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I deep down wish racism is acceptable again like it used to be in the 1930’s-1950’s. All you easily sensitive libtard snowflakes (especially whities) can fuc* off. I love how libtards say they have no problems using profanity by saying “They’re just words” but end up in shock like someone just killed an innocent puppy everytime someone including me uses words such as “nig***”, “jigaboo”, “wetback”, you name it. Lmao what a bunch of fuc*** pus*** and faggots.

ok fine: I stalk girls at the gym. I follow them around, staring at them, the entire time. I follow them out to their car sometimes. I even follow their car to see where they live and work sometimes. Ok, and yes, sometimes I secretly take pictures of them, and yeah ok, I also look them up online.

I can’t help myself, it comes natural. Ive been doing this for years. Over two decades really...

Sometimes I have flowers delivered to their home or office from “secret admirer”

its not illegal to admire girls is it?

Patriarchy will never die. It is genetically predetermined. Women are genetically predetermined to be mothers, and that's where the feminist world ends. It's between your legs. And you don't get to pick. Men are dominant and women are not, not before their man. So patriarchy will never die.

They were shitting into each others mouths like it was soft serve ice cream!

why not rename the website Cookers’R’Us?

i love to fuc* married women.

they keep secrets and love to act out and be bad w me

women wearing sexy high heels at work barefoot is making me crazy. cant contain my foot fetish.

I can’t stand it. It gets me hard so many times every day. I’ll do whatever they ask me. If they only knew what they could ask me to do. It’s a secret fetish, but I work in an office building with women who do this basically every single day.

I just can’t stop touching myself. It’s been this way for years. Decades really. I stare at them. The high heels. I follow women around. It’s been worse this past 15 years since I started working in an offices buildings. Now I see it every day. It’s making me jerk off 3-4 times a day at work. For years. My soul is exhausted ... my pen** is raw and thirsty

boots without socks. do it. make her.

take off all underwear. none for a month.

All you bleeding heart Liberals who hate on Trump every chance you get can now surely go to hell. He made more progress with North Korea in 5 minutes than all other Presidents combined! How? By being a leader, that's how. I am sick and tired of turning on the TV or radio and hearing nothing but hate about our Commander in Chief. The man is doing everything he promised and much more. He is creating jobs, for AMERICANS! Not for Armenians, or Allah, or other pedophile loving rejects. For AMERICA!


yall seriously need therapy

I'm the shit.

Oops I’ve gone and impregnated myself again. Welp, off to the abortion clinic tomorrow!

Children need to be taught about birth control in schools very young. I’m talking like ages 6-7. And no birth control option should be taught more than the best birth control device: Abortion!

dating a woman who works at a fertility clinic

She’s a nurse at a fertility clinic. Recently divorced. She has 3 kids, sole custody. She’s only 42 but looks good like early 30s and very fit. always wears scrubs and tennis shoes without socks, and nothing else but man, even in scrubs all the time, she looks really good.

We met on cinco de mayo. She was lonely so I bought her margaritas and she got wasted. We hooked up without protection.

She called me this morning to say she’s missed her period, but that it’s nothing I need to worry about.

I told her if she’s pregnant I’m 100% with her, and I will support her, and her children, and that’s have always wanted to be a supportive father and have a family.

She started crying and said that I was the man of her dreams and that she doesn’t deserve me. I told her I’d like to see her again tonight. She said yes.

This is really happening.

need to be tortured by new CIA torture master very very badly

Very very badly. I want it to hurt exquisitely. I want to feel pain I’ve never imagined before at the hands of the CIA. I want the torturers to be my fellow Americans

I want it to hurt so badly I faint, and can’t walk straight or talk right afterwards. I want to be tortured into permanent and painful crippling disability! I want the CIA and FBI to do this to me!

I hereby waive my 8th amendment rights! Please come use the most Inhumane, cruel and unusual punishment on me! Please make it hurt so badly I beg you to stop!!! Ignore my pleas! Never stop torturing me until it’s far far too late.

Please CIA and FBI, I very badly desire you to torture me horribly in unspeakable ways!

If only to make it ones lifes work to delete all these stupid sites...there would be at the least less contribution to the mental illness of many.
Please someone do it!!!

The recent loss of a certain secrets website a few days ago has me climbing the walls needing to vent and troll. In case there are any fellow former posters on here, I won't spoil the site secret in case it comes back. Initials were S A and it had an orange background. People could be very brutal on there, but it was pure, unfiltered honesty and exposition of the human psyche.

abortions should be mandatory!

I wipe my ass as many times as necessary so the paper appears clean. Then I smell the paper to double check. Often the first piece of paper appears clean and odorless which gills me with great pride.