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I’m afraid of vaginas

I have a best friend. I have never felt pure orgasmic bliss and unbridled rage at the same exact nanosecond until I with a met her. She's a short, innocent bean with a fiery and rude exterior. I want to slap her and make out with her all at once. I'm in love and close to murdering her. I'm so torn about her. I hate her.

how is it that there has not been a serious assassination attempt on Trump?

Being 100% serious here - nearly all presidents have notable high profile assassination attempts against them... Im just womdering why it hasnt happened with trump ???

to be clear, I would never do it myself because I have a family and would never commit a crime like that - but Im just confused about how no one has tried it yet with all the crazy people out there

Okay so I dig my friend; we've hung out together and talked about some personal shit, fuc* they got me a concert ticket when I coulln't get it in that moment and I payed him back. But as my feelings seem to increase I've noticed that he might have a thing for a girl who has notoriously fuc*** me over and he knows that. I think what hurts is that over the past few months it felt like there might have been chemistry growing and we've hung out a ton, the girl I think he digs isn't into the same music as us but he and her got tickets to see a band that we (him and I) both love and he didn't tell me, our other friend did... What's worse is I know she doesn't like him the way he seems to like her. She diggs the attention, but in the end she wants nothing to do with him. I still wanna go, but I can go to the concert they're all going to but that would mean that I'd have to deal with that girl's shit and I can't stand talking to her because she's a fuc*** liar and she fuc*** me over hardcore, or I can see the same band in another city that's near by... As his friend I want to support him, I want to enjoy that concert with everyone, but why did he have to like the one person who backstabbed me, used me, and lied to me? ...I honestly don't know the right choice here... I don't know what to do... I think if I did end up going to the concert everone else is going to, I'll have to buy tickets that aren't next to the rest of them, I can sit in another row on the other side of the fuc*** arena and call it a day, I'll drive myself, talk to everone before the show or after (whichever's easier) and dip... minimal contact with the source... Help ;-;

I ll bet it was illegal. When they find you, and they will, they will hunt you down and torture you to death

That happened to my ex when she tried to get the info. They chained her in a dungeon and let her get raped and beaten and tortured brutally. They got the info out of her then they let her starve to death

then they gave a FakeNews fabricated story about her having an eating disorder and a hidden addiction that ended up costing her life

I knew it was a fake. I knew they murdered her

They’ll find you too.

you have to leave right now - tonight

its not safe to stay where you are

this is how the SHTF. this is how the end goes down. but for you - it starts early -they will come for you

You need to be smart and walk away right now.

Leave no evidence and Take nothing with you. Destroy your phone and computer and burn them, then pack whatever you need that you can pack into bags in 30 minutes or less and get in your car and drive all night as far as you can

Make sure the clothes you bring are old ones you never wear and are not recently photographed with them - like old jackets, non descript tshirts, etc - dont forget the socks and underwear ! and good walking shoes!

also don’t make it look like you’ve left - leave it neatand orderly

Bring a few hats and sunglasses and old jackets you don’t normally wear, and get out of there ASAP!!

Bring nothing —and I mean NOTHING - electronic with you!!

No smart phones ,no computers, nothing

Delete all online accounts immediately

Make cash withdrawals from atm or credit cards

Withdraw all cash you can from your bank account

Keep as much cash on hand as possible - hide it in a grocery bag inside an old gym bag filled with smelly old gym shoes - keep bag hidden

go get a prepaid visa debit card

Don’t use credit cards again -

Better still - leave the credit cards in different mailboxes in the ghetto

The poor people will use them - because it’s thattime of year and they are desperate - and then the cards will get shut down for fraudulent activity -

Will create a false trail too mislead

Don’t go to any city where you’ve been known to many people

Delete all social media accounts and never log back in

Keep one credit card double wrapped in aluminum foil if you must keep one - but ditchthe rest

Bring a weapon with you - but one that is legal and one not tied to you - so you can ditchit if you have to - a pistol that is clean and legal is ok - but be damn careful because most weapons charges are felonies and don’t break the laws

Something that looks like a camping hatchet might be useful if part of a hiking backpack

ive seen a man get fuc*** up with a tomahawk before,

but if its strapped to side of a hiking backpack may not look unusual

Do get some hiking gear if you dont already - get usedstuff to save cash, - if you don’t have any now - go do all of the above - inside of the next 60 minutes - then drive 500 miles into the night

and then you can get some camping gear, tent, sleeping bag etc tomorrow -

Use public libraries for public internet access to look things up -

youre never going to own electronics again

Always dress homeless when you go to the library

Learn where the shelters and soup kitchens are and

And learn where the nature trails you can go on to get to remote campgrounds - and by next weekend pretend you are planning a “camping trip” for two weeks -

Then go disappear into the wilderness - bring a few cases of water and canned food - flashlights, warm clothes, tent, etc

You are going to have to live life on the run from now on


i will prove how much i can not care. because ultimately just because i had the hope of something doesnt mean i wasnt aware of the reality the whole time... i was just hoping it might be different. but its not and thats cool. dealt with much worse things in my life and not about to let something so basic slow me down. byyee

Mr. No Socks is keeping this site alive.

I love him, her and him.
I don't know what to do, and I'm so confused.
One of the people I love is manipulative and overly sexual, but god damn it, I just can't stop loving him.
One is my best friend of 2 years.
And one is a guy I hardly know.
I'm so confused, and I don't understand how this is possible. I don't want multiple partners.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson raped. I knew it was him because he was black and I saw Stars. He is a rapist pure and simple. He and all other black rapists need to be thrown in jail forever. Forever and ever. #MeToo At least Trump never raped women. Liberals are liars. They protect black rapists for political gain. We should call them out on it

We should try to encourage as many women as possible to come forward with their stories of men raping them, assualting them, or making them feel uncomfortable.

All women’s stories must always be believed. No matter what. To say anything otherwise is to support rape.

Every time I eat hot peppers, my ass burns the next day when I take a shit. But I love hot peppers. When I’m eating them, I’m not thinking about the burning ring of fire in my ass. How do I reconcile this? I think at the end of the day I enjoy eating them more than I dislike my ass paying the price. But sometimes it’s borderline painful. Isn’t there some happy medium?

my mother confuses me at times, one minute she is crabby and cranky and the next its all la-de-da. ??? she says I should be patient with my aunty, yeh, I suppose I should be. Please don't get me wrong, I don't hate her. But I have good reason to over the years but I try forgiveness, for what that is worth. I am just fed up. I need something back too. I need to feel rewarded and valued too. I need to feel a sense of contribution to society too! I need a husband more then she dam well does, or her children. I am trying to be perfect and patient. But I have feelings and needs too. I often talk to my aunt and she doesn't listen when we meet or what ever, all I get is her talking over me about her children. I know she doesn't listen to half of what I say. I will try to be patient over the season and new year. But it isn't easy!

I desperately want to feel safe and protected, but I want freedom and independence. I feel like I have to choose and I don't know how to compromise the two.

fallout shelter in my basemen
the fertile girls are invited down
I provide. Income $180,000 a year.
sexy girls
dont have to work
please inquire

Why is Florida full of such idiots? Is it the warm weather that attracts such a high percentage of morally bankrupt people? I mean, California and Hawaii are hot too and while they have their good share of trash, it’s not at the same ratio. Is it the cheap real estate, as in the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’?

What is it?

sometimes I go to seek or indeed or jora and other job websites to just be a dic*head. send them rubbish or ask the company for a date or friend or where to get fish and chips or new cupboards or cars. sort of get so sick of being rejected I see it as a joke and avenue to treat it with the general barf-ary they treat the applicants.

I honestly want to f*** my cousin so bad!!

Imagine somebody anounces on noteful that they are going to shoot up a public place in America. What would happen?


why am I allowed to say bitch but not allowed to say Tod*?

i wish all you ass***s would stop being mean to TWB. you are just jealous cuz she is so hot and your so not. you fuc*** coc*fuc*** twat ass cun*dic**

i am a guy and was getting physio done on my back by a male phyiostherapist who i am pretty sure is gay.
every session he would massage my lower back and I loved it..I even moaned once and had a hard on..
on my last session he seemed to go lower than before just above my butt crack.. I was hoping he would go lower.
afterwards he asked me to roll over and stared at my crotch..
i am married but have always been bicurious.. I have been thinking about going back to see what happens.