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I can't help but wanting to die everyday. People say they care but they always leave me and they don't care enough when Im here so why should they care if I'm gone. I'm doing my best, I really am but I can't keep doing this. I go through the motions then at night I lay alone and wish that I don't wake up. I am numb and cold and tired and I used to be so good at this but I'm out of practice. No one really stays, everyone leaves. Everyone. Leaves. And you can't do anything to stop them because if you're not pretty enough or smart enough or funny enough or quiet enough, you will never be enough. And why this is I don't know but it is just about the most heartbreaking thing to ever feel. The feeling of letting someone down simply because you aren't enough for them. And they will tell you it gets better and that one day you won't feel so empty, but when is that day? Cause I'm pretty sick of waiting for that day.

I have been in what I guess is called a friends with benefits relationship. I am the woman, I met him at work several years ago, he is very nice to me and helps me out when I am short. A long time ago I went completely monogamous, he is not and plays the field. I used to not care who he was doing, it was none of my business. Until I met what I call 'that girl'. I strongly disagree with her letting him bang her. she is too young, she is only 22.

she has no business with a man like him. he is using her for sex, for me it is too late, I am 38. but she has a chance at a real relationship. knowing what I know now I would definitely go for the wedding ring and the house and the kids. I have talked to her and tried to get her to understand that he is 'screwing' her, not making love with her. he barely makes love with me, it is just screwing for the physical pleasure. the result of me getting involved is that now she wants to spend time with me. I don't need a kid sister, I have my share of problems. I have talked with him, not just her, and asked him to leave her alone. that didn't work she is now his main girl. the more I want to help, the more she clings to me. I wish I had not gotten involved but now I can't put it back in the box.

the great steed hoisted aloft onto his hind legs, unleashing an equine scream."eeeeeheeheeheerrroowahaha" the horse bellowed, his majestic pen** waving like a flagpole in a hurricane. the virile beast was retired to stud.

If you were born a male and see yourself as female (or visa versa), identify as an animal or anything other than a human being as the gender which you were born, you are mentally ill, period.

Stop trying to draw others into your mental illness so you can re-write the laws of the land to suit your sickness!

If a schizophrenic were running around trying to draw into their delusions, they would be committed to a mental health facility and so should anyone else who is living in a delusional state.

Transgenders are mentally ill.

I called up a Chinese restaurant and ordered Cream of Sumyungai soup. Nobody got it.

Deep in my soul I know that I was meant to breed with my next door neighbors daughter who is 9 years old

I am 37

She knows it is true too. I can tell by the way she looks at me longingly

We will be breeding as soon as she is ready. We need to get going as soon as possible.

I flirt and I compliment all the customers who come to the store. I'm a cashier, some of them have complained to management.
I'm 27, I look good and I think they're just frustrated or confused. I'm not rude or vulgar, it's just surprising to hear me suddenly say all of these flirty things. And I'm a guy so it's the gender role. Sick of it.

My friends go out dancing, they hang out, they actually leave their homes, but I don't. I don't know why, maybe I just hate going out and actually interacting with. I think too much before I speak and I usually bump into that awkward silence that seems like it lasts forever even though it's just a few seconds. My sense of humour is so bad that I have to fake-laugh at my best friend's jokes and memes that he shows to me with his phone.
My weekends are just sitting in front of this computer and playing games, watching videos. Pathetic. My weekends are all the same, and so are my holidays. I feel uncomfortable meeting new and something new has come up in my mind. I have this group of best friends and they usually go to one of their houses and hang out (english is not my first language so forgive my mistakes). I'm never invited. I don't know why. Do they like me or not? Do they see me as a friend? It sometimes pisses me off or gives me a tremendous feeling of depression. My life is basically highschool-games-home. Pathetic.

I'm a 26 year old woman, and I want to be raped. I don't want it to be something I arrange to play out a fantasy. I want to be genuinely raped. Everyone I know tells me I'm beautiful, but I feel like they're all biased. I feel like if somebody I don't know saw me, and thought I was pretty enough that they had to have me, regardless of whether or not I'm willing, then it would be true. I don't want them to be gentle with me, and I am fully aware of the emotional repercussions of rape, but I still want to be taken like that. I'm not stupid, I don't want an std, or a rape baby. I have had a tubal ligation, and can't get pregnant. I'm not sure I could live with an std, but if the guy was clean - being forced, stripped, and penetrated fully by someone too powerful for me to fight off, fearing for my body, and my life... it's my ultimate fantasy, and I want it so bad.

When did you first start masturbating?

I'm a girl and I started at age 10.

I feel lost and alone. The only reason I'm not gone is because I don't want my mom and dad to think they've failed as parents. But once they're gone I might leave with them.

I think I'm gay and I think I'm into my best friend. Whoops.

The pizza cannot get here fast enough.

I just finished beating the cream with the powdered sugar and vanilla. Cutting the strawberries now for tonight's dessert, and I just had a thought, "why do we call it Pound Cake?" Then, 10 seconds later, I knew.

I kind of miss the days when we could ponder over a thought for a while.

My youngest brother had an affair 14 years ago. His wife left, he lost most of his money and his house. My parents were furious with him so they refused to talk to him. They convinced me he was a bastard and not worth a dime so I cut him off as well. Again that was 11 years ago and no one has seen him since. I ran into an old high school friend of his yesterday and managed to get my brothers phone number and called him. When he found out it was me he said "people who have affairs are scumbags and not worth talking to". And he hung up. I tried calling back but he won't answer and I think he changed the number. I have heard of people never seeing their siblings again. My parents surprisingly ambivalent about it all and say "it's his choice". Should I keep trying to call him?

I wonder why I am here. I'm trying to figure out the point. I have literally no one in my life. Absolutely alone. I have felt love and loss often...but its the loss that affects us most.

It's very very difficult to live with absolutely no one to call or talk to. The only way I can go forward is to pray. I use God as my go to friend. He's imaginary yet he's all I have.

Loser guy in his 30's comes to his dad's house and sits out back with some girl waiting for him to come home so he curse him out for locking him out of the house. Starts calling him a faggot and screaming at him 'f*ck your wife and her daughter, I'm your son!"

Mind you, this guy doesn't do anything to help his father, nothing. Never helps with yard work or to shovel snow in winter. A straight-up LOSER! Then has the nerve to junk up his dad's yard with old toilet and motorcycle frame.

Deadbeat men like him should be castrated and disallowed to procreate.

Yesterday, I received my exam results for my tertiary education, and I found out that because I had failed a repeated module, I was dropped from the course. Honestly, I had never been interested in the course of study at all, however it made my father proud, so I did my best in whatever I could. When I got back my results, I didn't feel bad about them, only a small amount of relief. I have never been keen on studying, not when it was always brought back to how well my older sister had done for her studies. I suppose this means I have an inferiority complex or something of sorts.
Now, my father is disappointed in me, before he left the room, he told me, "I wish you all the best in your endeavours".
Perhaps, it would have been better had he really meant it, but he didn't. My father didn't have the easiest of childhoods, he worked hard to afford his own education so mostly likely he doesn't wish that to happen for me and my sister. I only wanted him to say that it was "OK", just that alone would have been enough, when I told him of my removal from the course.
Now, I wonder if depression would count as a medical illness if only to use it as a reason to appeal back into the course, regardless of my lack of interest, regardless of my own problems of understanding the material taught, regardless of my own dwindling lack of will to live properly. If only to not have him treat me with such cold disdain, to talk of how stupid I was to try to study day and night for the exams, when I've been doing so for the weeks before, to not come back and have him ignore me for days on end, to not see that I really truly tried my best not to disappoint him.
Was it too much to ask for just an "OK".
I really do not know what to do anymore.

im a junior but I have a big crush on one of my freshman teacher, we always say hi to each other he's just so fuc*ing hot to me even though he's like 35+ and has a wife and kids and he's not even fit.

Is life really worth living?

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