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My friend posted a weird video on youtube about some dorm worker guy and called him a perv inmate. I think he knows something about him. See for yourself with the link.

home alone and not wacking off?
bad day for pon

This emoji is my orgasm face today after watching this video, :grimacing:

okay I lie, it is more like this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::money_mouth::sunglasses:

i am a paranoid schizophrenic with bipolar depression or so i think i's halloween


I could really use some prayer right `bout now. I've been out of full-time work for almost two years and thought I'd landed a position teaching GED and Adult Ed, here in the community where we live, with some Job Readiness thrown in, as well as working at a local prison teaching female inmates GED and Life Skills. I was told this by both of the interviewers with whom I spoke, and that this would be a regular, Monday through Friday gig, albeit part-time, to start this month for GED/ADULT Ed (and Job Readiness to commence in the Spring), and likely next month for the prison. After two days of training, it became clear that none of what I was told was going to happen, with three adult students asking the trainer-teacher about GED, her response being, "We don't handle that." The classes would be one week a month, with a second week following for make-up classes; no GED instruction; and teaching at the prison wasn't to start until December of January (I heard something about me starting either of those months, with nothing concrete or set in stone). I left that possibility after the second day of training. The bait-and-switch was too much. Fortunately, I did do training to substitute teach, but the other part-time job I have (in which we are given housing, pay no utilities, and can eat on campus during the school year) precluded me form subbing at all over the last week and yesterday. I got up early, early, early to be ready to be called into sub today, and there was nothing. I applied to teach part-time about an hour away and had an interview this afternoon, but the pay is so small that it really isn't feasible to drive all that way.

This all took place a week or so after we arrived home from out west for vacation. My Dad got a bit miffed with my wife before she left to visit our overseas family, who were visiting Seattle, Washington form overseas, while I went to Nevada to visit aunts and uncles who live there, whose children/my cousins I'd not seen in a few decades. Now my wife is super depressed at the job situation, and as well, she hates my side of our family...and on top of that, wants us to try and go back to her country of birth to help out overseas Mom (but teaching jobs would be with nursery schools or kindergartens, not high in academia as I've taught for the majority of my career).

I feel abandoned by GOD in all of this. I've never seen such anger from my wife at our American Family before. I mentioned the possibility of moving to Nevada and getting a job there last week, and my wife bit my head off, stating that she didn't like the aunt and uncle in particular, due to some friction that took place a few years back between them.

I've been a believer for forty years, but over the last month, my faith has been shaken, and I am ready to throw in the towel and walk away form the faith I've followed for the vast, vast majority of that time. If anyone on this thread, on this site, is a believer in prayer, would you please for me? I need a good word form the LORD, and so far today, I've not gotten one.

Thank you...

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So why was this deleted?


Hmmmm. Interesting. Lol.

I am sharing this in the hopes I can help change the world for better.:yum:

hi! whoever is reading this, i understand how rough things are right now. i just want to let you know that things will get better, i promise. keep holding on just a little bit longer. i know you feel like nobody really cares. you're wrong, stop denying it. i care, otherwise i wouldn't be writing this. you're not alone. although we may be miles away, we're all going through the same things. please keep holding on.

and wow, look at what the code says. exactly what we need to offer each other!

what do you think?


new ass thread, lets try to get them all in one thread. easier to see them all at once. :p

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republicans: please continue to pay taxes in the coming four years, so that we democrats can continue to love our welfare president. romney was seen bowing down to lord obama last night. you should all do the same.

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