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our hotel pool has a sign "no skinny dipping before 10 pm" in a comical font. i always thought it was a joke. we stayed there 5 times and never saw anyone do it. then one night at patio bar you could see two early 20's girls clearly swimming naked. my wife said do a chevy chase and join them, you don't have a hair on your ass if you don't. i must have just shaved my ass and didn't, so she did. i told her she had a hall pass to do whatever. later she said she wouldn't have mind doing something with the one (me too) but didn't have the nerve to do more than chat. knowing she was thinking about sex with a young lady, and naked with her, still drives me crazy.

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 2/25/2017 11:01:57 AM 

while at my husband's family reunion one of his uncles slapped me on my ass,i laughed it off. about and hour later he came up behind me and ran his hands up over my breasts. i pushed his hands away and again just laughed it off not wanting to cause a seen. later that night as they were getting ready to start the fireworks i went to use one of the porta potties that were out in the field. again i met up with his uncle who came up behind me. this time he had me alone in the dark, his hand was in my shorts while he pushed his other hand up under my t shirt and bra. he was kissing my neck as he fingered me and played with my nipples. i told him to stop and to let me go, he continued and made me orgasm. he wanted to fuck me, i told him no i wasn't on any birth control. he told me to get on my knees and suck him off. i did as i was told and he held my head finishing in my mouth. i went back and sat next to my husband, watching the fireworks like nothing ever happened.

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 2/25/2017 11:01:11 AM 

living with a pack rat is exhausting

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 2/25/2017 10:58:14 AM 

my wife is a very lost soul. after having 3 kids with her and having been married for 25 years, she has literally crawled in an emotional/mental shell and has decided to have nothing to do with me as a woman. i can't leave her because i love my kids too much and i want to spare them from the pain of a divorce, not to mention my parents who are old and don't need this kind of drama in their old age.

i go to asian massage parlors to get some ladies hands on me once in a while and get some physical comfort as a man. but i don't really like doing this at all. i am in fact just longing for my wife to snap out of her zombie-like state and be a normal person. i just can't even fathom how and why she would basically abandon the marriage and wall herself into her own world of excuses and super-sensitivity.

she says she has lost trust in me... because at one point, after spending a year and half in bed claiming to have some physical condition but refusing to go to the doctor, i told her she will either get a job and get out of the house and start living as a normal human being or she will need to leave.

so now she says she has lost her "trust" in me. but the problem is she never really trusted me ever to begin with. she brought enormous amounts of baggage into the marriage, possible abuse by her father, which didn't even come out until 5 years into the marriage.

and she is in total denial about the absurdity of spending a year and half unplugged from the world, laying in bed claiming to have this condition but refusing to go to the doctor.

i really wish i could let go of her and let her do whatever crazy thing she wants to do with her life. but i wouldn't be able to bear seeing how hurt this would make my kids and my parents. so wife is like a tenant, taking full advantage of my decency and goodness.

i also watch porn as a revenge because i know she would hate it if she knew.

the reality is, i like her and would be totally satisfied with her both as a person and sexually but she's so damaged psychologically/emotionally, she doesn't even get that.

i have no idea how we will make it going forward and getting older. i can't even see myself getting older with this clueless person next to me so we will probably get a divorce at some point.

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 2/25/2017 10:52:58 AM 

i am 28. i presume to be an artist, but truthfully i am good but not that good. i am a liberal progressive, but i can't stand so called progressives, i am pansexual, but i sleep at night beside a man. i want to be famous, but maybe my life is going to go unnoticed.

girl sex only works with younger girls, older women turn me off. man sex is a chore, but i have man sex two or three times a week. pregnancy scares me, but i want to have kids. i love to dance but my man friend only watches, i dance with girls. i want to declare my love to this one girl, but she is seventeen.

i have decided to get married, as scared as i am, i will get pregnant, he wants four kids so i will have four kids. my real destiny is to be a housewife and mother. i am already a housewife, just not married. in my nighttime dreams i want to be with the girl i love, but she probably dreams of being a wife and having a family. she and i will be housewives and mothers. our destinies are written, and my destiny is to get married and get started on making his family.

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 2/25/2017 10:09:02 AM 

i woke up with a bleeding anus and my pants around my ankles. i'm just going to hope everything's alright.

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 2/25/2017 8:32:05 AM 

i can't tell if i'm depressed or just on the cusp of a mid life crisis.

i am afraid that this is it - this is all there is - and that things will ether stay the same old boring routine or they will disentigrate and get worse... i'm worried that i might have already achieved all of the things that maybe i am ever going to be able to achieve and maybe it's all downhill from here

i am 36, and in the past few years i have been trying to take better care of my health - with diet and exercise and for 8 years now ihave been married to a beautiful and smart woman, we have a wonderful daughter who is 2... i have a good job as a lawyer and i actually just made partner at the firm

you'd think i have everything on the ball

if you looked only at my christmas cards you'd think i was winning everything in life

winning at work, winning at family, winning at physical health and appearance,

but i feel like all of it is just a charade

like i'm faking it

this is more than just imposter syndrome

this is me struggling with possibly having depression and not wanting to get real treatment about it

i used to blame things for my unhappiness - if i wasn't promoted at work or if my wife and i struggled for her to get pregnant and carry a child to term

in truth, i have struggled with alcoholism off and on for at least 10 years now

i have had periods of a few weeks here and there where i have stayed dry - and that usually worked well

lately when i drink - especially if my wife and daughter aren't around - i absolutely lose all self control

i don't understand why this is happening to me

if you looked at me from the outside i look polished and fit, sharp and smart, gentlemanly and professional

it's just a mask

i realize we all are wearing masks

back in college iused to read various post modern philosophers and writers, from zizek to baudrillard, and as i get older i find myself appreciating marx's observations a great deal more - i am quite aware of my position of white straight male privilege

as a corporate attorney representing the established infrastructure of capitalism - i do feel guilt about my privilege - and while i am generally a political moderate - i still try to take steps to help others less fortunate than me - like supporting high school speech and debate teams so that other students can learn and have new educational opportunities

but the cynic in me looks at this and thinks this is a pale and shallow effort to help

making donations to charities or donations to local high school organizations is at most a drop in the bucket

it's more like giving aspirin to a dying patient and telling them they'll get better

i have never been a very religious person - spiritual perhaps - but not a fan of most big organized religion

my admission of that is what drives me to wonder aloud: should i try going to church? or is my cynicism too great to hope to be able to benefit from any spiritual guidance

i go to my suburban mcmansion and i wonder if this is all there is?

i sit in traffic on my commute to work downtown and i wonder if this is all there is in life?

i walk on the treadmill at the gym before work and i ponder the emptiness of my life

i sit in my office staring at the computer screen blankly wondering if this is it?

i sit on the plane on the way to a hearing out of town and stare out the window wondering if this repetitive endless cycle is truly as meaningless as it feels?

i find myself rediscovering the wit of people like bill hicks or david foster wallace or others and i mourn the fact that i will almost certianly never make any meaningful contribution to thought like them

i'm pretty sure boring legal articles and even more boring legal briefs do not typically contribute to the meaningful written word

so there it is

even as i find myself achieving a great professional milestone in making partner at the firm - i realize how truly hollow this entire goal has been this entire time

what's left?

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 2/25/2017 8:26:27 AM 

i am a closeted submissive. not only sex, i am very submissive to my secret lover.

i do call him master, not always, but especially when he calls for me i answer 'yes master'.

professionally i am an assistant d.a. i prosecute bad people.

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 2/25/2017 7:44:52 AM 

two years ago i found out my husband was having an affair after finding emails from a woman on our computer, a woman we both know and who is also married. i sat reading all these emails as they spoke back and forth, she had sent many pictures, starting out just showing cleavage but sexy, to eventually being nude. my husband sent pictures back as well.

there was a lot of dirty talk and they described how turned on they were and how they were masturbating to each other. then the emails turned to meeting for sex which they did do many times. there were many emails talking about what they did in bed and how much they both enjoyed it as well as what they wanted to do to each other when they meet again.

at first i was crushed, angry and wanted nothing more than to confront them both as i read through hundreds of emails between them. here is where it gets confusing, i couldn't bring myself to say anything to my husband as he walked in that night from work. i never told him i know he is cheating and when i see her out i am always nice to her. the truth is i have read and reread these emails and get very turned on, sometimes i masturbate while reading them other times i wait for my husband to get home to have sex with him. i use the thought of them having sex to turn me on while he and i have sex. i know its crazy but i have the best orgasms this way.

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 2/25/2017 7:40:13 AM 

my man called me a bitch. later, on another night when he was fucking me, i was on my stomach, i thought i whispered in my head, but i said it out loud, for him to fuck his bitch. now it is all awkward.

i don't know why i said that, i feel stupid.

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 2/25/2017 7:37:26 AM 

my husband often calls me the love of his life. i wish i could say the same to him.

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 2/25/2017 7:28:10 AM 

my wife thinks i watch all those old british comedies on public tv because i think they are funny, they are but that's not the real reason. the truth is they remind me of a woman that lived in our neighborhood. she was a widow and when i was 13 i started doing chores for her. one afternoon while cleaning out her shed i found some dirty magazines. i only got to see a few pictures of naked women before she caught me.

i was extremely embarrassed, she just said oh they must of been my husband's. the next thing she said had me shocked but i followed her orders. she said in her matter of fact way and her british accent, "i see you have a stiffy, get them pants down and i will give it a wank before you make a mess in your shorts. with my pants and underwear down at my ankles she stood behind me and jerked me off until i came. it was the first of many times she gave me a little wank. every time i watch those shows i remember her and get as hard as i did with her in that shed over 30 yrs ago.

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 2/25/2017 7:25:40 AM 

after my ex broke up with me, i messaged her dad and told him that she needs help managing her stress, i get triggered everytime i see her and its been 6 months. i love someone else who doesn't love me back.

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 2/25/2017 6:36:13 AM 

i was raped by something that is invisiable at first i was talking to it in the spiritual world and then i did a roleplay with something i could not see and someone was telling me that having sex with a angel would be painful and i was saying i did not ask about that because i though it was impossible anyway but then i met a angel who said it was micheal and it raped me and i tried to tell the chistians what happened but they blocked me and said angels dont hurt anyone and after i was raped it made me thank him for raping me and it was the most confused i have eve been talking to spirits and i have been trying to figure out why it happened online but so far nothing has come up everyone says he never hut anyone he just is a messenger and i know he hurt me but no one believes me

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 2/25/2017 6:27:43 AM 

having been lesbian all my life i never expected to feel the way i do. first, i am 26, not that old but old enough to know what i am. i work in a large company, and my department has about 30 people. i would say i am the only one that is not straight. i have never pushed my feelings on anyone at work. i keep that to myself, although there are several women that know that i am gay.

one of the big big bosses from the home offices came for a pass through inspection. he called me out in public, he called me a queer, a shit head and a dyke (although i am not a dyke). my boss, middle aged man, came to my defense and told his boss to fuck off, to never talk to me like that again, that i was one of his girls and no one talked to his girls like that.

when they were staring at each other i could feel and smell the air, it had to be the testosterone, i had never smelled that before and now it has me going crazy. all i want is for him to come get me and let me be one of his girls. i told my coworker, the one that i am closest too, that i would definitely let him take me to bed. i have never been in bed with a man, but now i want it to be him.

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 2/25/2017 6:08:05 AM 

i recently blurted out to my parents that i watched them have sex--multiple times. how i was jealous/intimidated by how much bigger my dad's dick was (i got the good genetics because i no longer have anything to be jealous of). how achingly hard i would get listening to my mother moan as dad ate her pussy (and her asshole too). how i used to fantasize it was me fucking her tight wet cunt as she swallowed his fuck rod and every drop of cum. how i wished it was her calling me "daddy" instead of ol' dad. the last thing i remember before dad punching me in the face was the look of horrified shock from poor mom. drunkenness blurred pretty much every other moment of the agonizingly fake family reunion that day. it's been over a year and the majority of my family--my older brother included--still refuse to talk to me.

it was worth it.

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 2/25/2017 6:06:55 AM 

i don't know how any parent cares for a child who's an invalid and will never have any quality of life. i know this sounds cruel, but i would want to put my child out of his/her misery. what's the sense of living if you can't truly live?

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 2/25/2017 6:00:58 AM 

i suppose we are upper middle class, if not upper upper. my father started his business. growing up we lived in a very nice home in a very nice neighborhood and went to very nice schools and everything else that went with it. my father's comments are that it part of the rewards for working hard.

now i am in college, an exclusive private college. what i do not understand is that most if not all of the kids here are like me, same background. but they hate their parents, hate what they stand for, believe it or not they are out there with the new communist party. they are out in the streets protesting against trump. and i will add that our teachers are encouraging these protests.

i may not be smart, but i am not stupid. i would never ask anyone to take away what my father built. i am proud of who he is. i am too young to be politically aware, but i do know when i see a movement to take away what someone else built. i voted republican because i trust my father.

just some comments from a frustrated freshman college girl.

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 2/25/2017 5:54:55 AM 

im very judgemental about people who drive mercedes benzes.

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 2/25/2017 5:45:44 AM 

i met his guy recently and i really like him and he seems to like me too. but i've had such a long list of failed potential relationships that i'm scared to believe that it could actually work out between us. somehow something always happened in the past with the others and i'd feel so stupid for not seeing that then. and i really hope that it's not the case with him now and that we really have a chance together. i'm really tired of hoping and searching and i know that my feelings for him have nothing to do with that coz i've never been able to be with someone just for the sake since i'm really independent and do enjoy being alone. so i hope it works.

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 2/25/2017 5:38:47 AM 


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