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religion is such bullshit. my wife is religious and i'm an atheist. i told that stupid cunt to keep her mouth shut, and if mentions god again i will beat the shit out of her. well, she didn't listen, and i totally lost it on her. i gave her a good beating and almost suffocated hher with a pillow. held it tight against her face until she passed out. almost finished the job, but fucked her up the ass instead. one of these days i'll kill that fucking cunt.

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 10/27/2016 9:15:17 PM 

my husband thinks i did what he told me to do. but i secretly look forward to our first female president, and that's what i voted for! i really can't wait. and i feel so naughty. hehe

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 10/27/2016 8:48:28 PM 

as a recent college graduate i found another girl. she was first, first sex, first love, first girlfriend. we were head over heels. then a man came into our lives. he did not care that we were together and he was into both of us until he moved in. at first it was hard accepting him, but soon we were living with him and gave into him. we became bi and slept with him without complaining. we fell deeper and deeper in love. he totally supported us loving each other and never got jealous. we started to fall in love with him. it is hard to explain that you can love two people, but we love being with him. we are totally bi with him and love being loved by him. this last year has been our year.

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 10/27/2016 8:45:57 PM 

i desperately want to have sex with my younger sister i really wished she knew but im just scared to tell her, i want her to find out but i don't know anyways, also her ass is so fucking nice i love seeing her bend over while shes putting on her shoes it makes me so fucking hard and i just wish to pull her pants down and fuck her virgin pussy, i think i must of jerked off and cummed into like 5 pairs of her panties and put them back where she keeps her clean ones

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 10/27/2016 8:14:44 PM 

in 2012 i found out my wife had a secret lover from many years back. i confronted her and she begged me to forgive her and i told her i would on one condition: that she completely cut him out of her life and never ever see, call, text or email him ever again. i even had her cancel all her social media to avoid that avenue of communication. oh, one more thing, if she was ever to talk to him again i would kill him. i also made him aware of this by the way. anyways, this scumbag low life ended up moving out of the country shortly after and i figured this would be the end of that but about 6 moths later i found out my wife had a secret email account thanks to a key logger i installed on her laptop and i was able to get all the intel on their relationship. one day i had to travel out of state on business for 3 days and on my last day i googled his name like i frequently would to check and see what else i could learn about the guy and you'd never guess what i saw... he had just been killed in a drive by by the local drug gangs where he had some shady dealings, (yup, he sold drugs too).

when i arrived home i acted as if was very satisfied about something yet acted very cold towards my wife. i could tell she had been crying a lot because her eyes were really irritated and the kids confirmed she had been very emotional since the day before. i asked for sex that night and she became very irritated and said no. i demanded intimacy from her for 5 days and finally i told her to stop mourning for that worthless piece of shit and be glad i didn't leave her. her yaw dropped to the floor and asked me how i knew. i told her not to worry about that and that i knew every thing. from the online news i had read and other research i had done i was able to make my wife believe that i had gathered all this intel on him and, "took care of things like i said i would if she ever communicated with him again".

to this day she still believes i either killed him myself or put a hit on him. i feel like jesse pinkman from breaking bad, you know, when everyone thought he had killed someone who had crossed him but actually had not.

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 10/27/2016 7:47:41 PM 

i have never been a follower of god, but i have a pain to confess. hatred. throughout my 19 years of life, ever since i started school, to now, even after school, i have been exposed to nothing but hatred. the pain i received from being beaten every day and hated by everyone has turned something inside me into something i can only describe as one. corruption, pure evil. every day and every night i wish death to everything and everyone that has ever hurt me, but now i see all of humanity as a living plague, killing, hurting each other, our own species of being. every night i dream of laying in a warm, thick, black liquid with the sound of screams echoing from the darkened void where the sky used to be. around me lies a field of unbreakable thorns and a forest of impaled bodies of people i know, people i used to know, people i don't know. i feel joy from these dreams. this is my confession of the worst of pain. hatred.

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 10/27/2016 7:04:56 PM 

i have had so many abortions i honestly can't keep track of it anymore... if i had to guess it might be 18 or 19 abortions?

i was really careless in college and just never remembered to take my birth control and it was just easier to get an abortion sometimes

it was definitely a lot easier to get them in those first few months

but i really feel guilt about some of the abortions that were really late, like one time when i was a sophomore in college and felt guilty about the abortions from my freshman year of college i thought i was going to keep the baby and become a mother.. honestly i was so excited at the time

but as i got closer and closer to my due date around 7 and a half months i started really having second thoughts about being a mother

so i had so much trouble finding any place that would do an abortion it took a lot of looking before i finally found a place to get me an abortion when i was 8 months pregnant

but yeah, i still felt bad about having an abortion at 8 months

i started drinking pretty heavy after that and of course ended up having even more unprotected sex and then getting pregnant again like a complete idiot - but next time i tried to be sure to have the abortion much earlier

anyways, i just wanted to speak up on behalf of woman's rights here

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 10/27/2016 6:42:23 PM 

what is the best survival knife for bug or situations!?!

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 10/27/2016 6:41:29 PM 

i stapled a kinda hat to he head before in the winter

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 10/27/2016 6:41:02 PM 

i just watched a beautiful divorced woman who had clearly had too much to drink... shit herself in public

i feel really bad for her and her 15 and 13 year old daughters!

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 10/27/2016 6:40:18 PM 

i've been cutting the tips off my comdoms for years

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 10/27/2016 6:38:51 PM 

i think i left my glock 9mm pistol at school loaded...

god i hope no one finds it. i'll be in so much trouble

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 10/27/2016 6:38:29 PM 

21 years ago, i watched a petite woman try on snow boots barefoot in new mexico the week of thanksgiving when i was a sophomore in high school and had ever kissed a girl and i have not been able to stop masturbating to the mental image of that ever since

seriously, i masturbate 3-5 times a day - it's hurting my work life balance

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 10/27/2016 6:37:19 PM 

tonight i cried remembering what my childhood, was like and what my adulthood is. there were happy times between beatings from my parents, school mates, neighborhood kids, and as an adult a young adult a total stranger beat the shit out of me. now i'm the adult that bosses and people i date verbally and emotionally abuse. i'mean the scapegoat at work. sometimes, i wish i were never born.

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 10/27/2016 6:19:35 PM 

i fucked a girl working at the liquor store and paid her in cigarettes

maybe i should have worn a condom???


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 10/27/2016 6:16:30 PM 

rather early in life i knew i had a definite attraction to other girls. my deepest crushes in highshool were with other girls. my first sexual behavior was with another girl from church. she was the initiator, which is fine with me i am not an initiator. i never crushed on her, but had a strong sexual relationship with her. my older girl crush was with my first roommate at college. she was there on a soccer scholarship and i was truly in love. she was the one i fantasized about living with. after college she got a job as a soccer coach at an all girls school and i could not deal with her infatuations. so i broke up and moved back home.

no one at home knew about my love interest or that i was in a long term relationship with my roommate. i spent a lot time alone and thinking and seeing most of my highschool friends married and with families. i decided that i could break from my last relationship and become a wife and have a home. i accepted a blind date set up by one of my friends and i allowed him to pursue me and i agreed to marry him and now have a family of my own and although i work part time, i dedicate myself primarily to my home and my children.

i am a perfect lie to my husband. i don't enjoy being with him, physically, it is more and more difficult. i can't get over my one true love, i know i can never accept her behavior, but i cannot stop loving her. i reached out to her and asked her to get help, but she is content and enjoys her freedom. that relationship will go nowhere. so i am stuck with a husband, which truly i wish i could love, but i don't. my home is my children. i feel empty inside. i have everything i want, but with the wrong person.

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 10/27/2016 6:02:36 PM 

i want to have sex with a young boy. rub his soft dick to mine and penetrate him and cum many times inside him, also cum in his mount and have him to swallow my load. finally i want to jerk him at the end and sleep with him.

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 10/27/2016 3:50:45 PM 

a one time thing i can't stop thinking about. i accepted a gig to help drive a car cross country with an older gentleman. on the first night he rented one room with two beds and forced himself on me. the feeling of him taking me made me want it and i gave into him. in las vegas we stayed two days and hardly left the room. in l.a. he paid me and told me to have a good life and i flew back to boston.

all i can think about is having sex with a man again. i know what to do now and i want to do it again.

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 10/27/2016 3:50:38 PM 

i'm 18 and want to get pregnant really bad. all my friends have babies and i want one to grow up with all of theirs

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 10/27/2016 3:34:41 PM 

i hate men who want to serve me or eat me out. i want to kick their pathetic heads in. stupid worthless submissives.

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 10/27/2016 2:15:44 PM 


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