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i still pick my nose, been doing it forever, usually when no one's looking (sometimes i occasionally get caught in the act) i do it daily without really even thinking about it. sitting here talking about this makes me realize how nasty it really is

somestimes i get real horny but i have trouble because im a virgin when i masturbate i bleed like everytime but its hard cuz i just get so horny and dont know what to do.

There’s nothing better than taking a shit. Sitting on the toilet; the bowels emptying; the crackle of feces exiting the rectum; the warm filth passing through the sphincter; the sudden stench that hits like a bomb siren; the feeling of complete evacuation; the inspection of what your body produced; the skidmarks on the toilet paper; the hard penis; the spontaneous masturbation; the deep breathing; the ejaculation; the photography; the kissing of the toilet bowl; the deep knee bends

i am very thankful i do not own a gun. it seems that every time after spending a few hours on the internet, reading about current events and seeing how my ex/friends are doing on facebook, i want to walk quietly away from my computer and into my bedroom and swallow the barrel of a loaded handgun.

montana or marino?

i feel so helpless. i cannot help people who are really in need, when they need help the most. because i don't have any money or anything myself. i just drove by a house where two elderly ladies live alone. the house it seems was destroyed in a fire. the electric company, the gas company, the police and a fire truck is still on the scene of this house fire. i wish i could help these ladies somehow, but i cannot. i feel truly helpless!

about 9/10 years ago i was walking down the strip of ybor city with a group of girls, all family. ybor is basically all bars and party destinations. so at one point it was just me and my girlfriend when we were approached by a clean cut straight couple and asked if we would like to take a fun test. so why not, we were down for fun. we followed them laughing and joking, all was fine. after rounding the corner i saw the door we were going into. unmistakably it read scientology in all caps over the door. hmmmm, not a door i would have ever entered. but hey, we'd been drinking, having a little fun, why not? we take this test of just thinking about something/someone that makes us angry, and this little needle on this machine moves to your anger level. so my gf goes first and the needle was always about midrange. then it's my turn. i think about a ticket i'd recently received - midrange. then my ex- - a little more than midrange. lol. and the final time i think about my mother (different story for another day!) and that damn needle went all the way up and back to the bottom! freaked those people out!! i wasn't really surprised because i know how angry that woman makes me. but looking back, i've concluded they've never seen that machine react like that. they sold my gf their book/bible and i guess she wrote my information on the card as requested. so i started getting hand written letters from them and stuff. straight to the garbage. but here's the thing. i've moved half a dozen times since that night and they always know. my last two moves i received mail at my new address before i had even changed my address through the post office or opened any accounts at the new address. it's really creepy but those people still haven't given up. seriously what the fuck?!

my husband is a gawky, pasty white nerd. i love him more than anything except my kids. we've been together for 16 years, have teenage twins and a miracle baby. everyone says i'm beautiful and that i'm way out of his league. i've never cheated though ive had many chances. his best friend has been in love with me for years, and he is a lot better looking. i have lived my life to try and be the best wife and mother. i've never denied him sex, even when i didn't feel like it. he is a great husband and father. our anniversary was two months ago. here's to a lifetime together he said.

last week he told me he is leaving me. for his fat, acne faced coworker that smells like cabbage. wtf?! i almost died giving birth to your baby and you are walking out on me? i waited on you hand and foot and you are leaving me? are you serious?

i guess the mixed girl from the projects doesn't get a happy ending after all. so i'm going to be "ghetto" as you called me and fuck your best friend when you and your bitch come to get your stuff out of my house. i hope you enjoy hearing me make another man scream bastard.

when i shave and get a haircut i look really young. i was talking to this 20 year old girl the other day and she said that i was cute but "you look like a 12 year old".
i'm obsessed with having young skin and being in perfect health. i want to sleep well, eat right and avoid drug abuse.
i'm jealous of women who go on and on about how cute certain boys are, and these boys are teens or kids. they pinch their cheeks and touch their head, neck and shoulders. of course, women think these boys are innocent. idk about that.
i'm obsessed with the way i look and i want to be the hottest guy women have ever seen. i think that involves a lot of youth.

i don't know who this fousey guy is but he is creepy and annoying and i can't understand why people follow this sort of person and their games for attention seeking without talent!

at what age are you able to decide for yourself who you can date? i can't date anyone without my brother's permission. he is overprotective. i am seventeen.

i miss talking to you everyday and knowing everything about you. it really hurts that we don't talk at all anymore, but i guess that's just as much my fault as yours. i just want you to know i'm thinking about you and i wish you well. -e

remember when the ncaa thought the sanctions would cripple penn state football? they are landing top recruits left and right. good for them. the ncaa are communists.

one of my good friends has a 6 year old daughter that i really dislike. i have a 6 year old too so i know what kids are like but this kid is a pain in the ass. plus she is stupid. and kind of ugly. my friends boasts about her nice manners but when she is away from her mother, this kid is rude and lies a lot. she is a crybaby. she is old for her grade but dumber than most of the other kids. she drives me crazy. i feel terrible about not liking her because i love my friend.

my ultimate fantasy is to be gang banged by a gang of cops. i would want them to mercilessly fuck me while yelling at me and telling me i deserved it.

when i fuck you, i gonna bust a big load in your tiny little mouth, and your gonna fuckin swallow.

i'm a submissive guy who is really, really, really into giving oral to women. unfortunately, i am very "unendowed" in that department. it barely sticks out, which makes it really hard to do well. ironically, i just so happen to have a really big dick, almost 9 inches. but i could honestly care less about that.

so, i just paid $400 to have the frenulum under my tongue removed (that band of tissue which anchors the tongue to the bottom of the mouth). this is supposed to dramatically increase tongue length, especially with those who are tongue tied, like me, where the frenulum is very tight and restricted. now that the surgery is done, guess what? no fucking change! it still just pokes out a little. god damn it, what a fucking rip off!!

i just *know* that there has got to be a million guys with really long tongues who would gladly swap their tongue and dick for mine. i would *so* do it, it sucks so much that can't happen.

i like to pretend i'm a cop. my car looks like an unmarked cop car and that's why i bought it. i drive around at night drinking beers and cruising around buildings and stuff like a cop. i follow people too and i like it when they slow down and start driving different because they think i am the law! i have a badge i bought online and it looks so real. i keep it in my wallet. i like to flash it when i am paying for stuff and see people's reactions. it's funny how polite and friendly people get when they think you're a cop. i also have a cb radio in my car and i talk into it when i am following people. it makes me feel powerful. it's just a game i do for fun, and it feels good.

i'm secretly afraid of hitler

every time i think about him sneaking in my house i get very upset

i actually shit myself in bed last night because of hitler

while my wife was in the hospital recovering from surgery i brought a 16-year-old street kid back to our house and fucked her on our bed. i picked her up downtown and offered her booze and money. she was desperate. it was a win/win situation. little cunt knew how to fuck pretty good. better than my bitch wife.