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i have a fart fetish i love when girl girl girl girl lol fart on my face

I want a cheeseburger. Anyone want anything while I'm out?

Heck, I know none of you give a damn about a total stranger, but I still consider each and every one of you family (yes, even the trolls)

i jerk off to pictures of female friends pics on facebook.

I loved that show, "Catch a Predator." It's too bad it got cancelled.

This guys is a hero!

I am going to spell it out: "WHAT THE FUC*?!"

I can have any woman I want. I’m 6-foot-5, lithe, and have model looks. Also I am rich. Yet no woman can compare to my own hand.

I am sixty now and to be honest I am glad my husband has a young woman to spend time with. I travel with my girlfriends, I have my house and I have my grandchildren and I don't have to put up with his demands on me. I have zero interest in having sex. Zero. He found a young woman who pays attention to him, not without him paying things for her and she seems to be willing to lay down beside him. Good for her. He gets what he wants, she gets what she wants and I get what I want. To be left alone.

I wish I could've told you the truth. I love the fact that you have kids.

I am fascinated by teen pregnancy

What is wrong with me? I’m almost 40! I desire to get a teenage girl pregnant again very badly... I was 25 at the time and dating a freshman in college who had just turned 18... we started dating her senior year of high school when she was 17... when I was her teacher... she got pregnant spring of her freshman year and wanted to keep the baby but I made her get an abortion

The abortion was a terrible mistake and the guilt of the sin has haunted me ever since then as I know I am Doomed to go to Hell


A fetish and fascination with teen pregnancy has persisted for me ever since then... I had to leave teaching because I couldn’t keep my hands off the young girls and eventually I was afraid I’d get caught and sent to jail... I have a regular office job now and I haven’t put my hands on a teenage girl in 6 years... which is the statute of limitations in Arkansas ... but I still pine for young teenage girls even as I get older and older ... mainly because I want them pregnant

My teenage pregnancy fetish has festered and grown worse. I now actively desire for girls to get pregnant as teenagers - even though it’s always a moving goal post for me. but I know it’s an elusive and dangerous cycle

Is this normal? Is this ok for me to want?

Not just for myself - but I actively WANT other teenage girls to get pregnant!

Any teenage girl I see I think: wouldn’t it be better if she was pregnant!

When I see a young teenage girl who is pregnant I am floored and I adore her. It’s hard to know for sure, but I hope it didn’t look odd for a middle aged man like me (I’m nearly 40 but I look much much older due to hard living and hard drinking as a chronic alcoholic and a longtime heavy cigarette smoker, I could easily pass for 45 to 50+)

It seemed so peculiar for Me to love all pregnant teenage girls... but then I started reading about it online

In some way, isn’t older men with teenage girls what nature intended?isnt that what evolution pushed humanity towards?

For men to be older and established and women to be young teens with maximum fertility? I’m established now. I have a steady job and an apartment and a paid for car and all that. It’s evolutionary biology - I’m established and can provide for children - therefor it makes sense for a young fertile teenage girl to have children with me

Wasn’t It normal in the Bible?

Wasn’t it normal even until the late 1800s? I did some genealogy online, and found an ancestor of mine who married at 33, to a 16 year old girl and then when she died giving birth to their 3rd child in 1880, he remarried the next year at age 39 to a 15 year old girl and they had 6 more children

Apparently that was totally normal back then... everyone’s family is going to have instances of guys in their 30s or 40s marrying and having children with 15 year old girls ...

in fact it’s hard to find any records from the 1800s of men who weren’t having children with women between the ages of 15 to 19, at least the first children, and the women then had children throughout the rest of their twenties - but they always started with teenage pregnancy

So what changed? Why were we allowed to have children with teenage girls for hundreds or thousands of years

Now suddenly both evolution and the Bible are wrong?

I can't stop myself from checking out my mom.

So, i'm 21 and i'm staying with my mom. My mom is a bit "bigger", she's on the chubby side and especially her butt. It's large and round.

And, her pants tend to sag. A lot. She'll bend over and her butt sticks out, her pants just always fall down.

I know it's wrong and creepy. But i just can't help myself. I want to grab and squeeze and bury my face in her butt, but i just can't. I'd love to grab her pants and just pull them down and touch her ass.

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I am Japanese Asian man and I want to fuc* racist snow white monkey faggit boys up their ass. Come to my country of Japan and I will fuc* you racist dogs"! I will cook and eat your dogs with teriyaki sauce and fried rice"! And I will fuc* you with a strap-on with big black dong.

I work in a mortuary I'm a 52 year old man and I have sex with dead people and I am experiencing a midlife crisis where I want to cope cat my Emo teenage daughter and become more like her and become a teenage Emo boy and get in immature fights with squirrels and Metal heads. I now am officially embarrassing my Emo teenage daughter worse then ever.

I am a 40 year old Australian man and I like to pick fights with alpha male kangaroos because I am a crazy australian alpha male and the alpha male kangaroos always trying to mate with my Sheila my wife of 20 years and she always seems enjoy their sexual advances and I have even cought her red handed masterbating them off. I suspect my Sheila cheats on me with them alpha male kangaroos.

I sodomized myself with a cigar

I think I have Social anxiety but everytime I bring it up with my parents they write it off as me just being shy. A normal shy person dosen’t have a panic attack when needing to give a presentation in class. They don’t scatch their faces or arms to distract themselves when they are in a crowded room. I have all the effects it brings but they never listen. They push it aside and tell me I have to get over this phase. Well this phase of my life has been going on for years and is only getting worse. I just want help so I can start to enjoy life and not hide in my own sad world.

When I broke up with my first girlfriend I donated her stuff in my possession to the thrift store. The one thing I absolutely regret donating was the dress that my mother bought her for my mother's wedding. I was a beautiful blue dress and had a lot of sentimental value. It wasn't mine to give away and I still did so. My ex has not asked about it and it's been almost a year. But everytime my mind wanders to the fact that I did this fills me with regret and guilt. If I could go back to the thrift store and find the dress I would buy it back in a heartbeat, and find a way to get it back to my ex. In my mind this is one of the worst things I've ever done. It feels very wrong.

I cant stop thinking about the abortion

she would be 13 now

why do they let teenage girls get abortions!?