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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it really anonymous?

    Yes, there is no need to register to post or read our content.

    There are however 3 exceptions:
    1) Your IP address is recorded temporarily until your post has been moderated. After moderation the IP address is either deleted or recorded as a bad IP address. The recorded IP addresses are then analyzed by our algorithms, which then block, unblocked, or ban them.
    2) An IP address is recorded for each "Reaction" made to prevent duplicate "Reactions".
    3) An IP address is temporarily recorded when post or comments are flagged to show it was flagged.

  2. Why was my post deleted?
    You probably broke one of our posting rules.

  3. Why was my comment rejected?
    You probably broke one of our rules. Or it was too extreme.

  4. Why is the comment box on top?
    After a post hits 50 comments, we flip things around to reduce scrolling. Latest comments go to the top, similar to Twitter.

  5. Why are things missing on the site? Why is the site not working right?
    We probably made a few tweaks to the commenting system. Please delete your browser cache for

  6. Why was an image I uploaded rejected?
    We most likely rejected it for one of the following reasons:
    1) If it was porn, we don't accept porn.
    2) The image didn't upload correctly.
    3) There was a face that was recognizable and not famous enough for the moderate to approve.
    4) Due to requests, faces from news articles are now allowed but only if the news channel/source is reprettable and well-known: CNN, NBS, MSNBC, NPR, AOL, YAHOO, state papers, etc.

  7. Why are some names rejected and others not?
    1) Because someone ruined it for the rest of us and continued to blast certain names repeatedly.
    2) Someone repeatedly used a combination of names that makes it easy to find certain people.
    3) Someone repeatedly used a name in combination with prefixes or titles making it easy to locate or ascertain info about someone else.

    *Yes, we made the site so you can stay anonymous. 
    *No, we didn't make a means for you to belittle, defame, or reveal other's identities/negatives.