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i really don't need the stress of worrying about someone who i don't really know who they are yet might have known's possible suicide seizing me into a tailspin! wtf? talk to me. i'm not hard to find!!!

i got really excited when i heard that danica patrick took the pole. but then i found out it was about racing. i figured she gave up on that unreachable dream and started stripping, like all hot chicks should be doing.

i am a married man and i like sucking cock.

for almost 2 years, he brought me coffee every morning. he left his wife, we hooked up, the divorce went through. he was all about the long term in the first 6 months. but i was never his 'girlfriend', he only wanted a lover. after another 6 months, he asked for my patience, and said things will be so different in a year. i waited. i was patient. another 6 months have gone by, and he wants me less and less, and keeps rescuing her, hanging out at her place and doing 'family things'. he doesn't see how abusive she is, how she's sucking him back in. i told him i'm done, i deserve someone who wants me for me, not because i'm not-his-wife. he stopped bringing me coffee.
as much as i know i'm better off without him, i miss him. he is standing 6 feet away from me, with his own damn coffee, complaining about his 'ex' wife.

with my 30 years i noticed that my relationships did not bring what i was expecting of it and for some time i know why. since then my life is a lot more relaxed, it makes me feel less tense.
i confess, i don’t fall for women in my age group but for older, chubby women aged 60-70 years.
since i admit to that need, i notice that there are enough of these women who are flattered by the attention i give them and they are happy to cater to my desire to be her lover for the time being. the fine thing is that they do not expect a steady relationship but just want lots of pleasant moments with me.

hello, im 19 and im from canton ohio.
i have been involved with the court system a lot in the 3 year, recently i have bought stolen property from a old friend from school. im being charged with receiving stolen property, my court date awaits. im in a position where i have to tell on him or i can get serious time in prison. i would just like to say that i have not been going to church and i have sined over and over again. i have lied to many people. stolen from people. i am here today to say that i haven't been an honest person. i would like to get my life on track not only for me but for my girlfriend. i feel like the devil is on my back and i need to release. i need guidance, my family doesn't really give me the support i need. will someone please show me the right path

after a night of binge drinking, i was helping my friend get into his house quietly. his sister came out to help carry him to his room. we were trying to clean him up when he started rambling. i was in the bathroom when i heard him ask his sister if she was safe to fuck tonight. i didn't really understand what her sister replied and i didn't make a big deal out of it. couple of days later, i went to their place to pick him up. he was still in the shower but the sister let me in. as soon as i was inside the house, his sister whispered not to tell anyone about the other night. i agreed, then asked her if she let him do her that night. she said no, never when his not sober. i asked if they did that often. not much, but today we did twice just awhile ago.

never told my friend that i knew about him and his sister. then one day my friend suddenly moved to live with his grandparents. found out later that their mom saw them having a quickie and cumming in her to boot.

oh dear god. he is one of those christian types who speaks in tongues, goes to church at least twice every week-and the various church activities. he is probably or at least planning to wait until marriage to have sex. i've already seen him agree with ppl talking about homosexuality and how god created man and woman to be together.

i really like him though so i hope he won't mind that i'm bi (usually so much more attracted to women tbh-a reason i haven't been to church in years) and get kind of freaked out when ppl 'babble' like that. in some ways i find those aspects attractive. it's how i used to be when i was younger and discovered more aspects about myself. maybe in time he will grow and change too. it's not all bad. he is super polite, respectful, and the kind of guy i'd want (if i was going to end up w/ a guy).

i confess that i'm getting tired of all these fake rape confessions. seriously.. to the 12 year old boy who is making all these posts... get some new material.

my daughter told me yesterday on christmas that she and her wonderful husband are expecting their first child, my first grandchild, and i don't have any girlfriends to share my news with. i sat last night and tried to think of one person i could call, and ended up texting a guy i work with. i'm 56, and don't have any girlfriends at all. how pathetic is that?

i thought if she thinks by abusing me like this that the older women approve of me now, that is nice but i no longer approve of them or the certain young types. i did not take to her personality yesterday much. not all women want what she was saying and i thought well there is no point bring in my daggy old mum if you are talking like that. i found her friendly enough but she should keep to a lecture that is what we paid for. and i did not agree with everything she was teaching and i could not go to that college in a fit again! i hated their make up and hair and clothing all so gothic black biker rebel old gay-bi style. not my scene. i am too square and up right and straight for that. and i like pure natural over thick drama and i think she should have used her powerpoints more and less talking about her personal career experiences but stuck to the lecture outline format and powerpoints and not made it a chat class about herself. i actually have never heard of her before anyway that is how nieve i am. i know people will always take away some advice but they will remember if the teacher makes me feel worthless or like "well i got less then i was expecting in content and friendliness i did not feel really welcome" i deliberately dressed down for the day and did not wear much make up because i did not see the point of it and i felt out of my depth around her and i it did not matter even, i just left because my neck and back and head and jaw was aching and i felt like - i have had enough of her talk already and i don't feel the need to prove myself and i felt she would look over my shoulder all the time make me feel small and like nothing i did was good enough like s did. s has really made me see that some people are fakes and love looking and being fake and just dont care. they fake it and never make it and just don't care. its like faking it is the trade off rather then the success goal. so i left and was so tired i fell asleep on the train and my back and head were so painful i just wanted to get home early. i hid my face and turned away from the acting film crew and photographers and class and just looked at the teacher or the wall or in mirrors at people from a distance and i thought the model was not that pretty, her face was very over pointed in the centre and she was not that perfect shape face but very pointed in the centre of her face with angular long nose and eyes and harsh features and nothing soft and sweetly feminine about her. more super bitch pointy hoity and agressive server look. mean and sleek but not really sexy or pretty delicate. there was a prettier young girl in the class with red hair and gentle make up and scarf that was nicer and more sweety homely pretty that that angular strange strained looking fake blonde model with big eyes and mouth and i can see that the industry likes that but i thought she had sad eyes and no one seemed genuinely friendly in there. i knew it was not the place for me as soon as i walked in the door. the art work was nothing great or the classrooms and staff were rather creepy and too arty over the top.

fighting on the internet is like the special olympics... it doesn't matter who wins, you're still retarded.

my sexual orientation is fluidity and i'm happy about it :)

i told my mum and brothers, because i was sick of my mother making snide comments about homosexuality. i proceeded to explain its a sexual orientation not a person. a person shouldn't be judged and prejudice against because of this. i told my mum i don't judge her, because she's heterosexual. but i do judge her, on her ignorance towards the lgbtqi community.

my mother is now supportive of the lgbtqi community now :)

there is a guy jerking of in the shower at the planet fitness gym and moaning and talking to himself and sighing

i'm not gay, but it's really sexy and turning me on but also making me scared he might want to rape me. i've lost a lot of weight and i would think a man like that might enjoy raping me.

a question, not a confession. had sex with this woman several weeks ago. she had big hanging pussy lips (labia to you purists). i guess i have led a sheltered life. i had never seen anything like that before. how common is this? they were rather ugly but i never said anything to her about it.

my mom died from alzheimer's yesterday. she was 77. now i have nobody left to love. i was married once but my ex husband had an affair with another married woman so i divorced him. we haven't spoken in 6 years. i hear he has a live-in girlfriend 10 years younger than he is. that's fine i don't want to see him again. i have a sister in florida, but i live in seattle - so yeah that's really far. we're not very close anyways... haven't seen her for over a year and she is coming to the funeral but that's about it. i'm 42 and haven't been with a man for so long. god i am so lonely and frustrated sexually!!! thought about posting an add on plenty of fish or something... just to get laid. where am i going with this? i have no idea why i'm here except to vent. sorry to bore you all.

I can't help but wanting to die everyday. People say they care but they always leave me and they don't care enough when Im here so why should they care if I'm gone. I'm doing my best, I really am but I can't keep doing this. I go through the motions then at night I lay alone and wish that I don't wake up. I am numb and cold and tired and I used to be so good at this but I'm out of practice. No one really stays, everyone leaves. Everyone. Leaves. And you can't do anything to stop them because if you're not pretty enough or smart enough or funny enough or quiet enough, you will never be enough. And why this is I don't know but it is just about the most heartbreaking thing to ever feel. The feeling of letting someone down simply because you aren't enough for them. And they will tell you it gets better and that one day you won't feel so empty, but when is that day? Cause I'm pretty sick of waiting for that day.

i am wondering why i bother studying as none of it will give me a job, lets place a bet on it, what's good bet that none of my courses will get me a job ?

a couple of times a month we have to work overtime at our office. when we do i buy a bunch of snacks for everyone out of my own pocket. i thought everyone appreciated it... but two days ago i overheard 3 women in my office (long story how) that me bringing snacks was a way to get people to like me and that i was trying to impress others. i'm a bit hurt because i just wanted to make others happy. i told everyone today that i would no longer be buying snacks due to financial reasons.

i grew up in a very conservative home, and very religious.

at an early age i knew what my role was and any thought of not fulfilling it never came into my mind. i looked forward to the day i got married (to whom i didn't really think about that) and to having a home with five kids. at 13 all i could think about was having a home with lots of kids.

but as i grew older i had feelings that bothered me, deep feelings for the company of another girl. we didn't act out on these feelings, although we both acknowledged to each other that maybe something was wrong. we dated the available boys and went on to byu, where we both eventually met the men we would marry.

i have the life i was promised as a little girl, i have the home and i have my kids. i have my extended family on both sides, i have my work, i have everything, anything to keep me busy. but i am old enough now to know that i do not have what eats at my heart every single day, i don't have my friend. we are together a lot as we both live in the community, and we both find it very hard, we make every excuse in the book to find time to be together, we do share many things, but we are not together, not like my feelings scream out to me. it is worse now than before, when we were going about making families, these feelings were more at rest, but now they are very strong. almost to the point of driving me crazy. i think of her every day, every morning, every evening, every holiday, every single moment of the day. i want to scream out to the world that i love her.

it is tearing me inside