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Years ago when I was in high school we were in the showers after football practice. This one guy was a nut, a sick practical joker. He suddenly dropped down to the shower floor and laying on his back, pulled his legs back with his arms. Then, a huge shit started arching out of his ass and onto the floor. Everybody started shouting in disgust and running for the exit. The smell hit instantly because of the heavy steam, and this other guy immediately started vomiting. It was insane. I’m not sure what made me think of this again, but it was gross and hilarious at the same time.

where can i hire a skinny girl who will smoke cigarettes for me?

Ill buy the smokes. like, Ill but you three packs a day. you gotta smoke them all though.

if you are this girl, you can live at my place for FREE! no job. Free food in pantry. free internet and tv. ill add you to my iphone plan.

id prefer it if you were still fertile. so between ages of 18-35. ill buy you clothes and shoes and stuff too if youre nice

PM me if youre interested

I work in a mortuary I'm a 52 year old man and I have sex with dead people and I am experiencing a midlife crisis where I want to cope cat my Emo teenage daughter and become more like her and become a teenage Emo boy and get in immature fights with squirrels and Metal heads. I now am officially embarrassing my Emo teenage daughter worse then ever.

All I’m left with is memories. The memories of golden showers and Cleveland Steamers. I can still smell your diarrhea on my chest.

I ran a 10k and it was exhilarating. I never felt so good as I did when I crossed that finish line. It may have been the accomplishment of my life. What I didn’t tell you yet is I took a large shit right before and purposely didn’t wipe my ass. I itched the whole way. By the end the mixed stench of sweat and ass was overpowering. Some people frowned when close to me, but I smiled.

inaide every man is a rapist. now I know for sure

im a 19 year old girl, still a virgin but im so attracted to the thought of being ‘dominated’ by an older man.

I am going to AA, not because I have drinking problem.but because I meet troubled vulnerable women who are an easy lay. Your listen to their sad stories and sympathize with them as you are slipping their panties off.

why do indians fart a lot? What do they eat? My fellow worker is indian. His fart smells like hell. and when he farts he acts like nothing has happened.

I deep down wish racism is acceptable again like it used to be in the 1930’s-1950’s. All you easily sensitive libtard snowflakes (especially whities) can fuc* off. I love how libtards say they have no problems using profanity by saying “They’re just words” but end up in shock like someone just killed an innocent puppy everytime someone including me uses words such as “nig***”, “jigaboo”, “wetback”, you name it. Lmao what a bunch of fuc*** pus*** and faggots.

ok fine: I stalk girls at the gym. I follow them around, staring at them, the entire time. I follow them out to their car sometimes. I even follow their car to see where they live and work sometimes. Ok, and yes, sometimes I secretly take pictures of them, and yeah ok, I also look them up online.

I can’t help myself, it comes natural. Ive been doing this for years. Over two decades really...

Sometimes I have flowers delivered to their home or office from “secret admirer”

its not illegal to admire girls is it?

Patriarchy will never die. It is genetically predetermined. Women are genetically predetermined to be mothers, and that's where the feminist world ends. It's between your legs. And you don't get to pick. Men are dominant and women are not, not before their man. So patriarchy will never die.

They were shitting into each others mouths like it was soft serve ice cream!

why not rename the website Cookers’R’Us?

i love to fuc* married women.

they keep secrets and love to act out and be bad w me

women wearing sexy high heels at work barefoot is making me crazy. cant contain my foot fetish.

I can’t stand it. It gets me hard so many times every day. I’ll do whatever they ask me. If they only knew what they could ask me to do. It’s a secret fetish, but I work in an office building with women who do this basically every single day.

I just can’t stop touching myself. It’s been this way for years. Decades really. I stare at them. The high heels. I follow women around. It’s been worse this past 15 years since I started working in an offices buildings. Now I see it every day. It’s making me jerk off 3-4 times a day at work. For years. My soul is exhausted ... my pen** is raw and thirsty

boots without socks. do it. make her.

take off all underwear. none for a month.

All you bleeding heart Liberals who hate on Trump every chance you get can now surely go to hell. He made more progress with North Korea in 5 minutes than all other Presidents combined! How? By being a leader, that's how. I am sick and tired of turning on the TV or radio and hearing nothing but hate about our Commander in Chief. The man is doing everything he promised and much more. He is creating jobs, for AMERICANS! Not for Armenians, or Allah, or other pedophile loving rejects. For AMERICA!


yall seriously need therapy