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My wife wants to have sex with a BBC and have me watch. I'm not sure I am comfortable with this. What if she likes it? What if I don't? Has your marrage stayed strong after your wife had a big black one?

Look, I understand that people get upset about anything involving the abuse of animals, and I abhor that sort of thing. But Ken Pinyan and Jim Tait didn’t penetrate the horses themselves. Instead they covered themselves in equine breeding pheronomes and invited the steed to penetrate them. The horse was not raped, but rather himself found a tighter-than-usual orifice to fuc*, and was therefore able to achieve pleasure.

Again, I’m not saying this is normal, but the great beast came away unscathed. Tait was even recorded on video, crying out “did he come, did he come” after the horse’s member left Pinyan’s ass. Just saying. In the end, full responsibility for this lays with Pinyan himself, who submitted to receptive anal sexual intercourse with an Arabian Stallion that he and Tait nicknamed “Big Dic*”, for which he subsequently paid the ultimate price.

whatever Happened to That wit***?

If you don't really see men checking you out, does this mean you are ugly?

Take me to Enumclaw.

can anybody tell me the title of the song I had in my head a while ago?

how do you confess your feelings


fuc* me, i am so in trouble

I feel like I might be a lost traveler

Click anywhere on this page.

I wish I could start over.

I'm going to marry Gloria, a mother in his second marriage, in Banyoles. She is older than me.

I wish I could tell my girlfriend just how much I hate her. Then again it seems like I start to hate everyone in my life after a year or two. I think the longest I've ever had anyone is 6 years. After a while I just get tired of peoples shit.

I wish I could be alone for my entire life, but sadly life doesn't go that way. Don't have the money or even the energy to support myself.

A few months ago, one of my guy friends needed money for the payment on his family car, and I gave some. My Mom found out and threatened to start charging me rent.

Last month, one of my girl friends had the family truck impounded, and didn't have the money to pay off the fine. The fine was less money than what I gave my guy friend, but I didn't donate the money, I just reblogged the link to where you could donate money to her. The pound eventually doubled the fine and then they later got rid of the truck. My friend then made a post saying she could count the number of people who wanted to help on one hand, and criticizing the people who didn't help. She did not say anything to me, but I am 100 percent sure she considers me into the later category, especially since she knows that I was able to donate money to my guy friend a few months ago.

I'm angry at my Mom for threatening to charge me rent when she refuses to charge rent to my sister who spends all her cash on makeup. I'm also angry at her for punishing me for helping a friend, even though she once complained how I "used to care about the underdog". (And yet she tries to punish me for doing so).

But mostly, I'm angry at myself for not donating the money anyways when my friend first asked. If I had stood up to my mom, my friend would have gotten the truck back. I'm pretty sure I just lost a friend because of my cowardliness. There's no way I can justify to her what I did.

I don't care if you hate me. I can live with that. I have lived a long time being hated before.

I have a right to hate people if I want to. people hated me, still hate me. so what. I still live and adult past it. and there is no law that says I have to like people or certain persons of ill repute like nutmeg or wil***. horny whores on millions and steroids wanting to rule the world. see how insane they are. I don't want that. they don't like everyone. I don't have to like them. so what. go shove your horn somewhere else please! leave us alone. we are good common folk who want to be left alone and we don't want to know you. we don't like you. and if I ever have the misfortune of having to meet you I might be nice if you are but basically speaking I don't like what you stand for. I don't like what you represent. I don't like wil*** bully girl tantrum black social anarchy black superiority crap and baby diaper superiority crap. I don't like people, so what. I don't like what nutmeg and hairybear stand for. what they represent makes no sense to me and is separate to the rest of any other royals even in black nations. I just don't like them and their drug pasts and their whoring and thilth. people don't forget the devils they really are. and what they did to get to the top. they will come down. life will kick up the gutz really quickly.
Royals and wil*** etc all criminals who should be locked away in a padded cell. You are the crazy ones. You should be fed to the lions and culled. No one likes celebrities anymore.

NO ONE LIKES HER, NO ONE LIKES HIM. NO ONE LIKES SERENA BIGMOUTH BULLY KING KONG WIL***. did you see that BRATS performance on the tennis court like a spoilt tantrum child after her baby was born, clearly you copy your child all the time now. This is how spoilt bratty selfish women go after a kid. They truly do believe the world centers around their holes after a baby.

Motherhood makes you no more special then the next person! get the f out of the worlds lives no one wants to see you anymore! we face bigger issues and responsibilities to survive then you could ever possibly imagine your so spoilt!
go get horny on someone else's time and leave us alone! we don't like you!

Prince harry is so old and ugly now. that is why all the women ran from him and he caught the dumbo prize.
they gone for their potty more after the baaaabbbeeeee is born and their brains and behavior will milk down to that kids level if there are any brains at all.

I think its so stupid the amount of people who say "you are just jealous" "you are stupid", "you are crazy" - do I sound crazy speaking reason, just because I dont like someone. heaps of people don't like trump and don't like a lot of people in politics but does that make anyone who doesn't like someone and don't vote for them crazy? then we are all crazy because we can only cast 1 vote, 1 like. so we all crazy to not like their opponent? come on now? get showreel checked nutmeg and kinkong wil*** smarmy baby momma nigga shade drama banana wacko tennis court side bully tantrums at umpires who are superior to you! you can't hack it that they are above you. you think your better then everyone else on this planet and you got to sit and shit like every human unless you have your diapa on, you ugly mean bully girl. well I am not jealous. I don't want to be wil*** or markle or harry and I don't like red hair men at all. I don't think royalty is fit anymore to rule as it used to and the times are and changing with such commoners getting in the royal ranks that common folk now want to vote a head of state in themselves. You change 1 think , you might as well change 100 things is general consensus. Your money and sparkle of pomp ceremony actually disgusts me.

Time, it has little to not enough time. It's almost perfect match. Getting more align as time goes by. We are all learning to adapt quite well, but the fear is it's "life" will help end alignment before completion. We need help with it's surrounding; too many external issues.

The 16 year old girl who just started working part time at the store told me she thought she was pregnant and didnt know what to do

she said she thinks the father is a guy she met at a hospital staff christmas work party that was held at the mexican restruant she used to work at last month. Her boss fired her for telling her she was pregnant. She thinks the guy is a resident but she doesnt know his name and is scared

shes is scared her step dad will kick her out if he finds out shes pregnant

I told her to go up to the hospital she thinks he works at and start looking for him. keep looking at all the other hospitals till he is found

Do you think Kenneth Pinyan is in heaven?

Do you also imagine Selena Gomez with The Weeknd's big black coc* in her mouth and ass everyday they were dating?