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I'm planning to run away because I'm honestly too scared to suicide. no, there's probably nothing that you can tell me to change my mind. but here's the thing. I'm debating to or whether to not tell the guy I love that I basically love him. I don't know whether to text him to tell him in person or tell him at all. Advice?

my balls are shrinking

I want to have arms and legs tied to the bed posts, and have a man use a vibrator on full force on my cli* and pus**, forcing me to cum multiple times.

uh, my boss showed me his dick. i looked at it, and said nice dick.

now what?

so.i spent 3 months taking my uncles adopted 15yo daughters phone after she went t sleep and bombarded my phone with texts from her trying to seduce me threatening tolie that i touched herjustconstantly harrasing me,, shes been trouble for over a year now cops her 5 or more times 2 she said we all beat her. andso much bs 2 nights ago she ran away arund the corner to the sherffs house he came backwith her she had accused my uncle of raping heri dont think she knew i was home..after the cops showed and left aunt and ucle left for why idk... im a 35yo 6 ft 6 250lb ironworker..she is a half black, reallight skinned 5ft maybe a100lbs..looks like a tiny young riahnna.when uncle left she called her frend and told her everythingher bedroom connects to my aunt and uncles thru a shared bathroomand i was in his room while she was laughingto her friend in the bath she hung up and showeered i turned the lights outshe stpped and gotout of the shower and walked into her roomm i followed and grabbed her in her towel and pinned her neck to her pillowkinda sideways bher mouth was not covered...and told her to read i took here sim out and she "our" texts for maybe 30 seconds and as soon as i saw she was understanding what i was showing her.. i tols her to stand upbut she was scared and kinda slid back i grabed her threw her towel and told her if she wanted to stay a virgin shed suck it she started sobbing so i turned her aqnound andchoke holded her she sobbing went down i slapped her twice and told her no hands and that if i felt a tooth she was loosing 8 i slapped her so many times shee kept choking and crying so i told cked her out when her eyes opened i slapped her and choked her again4 times she came back iasked her if she felt better not being a lyer anymore she lookedup at me iten took her virginity and he little pooper this monig i went in her room and only gestured and she quiety sucked me dry no words. ima go show her this Nikole and i used to be a liar now i know a skill. he sais im gonna bring my friends over or suck everyday.. and i now have a live nig***bitch pocket pus** im gonna pnch her when i cumhere in a few min pts me a 16 total girls now 14 to19 pretty warm wet holes somthin about breakin em with pain but then makem orgasm love whores

lost virginty to a 30 year old at 14yowhen i was 20 years old i had sex with an 18 year old girl the youngest id been with at the time that was over16 years ago ..ive not been with a girl as old as 18 sinceworked with 12 to 15 year old students for 13 years estimate an average of 10 to 12 concentual sexual partners since that 1st 18 yo angel. and almost everyone of themwere a consistant if not that at least a few encounters. id estimate 1 staraight male teacher like me per 2 schools, 1 gay nale teacher per 6 to 10...ive always fabricated a home life with a wife and 3 daughters to not a pedophile puberty is puberty...and nature is 6 foot 5 250lbs and if you have a pretty daughter my condollences ive talleyed500+ orgasms to 130 to 150 13 to 16 yo womenand only 3 didnt come back willingly for another..ive had 5 come stay with my daughers saturday night . you know how girls are i know of 4 married men in my middle/uppermiddle class neighborhood that relate were not rare and if shes started were on her scent just know that and deal with it

I've had sex with 8 different men in the last month and none of them were my husband.

I'm a beta.

I've had it UP TO HERE with my fuc***' job. Not only am I tired of the company's bi-weekly pay system, but one of my best friends there left and deactivated her Facebook account. I should just quit.

Unlicensed contractors and pool workers are the worst. One Hispanic guy in a dark semi blue truck who is an unlicensed worker is being extremely rude and harasses homeowners. There is another guy in who is an unlicensed pool cleaner in a red semi truck and he is being prejudice towards people. Never hire unlicensed workers. It is the same as letting criminals into your house.

Cancer... :weary:

Fearless Z, i hope youre doing ok on your island... i wonder how youve been.

i left h__. i actually gor up and did it. ook me years.
im looking for a new job. hoping to go abroad.
since fearless blogging closed down i cant reach you... what a shame.

My wife wants to have sex with a BBC and have me watch. I'm not sure I am comfortable with this. What if she likes it? What if I don't? Has your marrage stayed strong after your wife had a big black one?

joanna i loved you more than i thought it was possible for a guy to love a woman, but you just played with my heart and my love. just so you know i fucked your older sister mattie, she took it up the ass and everything, and i fingered her under the table during the holiday dinners. now that you told me you needed some space, i don't feel so bad that i did.

i am 38 and just had my child. the father of my child is my coworker and friend. he convinced me to get pregnant and he insisted on being the father. he told me that my life would change. he told me how his wife changed when she had her child. like me she waited until her career was going, with the exception that she was married and i was single.

my life has changed, i know that right now even if my baby is only three months old. i am so glad my friend convinced me, he knew how much better i would be, he saw it in his wife and he knew what i could not see for myself. i want to use the word magic, it is a magical experience. he is and will be a good father and i will be a good mother. i am 38 doing what i should have done when i was 28 or maybe even 18.

i shudder at thinking how it would be if i had not listened to him.

Years ago I did something pretty stupid. I was at the mall and spotted this super hot girl who couldn't have been more than 15 years old. I couldn't believe how incredibly sexy and beautiful she was. I was in my early 30's at the time. I followed her and her friends around the mall for 3 hours. Eventually they got on the bus and so did I. She got off with one of her friends and I followed them to a house in a nice upper-middle class neighborhood. This was were she lived. Over the next several months I visited the house numerous times at night and discovered her bedroom was in the basement and her window faced the back. It was perfect for spying on her. I saw her undressing lots of times and I masturbated every time. She had perfect breasts and I would say they were 32C. She alao had an amazing ass and nice blonde pubic hair. My god she looked absolutley stunning naked. One night I was watching her and she just got out of the shower and was standing naked in front of her mirror putting lotion on her body. I was jerking off and was ready to cum when some guy came out of nowhere and tackled me. Then he proceeded to kick and punch me. I managed to escape but had a badly broken nose. I never returned to her house. I had to have 3 surgeries to repair my nose. That was pretty stupid of me.

Met my ex after a few years and she told me a story where she got drunk and taken advantaged of at a party, blew a bunch of guys in the shower. I showed compassion but I jerk off to the thought a lot now

can anybody tell me the title of the song I had in my head a while ago?

I lost my fully loaded AK-47. I cant find t anywhere. They said it was a Romanian clone. should i be worried?

I don't need a religion or some sort of "faith" to be a happy person with morals. I don't feel a thing whenever people talk about how "God is good all the time" and "God loves everyone unconditionally" and stuff like that. Instead, I roll my eyes, cringe and wanting to vomit.

It's all ludicrous to me because why should I believe in something without proof? Faith by definition means you believe in a God/doctrine based on "spiritual apprehension" rather than proof. I'm not gullible like the rest of my family.

Therefore, there's no proof of evidence for any deities. It's all man-made fairy tales just like the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, the easter bunny, leprechauns, bigfoot, ufos and the rest of the mythical creatures to name. Even people who believe in astrology and horoscopes are idiots too.

It baffles me to know how many people out there don't dare to think for themselves and are unaware of how gullible they are to believe in what a thousand year old man-made book says. Don't get me started on the proselytizers (and my parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle happens to be one of them too).

The books such as the bible, q'uran, torah and the book of mormon are all filled with contradictions, immoral, unspeakable things and evil, barbaric stories.

Any sane person with a brain would never ever get their morals from ludicrous books I mentioned above.

I don't respect anybody who doesn't know how to think for themselves. You can't believe in a deity and call yourself a "free thinker" at the same time. It doesn't work that way.

Ugh, I deep down wish religion and spirituality and all that nonsense would go away forever. Gone. Eliminated. Eradicated forever worldwide. All religion/faith/spirituality has done a lot more harm than good. The world is better off without it. Don't give me that "it's important because of culture and you should respect it blah blah blah" talk because it's a load of balderdash. I don't respect any of it. Religion/faith/spirituality stops society from making advancement progress.

Science is where its at. I trust science a lot more than outdated fairy tales/old wives' tales. Technology is growing faster like never before. We have easy access to education and research. The future is now!!