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i was once attacked by some gang members. severely beaten, burned, and raped. they left me for dead after i had passed out.

when i woke, i was dazed and confused. in more pain than you can imagine. it took hours to find my way back to my apartment, which was only a couple of miles away. once there, i locked myself inside, curled up, and barely moved for days.

i finally pulled myself together and drove to a friend's house 160 miles away. i didn't say what had happened. i just went to the spare bedroom and stayed there. a few weeks later i had no choice but to tell my story. i was screaming out in my sleep from night terrors.

it took another couple of months to finally go to the police. it was the most horrible part yet. i was treated like a suspect and even threatened by the detective. even with the gang's lettering burned into my flesh, the detective acted sceptical. they wouldn't help me.

that was three years ago. since then, i live in a tiny room and never leave the safety of it unless i have to go out to get groceries or go to a doctor's appointment. that's my new life.

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 9/29/2016 8:02:36 AM 

western civilization is on the very edge of the precipice. the dead-end economy is destined to collapse very soon. america has become a third world country like brazil and our way outdated infrastructure is falling apart. the middle class has diminished along with the millions of outsourced jobs and will shortly disappear completely. crazy neo con warmongers including hilary have ringed russia with airbases, tank divisions and nuclear missiles. they are fighting a proxy war with russia in the ukraine and with economic sanctions. like the cuban missile crisis, in reverse and on steroids, they are provoking russia into a nuclear confrontation. the entire white race is about to become extinct since deaths far exceed the birthrates among whites in all western countries. europe and now america are being engulfed in a vast sea of migrants, refugees and illegals from every 3rd world cesspool and all have fantastically high birthrates and will quickly submerge the white population. jew, moslem and christian wackos all eagerly await their competing messiahs who will begat armageddon. knowledgeable sources report that the nemesis dark star, our earth's dark twin, written about by zachariah stitchen, has entered the solar system and is about to wreak havoc. the wealthy and powerful who have used your labor and tax money to build vast underground cities and bunkers for themselves are ready to bug out at a moments notice. leaving you to take the heat. the oceans are quickly becoming toxic due to fukashimas continual discharge of radioactive waste. gmo's, hormones and toxic chemicals have poisoned the food and water supply. and donald trump is the last chance left to reverse things and save our sorry asses. is he up to it? who wants to buy a ticket for a trip to another planet? adam and eve, maybe?

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 9/29/2016 6:59:55 AM 

obama: the great divider

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 9/29/2016 6:31:39 AM 

the donald is faking his net worth. he's not as rich as he would have us believe + a bad businessman. that's why we can't see his tax returns.

over the last decade and a half, trump has been sued in federal court 72 times! not to mention the many, many times he's been sued in state courts!!!

but trump being the flim-flammer he is just moves on to another scam. and this time he is scamming the american people.


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 9/29/2016 6:25:59 AM 

i will do anything for money, even take off my clothes and fuck guys i don't know. i am not a street walker, but i do post ads on craigslist when i get desperate. just a few weeks ago i met a guy at his hotel and fucked him for 100 bucks. gave him the kind of fuck that you would pay a call girl 500 bucks for, but i don't care, i needed the money and he had it. win-win. get laid and get paid. i guess that makes me a prostitute, even though i don't consider myself one.

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 9/29/2016 4:30:23 AM 

i used to be a major peeping tom. not anymore though. i'm a lot older now and i guess i finally grew out of it. maybe because my sex drive isn't what it used to be. but back in the day, i went out almost every night to peep in windows. usually i would drink or smoke up or both. getting high made it more exciting and also gave me a lot more nerve (and stupidity i guess). i would target the same 6 or so houses and kind of go back and forth between them until something turned up. some of the houses had teen girls i liked to watch, and some had young couples. the most exciting thing for me was to watch people fucking. i saw a lot of sex in the 10+ years i was addicted to peeping. i even watched a threesone once. most of the time it was girls/women undressing. i would almost always masturbate while watching. i did get caught a couple of times, but then i refined my technique and became much better at it. i had the cops come to my door once (my parent's house) and question me. another time i spent almost an hour in the back seat of a cop car. i was also beaten up once by a guy who just happened to come by while i was peeping in his girlfriend's bedroom window. that was pretty brutal. he punched me several times in the face and cut my lip badly. a small crowd had gathered and i began yelling for the cops, which somehow made him stop beating me. i was lucky to get away before the cops actually did show up. even after i met my wife and got married i continued to peep. i watched girls and women of all ages taking their clothes off. i saw fucking and sucking and eating pussy. i saw guys jerking off and one homosexual couple having anal sex. and of course the threesome with a guy and 2 drunk chicks. all in all, a pretty successful career. glad i stopped though, because it was only a matter of time before i did some real jail time, and that probably would not have gone well. so that's my big true confession. hope you enjoyed it.

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 9/29/2016 4:24:37 AM 

my family came to houston, tx in 2000. i was only 10. so i didn't really have much of a choice. it's so hard to make friends and date here.

my entire extended family from both my mother and father's side are in peru. i miss them like crazy everyday. i just want to live there. in lima i go out of the house and the streets aren't empty, like in houston. i actually see people outside.

i hate driving, in lima there's a lot of public transportation. basically i think i'd do better in making friends and dating over there.

i don't want to tell my parents, they would probably feel like i'm being ungrateful.

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 9/29/2016 4:16:26 AM 

i want to go on holidays and i just wish i had a boyfrend/husband to take with me, or even a friend to go with i can pay for them but i have no friends and not a lot of money but even if i offered these nice holiday and massage tickets to someone they would just say no. i want to be with someone i feel safe with and special. i just need a friend and romance that is better then the average crap i have had. its been literally 20 years since i have been on a holiday and never been over seas and need a travel companion, you should have seen the creep who offered to travel with me, seriously he was out of my zone like he was not even normal looking. he looked like a mass murderer. i want someone i can trust.

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 9/29/2016 3:38:15 AM 

i think my sister knows that i spy on her when she takes a shower.

shes never said anything about it, but sometimes she pushes her clothes tight against the bottom of the door to block my mirror, and other times it seems like shes actually letting me see her naked.

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 9/28/2016 10:47:35 PM 

i am a single woman and i masturbate to porn and think "thankgod that is over and done with" after i orgasm. i long for a husband but every man seem to reject me, they make up excuses that are pitiful really, and i know its about other things than just me. i don't get it? i don't get what half of the men i meet want? and i am sick of the idiots, i want a proper relationship with someone i can love rather then them loving me and me hating every day every sexual act with them. every moment counts only in real love.

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 9/28/2016 10:41:36 PM 

i have sex with my neighbor who is about 20 years older then i am. he's 45 i am 26. i seduced him the first time just because his wife is a complete bitch. the man is a great lover and a wizard with his tongue. now it just gets me turned on knowing he is thinking of me when he's banging that bitch wife of his.

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 9/28/2016 9:41:44 PM 

american bacon is so disgusting! absolutely horrible! i had some for breakfast and noticed most of the people around me were having it, as well. english bacon is much leaner and actually tastier. american bacon, called "streakers" in england is about90-95% fat. with huge streaks of fat dividing very thin lines of actual meat. it tastes like you're eating crispy pork flavored fat. disgusting! and you americans put bacon of one type or another on so many things. no wonder youre so unhealthy! that and all the high fructose corn syrup and monosodium glutamate they put into everything. your average diet is a disaster for your health!

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 9/28/2016 9:36:35 PM 

yesterday, out on my walk, i found a scratch ticket and something told me to puck it up, so i did. i looked at it when i got home and found it to be a $1 winner. tonight, on my way home from work, i decided to change it in. somehow, it was a $5 winner. i love it because things like this keep happening to me all the time. i took $40 to the casino and walked out with $500 a few hours later. i love looking at all the pics i have of my wins. love it love it!!! :)

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 9/28/2016 8:51:52 PM 

i am so feeling sick this morning i had a dream i was in hospital with a drip down my nose and couldn't breathe well woke up my heart was racing because i thought i had had surgery and then i heard someone outside so i go so scared i took a calmative pill to stop the heart racing and drank some fruit juice and felt so bad. i went back to sleep could not eat break fast i think its been all these allergic pollens around making me having trouble breathing. so i just slept in and drank a cup of tea and ate a banana, a few nuts and a ginger cookienut as nothing else felt that good, now i am like "what the hell was all that about last night?" i was dreaming of traveling places on holiday and telling someone where our hotel was and it looked great then the hospital dream woke up feeling afraid of some dude outside and all the dust in my throat and nasal area, no wonder i thought i was getting the nasal drip cuz i had a post nasal dip and it was giving me a sore throat.

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 9/28/2016 6:01:13 PM 

i regret being a virgin before i met my wife. she was my first everything, and although i love her, i wish i had experienced more.

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 9/28/2016 4:54:03 PM 

gotta love a woman who can repeatedly hand the same guy some rope, and then gracefully smile as he continuously ties his own noose time after time after time!

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 9/28/2016 4:51:02 PM 

i like the fact that nobody wants those fucking refugees in their country. i hope those muslim bastards starve to death and murder each other. the world is better off without them.

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 9/28/2016 4:41:51 PM 

i was asked by a friend if i would fuck her husband for his birthday. i am currently married but the idea of some strange cock has me really considering it

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 9/28/2016 4:01:18 PM 

i miss you

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 9/28/2016 3:47:32 PM 

i've broken my baby toes so many times it's not funny. i'm just curious, does this happen to everyone?

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 9/28/2016 12:54:29 PM 


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