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Todays lesson: If you find yourself continuously questioning someone's actions then its time to fall back. If not, the you are then allowing that person to make a fool out if you! Enough is enough!

I'm tired of people who ask for help, I give it to them, and they either don't take it or ignore it entirely. Recently contacted 3 attorneys I know and have worked with, on behalf of a good friend's guy friend. I've met him several times and talked to him about the issue, as it's in my field of work.

All 3 attorneys thanked me for the referral, and said left him voice mails. I told my good friend about it, and she said "He's getting ready for hunting season"..Well, dude...I tried. Hunting season or not, your issue isn't going away, and I did my part to help. Priorities, man..Priorities.

I'm obsessed with golden showers and I want people to pee on me and I love peeing on people.

Man and horse! Manhorse.

I stole my brothers teddy

For years, I've molded myself to fit the image my friends want me to be. They never ask anything of me. Never ask me to change anything and yet I do it to make sure they won't leave me all alone. When I was 7, I still slept with a night light. My friend said she didn't use one any longer. I trained myself for weeks to get rid of the nightlight, to the point where I had night terrors because I thought there were monsters in my room. When I finally told her that I no longer slept with a night light, she replied saying that she sleeps with one on all the time. I had endured constant fear of the dark and what was in it, only to be told there hadn't been a reason for it. Later on, sometime in 3rd grade, I had met a girl named Madison who was the "it" girl of the school. In an effort to impress her so I could be her friend, I became one of those ditzy girls that would follow her like a dog. She would critizie me on my outfits and I'd apologize, telling her I'd wear something different the next day. There had been one day where my mom had gotten me a new striped shirt I really liked. I went to school wearing it, thinking I looked really nice, when horror had washed over me when I realized I was wearing stripes. Madison hated stripes. The moment I saw her, I had run up to her and started to spew apology after apology, saying my mother had forced me to wear it. In the end, she had told me she had thought my shirt looked somewhat nice. I haven't worn a striped shirt since. In high school, I had moved and made some new friends. They cussed, watched anime, talked about the strangest things, and called thmeselves introverts. I hated cussing but I learned to in an effort to seem more like them. I stopped talking to random people in an attempt to seem more like an introvert. I watched anime that I didn't like but they liked. I made myself into what they liked so they wouldn't grow tired of me. Now, I'm still in constant fear that they'll hate me someday so I keep changing myself to suit them. They don't ask me to, but I do anyway. I'm not even sure who I am anymore.

please don't eat cows and dogs.

i cant come to terms with my sexuality even though i secretly know i like girls exclusively...

how are my noteful peeps? hope all is good!

I woke up feeling soo high in a daze all day... so many endorphins released. I always aim to be in another world. wow. how cool is that

i have a sickness and need to be cured asap not no f*cking therapy.

how do you get the speaker voice option?

The way you're looking in your sleep, the way you're looking when you leap. The strange illusions that you keep. You don't know that I'm noticing

Dear you... I love you today, tomorrow and forever... I might be out of sight, and you might be out of sight, but you're never out of my heart and mind. Just be patient honey. I love you so very much. That time will come. Just stay strong sweetheart. I love you. -Today, tomorrow, and forever, always

any evangelical who voted for Trump is going to hell! To sell out God’s word for a morality-free sexual deviant corrupt businessman? The burn of a thousand hellfires awaits you! For those who doubt me, prepare to lose control of your bowels when you discover yourselves at the gates of hell!

NASA spies after you too now!?

Those MF never quit! God damn those ass***s!
Listen, I’m with you brother!

I’ve been getting all of my prepping shit ready in my garage! So much ammo and camo and camping and hunting gear and shit !

Look, my wife says she’s sick of my shit and I’m probably sick of hers too - and she’s a BIG fan of Neil Degrasse Tyson!

Like she’s a HUGE NDT fan! Drives me fuc*** crazy

It’s time to bug out and drop out of civlilization and go live in the woods!!

My truck is paid for!

I can take the insurance money from the storm damage to my house and just bug the fuc* out and go hide out the woods !!

Do you want to leave before the NASA black ops spies find you?!

Meet me at the old schoolbook depositary building in dallas on July 13th, Friday the 13th at midnight!!

We will get tacos

There is a good food truck nearby

Then we will get the fuc* out of dodge and leave Texas forever on July 17th

Mark your calendar now!!!

Fuc* the NASA spies!!!

Fuc* their Black Ops!!!

why are you still so obsessed with finding ways to communicate with me???

i can't believe you're still interested... even i'm not interested in you still being obsessed anymore hahahahaha i'm actually so bored of it

i was masturbating in the kitchen, when my sister walked in. Luckily, I had a big shirt and so I hid my coc* with it. She sat down and started talking, and as I was watching and listening to her, I got a raging boner. As soon as she left, I whipped out my pen** and started furiously masturbating to thoughts of her.

I know there are many exhibitionists around but wonder how many are female like me. I quess strippers have to have a certain desire to expose themselves but I don't completely understand why I delibertley expose myself to men I sometimes know and many men I don't know. I have been dating and livng with my boyfriend for over three years and truly love him. If he ever found out how many men I have exosed myself to or how many guys have seen me naked he could never forgive me. I travel with my job mostly to east coast cities and have plenty of opurtunities. When I'm in Florida I visit mosly small stores where I try on bathing suits leaving either curtains or doors open enough for men to see me. I even do it in malls all over the east coast. I look around for men waiting for their wives or girlfriends in the stores near the dressing rooms. I prefer staying in motels rather than a hotel so I can easily leave curtains open and after years of travelling I know which are the best to bare myself. All I know is how much it excites me when I know a man is seeing me exposed especially if I am completely naked. It always arouses me to the point of masturbation and there have been numerous times over the years that guys have seen me satisfying myself. I'm 28 now and have been doing this since I was about 15. |At that time neighborhood boys and some male family friends saw me naked a few many times. Its like an obsession and I keep telling myself I'm going to stop doing it but never do stop. Why does it not embarrass me like it would most women. Its just the opposite when I know a guy is seeing me naked I get wet and so aroused it drives me crazy sometimes.

So me and this guy met in middle school and became really close.(still are to this day) His cousin became my best friend (she still is) Well in high school we took things to the next level and started messing around. He was my 1st but he started messing with another girl too. i felt some type of way about it and met somebody else. I got pregnant in between times. Over the years we kept in touch through his cousin and fb messanger every now and then. well this past janurary he inboxed be 3 days before my daughters 8th birthday asking how her and my son was doing and the conversation turned into us meeting up and talking on my daughters birthday. He wanted a DNA test. we did that in march she wasnt his. He is engaged now but we messed around again and have been since feburary. Hes always been that one that always comes back no matter what. its like a friends with benefits type thing like it always was. But now we are older and both of us have gotten our feelings involved and i just dont know what to do. we text and talk everyday. he comes over every saturday morning and takes days off work every now and then to spend time with me. I know everything about it is wrong but when we are together everything seems so right to both of us. im far from a hoe or a home wrecker but i do feel bad af about the situation. But at the same time i dont owe her any loyalty he does and we talk about it all the time. he says he doesnt want to be with her but she is his security blanket. idk what i should do I really love this man and would go to war behind him as he would for me