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i like to masturbate reading this site

mom told me that yoga and karate was of the devil and jesus doesn't wont people to learn how to protect themselves and that made me just go wow?

i'm going to get divorced from my husband as soon as possible. i'm 22, he's 23, i heard one story about him and a buddy while we were going togather, and i watched him, but never saw anything. things were good so we got married, and things went well. that is until a few weeks ago, i noticed him acting kind of strange around our neighbors big german shepherd dog. its a male and often comes to our house, one night i watched hubby and him playing in the back yard, it seemed like hubby was acting like a female, and the dog, who's name is mack, was trying to mount him. he did mount, and was trying to get something else done, and hubby was just letting him. last night i came home later than normal, my car quit a block from home, so i walked. i came up the alley, and behind our storage shed was hubby and mack, hubby was on all fours, and standing like they say, ass to ass with mack. to my total shock, mack had him hung just like a real bitch. he doesn't know i saw, so i'm not saying anything to him until i get the paper work all done, then he can marry mack.

over a period of about a year i got close with my supervisor, we talk about sex and we got to talking and he described to me how he eats out a woman. he was very graphic and i got very aroused by his description. he saw that i was flushed and he leaned over and whispered to me that he would do it to me.

he maneuvered me around his desk and worked off my pants and lifted me on to the desk, he went down on me and his fingers were every where, he fingered me and ended up by pushing his finger in my butt and grabbing my clit in a suck down. i lost it, and had the hardest orgasm i can remember.

he wasn't lying, he knew how to eat you out. still putting it all together. all i can say is wow! that man can eat pussy.

i'll be the first to admit that letting someone else into your world is hard. i tried to balance two loves and failed but i wouldn't give it back.

that being said my shell is back on tight and i'm not coming out again.

i thought college was going okay, but today just sucked. i still don't have any friends or even anyone to talk to. i just don't seem to have anything in common with my fellow classmates. i'm starting to feel like i hate them already. i was sitting on a bench kind of moping and a girl and guy walked by, and the girl looked at me and was like, "oh, poor baby". stupid fucking bitch. i just want to kill all of them now.

yes, because calling a girl that is a virgin and has been anorexic for years a "fat slut" is a great choice.

so weird to me that its possible to be so attracted to someone I dont even know? what gives. honestly tho, PROPS to you for being such a bad ass and repping your own style. fuc* yeah, everyone else these days is just a carbon copy of the next person and its soooooooooo repetitive. thats so cool especially considering your age. I bet you're a cool eggo

i gave up looking for my own beauty and focused on survival and change and my health and educating myself where i had not dared before, it hurts me that men have not seen my beauty enough and i don't have children and marriage i have long wanted. people have told me when i was young and thin i was ok but i never felt pretty i felt fat all the time or insecure because i was not told i was pretty enough or by men, i was ignored by men so it hurt deeply. i think a lot of women are beautiful in different ways. inner beauty is when you stop caring to go looking for it and just allow it to be as it will be. unmasked, but i got a shock how fat i looked in a photo but i really still liked some of my features for once and got a shock. but it upset that she did not tell me to bring a shirt to look different. i was let down by her there, and how she was calling me a certain tag phrase. she offended me. but ok. i want to be more beautiful of course fix this, change that. bring down the weight and feel loved by someone i can love, i have always been just fucked by creeps i did not love and i stopped that after a freak took my virginity i thought stuff this being fucked by a creep. it was not hard to leave that creep. but it has been harder to find a real love, harder then i expected. i knew it would not be easy for me due to my conservative ways or fears etc. but i don't want to be passed up anymore.

has any of you other guys noticed that girls only give you attention when you have a girlfriend and ignores you when you are single? why girls?

would someone please help me. I just need help from a human being. I can't do and be expected to be everything alone in this world.

i like this model he is so cute but a lot younger then me and i know nothing about him at all. its weird how one photo can make you like someone so much.

i'm not too sure if i'm a porn addict... i'm not sure. i can go months with out it... but at the same time i think its weird for me to be into it at all. i'm 17 years old now... but i'm pretty sure i started when i was 13. i'm also a girl. an innocent, straight a, popular, asian girl.

absolutely no one could suspect i have rape fantasies... and love tentacle porn.

not only that, i like cybering too. i play around on sexually explicit forums and online chat rooms and virtual worlds. i never tell anybody how young i am. i never send pictures or do webcam. i've only given my real name out once. since then i always use a fake.

i don't want to freak anyone out with my age... but i have so many of them wrapped around my finger. i feel guilty that i'm lying to them. especially one of them who looks at me like i'm his last salvation for life. he's a ridiculously nice guy, who dedicates a lot of time to this "relationship" we have.

we have nothing in common, but i relish his attention too much to break it off. i'm afraid of breaking his heart.

i shouldn't be doing this at my age. but i've been doing it for so long... honestly i don't want to stop.

on a business trip to virginia this week, i used craigslist to find a guy who was interested in bi sex. i am a married man but was bi curious. he showed up at my room about 8:00 pm and we were soon engaged in oral pleasuring. he was a college professor it turns out and was from europe but teaching at a nearby university. anyway, he was the dominant male in the room and i was eager to be submissive to him. i laid on the bed and he grabbed my ankles and pulled me to the bottom edge of the bed. i lifted my feet up and over his shoulders and he was more than ready to fuck me at that point. he had a little bit of trouble getting in me but when he did it was incredible. i found myself amazed at the expression on his face and he pounded his cock into me over and over. i had to beg him to slow down at a point as it was a tad painful. still i wanted to see and feel him cum inside me. it wast long before he pushed as far in me as he could and i felt him surge and relax as he came deep in me. we held that position a minute or so and he pulled out. i asked him to take a photo of my ass as a souvenir. he did, and you can easily see how disturbed my ass is but a nice load of his juice is dripping from me.

i really really really need some penis.

i think my boss is flirting with me... and i don't mind.

we're going on a business trip together in a few months and part of me wants to jump him but i know that would be a bad idea in so many ways. i'm also not sure how far he would really take it past flirting.

one or two people at work have made comments suggesting they might be noticing it too, but i'm not even sure if all those little arm touches or conversations are really flirting or not.

my dad passed away for like 10 years ago now and i still feel somthing missing inside of me...

i want my wife to get a boob job.

last night i waited for you in your car. i turned your radio on and listened to some smooth jazz. then i started to jack off. i jizzed on your driver seat. 5 minutes later you sat right in my jizz. you're welcome cunt! don't make me wait again.

i get sexually aroused when i see my 16 year old niece. she is very beautiful and has a great body. i would love to have sex with her. wow... that's pretty bad eh? guess i'm just a horny older guy obsessed with young pussy!