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i have a fart fetish i love when girl girl girl girl lol fart on my face

Serious question, although I know the trolls won't be able to help themselves, this is for a paper I plan to write for my sociology course.

If you have ever performed analingus (a.k.a. rimming) on your partner, did/ do you genuinely enjoy it?

I understand that there are always things that we will occasionally do for our partners because it brings THEM pleasure, but I am trying to determin whether or not a significant number of people perforn this act for their own pleasure.

I myself truly enjoy doing it. As long as my girlfriend is fresh out of the shower, I honestly love burying my face deep between her ass cheeks, and then sucking and licking directly on her hole. I will even penetrate her with my tongue, and obtain satisfaction from hearing her moans and feeling her press herself harder against my face to that I can get even deeper.

So naturally, as I'm learning more and more about the human psyche, I am curious to know if I'm an anomaly in regards to such behavior.

Honest answers would be appreciated.

I can't stop myself from checking out my mom.

So, i'm 21 and i'm staying with my mom. My mom is a bit "bigger", she's on the chubby side and especially her butt. It's large and round.

And, her pants tend to sag. A lot. She'll bend over and her butt sticks out, her pants just always fall down.

I know it's wrong and creepy. But i just can't help myself. I want to grab and squeeze and bury my face in her butt, but i just can't. I'd love to grab her pants and just pull them down and touch her ass.

The horse ejaculated on my face!


The best shits are the full, large ones. The ones that stretch your sphincter well but at the same time aren’t uncomfortable. The ones that tail off without leaving lefotver shit in the bowel. The ones that stink. Those are the best shits.

How soon can you have sex after an abortion?

My ex girlfriend said she didn’t feel right after her abortion and has been out of it all week.

She keeps crying and saying she really never should have had the abortion so close to Christmas ... and that she waited too long.

Apparently there is a new state law where they have to show you the sonogram and make you listen to the baby’s heartbeat before the abortion

She said she can’t tell anyone else what she did and it’s crushing her

I'm YOU.

Men need to man up! Stop whining, move out of your mother's baseemnt, accept sometimes work sucks! It's a lot more respectable (and sexy) to be a cahsier or construction worker who splits a house with other adults than some loser who has unrealistic dreams, refuses to work, and leeches off his parents. And unless somebody has died or you got fired, stop whining so much. Accept sometimes YOU cause your own problems, sometimes bosses are mean, not everything is worth burdening people with whining about. You wonder why women don't want you? Because you're submsisive, lazy, and beta! If I wanted a woman, I'd date a woman! And "toxic masculinity" is bullsh*t.

My ass hair was so matted and ensnared with dried shit and toilet paper that it created a webbing that wouldn’t allow me to properly defecate. The turd was half-in, half-out and caught in place by what felt like an assnet.

Because I have no wife I had to pull my pants on and drive to a walk-in clinic to get help. I explained my predicament and the woman at the desk and the people in the waiting room had disgusted looks on their faces. An hour and a half later (after several people who had come in after had been helped first), a doctor saw me and talked down to me like I was 8 years old. Then he put on a mask and tended to my ass, and I heard him snickering. Then he left the room and I heard he and a nurse laughing from outside the door. Then they came back in with scissors and cut my anal hair. It hurt. A dried piece of feces dropped to the floor.

The doctor didn’t seem bothered by that, instead arrogantly suggesting I “exercise better hygiene”. The nurse flat-out laughed at me on my way out.

I returned home and ordered 2 triple-cheese pizzas. I ate them while watching porn before spending the rest of the night masturbating.

i pimped my husband out to other guys when i was 16 and preg. they would eat my pregnant pus** and fuc* my husband in the ass at the same time. fuc*** my ass while i ate thier ass they sucked my husbands dic* my husband would fuc* me at the same time as i would get fuc*** in the ass:) i loved how badly they wanted to fucvk me but my husband would get to jelous

yesterday I fuc*** a hooker without a condom and she said I could cum inside.


I asked her if she was taking pills.

she said yes.

I told her pills can fail and I don't want a baby.

So I didn't cum at all.

after I went to a brothel and fuc*** another hooker with a condom this time and cummed.

I sucked the cum right from the condom and swallowed it all.

Mr. No Socks is keeping this site alive.

this site is fuc*** dead now. where the fuc* is every body?

all thats left is that cigarettes smoking ass*** and that mr no socks faggot and I hate both those fuc*** guys

I’ve been having sex with my friends fiancé/girl friend. He has no idea she and I have been having unprotected sex for the last month and a half. She’s amazing… we both have feelings for eachother now and I hope she leaves him for me. Oddly I dont feel any guilt when she and I are together doing what we are doing.

I should be on Dr. Phil! I am chatting on kik anonymously with one of my ex lovers who is also married! He has no clue he is talking to me He thinks I am some random woman. He sends me pictures and videos of him all the time. I have sent some pictures here and there but not of my face. I didn't even know he had a kik, I randomly tried searching for him by using a screen name he once used and found him! He is begging to meet me. I found out so much about him. It is amazing what he has told to a complete stranger! I know everything! about all his affairs and his sexual secrets. He wife has no clue. He is currently having an affair. I found out thats one reason it ended between me and him I had been acting jealous so he went online and found her instead! He sends me nude videos of him every day! one day we did a three way on kik with his friend (they want a threesome ) They also talked about doing a foursome with me and the friend's wife! The other guys wife knows them but has no clue they want to use her husband for a threesome! He has become obsessed with me. Tells me that the next time he has sex with her he will think of me as he's with her! Even said his new affair would get upset if she knew about me but he said that it will be our secret! He has even sent me nude pictures of her!! On top of all this I saw him back online looking for others!!
I was so blinded by him I was in love, in over my head.. Now I am glad I know all this. I see him for who he really is. He actually is a really good guy except for all this!!
If his wife only knew??? someone told me I should black mail him. Another person said I should send him a picture of my chest with my middle finger up? lol
He is now asking for more pictures. His friend got suspicious because I wasnt sending pictures. I think I am going to block him now!

NO means YES!

Most people are animal abusers.

I lost a loaded 9mm pistol again while drunk last weekend. fuc* my life. why am I always getting drunk and losing guns.. 100% truth here. Not kidding! I mean, honestly I’m fuc*** amazed they let me buy the pistol!

I’ve had two DWIs, and at least two drunk and disorderly and also like 20 speeding tickets

I’m on prescriptions for all kinds of shit. Have to see a psychiatrist every month.

My ex wife left me because of alcoholism

I was quietly asked to leave a school where I was a teacher because I got a teenage girl pregnant - it was consensual but they wanted to keep it quiet

I later made that girl get an abortion

I’ve lied so many times. I cheated to graduate college and I cheated to be able to transfer to a different college. Twice.

I cheated on every girlfriend I ever had

I cheated on most of my friends in one way or another betraying their trust

I accidentally shot my pistol in my garage once

Another time I accidentally shot a shotgun in my backyard

Another time I accidentally damn near shot myself in the foot at a gun range

I often get blackout drunk and then wake up with a loaded pistol in my hands

I’ve repeatedly lost various guns when loaded

I had a car broken into and a gun stolen

I had an apartment broken into an a assault rifle stolen

Also I Smoke cigarettes all the time around ammunition and gunpowder - that can’t be fuc*** smart

I carry my loaded gun all kinds of inappropriate places

I’ve been thrown out of liquor stores before

I’ve been kicked out of dozens of bars for being too drunk - I still refuse to get help for my drinking problems

I literally cannot go a single day without needing alcohol

I sure am glad I am a middle class white male !!!

I get special second amendment rights to semiautomatic pistols and assault rifles and semi auto shotguns that are mainly far too deadly

Im not proud of what I did. she was too young, just a teenager still in high school, and I took advantage of her. I made her promises, I made her do things. things she didnt want to do. I didnt wear a condom
She ended ip pregnant and I forced her to make the hard choice
then I left her

ive done some bad things. this is the worst

TWB please answer. super important.
1. Can you deepthroat?
2. what is the max age of a guy you are willing to date/marry?
3. what is your biggest turn-on
4. ring size?
5. silver or gold?
6, 3 some???
7. condoms? birth contrl? anal?titfuc*?
please answer all asap! i love you so much! -thatguy