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promoting teenage smoking is what I do for a living now..I feel terrible about this job. I’m paid through a shady third party shell company to find ways to encourage teenage smokers to smoke cigarettes - and get addicted - both to start smoking outright and instead of vaping .. it’s so fuc*** up

I’ve gotten 57 girls to start smoking cigarettes everyday this fall. They are all teenagers. Now they are all addicted. I manage an app that tracks their consumption and we give them rewards for them shooting selfies of themselves smoking cigarettes in different places - it’s so fuc*** terrible

My life is trash. I commit sinful fraud for a living. I feel like the lowest scum of the earth. why the fuc* am I doing this?!?

Really Miss cigarettes terribly right now. I smoked everyday for over 19 years and I absolutely loved it. My Gf made me quit 3 years ago when I got her pregnant

I miss cigarettes so fuc*** much sometimes it makes me want to cry.

I don't give a tinker's damn about Stan Fuc*** Lee. He was a low-talent glory hound who wrote crap stories and is adored by idiots because they can't let go of their childhoods. Fuc* every last one of them. The only--the ONLY--bad part about him dying is that I have to put up with endless "tributes" and adulation and general wailing and gnashing of teeth. It's enough to make any sane person sick, frankly. His comic books were clumsy, badly written shit. His cameos exceedingly tiresome, and the endless adulation the final clinching proof that there is no hope for the human race. Fuc*'m.

Maybe I overreacted when I removed my Instagram account? Maybe I thought that everything was hopeless trying to get your attention? I honestly just don't feel confident and I no longer feel hope when it comes to romance. But maybe I honestly really wanted you I thought you are the only man for me? But I guess I look like a fool. Because I'm just a foolish little girl even if I'm an adult woman seeking Your Love and approval. Maybe I just wanted you to contact me? I attempted to try to get you to respond to me and contact me. I gave you out my phone number in my address. But still no contact from you. Why can't I just regain faith in Romance? Because my hope is no longer here my heart will surely turn cold and the rot will surely set in my heart and grow. I can't take it anymore knowing I'm not loved. Because I'm a failure. Because I'm not good enough. I'm not good enough for you to love me. And honestly that is why I removed my Instagram. Because I felt like my obsession with you got too overwhelming for me because I felt like my obsession with you got too overwhelming for me to handle. So if I ghost you it's because I know you don't care and you're not here for me. Plus you actually have a life and you are non-stop busy and I'm rather irrelevant and plus I don't fit Society standards for what makes a woman beautiful. Plus you are with woman who is Beautiful by Society standards. And I hate her for having you. Because are purely want you for myself. So it's not a liar when I say I feel genuine jealousy. And it's not a lie when I say I can't stand her guts. And I wish you would just disappear Or I wish that you two would just break up. And I wish that you would leave her for me and I wish that you would leave her for me. But life is never fair like that. I'm not used to getting things my way. I'm used to living in a reality I'm not happy with. I'm used to feeling alone. And I've used to depression and severe anxiety.

is it normal to get guilted into doing two or three family thanksgiving activities with different sets of family because one divorced parents refuses to attend said thanksgiving while the other is there - even if the divorce was 20 years ago???

should it matter if you are hosting a thanksgiving event at your house withyour apouses family, and want to welcome everyone?

how long should I keep trying to accomidate a divorced mother who wants seperate thankagivings or seperate christmases just for her or otherwise exclude my father - when they both want to see their grandchildren? I was fine with seperste thanksgivings in college and a few years after, but weve been married ten years and its getting hard to explain the multiple thanksgivings to kids...

does it matter that everyone else is civil and polite? nobody gets drunk or rowdy, only person who ever made a scene was my mom four years ago who stormed out ten mins after meeting my dads new girlfriend ... my mom has been remarried for over ten years now. ?

should I just accomidate her indefinitely just because shes my mom? Ive tried talking to her and she just shuts down! what do I do?

thanks for your help and advice!

Nobody ever tells you how goddamn satisfying it is to outlive somebody you hate. Especially if their death was unexpected. It is, legitimately, satisfying in the way that good sex or cold beer is. It gives you that warm feeling like stretching out on a sunny day.

Screw you, Wes. You were a massive prick in life - and you died young for it. I’ll never tell anyone I know just how big a smile your death puts on my face.

May the world forget you just that little bit faster.

sometimes I go to seek or indeed or jora and other job websites to just be a dic*head. send them rubbish or ask the company for a date or friend or where to get fish and chips or new cupboards or cars. sort of get so sick of being rejected I see it as a joke and avenue to treat it with the general barf-ary they treat the applicants.


inside of her


no protection

no I dont have a condom

what happened

it shrivled?

I dont know why it wont get hard

wait, what so you mean youre not on birth control?

Oh whoa wait a minute

It feels so

uh, oh, it was an accident

look, im sorry, it just went off

I guess I just got too excited and went too fast

Im sure not that much got inside you

Im sure youre not going to get pregnant

you could always get an abortion if you wanted

what do you mean youre against abortion?

what do you mean the test says youre pregnant ?

what do you mean youre keeping the baby?

i am married and I am paying a woman this week to let me watch her pee.. i love to watch and my wife wont let me

I used to catcall and weirdly hit on girls just for a reaction and the adrenaline rush. I don't do that any more. But I'm secretly afraid to go to a woman's rights rally because a woman might call me out, rightfully so.

I hadn’t showered or changed my clothes in three days, in part due to a 14-hour trans-Pacific flight. Arriving home I disrobed, taking my pants off. Lowering my briefs revealed a disgusting brown dirtline, a burnt ochre hue in its center. I raised the shorts to my face, and slowly bringing them to my nose, I inhaled deeply.

I honestly want to f*** my cousin so bad!!

i hate being married. my husvand is ok but i miss my freedom

I am a male in my 30s, boy next door type with a bit of a scruffy beard. I am much more horny, ravenous and insatiable now than in my teens and 20s. I used to be able to jerk off and be good for 2-3 days. Nowadays my refractory period is shorter, I get aroused easier, and will cum/precum from just wearing skimpy underthings like thongs or jocks, or even tight jeans. In fact if I wear a thong I can almost guarantee that later that day I am at least stroking my meat, and if I'm feeling lusty enough even pull out my toys and stuff my hungry hole and have a few assgasms before stroking it. The orgasms I'm experiencing in my 30s (both penile and anal) make the orgasms from jerking off in my teens and 20s seem like a sneeze. I also notice myself being more open to new kinks and fantasies (new to me that is)such as anal stretching, coc*cages, Fisting, Femdom, S&M, devils threeways, MSM, and groupsex (however very unlikely to carry them all out in real life). I see now why it is called the dirty 30s. Definitely not complaining though and neither is my S.O.

people always tell me i'm coom. what they dont know is, i am actually very boring. jokes on them, i got em fooled.

When holidays are near, bad stuff always happen to me as if God wants me to suffer. Life is full of traps.

2 years ago when you said you were gonna fck and marry your cousin as there was no dingleberries there, you were wrong. the dingleberry your cousin has is you!

I planned kissing the guy I liked back then, and we ended up doing just that, at the mall in one of the dressing rooms, we promised eachother to keep it secret, but the next day, he ended up sharing it with everyone, boasting about how we kissed, and to his ex. I now realize..I don't think we ever really liked eachother, I guess it was just me being delusional, and him being the playboy he is.

I masturbate to porn and look at huge wangling coc** and favourite men I like photos while I watch listen and finger myself. I miss humping my pillow fast and hard as well. I wish I had a surprise nice man to fuc* on holiday. I wish I won more then a rainbow. I want a whole diamond mine.

Tomorrow I’m losing my virginity to a boy i have a crush on who doesn’t love me. He’s in law school and doesn’t have time or feelings for me, but I do and he doesn’t know that. I wanted to lose my virginity to someone who loves me, and that was supposed to be my ex, but he didn’t want me anymore. men always tell me how badly they want to fuc* me, but it seems no one will ever fall in love with me, and it hurts.