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I know of a very young girl who killed herself and her mom did too. Its so happened last year and i thought the dad did too.i was wrong. I couldnt face my delusion till now. Its so heartbreaking.

Dear you, over there across the sea
we are two worlds apart,
but whenever I finally get over there, I really can't wait to suck your c*$k and lick your sp3&m. I love you so much that I want to TASTE you my loverboy.

i have a sickness and need to be cured asap not no f*cking therapy.

I spent near $800 last night on lap dances. God I'm lonely. I am also quite aware I could have had a high class escort for that kind of money

i did something to my daughter when she was just a baby and it haunts me terribly. i had been drinking that day and was very drunk. i did not hurt her physically, but what i did was inexcusable and evil beyond words and was sexual in nature.

Just was at the women’s shoes department at a store with my four year old daughter and was watching a red headed mom try on high heels barefoot and really enjoyed it.. she had her Red headed teenage daughter with her wearing converse without socks and trying on shoes... her skin was so pale white, I love really pale girls I stared at them both the whole time. For like 20-30 minuets and I followed them around

It doesn’t feel right. I’m too old for Her. She’s 23 but has a 7 year old. I’m 42, divorced, and alcoholic. I never wanted kids, but having more kids is all this girls talked about last night at dinner. Some how she talked me into coming back to her tiny apartment and I drank 3 bottles of cheap wine, and fell asleep on her bed without my pants

Now I’m hungover and can’t find my car keys. I can’t technically find my socks or underwear either. Spilled wine on them and really all my clothes and she immediately went into mom mode and told me she’d wash them. But they are not in the tiny laundry room she has here. She’s passed out stone cold, apparently she never drinks more than 1 glass of wine but last night she had almost a whole bottle.

She cried so much last night. Told me she needed a real man in her life. All of that. It got me hard and I fell for it. Now I’m looking around

I’m pretty sure I didn’t use a condom. I didn’t have one. Fuc*.

To leave her right now before she even wakes up in the morning seems wrong.

I was at the gym today doing reverse leg curls on the weight machine (face down, lift up). Some guy came over to chat and that was fine. Then he started to gleek (spit little streams doing a tongue thing) on my ass. He kept doing it for like 2 minutes. I said "What the hell is wrong with you?" He said, "Nothing, I'm digging on it." That is precisecly what the hell is wrong with guys these days. wtf?!?

Please help me reach my goal, I just need a little help, all is appreciated, thank you for looking.

I want another child so badly it hurts. My husband is fixed and doesn't want anymore. But he is always jokes around about me being pregnant and doesn't seem to care how shitty it makes me feel.

She swore she had a birthday right before we had sex back in May, and 16 is the legal age of consent in Arkansas... I had been working as a substitute teacher for a few weeks and trying to get a full time job and we had been flirting pretty heavy all through April and May. Like at one point before spring break in April she came up to me after class and handed me her underwear and told me she needed to see me...

When I asked She told me her birthday was at the end of May and we hooked up that Memorial Day weekend and we took off and went to Hot Springs for a long weekend... Now she’s texting me saying she’s pregnant and I’m the father...

she’s only a sophomore in high school next fall

What the hell do I do here now??

i watch the trump channel 24/7

i bet i can make this site as popular as You*u*e

by posting videos and getting comments

kylie or kendall
with all that, kendall seems like a dunce,

kim got old
kylie looks like she had major cosmetic surgery

Georgie is going to break my heart. And I'm going to let her

i love my wife, and god bless her heart we've been married 25 years. she would be horrified if she knew how many random guys ive sucjed off over the years. look at it this way: she won't swallow my load, but I've swallowed dozens of loads!!!

I have hair that needs to be dyed but i still think i can get by as an eligible bachelor at the age of 35. woo go self-esteem and confidence.:joy:

My sister-in-law’s youngest child is mine.

The worst thing is being in love with someone you can never ever have! And worse knowing they never ever want you again...

I really Do hate my fuc*** life...I just wish that it all would change

Have any of you ever had good quality unprotected sex with a random girl while camping? Like a random girl you meet at the campgrounds like at a common area?

I never have but badly want to - despite the fact that most of the girls I’m running into at these public camp grounds are redneck trailer trash in RVs owned by grandpa or uncle Steve and all they do is steal beers and ride around drunk on ATVs to go mud riding with little ass*** redneck boys who could all beat the shit out of me and who are all likely only 2 or 3 years away from a meth conviction

Cute girls though. Out sunbathing by the lake near the camp grounds. Gives me a lot of mental pictures to jerk off to furiously while alone in my tent. Again. Fuc*.

God damn it, I hate being out here alone being fuc*** eaten alive by mosquitoes. My underwear is soaking wet. My shorts and socks are filthy after even a one mile hike last night on a hilly forest trails and the red bugs have covered my legs and crotch with bites. My dic* is swollen and itchy, I counted 26 bites by chiggers just on my ballsack. And I used the off deep woods spray. I have a car load of camping shit I dug out of a garage, and more other swag I bought at Dic** sporting goods, and was planning on a great 2 week camping trip to go out sight seeing. Camping when done right saves a buttload of cash. Then after hitting the road yesterday the First campground I hit is full of redneck trailer trash girls tempting me, and boys and the girls fathers or uncles or whatever who would beat the shit out of me and skin me alive if I even touched the girls

Even hiding in the bushes by the girls common shower and bathroom area at night was a bad idea. It was no time at all before someone fat assed redneck grandma came out And asked me what I was doing in the bushes. I just pretended to be lost and then wandered away quickly. Fuc* man

I’d give anything just to get one of those little sunburned redneck ignorant teenage sluts all alone so I could slip my dic* in them. But then their redneck hillbilly boys would come chop my dic* off with delight. They all seems carry around the biggest fuc*** Bowie knives I have ever seen all on their belts. I swear every ass*** out here is carrying a knife

I just need to slip my dic* inside of a girl out here in the woods, please for the love of god, I’m all alone right now, in the men’s bathroom at the rest stop, using the WiFi and air conditioning and I’m tired of jerking off in this bathroom stall in the public bathroom. I need a real woman.

It’s been too many years since anyone has had sex with me. It’s been over 5 years since a woman has even touched my dic*. I’m so desperate. This camping trip was supposed to help get my mind off things.. but it’s making me hornier and sadder than ever. I’ve already drank half the alcohol I brought with me, so I’m going to need a lot more if I’m going to make it through this week.

I hate this. I hate it so bad. I hate my life. How do I fix this?