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I'm non-binary. My friends know, my parents don't. I use they/them pronouns.

Greg Mottishaw raped a 13 year old native girl in Sechelt, BC. This was years ago, but I witnesssed the entire horrendous thing and was too scared to tell anyone.

i sent an older guy i like(im in hs hes grafuated last year) nudes i dont regret it but i do. like if i could do it over again i would probs do the same thing. after i sent then he slowly started to snap me less and less but is keeping the streak. i honestly hate myself rn and dont know if its because of the nudes or the fact that i would send more if he asked. my mind is a mess and i still like this ass***.

I think I like you. I told myself for a while that you were just eye candy, just something interesting to look at when the day was boring. You were definitely attractive. But I thought you had a bland personality. I thought you were dull, and I thought I would get bored of you soon. I told myself I didn't WANT to like anyone anymore. Especially not you.

I've caught myself looking at you more and more. I'd be lying if I didn't say every time we make eye contact, it feels like I'm getting sucked into your eyes. You ARE attractive. And you have amazing fluffy hair. But you're more than looks. You're funny as hell. You're incredibly nice. I know you wear colored contacts, and sometimes your eyes are blue-gold and sometimes they're green and sometimes they're brown. I know you like puns, and you giggle loudly when you hear a good one.

And even if you don't "like" me, I still want to be friends. Because you're honestly such a cool person to hang out with. But that won't happen, because I have my friends and you have your friends. So we're not friends, and we're not lovers. I think I'll just admire you from afar.

But I know that you're not just eye candy anymore. You're more than that.

I think I like you. Accepting that has been hard. I don't want to like you, but I do.

my girlfriend left me high and dry. be Continued

I have always fainted very easily, sometimes just standing up to quickly will cause me to have a fainting spell. I sometimes will even pass out and drift in and out of a faint when im turned on, having sex, touching myself ect. My secret is that i secretly really enjoy fainting, especially in a sexual context. it turns me on so much to just “surrender” entirly like that, i like the idea of letting a man have his way with me once i have passed out greatesr fantasy would to be be able to make a video of me fainting with a man and then watchinf him it later, watching as i faint and after im out watching him take of my clothes, rub my breasts, slide off my panties, touch my pus**...all while im unconcious and helpess

I wish that I could find an older woman (I'm talking late 70's to early 80's) who would allow me to eat her out regularly

I blame my ass*** boss for my drinking problems! I mean: ok sure ultimately I’m an alcoholic because I have a week spirit and Low willpower and many moral failings as a person - so that’s mostly all my fault. But my boss is such a complete raging ass*** he insults and degraded everyone in the office and because he pays slightly better than some other places we all subject ourselves to abusive and degrading treatments day after day and particularly on nights and weekends - I need the money to pay bills - particularly my child’s medical bills - as our insurance has cut back further and further on what they cover and charged more and more for premiums each month - almost half my earnings go to insurance and medical bills - so Im stuck in debts - even with scholarships at state schools for college I still have student loan debt 16 years later and One paid for car, one we bought on loan to replace one Intotaled due to alcoholism and drunk driving again over 6 years ago - but I just feel trapped! I blame my boss for both encouraging my alcoholism by forcing me to drink at work functions then driving me crazy and forcing me to drink to try to calm down from work

But now because I have the dwi on my record and I can’t get rid of it I’m afraid I’ll flunk the background check at any other employer - which means I’m stuck where I am at a workplace that abuses and degraded me - and I’m in debt and barely treading water - I’m working almost as many hours a week as I ever have and I haven’t gotten a raise in 4 years- and all of its too much - I need the six pack or two of beer or bottle of wine every night to relax And kick off my shoes and socks late at night and just watch tv and zone out andntry to forget about work until tomorrow

I just hate so much of my
Life and yes it’s mostly all my fault

But goddamn it of my crazy ass*** demanding boss hasn’t made my
Life worse and worse by driving me to drink and drink and drink to the point where I ended up with multiple DWIs and my wife Finally had enough of my bullshit so she left me

And I’m so fuc*** lonely and miserable. Yeah fine I’m skum. I’m a sinner and a prick and all the bad things that have happened to me are my own fault because I am weak and a failure and I am not worth of anyone’s love much less forgiveness

I just hate everything. It’s all my fault. Deep down I know I’m probably too much a coward to ever really try suicide the hard way like with a Gun so I just try to drink myself to death

My wife wants to have sex with a BBC and have me watch. I'm not sure I am comfortable with this. What if she likes it? What if I don't? Has your marrage stayed strong after your wife had a big black one?

Look, I understand that people get upset about anything involving the abuse of animals, and I abhor that sort of thing. But Ken Pinyan and Jim Tait didn’t penetrate the horses themselves. Instead they covered themselves in equine breeding pheronomes and invited the steed to penetrate them. The horse was not raped, but rather himself found a tighter-than-usual orifice to fuc*, and was therefore able to achieve pleasure.

Again, I’m not saying this is normal, but the great beast came away unscathed. Tait was even recorded on video, crying out “did he come, did he come” after the horse’s member left Pinyan’s ass. Just saying. In the end, full responsibility for this lays with Pinyan himself, who submitted to receptive anal sexual intercourse with an Arabian Stallion that he and Tait nicknamed “Big Dic*”, for which he subsequently paid the ultimate price.

whatever Happened to That wit***?

If you don't really see men checking you out, does this mean you are ugly?

Take me to Enumclaw.

can anybody tell me the title of the song I had in my head a while ago?

how do you confess your feelings


fuc* me, i am so in trouble

I feel like I might be a lost traveler

Click anywhere on this page.

I wish I could start over.