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inside of her


no protection

no I dont have a condom

what happened

it shrivled?

I dont know why it wont get hard

wait, what so you mean youre not on birth control?

Oh whoa wait a minute

It feels so

uh, oh, it was an accident

look, im sorry, it just went off

I guess I just got too excited and went too fast

Im sure not that much got inside you

Im sure youre not going to get pregnant

you could always get an abortion if you wanted

what do you mean youre against abortion?

what do you mean the test says youre pregnant ?

what do you mean youre keeping the baby?

I hadn’t showered or changed my clothes in three days, in part due to a 14-hour trans-Pacific flight. Arriving home I disrobed, taking my pants off. Lowering my briefs revealed a disgusting brown dirtline, a burnt ochre hue in its center. I raised the shorts to my face, and slowly bringing them to my nose, I inhaled deeply.

I honestly want to f*** my cousin so bad!!

there is something unnatural growing in my nose. its fuc*** terrifying

I am in love with my cousin. I have been hiding these feelings for years, but the guilt of keeping this secret is slowly consuming me. We are close, and I love her as my cousin and a friend, but if she ever found out about this she would hate me. Everyone would. I’m a fuc*** coward.

I’m into secret addictions... I secretly smoked cigarettes everyday from 1997 until 2015

I hid my smoking from my parents, my friends, my roommates, my girlfriends, my employers and even my wife

In fairness it was slightly easier from 1998 until 2007 because I was away for college and then grad school

In 1997 my smoking was usually just 3 to 5 cigarettes before school or slipping away on weekends

In 1998-1999 I could smoke cigarettes on campus or at my apartment on my balcony and no one would know - I smoked an average of 5 to 10 cigarettes a day back then through 2000 when I hid my smoking from my live in girlfriend - although I tried to convince her to smoke so she knew I liked it

But in 2001 is when I really started smoking 10 to 20 cigarettes everyday in secret -

Maybe random people on campus might have seen me - but it was a big school and I was just a face in the crowd

2002 is when I started smoking solidly 20 to 25 cigarettes a day everyday in secret

I also worked as a substitute teacher then in a school which was under construction and had trailers where classrooms were so it was easy to duck out an sneak cigarettes during planning period or lunch breaks -

2003 I had a new girlfriend and tried grad school the first time but the stress was killing me and I was sneaking away to smoke in secret all the time

I flunked out and had to move back home

In 2004 hiding my smokin from my mom and my girlfriend and my other friends was a full time job

But then when I enrolled in a new grad school in a town down south and lived alone in a one bedroom apartment - that’s when my secret smoking skyrocketed

From summer 2004 till 2006 I was “secretly” smoking 40 to 50 cigarettes a day

Alone at my apartment

No friends or roommates

My girlfriend lived out of town

So I just woke up everyday and chain smoked heavily before class

Would leave class then secretly chain smoke on campus throughout the day

I became adept at having a smoking jacket and brushing my teeth and washing my face and hands and using mouth wash and cologne to hide it

But I loved smoking two to three packs a day

In 2007 when I graduated and moved back home and got a real job I had to stop smoking so heavily

But I did continue to smoke in secret 10-15 cigarettes a day on average from 2007 till 2015

I met my future wife in 2008 when she was a student teacher

I hid my smoking from her for the past decade

She still does not know I smoked at least half a pack a day for nearly a decade while we dated and after we got married

My biggest regret is that I quit smoking

I truly love smoking and Inwish Inhad never quit

I think if I had not kept it a secret then I could have just enjoyed being a heavy smoker the rest of my life until I got fatal lung disease... that would be ok with me to die in my 40s from lung cancer

if I had gotten to smoke publicly as much as i have wanted to the last 20 years, and then got to smoke just another 5 to 10 years - Id be ok with dying from lung cancer in my 40s

I would have earned that fate and I would accept my fate

I dont fully understand this smoking fetish or secret addiction as well as Id like

but if there is ever any doubt

You should start smoking

I never use condoms..In 1999 I got a 15 year old girl pregnant because I didnt use a condom...

I was a 23 year old senior in college.

my oldest daughter is 18 now and a senior in high school

she just told me this weekend shes pregnant ...

because her soccer coach refused to wear a condom

I told her I was thrilled for her! she was worried at first that Id be mad

but honestly Im looking forward to being a granddad!

just why would anybody use condoms?

I have 3 kids by 3 different women... is thst ok?

if Im being perfectly honest I become absolutey enraged whenever my girlfriend wears socks .. she knows this. I have required her to go sockless for years. she complied for many many years.

sometimes on really cold days she will try to steal my socks and it absolutey pisses me off betond recognition.

I have told her she is allowed to wear winter boots barefoot without socks on cold days as long as she shows me her putting the boots on barefoot... I have bought her very expensive boots for her to wear

these are simple rules. I let her live with me for free. I pay all the bill and dont charge her rent

the least she could fuc*** do would be do not wear socks when I already fuc*** told her not to!!!

i fuc*** hate TWB. She's pretty AND nice and i fuc*** hate her for it.

Trump’s racist ad is working! they are threatening lynchig blacks and mexicans in the streets!

Be fuc*** scared! The whites are trying to take over in the south again! Holy shits I’m scared. There are white armed militia rednecks in camo with AR-15 assault rifles patroling my building - and they have confederate flags on their trucks who are patrolling around outside downtown near a voting station!

I work in an office building downtown two blocks from the courthouse and a voting district and they have over a hundred or more militarized white guys in camo cruising around - they clearly are buddies with the cops - I went to get a hotdog at lunch at saw this one white cop covered in ink talking to this redneck militia guy also covered in similar tattoos- Holy fuc*. they are in it together. they are in a secret organization. it was so obvious that they are tight witheach other it scared the black woman walking with me .. she saw it and just turned back running for her life

If they find out I dated and one time planned to marry a half Hispanic girl back in college in Texas I’m fuc***. If they find out I voted Democrat in the 2016 election They’ll fuc*** execute me. Jesus Christ. I can’t even get Home to my own camping bag/ natural disaster survival kit/bug out bag or my dads old deer hunting rifle fast enough. I had to leave my dads old pistol at home because our parking garage banned private firearms in the vehicle after the recent school shootings last year .. so I’m unarmed. I have maybe a folding buck knife in my center console. I guess I have an old hiking in the trunk but it’s 6 years old and half the food or meds in there are expired. Holy fuc* I couldn’t make it two days out here if this place goes full wasteland

I dress like a hipster, colorful socks and Long mustache and shiny Oxford shoes, lately because that’s what my new girlfriend likes. She’s 23 and right outta college and the only way an older 39 year old dude like me was gonna get with her is by pretending to be a hipster and claiming to love Hillary and join the pantsuit nation group on Facebook

They are going to kill us all or kill democracy if we try to stop them...These red necks are fuc*** serious. They are going to take over the election or overturn the results ... How the fuc* is this not on the news?

Being pro white and pro Trump is not racist!

White people have done everything good for this country and that’s fundamental to the core of Republican values! That’s just a fact! Everyone knows blacks and Mexicans commit all the crimes and rapes! They always have! Whites won world war 2! Lazy blacks and Mexicans did nothing!

When is America going to wake up and realize Whites are the only thing we have going for us! That’s not racist, it’s just facts! The GOP knows it but they are not doing enough! We need a stronger leader! Concentrate all power in the hands of Trump - like Putin - And things will get better immediately!

The Russians are smart and shocker, white! I’m from the south and am pro military and pro American and pro gun ownerships and anti abortion and anti fags and anti weed and pro tobacco and pro family values and pro Christian - and I think it’s past time we lock up all the immigrants and lazy blacks committing crimes and deport all of them - don’t even pay for jails with taxpayer money - just put them on a boat and send them overseas far away!

Make America white and proud again! Vote republican! Vote for Trump in Tuesday!

deep down you know that brown people or black people should not be allowed to be full citizens

deep down, you know america is really only for white people

if you arent white, you better get out! they will hunt you down in the night!

I have authored several posts here glorifying Kenneth Pinyan. Many have been removed by the crack staff.

Acceptable or censorship?

I let a friend from college fuc* me last week because we were drunk and I just thought, "Why not?" I'm a straight, married guy, and I cannot believe how amazing it felt (after he got fully inside me) to have his cum fill me up. I want it more. I don't know if this means I'm gay, but man, I loved feeling that hot cum inside me.

honestly sucking dic* is NOT fun. getting dic*, that is fun.

the sinking of the uss maine was America's fault. America is a nosy ass country

I have been digesting small doses of poison with the hope that when I go to sleep, I won't wake up.

i touched my mom while she slept. Ok, I'll admit it, I have a bit of a thing for my mom. Anyway, she was working late one night, and when she got home, i invited her into my room to watch a YouTube video before she went to bed. After it, she was so tired, so I offered her to sleep in my room, in my bed with me.

She actually said yes. She went right to sleep in my bed, didn't bother to change out of her uniform (long sleeve shirt and jeans). I snuggled right up beside her and tried to sleep, but I honestly was too "excited" to sleep. Mom was in my bed, and I'm strongly attracted to her. I just couldn't sleep. It was nearly 2 hours I lied there, trying to fall asleep. I don't know what came over me.

I had this...urge to touch her. I knew it was wrong, but I just couldn't help myself. The only thing stopping me was the fear that if she woke up, how she'd react. So I snuggled up beside her and kissed her forehead. Got as close as possible but she never moved or woke up.

I just kept...pushing it, going farther because she never moved or woke up. I mean, I felt over her clothes, touching her legs and stomach. She never woke up, I started to move under her shirt and even poked her breast under her bra. I didn't stop, I actually reached into her jeans but I couldn't get as far down, I didn't feel much. Plus she stirred a bit. She just put her shirt back down, I accidentally left it up.

I feel really bad but I don't think she ever knew. I still have no clue how she never woke up.