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i work as a receptionist. you may think reception, wow that's so easy. no its fucking misery. i am continually blamed for things, cannot take time off when i want. and it is just making me really depressed.
instead of complaining i am doing...i had a job interview yesterday, probably made the mistake of taking the whole day off but ill deal with those consequences, monday. everything went well in the interview, the conversation was flowing, they said they would let me know friday(yesterday) if i was hired. they showed me around the office and introduced me. the vp of business development mentioned if the number i gave them was my work number. i said no, it was my cell number, as he was concerned it was my work number.
today is saturday, still haven't heard a response. i know i should probably move on and assume that they have went with another candidate. i just fucking hate my job and it would make going into work on monday easier, knowing i have an escape route. the job fit me ideally. my plan if i don't get hired is to quit and work on finishing my ba full time instead of part time. i have gained 10lbs at this job, but im still somewhat thin, i have very little energy to make dinner. i make 14. 45/hour and i have to drive 30 mins away to get there. i am thinking its not worth my sanity nor my gas money!
thank you for reading!

god i hate how you says it's all my fault and have to have things all your way. the fact is you are getting everything your way, because i love you and then when it turns out bad you play the blame game. all that i ask is you treat me with respect and ease with the attitude, everything could be so much better if you just grew up and stopped acting like a spoiled little brat. i have given you my life, my all, everything! and you can't see this? our lives will continue to be this way until you realize what you have.

Unlicensed contractors and pool workers are the worst. One Hispanic guy in a dark semi blue truck who is an unlicensed worker is being extremely rude and harasses homeowners. There is another guy in who is an unlicensed pool cleaner in a red semi truck and he is being prejudice towards people. Never hire unlicensed workers. It is the same as letting criminals into your house.

you really need to take initiative with this otherwise i will eventually grow tired. take it from me guys, appreciate it when a woman is giving you attention, never take it for granted because we won't wait around for you forever.

i heard conversations in my head, its like a little singalong, asking the same questions over and over again

a couple of months ago,just a few days after breaking up with a mentally abusive guy where he would basically yell at me for every little thing. I was really hurting so i broke it to him softly..after that he freaked out and lashed out at me again..I was already hurting so i was talking to my best friend about coming over. We live in different towns and i cam only go places by walking so i risked it at night, I ended up staying the night at his place the second day and by the third night we ended up taking eachothers virginities. We didnt use a condom and he came inside of me. Now i think im pregnant because my period hasnt happened. Im really worried about it and am not ready for having a child and dont want children as a young woman. I havent told my family about it cuz then they’d try killing him or hurting us or making me do things that i cant handle doing.Im honestly really scared and i dont even love my best friend like that i just have this lust for him which makes me feel bad because hes in love with me…and I’m in a relationship with someone else and idk when i should tell my boyfriend about the no condom situation amd that i might be pregnant

fuc* my face

i want to punch my own teeth out and take a pair of pliers to my face

i hate everything so fuc*ing hard right now

i recently told my parents that i think i'm depressed, which i've been feeling for the past six years. it was possibly one of the most difficult things i have ever done and i was actually surprised that they were so understanding. but when i went to the doctor about it i choked and i couldn't get the right words out so he palmed me off saying it was 'exam stress'. the thing is that i've become so apathetic that when it comes to exam time i could not care less. i flunked my exams last year and it's really made it difficult for me to get into uni. i feel completely alone and take days off school at a time just lie in bed and feel sorry for myself. and the worst part of it is is that i know exactly how bad this is and the downward spiral i'm taking - i've had relatives on both sides of my family with depression, and even a grandmother who tried to take her own life. i do think about suicide quite frequently, but i'm too scared to do anything like that as my whole life i've made plans or said that i was going to do something then backed out at the last minute and the idea of changing my mind about living when it's too late terrifies me. i don't know what to do anymore, i know that only i can really help me but i feel like i have no motivation to do anything.

i have this crush on one of my customers, i mean she is really nice, her name is jackie, i work at a 7-11, and she is so cute, just earlier this morning i talked to her, i think she has a boyfriend, and she is way out of my league, but i just have the largest crush on her.

little kids secretly want to get aborted

my dad had a me with my mom and my half sister with her mom. because they both had a child with him, the ladies got to know each other. they moved in together and share expenses and that is how we live today. my dad is the visiting person here, but he is the one that decided in the end on most things, if there is a disagreement or something.

the house we live in needs a large make over. they have been going over and over with the whole thing, but they can never decide, so my dad has to decide and he is getting fed up with it. whatever he decides, then they go ahead on to the next subject. they sucked my dad into it, because there is no other way, and it is a big project. my sister and i just sit it out, because we are not asked our opinion, well we are asked but just to be polite. most everything they decide pretty well but on this which is one of the biggest things they are doing, they cannot decide which way is up and my dad is about to blow a fuse over it. he told them they can fix the house any way they want, not how he wants, how they want. he doesn't want to be blamed afterwards because the tile is green and not blue. all i want is peace and quiet, no more bickering. i want the days when we just got along and there were no disagreements and i don't want my dad stuck in the middle.

i love a man with a big penis. on christmas eve i cheated on my husband. i was some guys christmas eve fuck toy for the night.

i fucking hate stories of the stolen generation. fucking criminals. diaf.

i can't stop drinking

it's killing me. i can't even go a day without alcohol

i want myself an older woman. i have a serious crush on one of my teachers... she isn't just smart, she is also hot and that makes my day. it hard to find that sort of combination. i always have thought about screwing a milf.

i'm 17 and i live in a small town that seems to suck the life out of everyone. i never expected to get a football & partial academic scholarship, but i did. it's not a big school football wise, but the academics and alumni network is excellent and it's always ranks in the top twenty of best schools. the problem is i got my now ex gf pregnant and i thought it was the end of everything. i'd have to give up college and take a job at wal-mart or home depot to support her and the baby. i kept it from my folks and was trying to figure out how to tell them. but before i could my gf and her mom were in a car wreck on the way back from the doctor and it was pretty bad. they are going to be alright but she did lose the baby. this was two months ago and since then we have done nothing but argue she accused me of being glad she lost the baby, and she is right.

i do feel sort of bad but i feel like a two ton weight has been lifted off my chest. i see how my dad and mom bust their asses and how they struggle and i don't want that life. i want to be a radiologist or a general surgeon and the college i'm going to has a very intense pre-med program and the graduates seem to have their pick of med schools. i feel like a jerk on one hand but i feel like i've been giving a second chance on the other hand. i feel like such an asshole, but like my best friend told me you'll be an asshole who is in college and on track to be a doctor, and the hell away from this town. so i'm going to take this chance and run with it.

i love giving my boyfriend blowjobs. it's the coolest thing ever! i can do it almost anytime, anywhere, and it gives him such pleasure (and me too). you can't just fuck wherever you are, but it's pretty easy to slip away someplace quiet and give head. i like everything about it, even when he cums in my mouth. the first time was pretty weird, but you get used to it. i even like the taste of his cum now. he likes to watch as i lick my lips and swallow it. blowjobs are so much fun and so easy to do. if you want to keep your man happy and have him to yourself, give him a lot of blowjobs. i bet every guy out there would agree with me. right?

i've been spying on the girl next door. her bedroom is in the basement and i can see quite well through the cracks between the blinds. she is 15 or 16 and has the nicest pair of tits i've ever seen. they are spectacular. she is a natural blonde. i am probably the only man on earth who has seen her naked, putting on her lotion. i have ejaculated outside her bedroom window many times. if only she knew i was watching!

i hate my brother and think he is the biggest asshole god ever put breath into. i just don't want to see him again. i don't like what he has put me and my family through and his awful violent cruel games, he is a lost nut.
i don't like the way he expects me to learn everything he learnt in computers when that is not even what i am interested in.

i don't find his game funny. he has been over induldged and he always ends up the winner and he is rude and abusive to his family and has not spoke to his family in years and we don't want to see him ever again.

i think my brother needs a good kick in the b-hind. i don't like what he stands for and who helps him to abuse our family and me,

its just not morally right.

one day he is going to be punished for this.

he has no idea how much i hate him or how much mum hates him

my mother said she wants to punish and ignore him and attack him for abusing me. i wonder will she keep her word?

my brother is not a nice person and the more i think about it the more he sickens me.

i still love you, mary. i wish i knew what i did wrong, or what he did right. for what it's worth, i really tried.