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LOL, just prove them wrong!

really man? really? wtf?!

Be smart ladies/girls. Human trafficking is real!

If only to make it ones lifes work to delete all these stupid sites...there would be at the least less contribution to the mental illness of many.
Please someone do it!!!

I am sharing this in the hopes I can help change the world for better.:yum:

Man he is working hard to build his work experience to be a Trump lawyer.


This is a wild guess... but she might have been stripped to pay for caregiving school?

don't kill yourselves. just laugh.

My first thought on this is law agencies need to be able to see faces at first glance. What if the person behind the hijab wasn't really her... prison break strategy? What if she was hiding a razor under the hijab? Any number of weapons can be hidden under a hijab. If she is allowed any number of other inmates can "switch" religions to gain an added layer of confusion. There are gang related worries to think about as well.

Dot dot dot...

It's okay to post this now right?

Abortion News...

A little known classic from my teen years. Love it!

I ditched regardless of what the principal said.

A clean place to sit costs companies quite a bit. Real estate is the reason why JCP, Macy's, Best Buy, Kmart, normal mom and pops are all in trouble. As professionals in the business world they should've understood this? This was not a bus that denied them business. They could've easily paid for a drink. I do see it both ways, but I think this was blown a bit out of proportion.

The lyrics!

Dropping like flies. Trump effect?

Gonna buy myself some Minecraft underwear!

Opinions please!