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i want bubbas big cock in my tight tranny butthole, lets go to prison, and get fucked

i honestly wanted to spend the night texting you and playing this video game..
but all you wanted to do was talk about your pain.. so i lied and said i was going to sleep..
i stayed up all night eating and playing this game..

you really dont want to talk to me, do you?
i mean, other than about your pain or family..
which is fine to talk about.. just not all the time..

okay, i feel really stupid, but i have to ask.
i (f) have a new partner, and all is great. very much in love.
we waited a while before we slept together. (oh, the novelty...)
a couple of days ago we finally ended up in bed and i found out my new lover is curcomsized.
never encountered that before, but i love it.
i think this was the first time in my life i actually enjoyed giving a blowjob.
couldn't get enough of it in fact.
there is just one issue, and it's about the handjob.
normally you give a guy a handjob by sliding the foreskin back and forth right?
but now there is no foreskin, and i'm a bit lost.
can i get some pointers please?
and yes, i will ask him how he likes it too, but i really want to know how you guys do it.

i'm not exactly a sex addict. i usually am 2 or 3 weeks without masturbating or even having wet dreams, but every time i have momey available i spend it on whores. i've many times promised myself not to do that again, but the truth is this has been going on for almost 20 years now. i just find going with whores extremely fun, and besides i'm not good at all at flirting, for whatever reasons which i don't really know are for sure. well, my looks probably aren't perfect as i only get matched to ugly, fat or old girls on tinder. so, i often don't have food for me or my cats because i've spent my money on whores, or don't do maintenance on my car, or can't buy something i need. luckily i keep healthy in spite of not using condoms every time i'm allowed not to. idk, i gotta keep trying to give up my addiction, which is what it is. the only one i have btw. i've never smoked, and in spite of having got drunk on several occasions and having tried some drugs occasionally, i've never got addicted in the less, so i'm hopeful i'll be able to overcome this habit. any advices?

you fucking old fat mailman! you are one fucking disgusting pig in my sight! just fucking die away! out of my sight! you are fucking so disgusting pervert!!! you better leave my life alone!!! i don't want to see your fugly face!!! i just fucking get all the mails and fucking your face so fucking ugly!!! just leave and change that fucking old fat mailman! you better change that old fat mailman! you don't know how fucking i hate that old fat fugly mailman!!! so disgusting! and i hate you doug for pimping me and doing this to me! i told you all to fucking leave my life alone! you pigs!!! leave!!!

i am ashamed to go out because i gained alot of weight. i know it is shallow, but i hate being fat.

I am futile.

i dislike one of my employees. i respect her as a professional and she does great work, but i don't like her. she has this attitude that everything would be better if things were done her way, but our industry (in the public sector) is incredibly slow to change. i understand her perspective and get that younger professionals want to change the world and make their mark, but it really does piss me off. our organization isn't going to change to fit her. on one hand i feel guilty because i sensed this attitude from her when i interviewed her, yet i hired her anyway. on the other, she may be able to make a bit of change before she gets frustrated and moves on.

four years ago when my husband retired we moved to costa rica, my husband is very social and he has made many friends here. he has become friends with the lady that managers many of the properties for foreign owners. she is in her mid thirties. he told me that they have been to bed.

what do i do? i can't leave him, everything we own is in this house here. i am 61, last time i worked was over 25 years ago. his answer tot he problem is that i just accept that he needs to get her out of his system, and that he is going to have sex with her as often as he can.

it isn't the sex, it really isn't. she is a nice very attractive woman and i am sure that the sex is very good. she is very latin and very sensual. if it was a purely sexual fling, i would let it die out when she no longer finds it convenient to be with a retired married man. it is that she is obviously looking for something permanent. that is what bothers me and he can't see it.

every time i suck my husband dick i play around with his balls too. he seems to like it. but recently i decide to go a little lower and see how he reacted. so i placed a finger by his asshole and just rubbed a little. he liked it and he came right away. so last night i did it again and he was really into it so instead of just rubbing his asshole a little - i put my figure in his ass a little. not all the way. and he totally got off. he was moaning and moving his hips. he really liked it. so i sucked his dick, rubbed his balls with one hand and put a finger in his ass with the other hand. oh boy did he enjoy that.

maybe next time i'll really put it in him deep. maybe even two finger. see if that gets him off.

do a lot of men like that? i know i like a finger up my ass once in awhile while he's playing with my pussy. it just makes everything feel a little better.

i think i'd really like it if another girl joined us in bed too. but she'd have to be a nasty nasty girl. one that liked anal, one that would use a strap on dildo on me while i sucked my husbands dick... something really nasty.

i cant tell if you're lying to me again or not.. you tell me your happy. but you tell them udk if you want a future with me.. i wish you would make up your mind.. either mark me as yours forever, or set me free..

i am so sick and fucking tired of the depression. i want it to be done and over with! six fucking years i have dealt with this shit!! how can i get rid of it?! i just want to be fully happy and i want to be able to look at myself and not be grossed out. i want to be able to look at myself and not have to ask myself repeatedly why is it that he loves me? to look at myself and see what it is he sees. i just want to be happy. is that so much? i just don't want to have to cry myself to sleep every single damn night. is that to much to ask? please!! i just want to be able to be happy. the band simple plan has saved my life so many times. this song is completely me. what to know who i am? i'm the girl that has the cuts on her wrist writing fat, pig ect. in her journal. i'm the woman that is planning where she is getting lipo surgery. i'm also the girl in her bed crying. i am a broken girl that is still fighting for her happiness. simple plan has saved my life and is still saving my life. maybe they will help you too.

f31, attorney at law, and stuck in this god awful country where the only thing women do is raise kids, he goes to work and i'm stuck at home with these two whining kids. why did i get pregnant again, how am i going to deal with three little kids. i never wanted kids, but here it's just kids and kids and kids, every thing the wives do is about having kids. sure you have help, if you call it that, but they don't speak english and my kids are speaking spanish with her. i hate it. i want my life back, my career, i hate being only a wife and mother. i don't even have a name, to the maid i'm señora, to my kids mom, to my husband hon, to every one else mrs. randall. where is my name? who am i? a baby machine, a fat baby machine. overseas assignment, career move for him, extra money, what an experience, but who pays? me, no career, no name, just a baby maker, that's what i am now and all my colleagues from the law firm getting ready for partner. god i am so big, how can you get so big, how can god be so mean, how can he do this to us. god is a man because only a man would make us do this.

my first time was when i was 23. i was already out of college and at my first job. although my sister was a social person i wasn't. my sister lost her virginity while she was still in school.

as part of my training for my new job i went to a conference in new york. we stayed at the marriott. i stayed inside and didn't go out partying. in the coffee shop, i was eating alone, the man sitting next to me also eating alone forced open a conversation.

he got on the elevator with me, he got off with me on my floor and when we got to my room he asked me to let him in. i don't know why i let him in. once inside he put on the charm and tapped my behind, my boob, put his hand on my neck, kissed me and pushed me on to the bed.

one minute he was talking to me and the next i was on my back.

we showered together, he stayed the night, he got more sex before we headed down for breakfast. he asked me to meet him for lunch, and after i checked out he kept me with him for the weekend.

i lost my head, definitely. the consequences are forever. the only live person i have tolled the full story to is my sister. her reaction was that it was about time. of course this was before realizing that there were consequences. for the guy the consequences are financial and being drug into parenting responsibilities he didn't want, for the woman the consequences are financial, all day every day for the rest of your life. no matter how much he helps, no matter how much money he gives me, it isn't enough. and i am totally hung up on him which makes things more complicated. i can't shake it. i moved to his city because his job is too important to give up. i know i am a nuisance he has to put up with. he has to be a daddy even if he doesn't want to be, i have to be a mommy regardless, and he has me hanging on him 24/7, i can't help it.

I wish that my grandmother would just hurry up and die. My mom brought her here last year to live with us and all she does is sit and talk to herself and shes clearly not completely there mentally so I cant even have a nice conversation with her at the very least. The worst part is that I had to give up my bedroom for her to stay in and now I have to share a room with my sister. I never had a relationship with this woman growing up so this entire situation just pisses me off and I cant even complain about it because “respect your elders”. How the fuc* can I respect someone with less emotional depth than a fuc*** toadstool. I truly would rather be put down than end up like a fuc*** zombie when Im old

I'm careful with what I say so that people don't think I'm mental and decide I don't deserve my free choice any more.

i cheated on my boyfriend and thought he had forgiven me. i thought we were going to have sex when he took my clothes off, but then he began calling me a whore and dragged me out in front of his three friends so they could see me naked and told them they could have me. he sat down and watched me get degraded and gang fucked for hours and then trown out in the front yard along with my clothes. i spent three day with sore pussy and never saw him again. i felt so dirty and used but never said anything, because i felt i had it cuming for cheating on him.

i am a 42 yr old woman trying to raise my younger son and 12 yr old daughter.

their father left two years ago and things are tight. i work at a dry cleaner during the day and at a pizza parlor three nights a week. we are always broke, but the bills get paid and food is on the table.

at night, when i get home, i am so wiped out that when my head hits the pillow, i am out.

last weekend i was asleep and slowly woke up to a weird feeling and realized that i was in my bed, but not alone. the room was dark and i could not grasp exactly what was going on… then i realized that there was a man under my covers with his head between my legs and was kissing and licking my crotch area through my panties.

my legs locked up tight and i grabbed his head under my blanket trying to push his mouth off me. he grabbed my left hand and pushed my arms away and began to nibble harder and with more pressure against me. that is when i realized that it was my son eating me through my panties… it was still dark and he was covered by my blanket, but i just knew it was my son. i froze and did not know what to do… i did not want to call out and wake his sister in the next room… well all at once he had his tongue inside my panties and was rubbing it along my bare body… i was shivering and shaking… and am ashamed to admit that i just dropped my head back onto my pillow and let him do what he started… i did not want it to happen... and never would have believed that he would do that… or that it would feel good... now i do not know what to expect at night…and feel horrible because a very small part of me… hopes he returns someday… i am evil and going to hell i know.

your witchcraft ? spider was just crawling up my bare leg. i groped my pants, shook out my skivies and had a gross out moment. i might be your defendant, or enemy without knowing. that spider was real and mark was riding his bike in a half mile of my house pokemon wierdo. was your visit pleasant or did he make it up?

i am going to ask my girlfriend to marry me this year. i love her more than anything! i just need to figure out how i am going to get enough money for the ring!