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Would a guy date a girl who self harms or has scars? And what do guys think of girls who self harm?

how many babies have you aborted so far?

i love looking at porn and jacking off. sometimes two or three times a day. i really hate doing it, b/c i am married and still have sex with my wife almost every night. i hate porn.

I decided to show my crush my butt and at the time I thought that I made a complete mockery of myself farting in his face by complete accident. I was totally embarrassed and I didn't realize I was going to pass gas from the Taco Bell burrito I ate. But he didn't seem to mind it. And it turns out he secretly had a fetish for farts. So now we are dating and we have been dating for more than 5 months. And he tells me to continue to fart in his general direction. Sometimes he'll even encouraged me to fart in his face. I'm surprised the guys even like women that fart? I thought that he would think I wasn't lady like enough for him and I thought he'd be completely grossed out by me if I farted in his general direction. One day I totally want to turn this into a chickflick where the backstory is Girl meets Boy and farts in his face accidentally while she's attempting to show off her butt well flirting with her crush. Because so far it seems like I have a successful love story? I wonder if things would have played out the same if I didn't fart in his face to begin with? I'm in my early twenties and I'm in college and I'm madly in love with a man who has a fart fetish. I know all my girlfriends don't believe me. I tell all my homegirls that they should fart in a man's face or general direction to win a man over. Because some men you just never know what they're into right? Well for all you know a man might even have a golden shower fetish? And I had an ex-boyfriend from high school when I was in my sophomore year and he insisted he wanted me to pee on him.

what kind of 9mm bulllets are best?

i always have extremely violent and sexual thoughts towards women. whenever i think about a woman i am consumed with thoughts of beating her, stabbing her, and have sex with her while she bleeds out. a typical fantasy that plays out in my head is one of me having sex with a woman doggy style. seconds before i orgasm i slit her throat from behind with a sharp knife. blood spurts from her neck as i cum inside her. it doesnt end there. my sick fantasy continues long after she dies. i do things to her corpse. i dismember it and have sex with her skull. i remove her eyeballs and have sex with the holes. i know i am sick and need help. i feel like my dreams may become reality very soon.

i love Tod*ddd. i cant get him out of my head

what are best weapons against the undead in real life? fuc*** 200% serious

Abortion > Extortion

I have to shit very badly but all the mens bathrooms rooms at the gym are full. I cannot hold it much longer and am about ton shit myself

who am i?

where can i get aome asbestos fibers for inhalation in america? Ive been smoking cigarettes everyday since 1997/1998 but I want to get serious about my lung damage now... I should have started destroying my lungs with asbestos when I first learned of it ten years ago - please - Im desperate!!!

My ex gf Jenny just posted on facebook about hating being addicted to cigaretttes and unable to ever quit and being mad at herself for smoking two packs a day the last 22 years.. i remember buying her a pack of cigarettes when she was 16 and I was 18.. she was way outta my leauge even then

i hate my life. i am going to kill myself

I feel like an abortion.

In Palm Springs, California, there is a fat white guy in a blue shirt with glasses and he is being extremely rude and prejudice towards people for no reason. Fuc* that fat ass***.

Game of Thrones has me crying and sobbing and jerking off again like its 2011

my dic* is so soft. I smell like cigaretted and alcohol. bourbon. why so serious

so i was out swimming with 20yo cousin im 21 and we’ve been hanging out for a while and i was holding her you know like started out as a game splashing water and all and i kinda saw she’s like so beautiful so i went in to kiss her she didnt push me away 2nd now shes still avoiding me i know its wrong we are related but i think ive fallen for her FML

i want to be taken by force and have my guts shaken by a big hard coc*. i don’t care if my pus** is being ripped. fuc* me hard daddy and make me cum all over that big hard coc* of yours. make me loose my voice, mi grip, my mind and then finally my conscious. fuc* me however you want, show me how much of your bitch i am~:heart:

i require women who date me to wear their shoes without socks and have for over 19 years