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mother in law reckons these rant/confessions site addictions is like self torture and abuse, like putting a knife to your wrists. she tells me to stay off of them completely and be rehabilitated after my divorce and i want to get away from her controlling crap as much as her fuc*ing daughters crap ass company.

i hate it when they make pest spraying so critter and pet friendly it kills nothing but makes allergy pets and people sick but the cockroaches, spiders and ants and rats and mites seem to thrive.

right now i am in bed with alaha and i have a bottle of water in a kiddy "frozen" characters drink bottle and seriously littered with cockroaches all over these baby cockroaches around the rim and crawling into the screw top of the waterbottle. for god sake, why are they hanging around, i sprayed vinegar on them, fabric softner and also a person skin repellant spray and they still wont go away. there is no food there so why are they there?

critters are shitters.

here's a true and not perverse confession from a married man:

my wife has a lot of annoying habits, but by far the worst is always picking the most expensive and complicated way to do anything.

for example, we wanted hamburgers for dinner last night. there are about 20 burger places on our side of town. so what does she do? she orders from the most expensive burger place that's on the other side of town, and makes me go get them.

we wanted to get a dog. we live two blocks from a shelter that would give us a dog for almost free. so what does she do? buys a dog for two thousand dollars from a farm that's four hours away, and makes me go get it.

we had a birthday party for my son last month. he's just a toddler, and we only invited 12 family members. these are the same relatives that we see every week, because they live so close. it's not a big deal for them to come to our house. i suggested we just order some pizza for everyone. so what does she do? she has the fucking thing catered for $750.

we're going to see a movie this weekend. i asked her to buy the tickets. big mistake. instead of going to the theater near us, we're driving past it, and past three others, to a theater that's 40 miles away, and twice as expensive, because they have more comfortable seats, according to her.

last year, we decided to do a diet/cleanse together. there are a lot of options for these things. most are pretty simple. so of course she picks the one that pretty much requires you to be a full-time chef and spend over a thousand dollars on supplements and access to an online support group. did it work? yes, we felt better and lost some weight. could we get the same affect with a cheaper and less complicated meal-replacement shake system? yes. but that would have been too simple and too cheap for her.

we need a new mattress for our guest bedroom. literally this mattress only gets used one week per year, when my mother comes to visit. it's just a twin mattress. you can buy these things for less than $200 at a dozen places around town. so how did she solve this problem? she's spent hours doing online research about which mattresses are best, and will make me drive around town all day with her to try them all out, even though i already know she's just going to decided on the most expensive one, whatever it is.

it's fucking annoying.

someone is out to frame donald trump's wife, and hillary clinton. looks like no one is immune to a holes.

28 yo female, i'm a lesbian with bi tendencies. i'm in love with one of my coworkers, she is 26, and i asked her to come live with me. i have a three yo girl, i see her father when he wants it, i've told her about him, i don't want any hidden secrets.

she and i dance at the same club. i've told her how much i love her, and he told me she has strong feelings for me, but she wants me to end it with him. i've never said no to him, i don't think i can. i love her, but i can't end it with him, i have a daughter with him.

i can't turn away from him, i love her, but he is part of me and always will be.

listen up all you horny mother fuckers!

google strippers exposed. your welcome :)

i've dated a man for several years, i broke up because of our age difference and it just could not go anywhere anyway because he is married. but when he calls me and wants to see me i agree and go to him and most of the time he takes me somewhere so we can have sex. i say no, but then i go. afterwards i spend weeks crying and asking why i have to be part time and she is full time when he knows i would be full time all he needs to do is ask me. there is no question that i am meant to be with him. i know she feels the same way, the only reason she is full time is because she met him first, that is what is so unfair.

i grew up in puerto rico, when i was 15 i started getting together with my aunt, she is married to my mother's brother. it went from sporadic at first, where she was showing me, to heavy where she had me almost every day. i went to her house after school because my mom worked. when it came time for college, i went to san juan, but came home almost every weekend to be with her. when i finished college, my cousin who lived in miami asked me to move there and help her with the rent. in miami i got a job at a large car dealership in accounting and quickly got involved with the office/hr manager. she is a woman in her mid forties. unlike my aunt, who i cared for, my involvement with this lady was just sex. at the dealership they have these customer appreciation outings and she took me to one. she also arranges for girls for the bosses and the customers. all these girls are strippers and they are totally fake. they are a total turn off. one of the customers, a doctor, when he saw me asked for me. i said no, i have never been with a man or had any desire to be with a man. but that didn't matter, she just gave me to him. now he asks for me by name. i am expected to be nice to him because he is a real good customer. i never thought i would like it, being with a man. i pretend that i don't want to go with him, but i like having sex with him, a lot more than i would have thought. since i started with him, i don't want to have anything to do with my boss. my cousin is complaining because i am withdrawn. this is affecting me and i don't know what to do.

after years of beating around the bush, i think i'm finally ready to experiment. i want to try sex with another girl. i'm still a complete virgin, and i feel starting off with someone i know of the same sex might make me feel less insecure when the time comes. i have a friend who is very sexual, but caring. she's also extremely hot lol. but she knows me well and would understand my limits. i just don't know how to ask her or bring it up without seeming too desperate, even though i'm sure she wouldn't mind. any ideas?

i'm a 17 yr old virgin and i just cant wait for my one true love; my future husband. i'll give my special gift to him only and he can have his way with me! i think about sex often and get horny and i want to try some things, but i can hold it. i can wait to give myself to someone who deserves and appreciates my virginity.

most of the time i am ok with who i am, but sometimes, like right now i just hate that i always have to be nice and pay attention to them. i hate the way my brother's pile up on me and my mother makes me do what they want. i hate it when i cry that they call me a sissy. i hate making beds, you can't imagine how much i hate making beds. i hate cleaning the bathroom. i hate having to iron shirts. i just hate it. they are going out and i am the one who has to clean up after they eat, wash the dishes and put things away. i hate that my mother tells me that it is a blessing to be a girl. i swear that i will never have a boy, i will only have girls. how can they be such slobs, you should see their room, it takes me an hour to clean up, and make their beds and leave everything neat for them, and then they go in there and eat and leave dirty dishes, i found a plate under their bed with old pizza on it, disgusting. and i just cannot figure out why the pee all over the floor and the toilet. if i don't clean their bathroom every week, really about every three days, it stinks of pee because they pee all over the place. i hate a dirty bathroom, that is the only reason i do it. i wish i had a sister then i could be the slob. my mom and i work real hard so that the house is clean and looks good for the boys and my father and they don't appreciate it. all i get is them yelling from upstairs to bring them cookies or a piece of pie when they are watching tv. i just want to be a boy for one day to see what it feels like.

i often pick up prostitutes and bring them home with me. i give them booze and drugs and have sex with them. sometimes i let them stay for a couple of days if they need a safe place. i feel sorry for them.

i have to stop being mean. i join dating sites and allow myself to be flattered by men i do not like. i let them stroke my ego and i hardly reciprocate. i need to stop wastin their time, but the attention and dates are an addiction.

found out my crush got himself a girlfriend over the holiday. all those time i tried to convince myself not to believe my 6th sense which said there was someone else and today i saw it for myself - i saw them together. i was crushed. i cried a lot, drank a lot and ended up having sex with my friend. i think i might have got myself into a friendship with benefits. not that i didn't see that coming, it's just the circumstance that led to that was just.. stupid. subconsciously i was trying to get back at someone who doesn't even care. somehow i ended up punishing myself for something that was not my or anybody else's fault.

truth? you want it? i'm lonely. truth seeing her sad face makes me want to cry. because i know that face, it's like mine. i want to give her a hug. but i'm gay and she's married and it would be awkward for me, because of that. she looks like she's been through a war and her ugly old husband who's probably cheating on her is a dick. but i have morals.

why don't you have friends? just think about it!

you are angry with me. you are hurt at me and i wish that wasn't the truth. i'll say i'm sorry for not being myself in the past three years but i will not apologize for being human. i have tried to let you know: i existed on this planet long before you came along and in that time, i went through a lot of difficult things. if i haven't been 'me' in the last three years, it's because i finally crumbled under the weight of carrying three and a half decades of pushing myself and never giving myself a break. maybe you think that's not ok. maybe you think i'm making excuses. maybe you thinks it's not ok for me to be anything but superhuman- but i'm not superhuman. i never was. i tried to be. but i wasn't. i never was. i did what i could with what i had available to me and i guarantee you i put my heart into everything i did. everything. maybe none of that counts for you, maybe you don't care. maybe you'd just rather be angry and punish me by hating me. i never thought my biggest critic would be the one i worked so hard for. but for you, i am not enough. i wish i had the strength to keep being the person i was. i'm trying very hard but i'm like a broken old mare it feels like. the fact that i am broken should be some indication of what i put myself through- but for you, it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter because you think i should never falter ever- under any circumstances. and you put that expectation on me because i put that expectation on myself. but i eventually broke because of it. the thing of it is, it actually let me know i was human- that i am just a person- and that was a relief for me. but it's not a relief for you. because you despise weakness. so now you despise me.

i get a lot of shit from my mother about my boyfriend. he is a real man and doesn't take any shit off of anyone, especially me. if i get out of line, he puts me in my place. barefoot and pregnant and washing his underwear, that's me. now it is all doggie style, and he gets as much as he wants.

its the holidays once again,

please give me my old life back. please please... now i know and see how i took things for granted, god please answer my prayers

god people are sick wtf is going on in this world.