and bff.. i was kinda mad but at least he told me right... i end3d up telling him but honestly i wasnt. Now we r together and he treats me so great. Im happy yet i overreact ALOT. i got so mad because he called a girl so smart. I think hes cheating on me a lot and sometimes i feel like i cant even do this but then sometimes i really want this to work. I wanna leave and i dont but i dont wanna lose something good because i feel like now hes changed so much and why go thru all this just to leave? but thennn i feel like i deserve someone whos gonna love me and want me AND BE LOYAL since the beggining . I NEED ADVICE BAD

I don't give a tinker's damn about Stan Fuc*** Lee. He was a low-talent glory hound who wrote crap stories and is adored by idiots because they can't let go of their childhoods. Fuc* every last one of them. The only--the ONLY--bad part about him dying is that I have to put up with endless "tributes" and adulation and general wailing and gnashing of teeth. It's enough to make any sane person sick, frankly. His comic books were clumsy, badly written shit. His cameos exceedingly tiresome, and the endless adulation the final clinching proof that there is no hope for the human race. Fuc*'m.

I hadn’t showered or changed my clothes in three days, in part due to a 14-hour trans-Pacific flight. Arriving home I disrobed, taking my pants off. Lowering my briefs revealed a disgusting brown dirtline, a burnt ochre hue in its center. I raised the shorts to my face, and slowly bringing them to my nose, I inhaled deeply.