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fairly early in my teens i knew that i liked girls more than boys. i had a crush on my music teacher and later hung out with a girl from art class. it was with her that i first got totally naked and had sex. she was a bit older than me and had more experience. when i was seventeen in my senior year of high school i came out to my cousin. he was my same age and we had been close. he didn't want to believe that i liked girls and convinced me that i needed to try with a boy so we decided to have sex. it was his first time and my first time, we were both virgins. it was a mess and i got pregnant. telling anyone that my cousin was the father was out of the question so i made up a story about having been abducted. no one believe that story, but i did not tell them that my cousin was the father. being pregnant and having a baby i had to go to alternate school and the more pregnant i got the more i was convinced that i was supposed to be mother and live with a man. my son was born after i finished high school and i nursed him and got into the role. two years later i came up pregnant again because i continued to have sex with my cousin. this time i told my mother who the father was and he was sent off to school in virginia.

it wasn't until i was well into my twenties that i again started to get interested in another girl. this time she was my coworker and she was out and i came out and we live together. we are raising my two kids and we are pretty much a stable couple. my cousin, the father of my kids, is very much involved with them. i don't think who you have sex with makes you gay. it is something else. for now i am with my girlfriend and we have a home for my kids. it is what feels right to me.

i think you might be gay and not bisexual. i don't understand why you even text me except to ask me if i have done slutty things.

Im at a wedding of one of my wifes friends.
I just fuc*** a lady Ive never seen before. Or since. Wow.
I left the reception area to find a secluded, hopefully cleaner restroom. The venue had cottages, spa, pool, salon, etc but none of that was open at the hour. I found a door my room key would access opened into a billiard/exercise room. The restroom was clean and accommodting, and feeling very private, I decided to smoke s bowl on top of these cheap beers. I used the exhaust fan dutifully and thought I was done.
In walks a stunning woman, about 10 years my junior I’d guess, and immediately she smelled the weed and smiled.
I’m 58 years old and been around the block more times than normal OR moral. I’ve never had anything this animalistic happen in all my life. After we hit that weed once, we just went to it. First on a buffet table, then the floor. RAW
Maybe 10 minutes later we are squishing around, dressing, straightening up. She left the bathroom area and I followed about 30 seconds later, and she was gone. I scanned the wedding rrception and parking lot, no sign of her. Fuc*** amazing.

i hate my teacher. i get i'm in a masters program. i know how to write. i know how to do what she was asking in the assignment. i hit all the points she asked for yet she ripped my assignment apart. i only got a 74. which sucks. i don't get c's i get a's. she didn't even give me a good enough reason to mark it that low. her comments are horrible too. unclear and just the opposite of what the assignment says to do. things like this make me not want to continue. i hate teachers like her. instead of ripping apart the paper how about instead actually show me how and what should be better. dip shit. you are a bad teacher.

i need to forgive you. you denying me that is putting me in a bad place spiritually and emotionally. i need to know who ruined my life. i need to forgive and forget. you the predator keep denying me. let me let go of my anger. please. yes, this is how i view you. this is how i viewed you from the start.

there is a guy at work who's wife has been struggling with infertility for over 6 years - and the inability of them to have any children despite all they've spent on fertility treatments is taking a big toll on him and his marriage. he's worried he'll never become a father.

i love joking wth him about how supremely fertile i am - like how i got two different girls pregnant at the same time in college then convinced them both to get abortions against their will... or like about how when my ex wife wanted to have kids, the first time she stopped taking birth control pills one month and boom, got pregnant the next... then i got pregnant again, like 3 months after she had our first child.

i didn't even mention that i got a 19 year old temp girl pregnant at the last office i worked at then flew the coup before it was too late. i don't want to bust his balls too bad!

bout to lose your only form of entertainment...

what you gonna do with your spare time now???

i wanna fuck my son's girlfriend so bad! i wanna violate her in so many ways. i wanna press my body up against her big ass titties. i wanna ejaculate in her mouth. i wanna spread her legs and rail her into next week. i wanna throw her down on the ground, pull her skirts up, rip her panties off arch her ass in the air, pull her hair and make her scream. it was great the other day when she dozed off on our couch with her titties falling out and i got a picture of her sleeping. beautiful

i don't like how you try to control me, time and time agai n i shallow my pride for love, nothing pleases you, i'll never be enough for you, you want it this way and that way without any input from, i'm just suppose to be a good little doggy and obey you, while you have free reign and run wild and free, sorry hunny it's not going to go down like that.

i ended up letting him do me. he grabbed me from behind and pinched my nipples until i bent over and let him do me. he kept me on his lap the rest of the party, except for bathroom breaks or to get him something to drink.

several people from work saw him do me and how i went and sat on his lap all night (and they saw that he took me home with him). at work i don't talk about it, but everyone else does. he is taking me out saturday night and everyone is making a big deal out of it. he is my 'man' now and that makes me his.

i have grave doubts thst i am on the rigt patn

11 years ago i asked for help of one person whom i didn't really know and she gave me help in spades. i'm married to her now and this is for all the ex bitches. i'm the real deal i stick to my promises and don't fuck about. if i ask for help it's for real not a ploy. i don't love her because she dropped everything and rushed to my aid.

i love her because she's herself and she's mine. she's an annoying pain in the arse and i'd do the same shit over again a million times (i left my ex girlfriend for her) she is a total pain in the arse really argumentative and i put myself through hell for her.

she asked if we could holiday together in a certain place? chortle i asked her parents for her hand in marriage and they gave it. it's a forgone conclusion that we'll do everything we set out to do. we've did absolutely everything that was on the cards, everythings ticked off including the romantic shit.

my ex girlfriends mistook me for a bullshitter, i asked one ex to make her separation from her hubby legal. she refused citing the kids and all that. i'm not sloppy seconds, i'm in no hurry to get married but i'll not put my dick in a hole thats not mine.

my now wife came and got me, no questions asked. she knew i messed up didn't want to be where i was and she got me out of some serious shit. serious shit? i detest the life and dump that i landed myself in. my ex hates my guts and my wifes but she isn't fit to eat dog shit of her shoes..

I've been battling really bad anxiety and depression and have taken leave at work. The therapist I'm seeing is totally hot, though. She's tall (maybe six feet), leggy, fit, and has gorgeous red hair, pale skin, and freckles. She's so smart too, which is as sexy as anything. I'm really infatuated with her.

I don't mention anything about attraction in our sessions, because she'd probably say it's transference and have me work with someone else.

pantyhose and stockings rule!! i just wore pantyhose, ripped a hole in the back, hopped on a vibrating suction dildo and bounced up and down like a maniac 100 miles an hour. never came so hard in my life! i moaned and breathed so hard it's a good thing the air condition is on... i need a dominatrix next. something about being submissive that is so hot!

i used to love love. now i love it when people break up. yeah for break-ups!

i thought if she thinks by abusing me like this that the older women approve of me now, that is nice but i no longer approve of them or the certain young types. i did not take to her personality yesterday much. not all women want what she was saying and i thought well there is no point bring in my daggy old mum if you are talking like that. i found her friendly enough but she should keep to a lecture that is what we paid for. and i did not agree with everything she was teaching and i could not go to that college in a fit again! i hated their make up and hair and clothing all so gothic black biker rebel old gay-bi style. not my scene. i am too square and up right and straight for that. and i like pure natural over thick drama and i think she should have used her powerpoints more and less talking about her personal career experiences but stuck to the lecture outline format and powerpoints and not made it a chat class about herself. i actually have never heard of her before anyway that is how nieve i am. i know people will always take away some advice but they will remember if the teacher makes me feel worthless or like "well i got less then i was expecting in content and friendliness i did not feel really welcome" i deliberately dressed down for the day and did not wear much make up because i did not see the point of it and i felt out of my depth around her and i it did not matter even, i just left because my neck and back and head and jaw was aching and i felt like - i have had enough of her talk already and i don't feel the need to prove myself and i felt she would look over my shoulder all the time make me feel small and like nothing i did was good enough like s did. s has really made me see that some people are fakes and love looking and being fake and just dont care. they fake it and never make it and just don't care. its like faking it is the trade off rather then the success goal. so i left and was so tired i fell asleep on the train and my back and head were so painful i just wanted to get home early. i hid my face and turned away from the acting film crew and photographers and class and just looked at the teacher or the wall or in mirrors at people from a distance and i thought the model was not that pretty, her face was very over pointed in the centre and she was not that perfect shape face but very pointed in the centre of her face with angular long nose and eyes and harsh features and nothing soft and sweetly feminine about her. more super bitch pointy hoity and agressive server look. mean and sleek but not really sexy or pretty delicate. there was a prettier young girl in the class with red hair and gentle make up and scarf that was nicer and more sweety homely pretty that that angular strange strained looking fake blonde model with big eyes and mouth and i can see that the industry likes that but i thought she had sad eyes and no one seemed genuinely friendly in there. i knew it was not the place for me as soon as i walked in the door. the art work was nothing great or the classrooms and staff were rather creepy and too arty over the top.

snapchat has brought out the asshole in people

whew. some guys around here truly are sh*t.

the young man beheaded in the video was a distant cousin.

my sister has like drunken tyrads or benders for days months and day after day year after year where she abuses me for the last 30 years like a dry drunk, its viscous and her mental illness has done so much damage to her family and she doesn't care. she will not see her mistakes and won't get help. i have given up with her.