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sometimes I go to seek or indeed or jora and other job websites to just be a dic*head. send them rubbish or ask the company for a date or friend or where to get fish and chips or new cupboards or cars. sort of get so sick of being rejected I see it as a joke and avenue to treat it with the general barf-ary they treat the applicants.

Imagine somebody anounces on noteful that they are going to shoot up a public place in America. What would happen?


why am I allowed to say bitch but not allowed to say Tod*?

i wish all you ass***s would stop being mean to TWB. you are just jealous cuz she is so hot and your so not. you fuc*** coc*fuc*** twat ass cun*dic**

i am a guy and was getting physio done on my back by a male phyiostherapist who i am pretty sure is gay.
every session he would massage my lower back and I loved it..I even moaned once and had a hard on..
on my last session he seemed to go lower than before just above my butt crack.. I was hoping he would go lower.
afterwards he asked me to roll over and stared at my crotch..
i am married but have always been bicurious.. I have been thinking about going back to see what happens.


I love all of you and hate all of me.

Working class whites are more likely to marry outside their race than upper class. In working class white families, having a mixed child is far less shameful than in the upper class families. Why is this? I'm just speaking from my own experience and observations.

TWB what shoes are younwearing without socks today? I really need to know!
thanks! Sockless Steve

It’s time for America’s favorite joke show, “Is it racist?”

-A flight full of people has both engines go out. The pilot calls for emergency measures, as the plane prepares for a possible crash landing. Amidst the chaos a passenger tries to begin having sex with the African-American woman next to him. She fights him off and sunmons a flight attendant. “What the hell are you doing, sir?” they ask, exacerbated.

“I heard when a plane goes down,” he replies, “Only the black box survives.”

Is it racist?

i wanna see my aunt huge tits


I think about you day and night
I want to touch your hands just right
You’ve conquered all my thoughts today
Please put my worries and fears at bay
Tell me you love me and I will
Tell you the way that I feel
I’m in love with you forever more

i love bad pick-up lines and bad jokes/puns. but i've never met anyone smart enough or interested in me enough to figure that out, let alone use them.

I have authored several posts here glorifying Kenneth Pinyan. Many have been removed by the crack staff.

Acceptable or censorship?

I let a friend from college fuc* me last week because we were drunk and I just thought, "Why not?" I'm a straight, married guy, and I cannot believe how amazing it felt (after he got fully inside me) to have his cum fill me up. I want it more. I don't know if this means I'm gay, but man, I loved feeling that hot cum inside me.

I fantasize about catcalling a woman and then she verbally and physically assaults me, putting me in my rightful place.

I miss cigarettes so fuc*** much...being one hundred percent real here! Quit smoking last year after smoking heavily since 1996 when I was in high school. My daughter has asthma so I quit for her. But my new girlfriend chain-smokes constantly, two packs a day and won’t quit.. but I really like her a lot.

Every single cigarette she smokes makes me want to cave in and start smoking so badly. She smells and tastes like cigarettes and she is always trying to tempt me.. I don’t think I can last much longer

I had only been with miniature studs and jacks until I covered myself in equine pheronomes and aroused the stallion. And he all the right parts to make me a mare. Raising aloft onto his hind legs he entered me partially but his brute force was driving me through the fence. It helped though because the steed could only enter so far. And as quickly as it began it was over. The horse withdrew, his engorged member wilting in the hot sun. Likely forgotten by the stud but always remembered by the mare.

I left my fwb waiting outside my house just because I'm too afraid to sneak out and see him. I ignored his calls and his texts to sneak out. Now I'm sitting in bed, waiting for him to leave, thinking I'm asleep. Note: I live with my parents and other family members. Its nearly impossible to sneak out undetected.

I take mad medications every day that cause side effects.

I feel like Kanye without the money, wife, kids, and job.

My wife and I got an email invitation to participate in the Spencer Tunick photoshoot on Sunday in NYC.
I want to go, but the wife says we cant afford the time to waste this weedend.
(We're having friends arrive on mon, and it would be madness to make it back late, and get the house in order)
I cant wait to see what we missed. We love STs work, and have been before.