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i was masturbating in the kitchen, when my sister walked in. Luckily, I had a big shirt and so I hid my coc* with it. She sat down and started talking, and as I was watching and listening to her, I got a raging boner. As soon as she left, I whipped out my pen** and started furiously masturbating to thoughts of her.

I know there are many exhibitionists around but wonder how many are female like me. I quess strippers have to have a certain desire to expose themselves but I don't completely understand why I delibertley expose myself to men I sometimes know and many men I don't know. I have been dating and livng with my boyfriend for over three years and truly love him. If he ever found out how many men I have exosed myself to or how many guys have seen me naked he could never forgive me. I travel with my job mostly to east coast cities and have plenty of opurtunities. When I'm in Florida I visit mosly small stores where I try on bathing suits leaving either curtains or doors open enough for men to see me. I even do it in malls all over the east coast. I look around for men waiting for their wives or girlfriends in the stores near the dressing rooms. I prefer staying in motels rather than a hotel so I can easily leave curtains open and after years of travelling I know which are the best to bare myself. All I know is how much it excites me when I know a man is seeing me exposed especially if I am completely naked. It always arouses me to the point of masturbation and there have been numerous times over the years that guys have seen me satisfying myself. I'm 28 now and have been doing this since I was about 15. |At that time neighborhood boys and some male family friends saw me naked a few many times. Its like an obsession and I keep telling myself I'm going to stop doing it but never do stop. Why does it not embarrass me like it would most women. Its just the opposite when I know a guy is seeing me naked I get wet and so aroused it drives me crazy sometimes.

So me and this guy met in middle school and became really close.(still are to this day) His cousin became my best friend (she still is) Well in high school we took things to the next level and started messing around. He was my 1st but he started messing with another girl too. i felt some type of way about it and met somebody else. I got pregnant in between times. Over the years we kept in touch through his cousin and fb messanger every now and then. well this past janurary he inboxed be 3 days before my daughters 8th birthday asking how her and my son was doing and the conversation turned into us meeting up and talking on my daughters birthday. He wanted a DNA test. we did that in march she wasnt his. He is engaged now but we messed around again and have been since feburary. Hes always been that one that always comes back no matter what. its like a friends with benefits type thing like it always was. But now we are older and both of us have gotten our feelings involved and i just dont know what to do. we text and talk everyday. he comes over every saturday morning and takes days off work every now and then to spend time with me. I know everything about it is wrong but when we are together everything seems so right to both of us. im far from a hoe or a home wrecker but i do feel bad af about the situation. But at the same time i dont owe her any loyalty he does and we talk about it all the time. he says he doesnt want to be with her but she is his security blanket. idk what i should do I really love this man and would go to war behind him as he would for me

I’m 28 and in Corporate Comm ... I think I just slept with our outside Lawyer whose 39 years old and married

now what?

is this forum really annonymous coz ive been up to some messed up shit

i am empty i am tired i dont remember what it was like not to love you. in the end i hope its you. i hope its you

What looks better on girls,

Dark hair (dark brunettes, blacks) Or light hair (blonde/light brown)?

Maybe it's just because I'm the opposite but honesty dark hair and eyes on boys and girls is soooooooooooo beautiful to me

i am a female who is really attracted to transvestite women and gay porn

I don't like babies. Nor do I think they are cute. Not a single one. In fact, the idea of giving birth and/or having a baby terrifies me. To me it's like a bloody parasite that, months after infection, gruesomely forces itself out of its host, to then the host care for a screaming goblin creature until it has at least a bit of independency, which at that point the host still treats as if they are 100% dependent. Sorry, but I don't find infants cute at all.

I honestly wonder if I'll be able to get over my life.

Just because you're trapped in a perpetual cycle of cowardice doesn't mean other people are scared of your ridiculous antics. The only thing you have the power to affect is the speed of your recovery! All you really need is some help!! Off tha rails brah

the Toronto Raptors are LeBron James’ bitch!

So, after losing 50 lbs on the Keto diet since 1st week of December, I can once again self suck when I need a nice release.

What happen here nothing posting ...i dont think anybodies back there!

what does it mean when you see the same EXACT name every single day of your life for the last three or so months?

Ok what happens when a black man eats skittles??

He meets zimmerman

I’m everywhere. I’m California. I’m Texas. I’m in Boston. I’m New York. Im Colorado. I’m Georgia. I’m michigan. I’m Tennessee. I’m Chicago. Im Detroit. I’m New Orleans.
I’m Las Vegas.

I’m Paris. I’m Rome. I’m Berlin. I’m Athens.

I’m in the Alps.
I’m in the Rockies.
I’m in the Appalachians.

I’ll be in Japan. When robots sleep.

I’ll be London.

I’ll be in Russia

I’ll always be China

I’m out from the past

I’m everywhere all the time.

In your videos and

The internet

Look me up where I live on You Tube

All the greats become immortal like me. Too weird to live, too rare to die.

I didn’t deserve it. It was all a terrible accident

I got lucky

Now my mind is free

My crimes have made me a free man

Open your third eye

See through space and time

You are here

I’m with you

I’m already there inside you

Breathing you

Eating your food and drinking your milkshake

Go return some videotapes

I’ll be outside

this behaviour is not indicative of a good bill of mental health...

seriously... seek help. you will feel so much better. look at your version of coping!!! you're off the rails!!!

Who is the ass*** stealing all my fuc*** underwear!!! I bet it was one of you ass***s!!!

Now I have to go to work again without any underwear on because I cannot find a single fuc*** pair of underwear in this whole fuc*** apartment!! Fuc*!!!