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i am very saddened by the events that's occurred in mancherster england. last evening...a bombing at a concert for children and preteens. it saddens me that a 8 year old is missing in that bombing...i can only assume the worst.

my prayers are with those families.

i will be going to court very soon to be a witness in a criminal trial.

my family is going to be very very upset with me, because my testimony is going to help the other side.
in my opinion... members of my family are the ones that are wrong. my wife and other family members say that 'family is supposed to stick together no matter what'... but i have a thing for not lying against another person.

fuc* off lady! just fuc*ing fuc* the fuc* ooffffff!!! go to hell and smoke that fuc*ing place up! fuc* you! fuc* you! fuc* you!!!

so much empathy
your loneliness i feel
why did you go rogue
pso j318.5-22
without a host
to show you light
you'll never see a day
pso j318.5-22
free-floating darkness
refusing to conform
you're beautiful to me
pso j318.5-22

pervs need to skip this post

i took my 4 year old grandson with me to visit a friend. it was only a 5 hour ride, but i haven't had this much joy in over 10 years. i showed him highways and mountains and green pastures. we rode past farms looking at the different horses, cattle, sheep and goats... he liked them all, but wanted to see giraffes, tigers and lions (lol)
we ate pizza and drank sweet teas ( a little too many for him) he talks, but stutters a little ( believe it's from the drugs my daughter smokes around him.
we took pictures, selfies as they call them, next to parked big rigs and fire trucks and sheriff deputies and a few horses and even a couple of big trees in the mcdonalds parking lot. i cherish this day and wish that he would grow into a productive citizen and not like his sleazy, slutty mother that he has now.

i don't care...

i will support you and your family in every way... but not on this.
you signed a pledge that you would not indulge in immoral sex, pre marital sex, that you would not indulge in drugs, alcohol. you signed this pledge each time you started school. now you are 15 weeks pregnant and the school has banished you from walking across the stage in 11 days.
i am with the school on this. you had to resign 'all' of the leadership positions from all of the various clubs you were the leader of, but i am with the school on this. your dad is a fake... he was on the disciplinary board at the school and handed out harsh punishment to other students who broke the rules, but now... because of you he has resigned, because he wants you to walk across the stage... again...i am with the school on this one.
you should not be allowed to walk across the stage. you violated the rules and the trust of your peers, teachers and administrators.
in fact...i don't see why the school is allowing you attend these next 11 days.

i'm in love with shawn and i'm proud of it,i will be always here waiting for him. even if he doesn't know that i exist. i'm so proud of you shawn mendes :)

i found out i was pregnant a few weeks ago. i'm not in a relationship with the man who impregnated me, only friends with benefits. i was going back and forth between keeping it and aborting it but in the end we both found it best to abort. i thought i would be devastated but i'm not, i feel relieved. however, the man is now depressed and i don't know how to help him. i hope he will be ok.

psycho groups (like isis) train their soldiers to take large groups of civilians out along with themselves. suicide bombers have nothing to lose and are prepared to die. there isn't a damn thing law enforcement can threaten them with. what to do?

i have always admired cher the entertainer. i think she is amazing. she just turned 71 years old yesterday, but you cannot tell by her looks, her walk, her strutting across stage and how long she performs.

i don't care what anyone says, but i would fuc* her in a heartbeat. i would drink her bath water if she wanted. that woman has an amazing body.

enumclaw. what does this word suggest you?

last summer i cheated on my husband of nearly 15 years. i had been faithful up to then. it was a stupid moment of weakness. i was at a reunion party with some old friends from high school, we were drinking a lot, and i ended up having sex with a couple of guy friends. i admit that it was fun, but i regretted it immediately afterwards.

i'm not sure whether to tell my husband. it is killing me to keep this secret, but i know that he would go apeshit if he ever knew. i've confessed my sin to my priest and all, and i know jesus forgives me, but i live daily with this burden. it is unbearable.

i went with my older sister to punta cana in the dominican republic. she brought a girl she met into the room and had sex with her in the other bed. they hung out together and slept together every night. they didn't care, they had sex every night. this is how i found out my sister was a lesbian. the other girl was her friend from work.

as time went on they were more and more insistent in telling me to try it, i wasn't going to regret it. they introduced me to girl after girl, some quite a bit older, until i finally gave in to this 29 year old ( was 21 then). i moved in with her and stayed attached to her for quite a while before but i met a guy that clicked. it hurt her feelings that i would go with a guy, but i had to try, i was 27 and i had never had sex with a guy. i can't make up my mind, unlike her i don't find sex with a guy repulsive, but i respect her opinion so i have agreed to stay away from guys.

i just don't know if i am a lesbian.

this was a long time ago, a different time. my older brother's best friend liked me and 'took' me when i was 13, and 14 and 15 and 16 and 17 and so on and so on and so on. i never experienced a relationship with anyone else, i did not have permission to see anyone else.

in my day a young lady was prepared to deal with the house and kids and put up with a husband no matter how gruff or mean or bossy he was. i got the house and kids and a bossy husband. his favorite thing to tell me was 'when you grow up you will understand'. another favorite was 'you're lucky your a girl you have someone to take care of you'.

now i am alone, he is gone to heaven and i am alone. i don't know how to behave around other men, my son has to help me with my finances, although my husband left me well off i never learned about that, i stay up as late as i can because i just hate having to go to bed alone. it is not fair that god gives you to a man when you are so young, and then takes him away and you still have so much to give him. i have no one to cook for, no one to keep the house up for, no one to get dressed for. i am only 58 and i feel like life has stopped for me.

it's crystal clear that this generation of "men" are next to useless. women everywhere are working 2-3-4 jobs to support the family. anything it takes to provide. meanwhile, men can't seem to manage keeping a single job. absolutely no work ethics. i see it all over my hometown. i see it in the city. i'm even seeing it here, on noteful. and these boys, just want to blame everyone else. there's no excuse for it! none!!!

i'm horny all the time... it's exhausting

ok guys, after a painful breakup and much tears and many months, im ready to get out there again, so i have joined tinder, but i need some advice on my tinder tagline, i came up with one which i think is funny but also i can see how it would be very creepy, i am a guy if that makes any difference, here it is:

i hate it when people say literally when they actually mean literally.. if i catch you doing that i'm literally going to kill you

obvs im not planning to murder anyone its a joke, thoughts, opinions, feelings??

remember we are only human!

help me guys!!! i'm 14 years old and i m 1.59. my dad is 1.83 and at 14 he was 1.82, my mom is 1.68 at 12 she was arleady 1.68. my birthday is in august, and i don't know ho to grow up faster!!! i m sleeping 10h, eating a lot of eggs and ecc. put still nothing... can i reach 1.70 by this summer?

i really regret making my ex girlfriend sarah get an abortion against her will 12 years ago when i accidentally got her pregnant during her sophomore year of college when she was only 19 and i was 26 and finishing graduate school.

after the abortion i cheated on my girlfriend with an even younger teenage girl, and then broke up with my ex less than a month after the abortion when she was in a deep depression

the guilt over everything weights on me still almost every single day. i am a sinner and my sins are unforgivable. i have struggled with alcoholism and professional failure for over a decade now, and just recently the past 6 years ive struggled with my wife's infertility. i believe her infertility is god's punishment for me cheating with her after i got my ex girlfriend pregnant... my wife doesn't know about the accidental pregnancy or abortion

all i know is that when i die i am going to hell

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