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my balls are shrinking

so.i spent 3 months taking my uncles adopted 15yo daughters phone after she went t sleep and bombarded my phone with texts from her trying to seduce me threatening tolie that i touched herjustconstantly harrasing me,, shes been trouble for over a year now cops her 5 or more times 2 she said we all beat her. andso much bs 2 nights ago she ran away arund the corner to the sherffs house he came backwith her she had accused my uncle of raping heri dont think she knew i was home..after the cops showed and left aunt and ucle left for why idk... im a 35yo 6 ft 6 250lb ironworker..she is a half black, reallight skinned 5ft maybe a100lbs..looks like a tiny young riahnna.when uncle left she called her frend and told her everythingher bedroom connects to my aunt and uncles thru a shared bathroomand i was in his room while she was laughingto her friend in the bath she hung up and showeered i turned the lights outshe stpped and gotout of the shower and walked into her roomm i followed and grabbed her in her towel and pinned her neck to her pillowkinda sideways bher mouth was not covered...and told her to read i took here sim out and she "our" texts for maybe 30 seconds and as soon as i saw she was understanding what i was showing her.. i tols her to stand upbut she was scared and kinda slid back i grabed her threw her towel and told her if she wanted to stay a virgin shed suck it she started sobbing so i turned her aqnound andchoke holded her she sobbing went down i slapped her twice and told her no hands and that if i felt a tooth she was loosing 8 i slapped her so many times shee kept choking and crying so i told cked her out when her eyes opened i slapped her and choked her again4 times she came back iasked her if she felt better not being a lyer anymore she lookedup at me iten took her virginity and he little pooper this monig i went in her room and only gestured and she quiety sucked me dry no words. ima go show her this Nikole and i used to be a liar now i know a skill. he sais im gonna bring my friends over or suck everyday.. and i now have a live nig***bitch pocket pus** im gonna pnch her when i cumhere in a few min pts me a 16 total girls now 14 to19 pretty warm wet holes somthin about breakin em with pain but then makem orgasm love whores

lost virginty to a 30 year old at 14yowhen i was 20 years old i had sex with an 18 year old girl the youngest id been with at the time that was over16 years ago ..ive not been with a girl as old as 18 sinceworked with 12 to 15 year old students for 13 years estimate an average of 10 to 12 concentual sexual partners since that 1st 18 yo angel. and almost everyone of themwere a consistant if not that at least a few encounters. id estimate 1 staraight male teacher like me per 2 schools, 1 gay nale teacher per 6 to 10...ive always fabricated a home life with a wife and 3 daughters to not a pedophile puberty is puberty...and nature is 6 foot 5 250lbs and if you have a pretty daughter my condollences ive talleyed500+ orgasms to 130 to 150 13 to 16 yo womenand only 3 didnt come back willingly for another..ive had 5 come stay with my daughers saturday night . you know how girls are i know of 4 married men in my middle/uppermiddle class neighborhood that relate were not rare and if shes started were on her scent just know that and deal with it

I've had it UP TO HERE with my fuc***' job. Not only am I tired of the company's bi-weekly pay system, but one of my best friends there left and deactivated her Facebook account. I should just quit.

I want to have arms and legs tied to the bed posts, and have a man use a vibrator on full force on my cli* and pus**, forcing me to cum multiple times.

Cancer... :weary:

Unlicensed contractors and pool workers are the worst. One Hispanic guy in a dark semi blue truck who is an unlicensed worker is being extremely rude and harasses homeowners. There is another guy in who is an unlicensed pool cleaner in a red semi truck and he is being prejudice towards people. Never hire unlicensed workers. It is the same as letting criminals into your house.

Fearless Z, i hope youre doing ok on your island... i wonder how youve been.

i left h__. i actually gor up and did it. ook me years.
im looking for a new job. hoping to go abroad.
since fearless blogging closed down i cant reach you... what a shame.

I recently started talking with a man on a dating site. We flirted and talked, and one day I joked with him about watching him shower after a workout. The next day he said he wanted us to play out that fantasy. So I went to his house, never having even met this man before, and went upstairs. He was in his bathroom, and when I got there i cracked the door open a little and peeked inside. He began to undress, pretending he didn't know I was there. He undressed slowly for me. When he pulled off his pants he was already hard. He got in the shower and soaped up. He masturbated, of course, as did I from the doorway. When he was done, I slipped back out again. Since then, we've done other fantasy scenarios. My favorite is where I pretend to be passed out drunk and he comes in and does whatever he wants with me. We have not had sex but we've done about everything else, except kiss. We've been doing these scenarios once per week for about 3 months now. We've never been out together, or talked on the phone.

Got my heart ripped out and I don't know what to do.

Basically I have/had feelings for a coworker. I only told my closest 4 friends about it, but everyone in our dept found out anyway. They all said they could see the way I look at her.

We've worked together for about 3 or 4 months now. I thought we got along well enough.

Anyway, I was tired of being too nervous to go for it. I knew she had a boyfriend, but I wanted to at least get it off my chest and let her know how I felt. So I gave her my number. I wrote it on a piece of paper. She brought up the boyfriend and I said I knew but just wanted to text as friends. She didn't really answer but her expression to me kind of said ok I'll think about it.

One hour later she walks up to me and gives me back the paper with my number. She didn't say a word. She just walked off.

Ever since then I can't get her out of my head. It's only been a little more than a day. I haven't seen her yet though. I hear her voice calling my name when I close my eyes. And I see her when I open them. Not in a hallucination kind of way. I just picture her. I keep replaying the number thing in my head over and over. My mind keeps going between her voice/image and the number thing. It's a cycle on repeat.

I don't know what to do. She's in my head. It's like she's everywhere. I can't think. My thoughts are just blank unless it's about her. I don't know how to make it stop.

I've never felt this strongly for anyone. She's the first to trigger those feelings from me.

Met my ex after a few years and she told me a story where she got drunk and taken advantaged of at a party, blew a bunch of guys in the shower. I showed compassion but I jerk off to the thought a lot now

Instant break up or big time pay back!

I ate 5 graham crackers for dinner.


My boyfriend has been abusing me mentally and verbally for the past year and a half. Sometimes I start to forget my name isn’t just “bitch” or “cun*.” He’s even hit me a few times. I just suck it up and try to forgive and forget, hoping it’ll get better, but it never does. I’ve been so angry and guilty and mad. I finally decided to stand up for myself though.

Yesterday when he tried to hit me again, I grabbed his balls and squeezed them so hard he threw up. Then I twisted them and pulled them like they tell you to do in all those self defense videos/classes. He screamed so loud, but I didn’t feel any remorse. He caused me so much pain before, and I was just defending myself now. He deserved this. And as far as I was concerned he has no business having any kids if he treats his girlfriend this way, so I didn’t care if I sterilized him.

I kept squeezing and twisting them until he passed out. I stormed out of his house and I never looked back. I didn’t call the police but I probably should have. He hasn’t tried to contact me since. If he tries to I’m going to block all of his numbers and email, and maybe try to get a restraining order. I don’t ever want to see his face again.

Thanks for reading this. I had to share my story with someone. I’m too afraid to tell my family. This has been causing me so much pain for so long, and it’s such a relief to finally free myself from this prison and vent about it on here, even if it’s anonymous.

I fart hard and smell bad and wonder why I am single.

I lost my fully loaded AK-47. I cant find t anywhere. They said it was a Romanian clone. should i be worried?

is my girlfriend addicted to cigarettes?

she smokes them everyday, starting first thing when she wakes up, and gets angry if its been more than an hour since she has smoked a cigarette. she smokes two packs a day. she claims its only one and a half but I can count and its two. she cant sit through a movie in theatre or a dinner without going to take a cigarette break. when we go out she insists the bar have a smoking patio, otherwise shes outside the bar smoking one cigarette after the other every fifteen minutes I swear. She says shes only been smoking everyday for a little over 5 years, since the summer before her senior year of high school. she said she started smoking the year before but doesnt count it because she wasnt buyig her own pack to smoke everyday like she did when she was a senior... but she has straight up admitted to me that she has smoked every single day for the past 5 years ... she coughs all the time and gets winded walking up a single flight of stairs but she completely refuses to ever consider quitting... but claims that she is not addicted and doesnt need to hear anymore about it from me

am I crazy or does she really have a cigarette addiction?

I work at one of the mental hospitals that I stayed at as a teen and none of my coworkers know yet. It scares me to death and has been giving me a lot of anxiety lately. I've worked here about 4 weeks so far which has been good with regards to assisting the clients, but I worry on my interactions with the staff. I recently got in a debate with another staff member and had a long conversation with my lead about it. A lot of other staff witnessed it and I just don't want them to say "I knew it!" because of that when people start to actually find out I was a patient.

I'm always yawning. I get enough sleep. I think.

My list of fears... the government makes me paranoid and I don't trust politicians... I don't want the government spying on me... People who don't experience depression and they are happy all the time like that's the only emotion they have because they're not human and they're clearly fuc*** robots... I'm afraid of being normalized... People who smile all the time and look like the smiley face emojis... plus I hate the color yellow... Tacky god-awful furniture and clothing and wallpaper... I'm also claustrophobic... People asking me why I'm single and why I'm not in a relationship like it's none of your business Martha because I prefer being alone wolf... Being trapped in my small town and never able to leave... Dying in my small town and my soul gets trapped here because that's personal hell because I hate living in this small town... Skin walking Body Snatchers... Demons who want to skull fuc* me and basically rape my eye socket ... Men touching me when I don't want to be touched... Getting STDs that would totally scare me... People who do bath salts because I'm afraid of being cannibalized... Plastic surgery and not basic plastic surgery where someone makes theirself look like a duck with their lips or they all together go over the top and make themselves look hideous and somehow they think they look good and they don't look human... People who tan too much and they are basically naturally pale... Barbra Streisand's nose... The government brainwashing people so basically MKUltra... Getting really horrible diseases... Spiders and coc*roaches... Psychopaths so that's why I go out of my way to avoid people if I believe the are Psychopaths because I'm afraid of getting murdered or cannibalized or even a manipulated. Certain social situations like I totally go out of my way to avoid bars a lot lately and I'd much rather just get drunk at home because I don't want men flirting with me and I have social anxiety... Taking Pharmaceutical toxic meds that are prescribed by a doctors and have way too many negative side effects... Psych doctors I don't trust those motherfukers... Did I say I have paranoia? Cuz I have paranoia? It's not a byproduct of schizophrenia it's a byproduct of my severe anxiety and the very fact that I'm a Cynic and I don't easily trust people. Because anyone who accuses me of being crazy needs to understand the world itself is crazy. And that's why I avoid a lot of people.