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Marti thinks he is screwed up..but he isnt. No matter what he thinks is so horrible...its nothing. Ocd is ok. I know what thats like. I luv him. He's sensitive and fragile. He has terrible thoughts about himself anf others. Its ok. I luv you.

i wet myself at the gym again this morning

after a while do you become immune to porn?

yes well you are all rather creepy weirdos yourself and dirty photos of yourselves for money some of you on here go on about posting nudes on facebook and your attention seeking and there are just as many creepy rich speedo budgy mugler professional working people from the ghetto to the paradise hotels and manasions who have conned their way to the top ripping off people everywhere they go, and even in relationships and for some reason they think their sexual fantasies are more normal then someone who is not working or living in poverty or whatever, and heaps of people find thin bodies and some professionals and rich and famous actually rather creepy infact more creepy then you think, some men don't like a lot of famous women as much as you would think.

everyone has sexuality but some people seem to think their sexuality is less creepy then others when in fact some people are seriously grossed out looking at these people who the media try to convince us are beautiful when they are outright ugly and scammy and frauds and live fake double lives and just cuz your dress well and are tall and thin does not mean every man desires you. i was very suprised recently when a lot of men made comments about a well known famous woman and it shocked me hearing a male point of view about so called attractive women and they found them down right ugly and sickly.

well after 23 years i experienced the power of a man. i say power because up till now i never considered myself less strong than a man. the whole thing was fast and mind bending, starting with the club and how he stared at me when i was dancing with my friend, what happened when we got to my place and of course what happened when it happened.

i hate my family. i know you're supposed to care about your family, but i really do hate them and some of them just make me fucking sick to my stomach. disgusting.

so the girl at the bar just came up to me and started hitting on me and then getting all hot and heavy. i was kinda like "why is she doing this". i guess she was a bit drunk. i kinda pushed her off but my horndog buddy was like "dude, a fuck is a fuck dont pass it up". but i did and she started making out with him. he got herpes. i didnt.

what does it do for you abusing victims of crime and abuse and how does it really help you forcing people to live in squaller and isolation and neglect?

i mean if your so big and all that and so hot why don't you ever get of your slobby wet cunt to help and stop abusing people you dumb ass career whore who steals lives and steals careers and steals husbands and puts all this bullshit into victims of crimes heads that just don't make sense.

the police say you don't make any sense!! the therapist say you don't make any sense abusing victims of crime and telling them they looked to be abused as children

and just because you stop others from socialising and force them to live in pigs squaller- what does it say about you?

seriously your a joke and evil. but i hope it makes you feel good at some level.

it just proves what a scum you really are. it is likely to come back to you one day!!!

on a long plane ride from san fransisco to dallas; i just got up after take off and went to the bathroom and took my underwear off...

it was really obvious when i went back to my seat that i wasn't wearing any underwear either

then i feel asleep on the plane and wondered if some one had been molesting me or even just gently touching me on my sleep. i kinda wish they had

i am the mistress of a man. i don't know where my life is going. do i want this? no. not this, i expected a married, wife, with a home, children, life. not the mistress, even if he does provide me with a good life (materially).

i have asked him about children, he is 'amenable'. what does that mean? amenable, shit he should say yes, yes, yes, get pregnant, be the mother of my children. that is what i want to hear, not amenable.

i hate being his mistress. earlier, it was fun, but not anymore. i want a family, with him. i deserve a family. i can't turn off this feeling.

when i was young i thought love was everything.

my grandmother always told me she had been rich and she had been poor, rich was better

rich is better, you can love a rich man too, don't settle

i'm freaking out about my cats, they simply have some fleas and im taking them to the vet tomorrow row but i'm running around like they have tumors growing out of their heads. oh the perks of being hormonal! ahh!

i feel disgusted that the list of women i have had sex with is now 3.

2 of them were women i loved. the greatest loves of my life.

the third is some shallow bitch who lead me on and then fucked my room-mate.

i wish the list was still 2. she doesn't deserve to be on it.

the face in the mirror is not me.

my skull hurts.

part of me wanted you to be at my apartment this morning, but it's probably for the best that you're not.

i wonder if her poor soldier fiance will ever sit down and do the math and realize she got knocked up two weeks after he went to afghanistan. he deserves so much better than this.

i enjoy you, because you're not afraid to manhandle me or make me suit to you. i often just want to be thrown down, choked, and fucked by the man i love. i also secretly want you to come inside me. i need to know if i can get pregnant and keep it. it's killing me.

i am so tired of people putting me down. yea he's a senior and i'm a freshman. i'm happy. ive been depressed for 5 years just let me be happy! yea i know your my best friend but stop bitching already! i have people trip me everyday. i still hurt myself and i dont need this. if i couls leave i would. trust me. i am tryong to be happy, but you saying that you hate him, is. not. helping. you have no right to judge me! i am so paranoid! i wanna go back to the hospital. no one bothered you there. but i want him with me. i let him get up under my shirt, yea. deal with it. i am now gonna lie to you and say all the romantic stuff between us is gone when its not. maybe then youll stop calling me a slut. it reallyhurts coming from you. i hope you know that! just wait, one day if i'm suddenly gone, i hope you will think back and be sorry. but i will stick it out for him. hes holding me here. be thankful...

your cock is beautiful and tastes delicious. even your cum tastes wonderful, and i never thought i'd say that about anyone. your ass is rock hard, your eyes unusual and make it hard for me to breathe when i look at you. your voice makes me nearly cum every time i hear it, your touch makes me shudder in desire. we have much in common, from food to books. you're considerate and polite. you're dominant but not pushy. you've held me for literally hours after sex. you're as close to perfect as i've ever found.

i wish we weren't both married to other people.