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dating a woman who works at a fertility clinic

She’s a nurse at a fertility clinic. Recently divorced. She has 3 kids, sole custody. She’s only 42 but looks good like early 30s and very fit. always wears scrubs and tennis shoes without socks, and nothing else but man, even in scrubs all the time, she looks really good.

We met on cinco de mayo. She was lonely so I bought her margaritas and she got wasted. We hooked up without protection.

She called me this morning to say she’s missed her period, but that it’s nothing I need to worry about.

I told her if she’s pregnant I’m 100% with her, and I will support her, and her children, and that’s have always wanted to be a supportive father and have a family.

She started crying and said that I was the man of her dreams and that she doesn’t deserve me. I told her I’d like to see her again tonight. She said yes.

This is really happening.

need to be tortured by new CIA torture master very very badly

Very very badly. I want it to hurt exquisitely. I want to feel pain I’ve never imagined before at the hands of the CIA. I want the torturers to be my fellow Americans

I want it to hurt so badly I faint, and can’t walk straight or talk right afterwards. I want to be tortured into permanent and painful crippling disability! I want the CIA and FBI to do this to me!

I hereby waive my 8th amendment rights! Please come use the most Inhumane, cruel and unusual punishment on me! Please make it hurt so badly I beg you to stop!!! Ignore my pleas! Never stop torturing me until it’s far far too late.

Please CIA and FBI, I very badly desire you to torture me horribly in unspeakable ways!

If only to make it ones lifes work to delete all these stupid sites...there would be at the least less contribution to the mental illness of many.
Please someone do it!!!

The recent loss of a certain secrets website a few days ago has me climbing the walls needing to vent and troll. In case there are any fellow former posters on here, I won't spoil the site secret in case it comes back. Initials were S A and it had an orange background. People could be very brutal on there, but it was pure, unfiltered honesty and exposition of the human psyche.

abortions should be mandatory!

I wipe my ass as many times as necessary so the paper appears clean. Then I smell the paper to double check. Often the first piece of paper appears clean and odorless which gills me with great pride.

I once cried for Anders Breivik. I was high on a very strong drug.

my shit came out looking like spagetti

butI didnt eat spagetti

what the hell is wrong with me ?

I want another man to shoot his cum on my coc*. So I can rub it into my coc* and balls while I play with my self.

How taut is your anal embouchure?

I'm a married man and lately I've been watching cum shot viedos on the internet. Watching another man's coc* shot its cum is interesting. It makes me want to play with another man's coc* and possibly taste his cum. I also wouldn't mind tasting another man's cum from my wife's pus**.

hahahahaha you faggots are so fuc*** up. who are you trying to trigger with all the racist/pedophilic/horrendously unsexual posts??? is this just a posting site for you losers to try and be the biggest piece of shit? im so confused... i mean all of you are already so relentlessly pathetic and emasculated that there really is nothing to prove... you really can't get any worse. you really all are morons... pathetic... imbeciles... repulsive

why havent any of you killed yourselves yet? you're actually such tumours, you really are damaging society even by expelling carbon dioxide...

please consider ending your lives.

seriously though. i wish just one of you had the balls so say something to my face one day in private so i could smash your nose into the back of your skull. honestly. but alas, pus*** gon hide.

Condom or no condom? That's the question.

I'm using this site to generate random numbers. Things you post not only get stuff off your chest, they might also be changing die rolls in a game I run. I used to use that supposedly "anonymous secret" site, but seeing as they don't implement https, I'm guessing posting there is less than anonymous, and it's full of repititive spam to boot.
So remember. Your brightest joys and darkest secrets get ground up into randomness, and help me decide if orcs live or die.

take your girlfriend of wife’s socks and throw all of them away tonight!

if you have a key to yor ex girlfriends place, you can go throw hers away when shes not there.

keep it a secret. but keep throwing her socks away

if she asks if you saw them lie and play dumb.

also donate or toss any other clothes you dont like. like toss her old panties you dont like. or any ugly jeans or ugly shoes. anything you dont like get rid of when shesnot around

you should exercise control over your women through their wardrobe

do it. no socks allowed.

do it right now. dont ask questions.

be a man. do it.

What's happening to noteful? So little activity.

Hookers again. No condoms again.

I have a crush on my older sister. she’s is 27 yrs old and I’m 20 yrs old. She looks so good in a bikini when we go to the beach, I can’t keep me eyes off of her sexy ass and body. At first, I knew it was wrong for me to look at her that way, but she is so hot, I can’t stop lusting for her.

who would even create a website telling people to talk about revenge in a positive light... its so toxic and negative. do you actually think this way of being will get you a happy and fulfilled life??? it wont come even close. why do you think youre so miserable now? happy people just dont have a desire to be negative or toxic. this website is actual trash... and you know what else? i really do pity all of you. i really do from the bottom of my heart. i was toxic and vengeful for a stint when i was younger and then again through a bad breakup but you know what i was able to learn and grow from that. but you guys are stuck like this. i really hope some day you can achieve some growth and change your lives. for your own sake.

One time, in camp, I kissed my bunkmate Bret in the shower. He cupped my breasts and lathered them in prell, but I'm totally not gay.