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waking up from dreams about parentel rape really suck especially when some focker asks if they can suck your non exhistant appendage during your sleep about said rape.

i ended my friendship with one of my closest (well used to be) friends today. he stuck his head so far up this girl's ass that he never comes over and calls anymore. he just had a baby with her and he did not tell me they just gave birth or nor did he call me to come see his new addition, even though i have been a loyal friend for almost 12 years. this girl just recently came into his life and he got her preggo after 2 months. there is so much more i could add to this. he's just been a pretty shitty friend lately. i'm getting married next week and told him not to bother coming to my wedding. i thought i would be sad about ending my friendship with him, but it actually makes me feel relief. i know in the future he will realize what a fucked up dickwad he was.

as young kids, 8 and 9, we showed our 'peepees' to each other. my cousin and i still show our 'peepees' to each other, and we are in our mid twenties. i must be a sort of a show off, because he wrestles me until he can pull my pants down and expose my kitty kat and i love and admire his 'man tool'.

it was reported recently that angelina jolie had bell's palsy for a while and there was an increase of interest in it, which is great. but what does that say about our culture? also, i was born with a facial paralysis on one side of my face that i still have. part of me is a bit jealous. but i'm hoping that i'll finally be cool because because of angelina jolie.

after years of putting up with your mental abuse and emotional manipulation under the guise of "friendship", i finally cut you out of my life and told you to fuck off. you claimed that you tried to kill yourself, and tried to make me feel like i was responsible for it.

my confession is that a part of me wishes you would have succeeded. my second confession is that i don't believe you actually tried. i think you're a fucking liar. i stopped taking anything you say seriously a long, long time ago. do you know why i act like a "robot" around you? why it seems like i don't pay attention to your "problems" anymore, after years of putting up with your shit? it's because i don't fucking believe any of them. not anymore.

i could tell my wife was attracted to him. when he excused himself i asked her if she had been thinking of having sex with him. she blushed and said no. a while after he returned my wife sent me a text saying that she had been thinking of nothing but that since i asked. i replied to her text that she should. as the night went on they became quite close and eventually she asked him to take her to his room. about an hour later she returned and we headed up to ours. the heat from her used box turned me on as i pounded inside her where moments before he had satisfied her.

i'm eating a cookie that was given to my fiance today by charlie sheen on the set of scary movie 5. lol it's funny how life works out and the little things like that. i'm simple, i know, but i get a kick out if it :) at least i have nothing to complain about right now lol

i gave it to him cause i thought he loved me. but, he seemed do not care and somehow i felt like being pushed aside. i felt ter**ble at times thinking that i won't get back what i had lost. i am miserable cause i love him and i care about him. and, i want him to be happy. he is my colleague. i don't know why i believe him in doing what he wants. i am in pain at times. i have none left other than hoping that life will be better. i love him. but, how to continue living like this. he used me, he treated me like i was his sex toy. i am so stupid. until now, i wish he will realize how much i am willing to sacrifice for him. and, he will feel responsible of what he had done to me. i'm going crazy to go through all those memories everyday. he really did me like i'm his but he will never be mine. he is so cruel :((

my wife ( 5 years married, no kids, yet) has always had " issues" in the bedroom. dark ones that she couldn't tell me. all she kept saying was that it wasn't me. so last march we went to a therapist counsellor, a woman. we had two sessions together as a couple but nothing got said, really. just questions, write down our feelings. then she saw us apart.the counsellor then told me that my wife confessed her " secret" was deeply ashamed about it, but that it was a really " deep need" that she needed, or felt compelled to do, but was conflicted about. and then she told me what it was..and finished by saying it wasn't about me. my wife, the prim and proper wanted to go to an adult store or club where they had a " glory hole". she wanted me to take her. i was shocked. and the therapist actually askéd me how i felt about it, and could i understand that this was something my wife was stuck in. the fantasy is deep rooted and maybe letting her have the real experience would bring about a closure or resolution. your wife has a fetish. can you accept that? my wife at a glory hole, and me having to be there and watch. can i accept that?!. so now my wife comes in and i tell her i know her secret and i am processing, but it doesn't change my feelings for her. i love her. which is all true. but it took me some days to process. end of my confession: i not very happily agreed but then tried to make it special like a date night.. dinner and around 10 we hit the bookstore video booths next town over.
my wife went into the booth and stayed in for more than an hour. i was outside her booth watching the men going in and out of the one next over. i heard them groaning. i heard my wife. and it literally drove me f***ing crazy. i was horny for my wife like i had never been before. when she opened the door, i pushed her back inside and fuc*ed her doggy in the booth. and that is when my wife had the very 1st orgasm of our 5 year marriage.

he was choking me. i think he must have been dying for sometime. he was leaving me messagees often. those silent phone calls with just a recordered "goodbye" in a automative females voice and i guess i will never know if he died or not now. i heard so many things wondering "how do i work this puzzle out? what is he trying to tell me? like with "paradiso" that was something he never really told me and i never got to see the it while he was alive.
i feel haunted.

i want nothing more to do with my nephew i told him never speak to me again and he can ring his nana but don't bother talking to me.

i look up at my cats and see how they are so sweety trusting and consider euthanising them and walking away from everyone and going away somewhere no one knows me and starting a life with a new identity and telling all the police ministers who were rude to me to go stuff it.

you turn your back on me you get it done back like the dirty old lamming did with his smug smerky flippant arrogant crapp. like women just like that from me.

men are so spastic and stupid.

its like that song i am walking away - don't mention the fights

i am sorry to say lady (ie pussy man who is a lady boy, lady boy) poncy flippant competive lady pussy boys who act like sissy ladies "i'm a lady emily and florence"... loser!

thats right good god i am gonna fine a better day and my sisters son who is my god son can go shove it.

i had high hopes for you but you blue it and don't live up to things.

when i was 12 years old my aunt disappeared. after 2 months police found her dead.i was depressed because i loved her so much. when i was kid i wish she was my mother. after her death i was planning to suicide. every night for 6 months i had nightmares with my aunt. when i try to kill myself i realise i couldn't do it i start crying and told to my mother what i was planning to do. after that she took me to therapists for years.

i hate sites that wont allow you to comment anonymously. i mean what the hell do you have to write long registrations for just to comment on a topic?

i think that the internet causes alot of stress with ads and long ass fuckin registion forums, then we have those annoying as fuck surveys whenever your family wants to enjoy a good movie. fuck!

honestly im proud of my ability to cope with stress and sort shit out like seriously i can get some shit done

would be nice to have someone to squish me up but i cant really complain, ive been through some hard shit and i havent let it slow me down or corrupt my soul so im pretty content with who i am right now

if your initials are mkm and you have a partner with the initials of rjp you are being lied to and cheated on. there is someone who can show you proof and answer your questions. an "old friend" of rjp who lives in fort bragg has reams and reams of his text conversations if you want to know the truth.

every time i hear trump talk, i get so sexually arroused

why hasn't this been a bigger part of his campaign?

i am certain that my wife has slept with at least one other person. there could be more, but i have 2 specific guys in mind. she had told me she wanted to screw both of them. i think she may have. i just wish she'd tell me because i'm ok with it. i know she's slept with a lot of guys before we got together so it is reasonable for me to think she has continued. i'd like for her to start dating, actually. the thought turns me on so much!

i played second life and i was not truthful

i use to play second life (a virtual world game for those that have no idea what i speak of). i had lots of friends in the game, and became quite popular. i also made some really good friends from all over the states. i never met them in person, but then i really couldn't either. i had given them fake pictures, and even a fake name.

privacy is not an excuse. there is never an excuse to pass off pictures that are not you as your own. the fake name is excusable - maybe, but not the pictures. that was beyond wrong.

these people came to like and trust me, and i liked them very much too, but of course it could only go so far since i was a liar and a fraud. eventually i had to walk away, and i think they did catch me in my lies. nothing came of it.

why did i do it? well, i was in a sad place in my life and i didn't like myself very much. i felt the fake pictures were a much more attractive person. i wanted to try being someone else for a while. again, this is not justification for my behavior - there is none.

i don't use second life anymore. i am in a better place in my life. i like me. i like my life. i have friends in real life, and i am far more social these days. i think i am attractive too, albeit not perfect - and i don't look anything like the pictures i used.

i wish i could apologize to those i was close with that i lied to. i don't think they want to hear it, and i wouldn't blame them, but i do genuinely feel bad for being a liar, a fraud, and a lame/fake friend.

don't want to be nice to people any more til i get what i want!

i told u ma..i confessed..i hope u just come across this n know... but not tht its mine... i feel relieved..i just wanna shout out n tell everyone how guilty i feel... but i just cant!!! :(