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i don't want my ex to keep annoying again.

I should give out her email. lol and spam her

I jerked off and came in the panties of my son's 21 year old girlfriend.

I secretly live in your attic and you don't know who I am and I call you by the nickname Goldie because you are the sexy blonde Woman who I have eyes on. Late at night I like to sneak out attic well I know you're asleep and I have sex with you while you're asleep. You're not even aware that I'm having sex with you while you're asleep because I'm aware that you take a medication that knocks you out cold. While your sleep I have sex with you and I cum inside your vagina so if you get pregnant just know I am the father. So now you understand why you're so aroused in your sleep and why you wake up in a wet bed because you're not having wet dreams and it's just me making you orgasm while I have sex with you. I also want you to understand I don't want you to go to an abortion clinic I want you to keep our babies and all over them. You won't find me if you try looking for me because I have powers I can make myself invisible I can make so you can't see me. And I've been squatting in your attic for over 4 years. I know you have some weird phobia of that attic because I read your Journal I know the attic creeps you out. You don't realize I have a mattress up there and at late at night I steal some of your food out of the fridge and one of the nights I stoled your Journal too. Things often turn up missing because of me. for example I'd like to steal your urine soiled underwear just so that I can take in your smell and savor every minute of it and I mostly like the ones that are soiled in your menstrual blood. I want you to understand of your secret lover who makes love to you late at night. I'm a real man I'm not an incubus. I'm a homeless man making you orgasm. sometimes I even watch you masturbating. I want you I love your big beautiful breasts. I also like your big beautiful bubble butt and I realize for a white woman you have a nicely around butt. I know you've been paranoid for sometime taking somebody lives in your house well it's the truth I do live in your house. And no it's not in your head. I hope you miss your next menstrual cycle I hope I succeed in getting you pregnant with my really thick cloudy sperm. I want you to have our love children. ~~~Sincerely your stalker who lives in the attic. ~~~

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i nearly shit my pants again

at work

no underwear. because I ruined my last clean pair earlier with explosive diarrhea

no toilet paper in the stall

had to use socks to wipe my ass

no I have nothing clean between my ass and the chair or my ass and the subway

no socks and no underwear. its so cold

and its so obvious I have nothing

i feel so ashamed

id be afraid of being raped

but really I doubt that would wver happen to me

I want to cheat on my husband...

i love all animals, but female cats and male dogs especially seem to take a liking to me (no euphemisms :joy:).

i am upset that handsome men like Ted Bundy are in jail while unattractive men roam free

why do i need a 9mm?

Moving from tumblr to twitter if anyone would like to follow.

just saw a hooker. I told her to lay down. she asked: no condom? I answered: no condom. she: I'm on my period. I thought for a moment and answered: no matter. I felt so disgusted afterwards.

I very badly want to fuc* rosalind helderman

she needs me inside her

I will breed withthe jewess girl to further their race with my seed

I hate Lindsay Usich... Marilyn Manson's current girlfriend.

the liquid shit pouring out of my insides is truly terrifying. I fear I might die alone on this toliet

I have been stranded here alone in the deadly winter cold of the polar vortex all week and the water to this garage apartment has been cut off because the pipes froze. I think Im about to die from severe diarrhea

this shit is not funny. I am seriously sick and stranded and alone. 911 and EMS cannot get to me because the roads are closed due to severe winter weather. I have no neighbors. no one will be here when I shit myself to death

I will die alone in a horrible, shitty death. no one will find me for weeks

who is the son of a bitch who flagged the post about thd gerbil???

confess motherfuc*er

Thank you trolls.

I fantasize about him slowly kissing and sensually licking my kneck while caressing my curves then gradually rubbing my cli* with his fingers as we kiss passionately in my bed. Eventually, this leads to me being on top slowly riding his delicious and perfect in every way coc* while rubbing his perfectly sculpted chest and licking the side of his neck with a passionate kiss on his sexy lips. Then after he pulls out of my wet pus** I give him some sloppy head just the way he likes before he slides it back in. I want him to bust his load inside of me

Do you think Kenneth Pinyan is in heaven?

I never wear condoms

I remember having farting contests with my mom as a child. She usually ended up sharting.