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in my later 20s, i started work at a closely held business, there were 12 people there when i went to work. the old guy who owned the business used lots of foul language, and sexual innuendo.

one day i was in the break room with another woman and he came in and we started talking and he asked me lots of personal questions. this led to him making the observation that i was the only girl in the office that he had not fucked. he turned to the other woman and had her confirm that he had been fucking her for several years. so he said he would set it up, take me out that weekend to a nice place to get me in the mood and he would fuck me and i would be part of his club.

when he called that he had made the arrangements, i tied to decline, but he came to my apartment, and helped me pick out an outfit for the restaurant he was taking me to, that he was looking forward to the evening because i was very much his type. it ended as he promised, in my bed and accomplishing his goal. his claim at work was right, and his club existed. you rotated in and out as his mood changed, but in general you got your fair share.

i worked there for seven years and it is the best job i ever had. i was a fool for leaving.

i am a very kind compassionate human being, but i truly believe part of the reason that health care costs are out of control is because we keep people alive at all costs in hospitals and nursing homes. when a person becomes just a bed ridden shit and piss factory they should be given a nice little shot and taken to the other side. i have the highest regard for people who have the guts to go around and put people like this out of their misery. many say we can't play god, but the only people who don't play god are true christian scientists. keeping someone alive is playing god. if my body fails me and i have no quality of life... put me down like a fucking dog. this was one practice hitler did that i agree with. now statements like mine are what this site is all about!!!

i found a small dildo/vibrator while putting some of my wife's laundry away. it was wrapped in paper and hidden under some clothes. it's not that big and it has one of those clit stimulating things on it, and it has 3 speeds. we have never talked about masturbating before. i am embarrassed to mention what i found. i know it's commonplace and not a big deal, but i wouldn't know how to approach her. probably best to forget about it. no harm done. she did catch me jerking off once a few years ago, and it was really embarrassing for me, even though she said she didn't care and knew it's normal. i guess we are pretty old fashioned. she is asian and comes from a traditional family. i think she might be very embarrassed if i told her what i found. i will just leave it be and let her have her privacy. but i must admit the thought of her masturbating with it and having an orgasm makes me very horny! i even smelt her toy to see if i could smell her pussy on it, but she must keep it clean. or maybe she hasn't even used it??? i really don't know.

Ive left my wife of 20 yrs i fell in love with my dr she is great all around . I feel guilty about my wife though, after 7 months , i told my gf i was leaving my wfe , and i finally did that was 2 months ago now she is turning on me , i think i f..k up! This chic is half damn psycho im glad she is only a eye dr.

someone slashed that turd tamper's tires, thought about pissing on his car not worth it... why are homos such mentally pieces of shit

hey, i really screwed up. i didn't think, i acted. i'm broke, my job is on thin ice, i have two kids, their dad is worthless as a provider. i felt lonely at christmas and i let my husband screw me again, and i got pregnant.

i'm really depressed and there's no one to talk to.

here's my story and im sure the people i showed the site to are gonna read it but i dont care because they cant prove it was me and they are assholes anyways.

so i like to drink and smoke weed and escape my world, so do you. i may do it more than you and more extreme than you, but that is because im not pussy and scared of my parents and what other people think. thats all of your problems, you care so much about what other people think that it affects your actions, i used to be like that but than i grew the fuck up. go tell your mommies on me. i saw the pictures on facebook, someone partied too much. heehee... not.

i dont ever want to speak to anyone of you again, but i know i will... i'll be so fake you wont even realize i posted this... and if you do be fake back to me because its not like im gonna talk about it to you... im gonna pretend it never happened... just dont expect a friendship from me im done with fake dumb rich bitches who only care about themselves.

ps: yall arent the shit and yall arent popular, go suck off a guy to feel you're worth something. =]

i thought i was past this with you. thought i could stop thinking of you like that. then today you looked deep into my eyes. this time not saying a thing; you never did that before. i'm not sure if you know what you're doing, but my heart melted again. i don't know if what you eventually said was really what you felt or not. i wish i could have heard your thoughts. but thanks for the look. even with all the trouble it brings, thanks.

in college i started doing the dirtiest thing. i would wear my suitemates dirty panties. i also took her dirty panties out of the basket and smell them. i would lay on my bed with her panties in my nose and masturbate. i always offered to do the laundry, so she wouldn't figure out that any of her panties were missing.

i have a coworker that is single. i have been to her house several times and i have stolen dirty panties out of her hamper. i take them home to masturbate and wear them to work.

i'm a married guy and i love sucking cock. i could give you the best blowjob you've ever had in your life. and i love the taste of cum.

I'm an 18 year old girl but only into older men

i can't seem to get sex off my mind. i'm 19 years old and so far have had 8 sexual partners. the worst part is that i want more. i'm scared to become a slut, i don't want that for myself, but i can't seem to find a decent guy who wants more than that, nor do i particularly think i want to settle down. i grew up in a family where morals and pureness are celebrated. i lost my virginity at 16 and since i've been having lots of sex. it used to be with boyfriends, but since i got to college, i've gone crazy. i'm scared to be labelled a slut or a whore, but i can't help myself. if i see a guy that i want, i have him, and he gets put as another notch in my belt. i think i'm a nymphomaniac.

if i end up pregnant after this past weekend that will be some maury shit, lol

i slept and cuddled with my best friend's fiancé on the weekend. just slept, no sex and it had nothing romantic on it. there's a story how we got to that point but it'a a long one so i'll just say: my friend was more thank ok by everything because she trusts us and it was more about convenience than anything else. but anyway, that happened. i woke up to him cuddling me and because i've never had any touch from men (not including dad) i began imagining living in a happy relationship and enjoying a lazy morning together.
it's been now two days and i can still feel his hands on me and it feels awful to remember it as it just reminds me that i've always been alone and as much as i ever try to date, there is a high possibility that i'll never get to sleep next to someone else romantically. (and so that no-one understands wrong: no, i have no feelings towards my friend's fiancé. he's more like a brother to me)

i am 37 years old male, and i just had my first threesome. it was with two much older women (58 and 60) that i met at the gym.

they asked me if i could show them how to use one of the lat machines, and then we just kind of kept talking and joking around.

the 60 year old was actually being pretty bold, openly ogling my body and making suggestive comments here and there.

as we were walking out of the gym, they invited me to join them for lunch. at lunch, the 58 year old worked up the courage to ask me to go home and spend the afternoon/evening with them, in bed.

yes they were what many would consider to be "old ladies", but they were in great shape and took very good care of themselves. they were even well groomed and shaven down below (something that i was actually a little worried about once i realized where this whole thing was going).

they also knew exactly what they were doing. i ended up having some of the most mind blowing sex i've ever had in my life.

i'm going to sleep now, so don't think i'm going to get up for two days.

does anybody else love nude bbws? i just love their big stomachs and saggy boobs, not to mention fat ass. white, mexican, black-you name it i love it! favorite porn includes: lesbian and solo. in these cold months you can cuddle up with one if them to keep you warm, you don't even need blankets, they give out great body heat!!

give me your number ill call.

my brother brought his new gf to meet us. she is cute enough, but totally useless. she can't cook, at all. she doesn't do laundry. she doesn't make beds, and so on. nothing, totally useless.

how can he want to be with such a useless woman, he grew up with proper role models, he knows what a woman should do, he has a mother and sisters who all are well versed in all of a woman's duties and responsibilities. god forbid she be allowed to be a mother, what will he do, she is useless enough, without subjecting a child to grow up in an uncared home. it is so difficult to believe there are women who are so badly raised, and that my own brother would want to be with one.

i would not go outside if i was as useless as she is. at least my mother taught her daughters how to care for a husband, children and a home. my husband will never have a reason to be let down by his wife.

these new shoes give me the worst blisters. i really should have worn socks but i swear i literally don't even own any