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i had another fantasy about getting my ex girlfriend pregnant again

i fear that someday my mind is going to snap

i hate this world and all it's happy people's in it.

i lose sight of things sometimes. i'll work and forget i have a family at times.

i have a huge crush on my wife's sister. i wish i had met her before my wife...

I decided to cut out some of the "baggage friends" I have. The friends that are in your life..but the friendship really only goes one way. They love you when your around...but its you that always has to call them...they never call you..unless they need something. I just stopped chasing people I knew and was surprised how many just never contacted me. If I see them I'm cool..they always ask where I've been..but they just dont seem to sense the distance. Some friends I really didnt want to loose..but I had to face facts. One way friendship is NOT friendship. Wanna find out who your REAL friends are? You would be surprised.

i finally told my current boyfriend that i have a problem saying no to others guys. in the past i have cheated on boyfriends because i have a hard time just saying no. he got really mad at me and we were on campus on the track. he started telling me he couldn't be with me if i couldn't say no. then he grabbed the back of my hair and kissed me. i kissed him back, and he stopped and looked at me and told me i was supposed to say no. we walked to the equipment shed and he kissed me again and started the rub me outside my jeans, i could feel he was hard through his shorts. he pushed me against the wall and said through clenched teeth that i needed to say no. i just stared at him, i didn't want to tell him no. we started making out and it was really rough and hot and i grabbed him outside his shorts and was yanking him up and down so hard an he just kept telling me to say no. then i pulled his shorts down and he was sticking straight out and i was so wet. the whole thing just turned me on so much. he pulled my leggings down to my knees and pulled aside my thong and turned me around. i bent over and he fucked me so hard and so deep and i was moaning no and he told me louder so i yelled no over and over until he finished. it's bad that all this turned me on so much but i can't help it. i want to do it again!

i went for a massage yesterday, she started massaging me across my tummy and i accidently farted, she giggled

i'm going to dress up like a pedophile for halloween. let me just get my favorite shirt.

my english teacher at the university of british columbia was janice pulley. she was great as a teacher, especially under the covers. she fucked me 6 times before dumping me for another student. nice. i didn't like the smell of her pussy anyway, so i don't care.

at 19 i got pregnant. my daughter will be 20. she has never missed a day with her father. he didn't have to stay around and look after her. i didn't have a father growing up, but she did.

of course she will never know how lucky she is, you can't know what you don't live. when she says something like i'm going to talk to dad about this or that, i get tears in my eyes.

I have kissed a boy as a kid who i didn't even fancy so i don't think it counts as a first kiss , i have watched porn underage and i have masturbated. i have gotten naked on cam and posted nude pictures to guys. these are the sins that make me feel like im disgusting i try not to do these things anymore but the thought that ive done it makes me feel disappointed in myself is there anyway i can get better and make better decisions in the future. I have also beaten up a kid and hurt my mother and hurt my brother the only person i haven't hurt physically is my dad but im still ashamed about it. I have become suicidal these few weeks because i keep remembering all the things i shouldn't have done and i get lonely and bored anyway thanks for reading this hope you can give me some advice.I just want to be a normal girl again or be like when i was a little kid and give up all the bad habits.

my heart stopped when i thought u were in trouble. i call bullshit on all of our emotions, as well as right vs wrong...

1999. philippines. i paid 5000 pesos to have sex with a 13 year old girl. i fucked her pussy and her ass. her own uncle was her pimp.

i hope the nugs are dank, should be a nice day to ride too.

im so sick of my family life. its noise from dusk till dawn. non stop. i try to drink it away, or see some old friends and snort a line of crap dope. i have a business running, making paintings, artistic paintings. i need more work. if i had certainty, continuous work, i could be self employed.

Pelosi is old, but has a nice bod/rack.

why are so many baby boomers such total coc**tains as bosses?

is there a reason why so many men in their mid 60s must be total ass***s and belittle so many people who work for them? are they conditioned to treat everyone around them like shit all the time, and run them down? why do they fee the need to be such fuc*ers

gorgeous you

yep - you were not my t - crush. but you were as much as powerful, and strong, and beautiful... to say that i am sorry it is an understatement. i am honored to have come across you. they are incredible fortunate to have you. maybe. just maybe? love. love. love - always, s. always.

me and my dad have been going over to my uncle's house every weekend. me my cousin was going skating but when we got there it was closed. we came back to the house and we started looking around and we heard some noise coming from the basement. we went down and looked in the room and there was my dad and my uncle fucking. my dad was dressed up with a dress and wig and panties and bra and makeup. he looked good. we walked in the room and they didn't stop. i walked over to the edge of the bed and my dad told me to get undressed. i took all my clothes off. and he started playing with my cock. my uncle was cumming inside him. dad told me to fuck him. i got on top of him and he guided me inside him. we fucked for about a hour. i looked over and my uncle was fucking his son. dad kept telling me to cum inside him. i did twice. we laid in bed for another hour or two and we made love the second time. we started kissing and then i went back in side him. he told me to make love to him. so i did. my uncle came over to me and opened up my legs and fucked me for my first time. i looked over and my cousin was fucking dad. they were kissing so good. dad kept telling him to cum inside him. he was saying make me yours. make me yours. you could see him coming inside him. deep.